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The Thrill of the Chase � Part 2

By Pink Panther

As the original story generated some very positive feedback, I”ve decided to add a second part. Later, when time allows, I plan to write another short story, maybe three or four chapters, about Gary and his friends. Please remember that the disclaimers that accompanied the original story apply here as well. More feedback will be very welcome. Please send your comments to ail and I”ll get back to you as soon as I can. Please also remember that Nifty depends on readers donations in order to operate as a free site. If you have not donated recently, please go to the Home page, click on the `Donate” tab and give as generously as you can. You know it makes sense! Now, please read and enjoy!

It”s Saturday afternoon again, another warm one. Once again, I”m strolling up the main street, heading towards the cinema. To say that I”ve had a good week would be an understatement. I”ve had the best week ever! Over the past couple of months, I”ve been working on a couple of pretty substantial deals. One of them is the biggest I”ve ever been involved in.

This week they both got signed off. In two months” time, I”ll get paid on them. By some distance, it”ll be the biggest pay-cheque I”ve ever had. Needless to say, I”m buzzing! It”s the buzz all sales guys get when they”ve closed an important deal. Right now, I”m as high as a kite, and being so high, I”m as horny as fuck.

So, here I am, making my way to the cinema, on the lookout for a willing boy that I can put my cock into. Maybe it”ll be Gary, the slim, dark-haired eleven-year old that I had last Saturday. Or it could be the small, blond kid that I”ve been with once before. Last week, while I was with Gary, he was in the next stall, getting his arse well and truly fucked.

I”m just getting near the cinema when I see Gary heading towards me.

“Hi!” he says, grinning. He lowers his voice. “Are you looking for business?”

“Maybe,” I say. “I thought you”d be in the cinema.”

“I”ve got no money,” he says.

“What happened to the fiver I gave you last week?”

“I spent it.” He pauses for a moment. “I didn”t waste it,” he adds. “I bought this,” indicating the polo shirt that he”s wearing. It”s nice. He”s clearly got an eye for what looks good on him.

“Didn”t your mum want to know where you got it?”

“I told her Jason gave it to me because it doesn”t fit him anymore.”

“Do I know Jason?”

“Maybe. He does this, yeah?”

“How old?”

“Thirteen. Fair hair, quite long and sort of wavy.”

I think I know who he”s talking about.

“So did he get you into doing this?” I ask.

“It was more Todd, really. We”re in the same class, yeah?”


“Small blond kid. You know; you saw him last week!”

“Oh, right!” I respond, realising he”s talking about the boy I watched as he was being fucked in the toilet stall. “Are you up for coming back to my place then?”

“Sure! It”s got to be ten quid though.”

“No problem! My car”s in the car park on Market Street. Follow me back there, okay?”


I lead the way. I wasn”t worried about anyone seeing us chatting. People are far too busy with their own shit to take any notice of that sort of thing. Walking along together is a different matter. There”s always a chance that someone who knows me, or knows him, could see us. I can do without that!

I get back to the car, unlock it and settle myself inside. Moments later, Gary strides casually up to the front passenger door and gets in next to me.

“Nice motor!” he comments.

“It”s not actually mine. It”s a company car; goes with the job.”

“So what d”you do?”

“Sales; computer systems and that sort of thing.”

“Sorry,” he says, giving me an apologetic grin. “I”ve forgotten your name.”

“Simon. You”re Gary, aren”t you?”


I glance across. He”s wearing the same denim shorts the he had on last week. His long, slim legs look wonderfully inviting. Once I get him back to the flat, I”m going to fuck him stupid.

“Tell me about you and Todd,” I say.

“Well, like I said, we”re in the same class. He lives just around the corner. We”ve been mates since before we started school.”

“So how did you get into doing this?”

“Todd used to just live with his lara türbanlı escort mum. Then last Christmas, this guy called Steve moved in with them, so he”s like Todd”s stepdad. It seemed fine. Todd got on really well with him and he was always nice to me when I went round there. Well, a few months later, I began to get these weird feelings. My dick would get hard but I”d no idea why. It was like I knew I wanted something, but I didn”t know what. Anyway, one day Todd and I were coming out of school. We went for a piss. When I”d finished, I looked across, Todd was sort of turned towards me a bit. He”d still got his dick out. It was hard and he was stroking it. Man! Mine got hard in less than a second! Todd suggested we go back to their place because his mum and Steve were both at work, so we did. We stripped naked, and Todd showed me how to mess about. It was so exciting! I loved it!”

“Very interesting! But it”s a big step from messing around with your mates to going with guys like me.”

“Yeah, well a few weeks after that, it was the Easter holidays. Todd introduced me to Jason, you know, the kid I told you about. He lives a couple of streets away. It was quite warm, so we went to this place in the woods where we were completely hidden. We got our jeans and pants down and started playing around. Then Todd bent over and Jason stuffed his dick up Todd”s bum. I couldn”t believe it at first, but it was obvious Todd liked it. He told me to stand in front of him, so I did. He sucked my prick while Jase was fucking him.”

“Wonderful! I”d love to have watched that going on!”

We arrive at the flat. I lead the way inside. Opening my wallet, I give him the ten pounds we agreed on.

“Would you like a drink?” I ask.


Heading into the kitchen, I pour us each a glass of coke.

“So, what happened next?” I ask, smiling.

“The next time we met, we went back to the woods. Once we”d got our jeans and underpants down, Jase said he wanted to do it to me. I didn”t want to at first, but Todd said that he could take it up his bum, and I ought to try it. Well, I didn”t want to wimp out, so I said okay. Jase had this tube of gel. He got me bent over; worked some into my bum and put some on his dick. Then he stuck it in. It stung at first, but once he got going, it felt wicked! Anyway, he started wanking me and fucking me at the same time. Back then, I couldn”t cum, but I got all the tingly feelings. Jase got really excited and spunked in my arse.”

“Excellent! I”d love to have seen that too! And you enjoyed it?”

“Yeah! It was so exciting! I was a bit sore afterwards, but I wasn”t worried about that.”

“I see! So when did you first go with an adult?”

“A few weeks later, during the spring half-term; one evening, I was round at Todd”s house. His mum was out, and Steve was supposed to be out too. We were in Todd”s bedroom. We got our clothes off and started messing around, sucking each other and that. Well, I could cum by then, so Todd said I could fuck him if I wanted. Of course, I really wanted to try it. He got out this tube of gel. I put some up his bum, and he rubbed some on my dick. Then he got on all-fours. I knelt behind him on the bed and stuck my dick up him. It was the most exciting feeling ever! I fucked him really hard, but just as I started to cum, Steve walked in on us! He said because he”d caught me doing it to Todd, I had to let him do it to me. He said he knew I”d taken Jason”s.”

“It sounds like Todd had set you up,” I comment.

“Yeah, of course he had! He”d told Steve everything about what we”d been doing. So I had to let Steve fuck me.”

“Big cock?”

“Not as big as yours, but a lot bigger than Jason”s. It hurt like hell when it went in, but once I got used to it, it felt great. He began playing with my prick, just like Jason did. I spunked while he was fucking me. That really got him excited. A few seconds later, he filled my arse.”

“I can imagine!”

“Todd says that Steve fucks him pretty well every day. Anyway, at the start of the summer holiday, Todd and Jase told me about working the cinema. The problem was that I never have enough money to get in, so last Saturday Todd lent me some. He said if I didn”t meet anyone, I needn”t pay it back. That was when I met you.”

“Doesn”t Steve mind Todd having lara ucuz escort sex with other guys?”

“Nah! He loves it! It turns him on when Todd tells him about it.” He lowers his voice. “Before he moved in with Todd”s mum, Steve used to live a few doors away from Jason. Jase reckons Steve”s been fucking him since he was ten.”

That”s quite a picture he”s painted. The thing is, it all fits. I was pretty horny earlier; after listening to that, I”m absolutely gagging for it.

“Right, young man!” I announce. “It”s time for some action!”

I usher him through to my bedroom.

“Okay! Shoes and socks off!” I order.

Sitting side-by-side at the foot of the bed, we quickly remove our footwear.

“Right! Come and stand here!” I instruct, indicating for him to stand in front of me.

As soon as he”s in position, I run my hands up his legs, silk-smooth but wonderfully firm. I lick my lips. He”ll do for me! Standing up, I help him to remove his new polo shirt. Very gently, I stroke his scrawny chest and tweak his cute little nipples.

Sitting back down, I set to work on his shorts, opening the top button and pulling down the zip. With him being so slim, they immediately fall to the floor. He casually kicks them off.

“Hard already, I see!” I say admiring the obvious bulge in his skimpy white underpants.

“I was hard all the way here,” he responds, grinning.

Inserting my thumbs into the waistband, I draw the elastic away from his stomach before skinning them right down his long, coltish legs. As I reach his feet, he neatly steps out of them. Sitting up again, I admire his beautiful penis, four inches of arrow-straight boy perfection.

Taking it into my mouth, I suck it hungrily, the boy”s foreskin sliding back as I go down on him. Coming back up, I work my tongue all over the small shiny head before plunging back down, sucking him right down to the root. He strokes my hair appreciatively.

Slipping a hand between his scrawny thighs, I allow my fingers to gently massage his perineum. Gradually, I work my way back until I”m tickling his cute little rosebud.

“Mmmm!” he purrs, clearly revelling in the attention that I”m giving him.

After a few more seconds, I carefully let him go.

“Your turn now,” I say, getting to my feet. He doesn”t hesitate. Opening the top of my Levi”s, he undoes the metal buttons before easing them down my legs. As he kneels on the carpet, I allow him to pull them over my feet.

He quickly stands up again. Taking hold of my Paul Smith boxer shorts, he expertly pulls them down. I nonchalantly kick them off. Back kneeling in front of me, he carefully takes hold of my medium-thick seven-inch penis.

“Before last week,” I ask. “Had you taken one as big as mine?”

“Yeah!” he confirms. “This mate of Steve”s; we call him The Prof. I”ve been with him a couple of times. His dick”s about the same size as yours.”

Guiding my cock into his mouth, he begins to suck, gradually working his way down until his nose is pressing into my pubic hair. Oh yes! As I noted last week, he”s really good at this! Instinctively, I stroke his silky dark hair, basking in the exquisite experience he”s giving me.

I guess you could describe him as a cock-slut, but that”s not my style. Something I”ve learned in my line of work is that any customer who keeps buying and pays his bills is to be valued. It doesn”t matter how much of a pain in the arse he is.

In just the same way, I value any nice-looking boy who”s willing to let me fuck him; treasure him even. I”d never use a bad word about him. In any case, I”ve taken a shine to Gary. He”s not just sexy; he”s smart and streetwise. I like that!

“Okay!” I whisper. “You can stop now.”

He carefully lets me go. Sitting back on his heels, he looks up at me, licking his lips. I help him to his feet.

“Get onto the bed,” I tell him, “and kneel down on all-fours, with your feet right at the end.”

As he gets into position, I kneel on the floor behind him. I lean forwards, my tongue lapping at his beautiful little starfish.

“Mmmm!” he breathes. “Oh yeah!”

“You like this, don”t you, Gary?”

“Yeah, man!” he confirms. “You”re making me so horny!”

It”s music to my ears. Moving in closer, I begin to thrust insistently, üniversiteli escort forcing my tongue right into his anal ring. He moans and gurgles, getting me hotter than ever. As my tongue begins to ache, I pull away.

After coating my fingers with K-Y, I push my index finger steadily into his anus. As I encounter no problems, the middle one soon joins it. With both digits firmly lodged in the eleven-year old”s bum, I start to give him a serious finger-fucking, corkscrewing around to open him up. After around a minute, I allow my digits to slide out.

Getting to my feet, I reach forwards. Picking up one of the pillows, I place it in the middle of the bed.

“Lie down for me,” I say, firmly but gently. “There”s a good boy!”

Gary moves into position, lying face-down, the pillow beneath his hips.

“Have you got a towel or something?” he asks, looking over his left shoulder. “I”ll cum if you fuck me like this.”

I retrieve my boxer shorts from the floor. “You can cum on those,” I say, handing them to him.

“Are you going to wear these after?” he queries.

“Yeah, with your boy-juice on them.”

“Man! That”s sexy!” he responds, positioning them under his boy-parts.

Having smeared K-Y over my cock, I kneel between his legs. Reaching down, I take hold of his thighs.

“Spread your legs for me,” I instruct, opening them a little wider.

With Gary lying submissively in front of me, I take a moment to admire my prize, especially those long, slender legs, and that wonderfully fuckable little bum. Carefully, I lower myself onto him, guiding my cock onto his cute little rosebud. With one well-directed movement, I thrust it in.

“Ohhhh!” he gasps. “Oh, yeah!”

I continue to press down, my cock exploring every contour, as I steadily ream his velvety tunnel.

“Oooh, Gary!” I growl, “You”re so lovely and tight! That”s just how a boy should be!”

Finally, I bottom out, my dick balls-deep in his arse.

“Good boy!” I rasp. “You”ve got the whole of my daddy-cock inside you! That”s what you want, isn”t it?”

“Oh, yeah!”

“Now I”m going to fuck you! I”m going to fuck you hard!”

“Yeah!” he urges. “Come on! Do it! Fuck me! Hard as you like!”

I get to work, pulling back several inches before slamming in again. Within a matter of seconds, I”m pounding in and out of his wonderful boy-hole as though my life depended on it. Beneath me, Gary”s groaning and mewling, driving me on to even greater efforts. A few minutes pass. I”m getting close.

“Oh Gary!” I gasp, the perspiration running off me. “You love having my big cock fucking you senseless, don”t you?”

“Ohh! Ohh! Ohhh!” he whimpers. “Ohhh, I”m gonna cum!”

His whole body begins to shake, his cute little starfish going into spasm around my rampant prong. I grip his upper arms.

“Oh, you naughty boy!” I breathe, right into his ear. “You”re spunking on my boxer shorts!” Instinctively, I thrust right in, burying my cock as deep as I can. “Now take my spunk!” I order. “Take it all!” Almost immediately, my dick jerks into action, volley after volley of my hot daddy-cream spurting into his eleven-year old boy-hole. Fuck! I”ve cum loads!

After taking a few seconds to regain my composure, I carefully pull out and kneel up on the bed. As soon as I”m clear, Gary pushes himself up onto all-fours. As he does so, his rosebud twitches, a little jet of spunk spluttering out and trickling down his legs. Helping him off the bed, I guide him to the bathroom.

“Just squat down,” I say, positioning him in front of the toilet. “I want to see how much spunk I shot into you.”

He does as I ask. I watch intently as my semen comes rushing out into the bowl in one long, continuous stream. I was right. It has to be the biggest load of cum I”ve ever produced.

“Would you like a shower?” I ask.


Afterwards, I dry him off with a big fluffy towel. We return to the bedroom. Picking up my boxer shorts, I hold them up to my face, taking in the erotic smell of his boy-juice before putting them on. As soon as we”re dressed, I take out my wallet again.

“I”ve had a good week and you”ve been great,” I say, handing him an extra fiver.

“Thanks, man!” he acknowledges, grinning. “Would you like to see me again?”

“Sure!” I say.

We agree to meet the following Saturday. I drive him back, dropping him off on the rough council estate where he lives. For a rent-boy, he really is very special. Having arranged to meet him, I guess I”ll lose the thrill of the chase, but what a prize I”ll be getting! Right at the moment, things couldn”t be going better!

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