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The Thinnest Veil

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There was excitement in the air. Carved Jack O’lanterns sat on the doorsteps of every single house in my neighborhood. Yep. My neighborhood in particular always went all out when it came to Halloween. There were no limits–cobwebs coated the corners of the windows and if there wasn’t a giant blow-up spider in at least one of the front yards, then there was an issue.

Kids ran around screaming “Trick or Treat” from one house to another, delighted shrieks echoing as the adults dressed like vampires and witches drank their mystery potion and fake blood AKA red wine and booze. My parents were one of them. Every single year at this time, things get a little crazy, a little rowdy.

My friends would not stop begging me to go to the Haunted House. They begged me every year and my answer was always a resounding no. Not that it mattered, I still ended up in the Haunted House as if it was something special. Every year was the same thing, with the cheap jump-scares and clown suits and weird Halloween music with the dramatic organ sound.

“Come on, it will be fun!” Amelia exclaimed, tugging my arms, her green eyes blinking rapidly in excitement.

“No, thanks, I’m good,” I grumbled, trying to squirm away from her strong grip.

“Don’t be like that, Joshua Amerson. Have some fun, for Halloween’s sake!” she snapped, in a whining voice.

“We do the same thing every goddamn year.” I complained, finally prying her steel grip from my arm. Jeez, that petite girl was unnaturally strong for her size. A mini she-hulk who throws tantrums whenever I don’t go along with her plans.

“Today will be different,” she insisted, her wide green eyes magnified behind her glasses.

“Oh yeah? Like what?” I challenged her, while Andrew–her brother and Nia, his girlfriend, watched in the background, amused.

“We’re going to Haunted House–“

“Ugh, here we go again–“

“Hey! Let me finish, you didn’t even let me finish!” she shrieked, indignantly. For a nineteen year old girl, her voice can go so high pitched that even the dogs started barking.

I winced, conceding. “Fine. Say whatever you have to say.”

“Like I was SAYING, we are going to the Haunted House and we’re going to…wait for it, wait for it…”

“Fucking say it, for Heaven’s sake!” I exclaimed in exasperation, throwing my hands up in the air. I glanced at Andrew and Nia but they were just staring at me with wide grins and a wicked glint in their eyes.

“Joshua, if you interrupt me one more time…I swear I will strangle you with my own bare hands! Say another word, say it–I dare you!”

My mouth snapped shut and I mimed zipping it and throwing the key away to appease her because she was suddenly looking murderous, and it did not help that her vein started popping in the center of her forehead. The vein pop was a tell-tale for sure.

“We’re going to the Haunted House…and we’re going to summon a demon.” she cackled with glee, while my other friends started giggling. They’re accomplices, for sure, because they did not look surprised at all.

“Um…excuse me? Did I hear right?”

“Yes, you sure did, mi amigo. We are going to summon a demon tonight…and it’s going to be fun.” she said, looping a short arm over my shoulder.

Andrew and Nia started making ghost sounds, before bursting out in raucous laughter.

“Is this a joke, Amelia? Because this is not funny at all.” I grumbled, trying to shake off her arm. This girl does not know personal space whatsoever.

“Puh-lease, do I look like I’m joking? Of course not, you dumbass! C’mon, let’s go!”

“Wait a second, what makes you think that we would be able to summon the demon?” I questioned, trying to delay the inevitable. This was a joke, definitely a joke.

“You are slower than you look, Joshua. Remember? It’s Halloween and the 31st of October is when the veil between the human world and the supernatural world is the thinnest….don’t you get it?”


“How’s that for some fun? So stop trying to stall and let’s go.”

Sadly, I did not have a say in the matter since she was already forcibly dragging me straight to the Haunted House. Great.


Amelia selected a room we had never been to. It was a large room with weird, grotesque portraits of deformed faces of random people on the burgundy walls and the suite showcased a huge bed that took up most of the space in the room. It actually looked nice but definitely not a room designed to scare gullible kids who would visit the Haunted House for some cheap scares.

“What type of room is this, Amelia? It doesn’t look like we’ve ever been here before,” I commented, glancing at her.

She gazed at me with those green eyes, luminescent like the eyes of a black cat and her grin widened as wide as Chesire’s. Meanwhile, the other two accomplices were busy jumping on the huge, canopied bed and making out in between.

“We have never been here, no…but don’t you like it?” she exclaimed in excitement.

I looked around and stared at the weird paintings bahis siteleri surrounding the room. The dead eyes of the portraits seemed to be staring at me, as if waiting for my answer.

“It’s kinda creepy, I guess,” I admitted with a shrug.

“It’s perfect,” she gushed, squeezing my arm tightly.

“Yeah, this bed is great.” Andrew chimed in, sitting up with his giggling girlfriend in his lap.

I eyed his fingers, which were slowly creeping up Nia’s short skirt and she continued to giggle, while watching me watch them. Those two were up to no good and their body language definitely spelled out horny college students. Quickly, I averted my eyes.

None of my business at all.

“The bed is great, Andrew, but not for canoodling, so you better stop what you are doing right now,” Amelia replied, rolling her eyes.

Of course, she knew what the couple were up to without even looking. Andrew was her twin brother, it made sense that she would already know what’s going on in the mind of her horny twin. Of course, Andrew just laughed it off and did not stop.

She huffed, rolled her green orbs again but was starting to smile wickedly once again.

“Well, let’s begin, shall we?” she chuckled evilly, rubbing her hands in an attempt to make her look sinister.

She looked ridiculous, of course, but there was no way that I would try to stop whatever she was planning. I’d like to keep my head, thank you very much.


“Everything is all set–we have all the ingredients set up and now we just have to repeat what I say, alright?” Amelia announced.

In a short span of time, she had the sigil marked with red painting, in the form of a pentagram, with bowls of dried herbs that were to be set on fire after the incantation was spoken. Candles were set in each point of the pentagram, flickering in the darkness, since Amelia had somehow made the dim lights of the strange room dimmer.

“I don’t even want to know where you got all of these ingredients…like, seriously.” I commented, as she sprinkled some mystery ingredient in each bowl.

“My sister has her ways,” Andrew replied, with a proud chuckle.

“I sure do…and my Latin classes helped me too,” Amelia said, retrieving a heavy, ancient book.

“Where did you get that?”

“Shhh, we must start now. Repeat what I say…pronounce the best you can.” she murmured, standing straight.

I shuffled awkwardly in the hooded gown she gave to me and the others. While she had set up the sigil and all that weird ritual shit, she had us remove our clothes to make it more “appropriate” for the occasion, AKA, the occasion of trying to summon a demon. I’m not sure the outfit was necessary and it was definitely uncomfortable standing butt naked under this heavy cloak.

But here goes nothing…


There was silence and silence only, except for the even breaths coming out from my crazy friends. The incantation was repeated multiple times and we walked around the pentagram solemnly, in a single file.

Amelia had thrown fire inside the bowls and they sparked with a weird, incense smell and the candles were still flickering in the dark.

A throat cleared amidst us.

“Did it work, Amelia?” Andrew asked, almost nervously.

“Shh, brother. It did. Now, we just wait. The demon’s ascent from Hell to Earth, in this exact location, naturally takes some time, you know? She replied in a hushed voice.

We stood there quietly, waiting for a sign–a clock somewhere ticked slowly and I counted down the seconds.

One. Tick.

Two. Tick…

Just before the clock ticked again, about four ticks later, there was silence. The ticking had stopped and the room suddenly grew too hot to bear.

My skin rubbed dryly against the light cloak and I shivered, despite the growing heat. It felt like ninety degrees in the room even though the cool October weather would never permit that. Just as I was about to say something, the candles went out and now, we were in complete darkness.

Then the ominous, rumbling sound began. I could scarcely believe it. What was really happening? Did Amelia really summon the demon? Or was this all just a clever prank?

The floor shook and the creepy portraits on the walls started falling down with muted thumps, unnerving me and my friends. The unsteadiness of the floor almost made me lose my balance but Amelia was there to grip my arm, keeping me upright with her unnatural strength.

Even in the darkness, her eyes glowed in excitement and she hissed, “Yes, it worked!”

The entire room was still shaking and I could hear Nia exclaiming in shock while Andrew started muttering curse words.

Then, there was a sulfur smell and more heat radiating from the pentagram. The lights of the room started flickering, allowing us a glimpse of each other but soon the smoke started to pour out, blinding us once more.

The lights continued to flicker on and off and I admit it –Amelia is a genius. I don’t know who she hired but canlı bahis siteleri that person was clearly an expert in theatrics and stage production.

In the midst of the chaos, I started laughing. She was right, this was fun. Definitely a weird experience, but certainly creative.

“Who dares laugh at me?” a voice snarled out, deep and thunderous, cutting my laughter midway.

The voice was not speaking in English or any recognizable human language. It was sibilant and guttural, a voice that actually made my bare skin prickle with goosebumps. For some reason, I understood it but my blood chilled in my veins at the demonic-like voice.

Amelia spoke–in the same language.

“It is I, Astaroth, who has summoned you, Asmodeus. Forgive the human, for he had become hysterical in the process,” Amelia replied smoothly.

But, wait? What? She said her name was Astoroth? Who the fuck is Astoroth? She must be role-playing, the crazy girl.

Asmodeus chuckled deeply–if you call that a chuckle–as if he was amused.

“Then, why is it you summon me, dear friend Astaroth?” His deep voice was too deep and yet, the sound and presence of this thing was enveloping me in sensations I could not possibly describe.

His voice alone had the ability to snake into my ears and even under my skin, causing me to shiver. Andrew and Nia had fallen silent and my eyes strained to see my friends.

This was getting really weird.

“I summoned you, Asmoedus, to help me with this human, Joshua. Will you please grant me a favor?”

“For you, I will. What will it be?”

“Do what you do best, Asmodeus. This human is at risk of being the most average of all. Your award will be him.” she answered.

I gaped towards her general side. Excuse me? Average? Me?

This was not the Amelia I know. Sure I can be boring because I prefer to be on the safe side–what’s wrong with that? Is that what she thought of me?

“Excuse me, what–” I sputtered and choked on my sentence when the candles flickered to bring light into the room.

I could not believe my eyes.

The entity stood to at least thirteen feet tall and his skin color was unnaturally red, a dark red that almost matched the burgundy walls of the room. What caught my attention was his long, twisted horns which added at least another three to four feet into his height. The horns bursting from the creature’s forehead resembled the horns of a ram, curved and heavy–powerful as well.

As he turned his head, the tips of his horns scraped the ceilings in a screeching sound. I gulped when his eyes finally landed on me. His eyes were a glowing red, burning with the heat that he had brought from Hell. He stared at me unblinkingly, looking like a real fucking devil that Amelia–Astaroth–had summoned. His head tilted slightly, his face grotesquely red and almost–regal? If he was the demon, then he had some resemblance to a human. Despite the amber eyes and his sharp hooked nose, his lips were thick and plump with a darker hue of hell-red…and his forked tongue just flickered out–a snake’s tongue–as if he was trying to taste the air around me.

“This is him? The average human you speak of, Astaroth?” he spoke again and when I glanced towards Amelia/Astaroth’s direction, she was no longer there.

Instead, there stood another denim, almost eight feet tall–and completely naked.

I stared in shock at what should have been petite Amelia but this giant demon-like creature was definitely not her. Her skin was a silky, deep amethyst color, gleaming like the stone itself, and her normally human-green eyes were now glowing emeralds, with cat-like slits for her pupils.

She was beautiful and hideous at the same time, to simply put. My eyes roved from her face to her naked body, to its own accord. Her face structure was similar to the other demon and human-like, with sharp cheekbones and an exquisite face–a straight nose with nostrils that flared whenever she looked at me and gravity-defying tits that were round and heavy, her dark purple nipples which pointed straight at me. Her waist was miniscule but layered with powerful, lean abs and curved into rounder hips which showcased her nether regions–definitely a woman, not the Amelia I knew who was short in stature with minimal curves.

I didn’t want to stare any longer than I had to but the thick, pendulous tail that swished back and forth in a form of excitement had my eyes glued solely on her. Instead of a tail that tapered off in the ideal shape of an arrow, her tail was round and bulby, almost in a phallic manner.

Look away now. Look away now. This is not Amelia.

She smiled at me, catching my eyes with those glowing green orbs and then nodded her sharp chin at Asmodeus.

“This is him. His name is Joshua. What do you think?” she purred in the same sibilant language, her taloned fingers stretching out to caress my arm.

Unlike him, she radiated sensual warmth, inviting me to be consumed by it.

“I approve, Astaroth. What a good-looking human, hm?” the demon murmured in appreciation, his glowing canlı bahis red eyes flickering over me.

His plush lips twisted into a smile, his sharp teeth gleaming and with a nod of his head, the cloak I was wearing disappeared.

“What the fuck?” I squeaked, still shivering in shock, as I stood there naked. I crossed my arms in an attempt to cover my exposed body parts out.

“I agree, he is a gorgeous specimen. Beautiful skin, although quite frail, and such a nice cock even in his dormancy,” He stated with a wicked grin that revealed rows and rows of sharp, serrated teeth. Even though I should be disgusted, I felt pleased at his obvious approval.

I had yet to actually look at his entire body but the rising enormity of his cock caught my attention. And my attention stayed there, not even straying when he started walking forward to me.

His cock was something out of the norm, rigid and pulsing with red heat. He probably could outsize the biggest stallion for sure– he must be over two or even three feet long, proportional to his towering height, with the thickness that rivaled any horse. He was half-hard and still hardening at that, so one can only imagine. The demon was already layered with muscles over his burgundy red skin and the power behind his thrust would definitely cause the whole neighborhood to quake.

“This is not funny anymore, Amelia,” I finally whispered to the other demon-like monster, who was definitely not my human friend, Amelia.

She merely laughed and beckoned to me.

“Come here, Joshua, let me show you some fun.”

Her hand that was clasped around my forearm tightened and dragged me towards her, so close that her large breasts brushed lightly across my astonished face.

I tried to look for Andrew and Nia over the curve of her enormous breasts, but they have suddenly disappeared. They were nowhere to be seen.

“Don’t worry, my dear Joshua. They are safe for now, “she cooed seductively in that grating language, her flexible tail curling around my thigh to steer me closer to her.

The heat rushed back again and I could feel the other demon towering extremely behind me, just a foot away and yet his huge cock was pressed against the entire length of my back, throbbing it’s infernal heat against my goose-pimpled skin. For some reason, my own prick responded to the demon’s heat and started hardening as well, even though I tried my best to resist the carnal urges of my body.

“Oh, look, Asmodeus, he is getting ready for us.” she told the demon behind me.

Asmodeus reached around to caress down my chest, the heat of his large hand radiating from his hand. Slowly, his sharp claws slipped lower until they met around the base of my unnecessary erection.

He gave my burgeoning erection a squeeze and I hardened even more, blood rushing down rapidly, causing me to get light headed.

“So juicy and thick, we will have fun for sure, right?” the demon behind me whispered into my ears.

“N-no, I–” I protested weakly, trying to squirm away from his illicit touch.

His fingers tightened around the base of my dick and squeezed, warning me to stay put.

“You want this, don’t you, Joshua? Your cock keeps growing for us,” Asmodeus crooned, grinding his inhuman cock against me.

“N-no, I don’t want this—s-stop that!” I sputtered, gasping as he started jacking me off.

“The more you resist, the more we like it,” Astaroth told me, staring down at me with a cruel smirk.

I opened my mouth to respond but she stopped me, grabbing her tit and forcing it into my mouth.

“Suck,” she ordered lasciviously, her hard nipple thrusting inside my mouth.

I choked in shock but my tongue curled around the rock-hard nub automatically, my eyes rising to meet hers as I started suckling, helplessly.

Her body trembled in pleasure and she sighed in delight, her hands roaming down my shoulders, her claws scraping across my skin harshly.

Asmodeus started humming, his hands circling around me to touch Astaroth, his large palms curving around the weight of Astaroth’s heavy breasts. I watched as he squeezed them tightly, forcing her boob to go deep in her mouth until I nearly suffocated.

“Bite it,” he hummed to me, still rubbing his tremendous demon-dick against me.

Astoroth was still staring down at me with that devious smirk, watching as I continued to suck her nipple.

“Yes…bite it, Joshua. I know you want to,” she hissed and I did as I was told.

I clenched my jaw and sucked harder before biting down at the hard nub, only to be shocked when fluids started squirting inside. Was she…lactating?

The liquid that oozed from her nipple was sweet and tangy and it was nothing I ever tasted before. It was doing something to me—what was she doing to me?

I swallowed involuntarily and she moaned slightly, her tail tightening around my thigh, the bulby end of it caressing my balls. My cock jerked up responsively within Asmodeus’ tight drip, and my body started heating up even more.

I continued sucking, wanting more of the mysterious juice that her nipple leaked out but the more I sucked, the more light-headed I got and the harder my pre-cum soaked prick got. Tingles raced down my spine and I let out a moan, heady from the sensations that ran down my body.

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