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The Test

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I had a agreed to it, but now I was wondering why.

My wife had tied me to the hotel bed in satin rope. My legs outstretched and my arms tied above my head. I wasn’t used to being submissive and felt a bit uncomfortable being so vulnerable. Normally it was me dominating her – the way I liked it. But that night I lay completely naked and at her mercy.

We had an entire night to ourselves at a hotel away from the family. It had been planned well in advance by my wife and I had become more and more unsure as the time approached and she more and more visibly excited.

There was only one aim for our stay at the hotel: to find my limit. How much could I cum before my balls were completely empty? Could I even last until that point?

My wife had prepared everything to make me as comfortable as possible. A pillow lay under my head and even spent the first 15 mins carefully but thoroughly shaving my pubic area until it was completely smooth. Her delicate fingers, nails painted white, gently holding my balls as the razor glided over them was enough to make my cock rock hard. That and the fact she too was stark naked and, having gone to a salon in the morning, her pussy was waxed except for a very thin landing strip.

She wasted no time. She began to slowly stroke my cock with one hand and massage my balls with the other, as she had done thousands of times before, yet it felt no less amazing. As soon as I started leaking precum she thumbed it around the head of my cock using it as lubricant. I could smell the lavendar candle she had brought along to burn and I closed my eyes for a moment enjoying the attention.

Then she straddled me but in reverse, getting on her hands and knees so I had a perfect view of her ass and pussy. My cock throbbed and I felt myself pulling against the rope that restrained me eager to fuck her but she new knew exactly how to tease me. She took my cock and rubbed it against her warm, soft pussy lips. I tried to raise my hips to push inside her but she lifted away. She squeezed my balls. A large amount of precum spilled from my cock and she quickly pressed it against her pussy rubbing the clear, sticky liquid over her waxed outer labia.

Then she pushed only the head of my cock into her pussy. Her warmth and wetness swallowed the tip of my member. The torture was unbelievable. I tried to thrust again.

“If you keep doing that then you won’t get my pussy at all.” She warned looking back over her shoulder at me but with a smile.

I took a deep breath and let her guide the tip of my cock into her again. She started to stroke my cock again while the tip was buried inside her.

Her tight pussy around the head of my cock and her firm grip drove me over the edge. She sensed I was going to cum and started to stroke my cock faster until I let out a groan. Cum started to pump out of my cock. She still kept only the tip inside her and within a second heaps of my cum were spilling out of her and dripping back down my throbbing shaft and onto my smooth balls.

“Mmm. That’s one load and we’re only 5mins in.” She said cheekily. “I hope you’ve more in you that that… or I’ll be dissapointed.”

She took my cock out of her then. It still pulsed uncontrollably. Turning around, she started to lick it. The sensitivity made me try to pull away but I couldn’t. She kept stroking it, determined to keep me hard. I clenched my teeth trying to overcome the sensitivity, Çankaya Rus Escort but no matter how hard I tried, my cock started to soften. Next to her on the floor, she reach down and picked up a black rubber ring. Carefully, she slipped it over my cock and also around my balls, and then continued to gently stroke me with one hand and run her fingers over my shaven balls with the other.

“Hopefully this keeps you up for a little longer.” She smiled.

Within moments, the blood started to rush back into my cock, and she seemed satisfied that it was starting to harden again. The veins in my cock started to stand out, and the rubber ring made me feel each pulse acutely. My wife ran her tongue along the shaft, licking precum that was spilling down its length. And again she started to stroke it. Her strokes were long and her grip determined. My balls, pushed up by the ring were slapped by her hand every time she finished a downward stroke. I groaned. It felt so good.

She straddled me again, putting the tip of my cock back into her pussy, but this time, very, very slowly she inched her way down its length. I watched my cock gradually disappear into her perfect pussy, enveloped by its warmth. Every time I got impatient and tried to speed it up, she lifted herself off and then started all over again, torturing me, not letting me thrust into her. Eventually she had finally sat all the way down, taking my entire eight inch cock inside her. My balls, swollen with cum, pressed against her pussy as she faced away from me. Still she wouldn’t let me thrust, and instead moved her hips around in circles. I couldn’t hold it. I felt another surge of cum, I moaned and to my surprise she quickly lifted herself off my cock, and sat next to me, watching as my cock squirted rope after rope of cum. It spilled over my stomach and chest and dripped down my cock onto my balls again. My body shook as my I continued to pump cum for a few more moments. She reached over and started to massage my balls that had dropped tired between my legs.

“10mins, number two.” She said smiling. “I hope you can keep this up…”

The ring kept my cock hard even after it had finished convulsing. My wife again straddled me, performing the same slow, torturous trick. But this time my cock was incredibly sensitive again after having cum, but she didn’t care. I flinched as she worked her pussy slowly down my cum-covered cock, trying to ignore how sensitive it felt. When she reached the base, again she moved her hips circularly, and then after a few mins started to ride me, but again very slowly she lifted herself up, but not fully off, and then slowly let my cock sink into her again. She repeated maybe twenty times. Each time she sat down fully on my throbbing cock, she would lean and roll her hips forward to rub her clit against my balls Eventually, I saw her back arc inwards and immediately felt her pussy tighten around my cock and I knew she was about to cum.

The feeling tipped me over the edge too as she started to roll her hips forward again and again with my cock fully inside her until she shuddered and moaned. My balls contracted and I felt another rush of cum explode deep in her pussy. She continued to rock her hips on my cock and squeeze my balls as if trying to get the last drops out. Only when she had relaxed, she slowly lifted herself off my cock, Keçiören Rus Escort leaning forward on her hands and knees, know she was giving me a perfect view of her pussy. She held that pose for a moment as my thick white cum, slowly started to pour out of her, dripping down onto my tired, aching balls. She reached under with a hands and dipped two fingers inside her pussy feeling my cum. My cock, getting darker with trapped blood, still pulsed hard on my stomach.

“I don’t think I can do any more.” I groaned, burying my face in my armpit and closing my eyes.

“Too bad.” She replied. “You will.”

She spent a few mins massaging my balls and cock, uncaring that there was so much cum everywhere. After a moment, she seemed satisfied I was still horny, she stretched the rubber ring and took it off.

“Just to give him a break for a minute.”

My cock did stay hard and my balls, tired, hung low between my outstretched legs. My wife crawled up to me and started to kiss me on the lips, the cheeks, the eyebrows, the neck, before I felt her hand again on my cock. It too was tired of throbbing, but her touch soothed it. After she kissed me for some time and continued to stroke my cock lovingly, she put the rubber ring back on. This time she straddled me facing me. God she was beautiful. Her cheeks were flush from cumming, her breasts swollen and nipples hard. Her tummy was flat, and her hip bones slightly protruded. Her pussy still dripped my cum. Her brown hair stuck to her face that had a thin layer of sweat.

She sat down on the length of my cock, trapping it between my stomach and her pussy. One of her hands reached behind and started to massage my balls again while she rubbed her pussy against the hard shaft of my cock. She slid easily along its length, a mixture of her wetness and my cum. She rolled her hips forward to grind her clit against my cock on the way up, then roll her hips back on the way down. Her pussy was so, so smooth.

“Mmm.” She moaned, squeezing her own breasts in her hands. I wish I could have held them too but my hands remained tied. They looked so inviting. “The veins in your throbbing dick feel so good against my clit.”

The sensitivity in my cock had gone as she started to grind it harder and harder. I so desperately wanted to hold her hips and control her, but she rolled her pussy over my cock freely until again her body shuddered and she lay on my chest as she came. I felt warm wetness from her pussy drip over my cock as her chest heaved on mine. I kissed the top her her head, and she rested there for a moment.

“Are you ready for a fourth?” She said looking up at me.

“I really don’t think I can.”

She said nothing and immediately starting stroking my cock again with a new sense of vigor. “You’re going to cum for me again.” She said determined.

Initially she was gentle and slow, but my cock having lost some sensitivity again was not reacting as she wanted. She gripped it tightly and her strokes became harder and more vigorous. It felt uncomfortable but also good at the same time. “I don’t think I can cum anymore. Slow down babe.” I said.

“No.” Was all she replied, and she continued to work my cock harder and harder, making sure to reach tip to base on each stroke. She abruptly stopped with her hand firmly at the base pulling back my foreskin. She sucked on the Etimesgut Rus Escort head of my cock for a moment before again working it harder. I suddenly felt my balls contract and she noticed it too, breaking a smile. A rush of cum started to flood my cock and I let out a long groan as again cum exploded from me. My abs tightened and my muscles in my legs stiffened.

But my wife didn’t stop, she kept stroking my cock hard. The sensitivity was unbearable.

“No stop now babe. Please. I can’t.” I was almost begging. But she didn’t listen.

I looked down and her hand was covered in my cum as it continued to work my cock over and over. My reflex was to twist away, the sensitivity was just too much.

“Please babe!” I repeated desperately. But she kept going.

With her other hand she started to massage my tired balls, squeezing them sometimes quite hard. I honestly didn’t think I could physically cum anymore, but to my surprise my balls contracted again suddenly and my cock starting pumping more cum. I groaned, clenched my teeth as my wife, unrelenting continued to stroke it without respite.

“One more baby.” She said.

I felt completely at her mercy, and all I could do was shake my head, my breathing irregular. She finally slowed down, squeezing my cock as she stroked upwards forcing out the remaining cum as if she was milking me. Then, straddling me once more face towards me, she took my cock and guided it into her pussy. My cock slipped in easily. Her pussy was filled with my cum already and her own juices. She was squatted now above me so that my hard throbbing member was only about a quarter of its length inside her, and then started to stroke my cock again. She moved her pussy up and down only the head of my cock. Being the most sensitive part I flinched again at her every move and tried to pullout, but she would take my cock firmly and push it back into her. At the same time, she stroked the base of it with one hand and massaged my balls with the other. It was sensory overload. I moaned, groaned and tried to escape her grasp unable to handle the sensation.

“I can’t.” Was all I could pathetically muster.

“You can.” Was all she replied.

“My cock is too tired and sensitive.”

“Too bad.” She said. “I will do what I want with your cock tonight.”

She continued to stroke it and dip the head in and out of her pussy. There was something about it that made me wild, even despite how exhausted my cock felt. It was like she didn’t care about having my cock inside her, all she wanted my cum. Her hair had fallen around her face and her cheeks had become more coloured. Her breasts were so full, so sexy. She looked at me, squeezed my balls hard and again tipped me over the edge. I closed my eyes and she sat down fully on my cock and then leaned forward to kiss me. She kissed me hard as my cock pumped rope after rope of cum deep inside her. It felt like the amount was still no smaller than any of the times before. I was in such exasperated pleasure I could barely kiss her back and instead moaned again as my cock finished filling her pussy.

“Mmm, good boy.” She said. “I can feel you pumping your cum into me.” She smiled mischievously at me.

She kissed my ears and neck and then lifted herself off of me, sitting on the bed beside me with her knees bent, legs apart, leaning back on her hands. He pussy was flushed red and my cum flowed out of her like a river. She spread her labia and looked down, putting two fingers again inside to collect a thick rope of my cum. And then licked them.

“Mmm, I love the way you taste.” She said taking her fingers out of her mouth. “I’m so impressed by your balls.” She smiled, and then reached over to take the cock ring off. “Five times within the hour…. and we still have all night to go…”

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