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The Temp Ch. 05

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Chapter V

Martin was staring out from his balcony. He sighed from time to time as he watched the world go by. In his mind, he was wrestling with what to do about Theresa.

Here he was, sixty years of age and a respected member of the accounting team at work. He had never in his entire career had any hint of scandal. He had always kept himself free and clear of any temptations.

Then Theresa had come into his life.

It’s likely he never would have had any problems with the girl if he hadn’t stumbled across her masturbating in the office bathroom. Without that sudden turn of events, he would have been happily ignorant of any carnal knowledge of her.

As soon as that train of thought entered his head, he groaned out loud. As if her were reliving it, he once again saw her with her one hand buried in her pussy and the other squeezing her tit.

That had been the beginning of the debauched eight-day journey he now found himself on.

He couldn’t get enough! Every time he thought about her, he could see her big round eyes under her bug-eyed glasses. Her perfect breasts topped with bright pink nipples. Her slick pussy with its sparse covering of hair. Her perfectly round ass. Twin globes of soft flesh just made for squeezing.

Then there were her blowjobs! He had not gotten a blowjob for several years. The opportunities just did not come up. But this girl sucked cock like an angel! Or a devil. When she took his dick into her mouth Martin couldn’t help but roll his eyes back in his head until he squirted his semen onto her tongue.

Just thinking about it now gave him a hardon.

Of course, the pièce de résistance was her cunt. Whether she was riding him, or he was pounding into her, her vagina felt so smooth and wet. Every time he fucked her he came inside her.

“I wish I was fucking her right now,” he muttered sadly.

He sighed again and decided to get a second cup of coffee.

He shuffled to his kitchen and poured the last of the coffee from the machine. He mixed cream and sugar and stared across his apartment to the opposite wall. He sipped from his mug and continued to stare across the room. He frowned deeply and decided he needed some fresh air.

It was a hot day. He changed from his bathrobe into golf shirt and casual slacks. He opted for sandals instead of socks and shoes.

He set out and wandered down the street. The neighborhood he lived in had a small-town appearance with store front shops, parkettes and huge tree planters all over the place.

He walked to a local bakery, ordered coffee and some pastries, then went to sit on the sidewalk patio.

Out here, he started to relax. There was traffic on the streets, foot traffic on the sidewalks and the sun was shining beautifully. He sighed and sipped from his coffee. Then he looked up and down the sidewalk.

“Hello Martin,” a soft voice said.

He turned with a start and his jaw dropped.

There was Theresa. She was looking at him with that same owlish expression she always seemed to have.

Martin was speechless. He could do nothing but stare at this mousey girl wearing denim shorts and a tank top with a black blazer over it.

“Um,” he stammered, “How–?”

“I was in the neighborhood,” she said, “I heard about this bakery. The pastries are fantastic!”

As he continued to stare in confusion, she strode around him and sat at his table. She placed her own cup of coffee down and smiled shyly at him.

“How did you know I lived in this area?” he asked in wonder.

“I found your home address in the files at work,” she said.

“Um,” he stammered once more, “I um, why are casino siteleri you here?”

“I was bored. I hardly ever have anything to do on weekends. I was hoping you wouldn’t mind if I came to find you.”

Martin gasped in shock and stared down at the tabletop.

“This is, um, highly irregular!” he said.

“Don’t you like me Martin?” she asked in a small voice.

“Well, of course I–,” he started to say.

“I like you,” she said and looked at the table, “I thought maybe you liked me too, you know, after all the um, you know.”

“Oh Theresa!” he said in a pained voice, “I just knew we shouldn’t have, well, done any of those things!”

She gave him a half-smile and nodded sadly.

“So you don’t like me,” she said.

“That’s not true!” he protested, “I like you just fine! It’s just, well, it’s inappropriate!”

“Does that mean you do like me?” she asked hopefully.

“Well, of course I do!” he whined.

“Good,” she said with a grin, “Come on! I’ve got a surprise for you!”


She grabbed him by the hand and led him into the bakery. She rushed him through to the backdoor and then turned to go down a set of rickety stairs. At the bottom, she opened a door to her right and led him inside. She flicked a light switch and closed the door behind them.

Martin looked around. It seemed to be some sort of storage room, though it didn’t look like anyone had used it recently.

“How did you know about this room?” he asked in wonder, “I’ve been coming here for years, and I had no idea!”

“I scoped the place out before I came to your table,” she said.

Before he could get his bearings, Theresa dropped her blazer to the floor. Then she peeled her tank top over her head and dropped her denim shorts.

She was naked. All but for her big glasses.

Martin’s mouth dropped open and he stared openly. From her luscious tits to her sparsely haired pussy, he could only gaze at her.

She grinned and went to her knees. She had his cock out of his pants and in her mouth before he could take the situation in.

“Oh Theresa!” he gasped.

She giggled and sucked him to the back of her throat. Martin put his head back against the wall and let out a long sigh.

“Ooh,” he groaned.

Theresa’s mouth and tongue were doing things to his cock he couldn’t believe! It felt like he was being held in a warm wet vice. She put her hands on his testicles and squeezed them gently. Then she pushed one finger into the entrance to his anus.

Martin’s eyes went wide, and he raised himself on his tiptoes.

“Ooh!” he groaned again.

She took his dick all the way into her mouth and put her hands on the globes of his ass. She massaged them vigorously while she sucked his cock.

When she tickled his asshole again, he gasped and shot his cum into her mouth.

His knees buckled and she giggled while she held him up against the wall. She stood and kissed him on the mouth.

“Are you glad I came to find you?” she asked in a tiny voice.

“Uh-huh,” Martin choked.

“I’m glad too!” she cooed.

She wrapped her arms around him, and he held her tightly against him. The feel of her tiny naked body started to give him another hardon. She looked down at it with a smile and teased the tip of his dick with one hand.

“Maybe we should go back to your place,” she said with a shy grin, “I think you’re not finished with me yet.”

Two hours later, Martin lounged back naked on his couch with a look of awestruck exhaustion on his face. He was gasping for breath with his arms and legs spread akimbo.

Theresa was curled up naked on the floor güvenilir casino around his feet. She was cooing and sighing with pleasure. The huge bug-eyed glasses perched on her nose lent an air of surrealism to the scene. Her mousey appearance coupled with her oversized eyewear contrasted starkly with her nudity.

Martin looked at her with amazement as he considered the sexual calisthenics they had just finished. She had taken him in a dozen different ways all over his living room and kitchen. They hadn’t even come close to the bedroom! He wondered with a sense of foreboding if more were expected of him in there!

“Will you lick me one more time Martin?” she asked softly.

“Again?” he replied wearily.

“You do it so well!” she purred, “You make me tingle all over!”

He couldn’t help but feel more than a little proud of himself. Previous women in his life had commented that he was good at it when he went down on them. None of them though had ever begged for it the way Theresa did!

“Come up here,” he said tiredly, “I don’t think I can bend over anymore!”

She giggled and climbed up to him on the couch. She paused to kiss him tenderly, and then kept climbing until her thighs were propped on his shoulders with her slick pussy pushed against his face.

Martin pushed the tip of his tongue into her channel, and she sighed.

“Ooh, that feels good!” she said happily.

Martin mumbled something into her wetness and chuckled.

‘Would you look at me now!’ he thought to himself, ‘Me, making this young thing so happy with my tongue! My exes would never believe it! I don’t believe it!’

Theresa was indeed very happy with his tongue. She was cooing and moaning softly as she ground her hips against his face. She put her hands on the back of his head and started sliding her cunt up and down from his chin to his nose. She went faster and faster until her orgasm hit her. Her muscles tensed and she let out a soft cry. She hunched over his head and held onto him as the climax shuddered through her entire body.

She slid down his body until she was curled up on his lap with a content expression.

Martin took a few minutes to savor the scent and flavor of her juices. Then he wiped the back of his hand across his face.

“Delicious,” he muttered.

She giggled and sighed. Within a few minutes she was snoring softly against his stomach.

Martin looked down at her with his own contented smile. He reached for the TV remote and turned on some documentary. He sat back and watched without really paying any attention to it.

When it was done he found a classic movie. He watched that, again without really seeing it.

He was too fascinated by the naked body of the young girl lying with her head in his lap. He looked her over from head to toe again and again with a sense of wonderment.

He reached for her buttock and squeezed it gently. It was so soft and round.

She sighed quietly and rolled onto her back. Now his hand was resting against the sparse hair around her vagina. The hair was still damp and sticky from the marathon of fucking they had done since noon. Her pussy lips popped open like a flower blooming, and he took in a deep breath.

His cock stirred and he blinked in surprise. He didn’t think he had it in him. He lost count of the number of times he’d ejaculated today. It was easily four or five. In fact his testicles were aching slightly from it.

She rolled onto her side and took his dick between her lips. She was still half asleep, but her mouth and tongue knew what to do. She sucked him gently with long strokes of her tongue and a soft sucking canlı casino motion. He watched fascinated as her cheeks moved slowly in and out. Before he knew it, his testicles tingled, and he shot a small load of semen. She took it all in and licked him clean.

“I’m surprised at you Martin,” she muttered happily, “I thought you were done.”

“So did I,” he replied with a sigh.

She once again closed her eyes and curled up to sleep. Martin stood and went to take a shower.

A few hours later, Martin took the girl by the hand and led her to the bedroom. He laid her on her back and knelt over her.

“I’m an old man,” he said with a grin.

“You’re not so old,” she replied with a giggle.

“When I was young, this is how we made love,” he said, “We never felt the need to screw like bunnies in every room of the house. We laid down on a bed and did it properly. Lovingly.”

He crawled on top of her, and she welcomed him with open arms and legs. He entered her gently, and she smiled in response. He pushed himself all the way in and put his lips to hers.

“This is making love,” he said.

She cooed in response and wrapped her legs around his middle. He thrust into her slowly and repeatedly. Theresa was amazed that fucking so slowly could stimulate her so much. Little by little, her tunnel was tickled into arousal. Her breathing began to quicken until she was gasping softly. Her nipples hardened, and her pussy was leaking copious juices.

Martin only looked into her eyes and continued thrusting into her. She didn’t realize he could go on for so long. After ten minutes, she lost track of time. She came once, shuddering through an intense orgasm with her legs clinging to his back. He just kept on thrusting into her.

When he did cum, he did it with a soft sigh. He stopped moving and held his softening dick inside her.

She went home after dark. She would have stayed the night, but Martin shook his head.

“It’s best this way,” he said.

She protested, but he was unmoved.

When she arrived the next day, he stopped her from peeling her dress off.

That was the hardest thing Martin had ever done. Her tiny sundress barely hid her tiny body, but when she went to pull it up and over her head, he restrained her.

“Not today,” he said, “I don’t think I could anyway, but it’s better if we try to keep our clothes on, at least for a little while!”

Even with the dress on, she looked amazing. Her long straight black hair hung neatly over her shoulders with a few stray stands falling over her face. Her generously sized boobs strained against the light fabric and her butt pushed her backend put, offering a mouthwatering view. Martin looked her over and began to wonder if he had been too hasty in stopping her from stripping naked.

‘No, I have to maintain some control!’ he said to himself.

To satisfy his own curiosity, he reached for and tugged the hem of her dress upward slightly. Sure enough, there was her bare pussy with its sparse auburn-colored strands of hair surrounding her tunnel. She looked at him with surprise, but he smiled and dropped the hem back into place.

He took her by the hand, and they went to a nearby café for breakfast. After eating, he walked her to the bus station and waited with her.

“You need to go home,” he said, “I have things to do. I’ll see you again tomorrow.”

“I want to stay,” she said, “We have all day!”

“I don’t,” he said.

Again, Theresa protested but he was adamant.

“We’ll see each other again at work tomorrow,” he said, “Now I have to go.”

She pouted as she left but Martin breathed a sigh of relief after she was gone. His gonads were raw and sore from all the activity yesterday. His testicles were aching, and his penis was red in several places from all the friction.

And he still didn’t know how to deal with this whole situation! Was she his girlfriend?

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