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The Teacher: My First Time

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The following is a true story of my first sexual experiences. It happened many years ago, but most of the details are still vivid in my mind, the names however have been changed to protect the “not so innocent”…

It was late August when Joan arrived at our old farmhouse. She was a newly graduated teacher and had gotten her first teaching job at the elementary school just down the road. My mother and father had been approached by the principal to see if they would offer Joan room and board and they had agreed, knowing the little bit of extra money would come in handy.

At eighteen I had graduated high school and was working a part time job to save for college and wasn’t too keen on sharing the upstairs of our old house with someone, having had it all to myself for quite awhile. The big bedroom that I used as my music room was to be Anna’s bedroom, so I had to move my stuff out to a common area between my bedroom and hers. I was still grumbling about it the day Joan arrived.

Joan came from a small town in Northern Ontario and her parents drove her down and helped her get settled in.

Now I have to say that I had hoped that at least if I was going to be inconvenienced that Joan could be a hottie, but when she stepped out of the car, I was disappointed to say the least. She was tall and thin, wore little or no makeup and had frizzy hair. She was dressed like my mom, in a Plain Jane dress.

I had been hoping for someone with big tits that I could oogle, but Joan didn’t seem to have much in that department. She did have nice legs of what I could see and maybe a nice ass, but her dress really didn’t do much to show it off.

“Oh well,” I thought, “At least the extra money will help get me to college.”

The first week Joan was there she was busy going back and forth to the school to set up her classroom. I was busy enjoying the end of summer with my friends and we really didn’t see much of each other. I had gotten used to having someone else living upstairs with me and really didn’t pay much attention to her comings and goings.

On the rainy Saturday afternoon, I was home alone. My parents had gone to see my aunt who was in hospital in Toronto. They said they would probably be home late and had left some TV dinners for Joan and I. Joan had gone to the school again so I figured I had some time to enjoy myself. I went to my drawer and pulled out one of my men’s magazines that I kept for my amusement. I lay on my bed and got aroused looking at the pictures of the naked women and reading some of the smutty stories. Having pretty much no sexual experience, masturbation was my release. Soon I was lost in my own little fantasy world with my hand on my cock slowly jerking off while enjoying the hot T & A in the magazine. It wasn’t long before my eyes were closed and I was shooting hot spunk onto the towel that I had brought for the occasion.

I guess I had been so engrossed in my pleasure that I had not heard Joan come home. I was startled by a knock on my door and her voice calling, “Mike, are you alright?”

“I’m fine, I’m fine.” I stammered, praying that she didn’t open the door and find me with my cock in hand.

“OK,” she said, “I thought I heard you crying or something.”

“No,” I replied, “I’m fine, I’ll be out in a minute.”

I realized that I must have made a loud groan or something when I came and Joan had heard me.

I quickly cleaned up and tried to compose myself. I stashed the magazine and hiding the towel before opening aksaray escort the door and going out to face her.

Joan was sitting in the old rocking chair in the common area between our two bedrooms, with a book in her hand.

She looked up when I came out of the bedroom and asked, “Are you sure you are OK, you look awfully flushed or something?”

“No, ” I mumbled, “I’m fine, just a bit stuffy in my room is all.”

I saw the little smirk on her face and wondered if she knew what I had been doing? I quickly averted my eyes, which probably confirmed her suspicions.

“You boys are all the same,” she said, “You’re just like my little brother…but don’t worry, I won’t tell your parents.”

“What do you mean,” I protested weakly, knowing I had been caught.

“Look,” she explained, “My brother John plays with himself all the time.

Now at that point I am sure my face must have been beet red cause I had never felt this embarrassed.

“It’s OK Mike,” she said, “It is just normal.”

“What do you mean?” I asked trying to be indignant.

“Oh come on,” she laughed, “I’m not that much older than you and I do have two brothers, so I know all about how they like to masturbate, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. I do it too you know.”

My head was spinning at this point and I couldn’t believe that this young woman was talking to me so casually about jerking off. “You do?” I blurted out without thinking.

Joan smiled and replied, “Of course, everyone does it, it is a normal part of life, and it makes you feel good doesn’t it?”

“Well, uhhh, yes, I guess?” I said in almost a whisper.

“Good,” she said, “and don’t worry, I won’t tell your parents. I never told my parents about my brothers, matter a fact, I used to spy on my older brother Ted when he was doing it.”

I was pretty much speechless at this point, but just having her talking to me about it was making me a bit aroused and I am sure she could tell because of the way the front of my sweat pants were protruding.

“Mike,” she asked, “have you ever messed around with any girls?”

I said nothing for a moment, and then not knowing why, responded, “Well, I have done some kissing and copped a feel or two, but not much else.”

I didn’t know where this conversation was going, or why it was happening, but the whole scenario was making me hot.

“You’re a cute young guy and I am sure the girls at school are all over you, aren’t they?” she asked.

“Well, not really,” I told her, “I’m pretty shy and always screw up when I go on a date.”

“How do you mean?” she asked,

“Well, I just don’t know what to do, or when and feel awkward.” I told her.

“Maybe I can help you get over that awkwardness,” she said with a smile, “would you like my help?”

“Uhhhhh, I guess!” I blurted out.

“This will just be between us,” she said, “our little secret.”

I just nodded and watched as she put her book down, got out of the chair and came over to me.

Before I knew what was happening, I felt her soft lips on mine, giving me a kiss. I responded and put my arms around her and felt her press into me, her small hard little breasts pushing against my chest.

“You kiss nice Mike, such soft lips,” she whispered, “but open your mouth a bit more when you do.”

With that her lips were on mine again and I felt her tongue gently probing. This was so much better that the kisses I had experienced before, I thought, and I let my own topkapı escort tongue play with hers.

“You are a quick learner,” she said, her fingertips lightly caressing my cheek as we kissed again.

I knew that she could feel how aroused I was as my cock was rock hard and she was pressing her body against me.

“Would you like to touch my breasts, Mike?” she asked, taking my one hand and bringing it to her chest.

I could not believe what was happening, but there was no way I was going to not take advantage of this opportunity. I squeezed her firm breast and I could feel her hard nipple through the material of her shirt and bra. It felt so very good and I let my fingertips roll the nipple through the fabric. As I did I heard Joan moan softly.

With my other hand, I awkwardly pulled her blouse from her slacks and finding no resistance, slid it up over her tummy and up under her cotton bra. For the first time in my life I had my hand on a bare breast and it felt amazing. Her breast was so very firm and her nipple was long and hard.

“Oh Mike,” she moaned, “that feels so good.”

Then without warning, she pulled back, and I froze, thinking I had done something wrong. She looked at me with a grin and I watched in amazement as she undid the buttons of her blouse and took it off completely. Then she reached back, and quickly the thin bra followed her blouse to the floor. For the first time in my life I was looking at a bare set of tits and I felt my breath catch in my throat.

“Do you like them Mike?” she asked, “the guys back home always teased me about them being so small.”

“They, they…they are beautiful!” I stammered, not able to take my eyes off the long nipples.

“Kiss them Mike,” she said, “You have such soft lips and I want you to kiss my breasts!”

I hesitated, but only for a moment, because at that moment, I was totally in her spell, and would do anything she asked.

I moved to her, sliding my hands up the side of her body and dipping my head until my lips found one very hard nipple. My mouth engulfed it as I sucked on that gorgeous tip of flesh. My tongue played with the tip and I heard Joan whimpering softly and felt her hand at the back of my head.

She guided me then, moving my lips from one breast to the other, as I happily licked and sucked and caressed them. I was so very aroused that I thought that my cock would poke a hole in my sweats.

“Ohhh Mike,” she moaned, “Yes!”

And then I felt the gentle pressure of Joan’s hand as she guided me lower, my lips caressing her belly, my tongue swirling around her ‘outie’ navel.

As I caressed her soft flesh, she was busy, undoing the button and zip at the side of her slacks and letting them slide down over her narrow hips.

I didn’t know what to expect and leaned back just long enough to see her white cotton panties and the damp spot at the crotch. I looked up at her and our eyes met. She had a very dreamy look in her eyes.

She returned my gaze and whispered, “Would you like to kiss my pussy, Mike?”

“Oh yes, Yes!” I groaned, and having only read about eating pussy in magazines I so wanted to try.

“Come with me.” She said as she kicked her pants free and headed to her bedroom.

I followed her like a puppy dog and watched with my mouth agape and my eyes wide as she lay back on the bed and slowly slipped off her panties and tossed them aside as she spread her legs.

Another first, I thought as I was now staring sarıyer escort at my first real pussy, not just a glossy image in a magazine. I took a step forward, nervous but excited, my eyes on her mound of curly brown pubic hair that was glistening wet along her slit.

“I, I am not sure what to do.” I mumbled awkwardly.

She just smiled and beckoned me closer, whispering, “Don’t worry, I will guide you… slip your hand under my ass and just start kissing me!”

I did as I was told, my hands cupping the smooth flesh of her tight bottom and my lips lightly kissing her mound. I felt Joan’s hands move to her pussy, spreading it for me as she said, “Use your tongue Mike!”

I licked up and down her slit, my nostrils catching the musky scent of her sex. I felt her squirm at my ministrations and soon plunged my tongue deep into the velvet wetness. Her one hand moved to my hair and guided me, moving my tongue upward until I felt her buck as I flicked it against a protruding nub of flesh.

My face was awash with her juices and I kept moving my tongue feeling her fingers tighten in my hair and hearing the loud moans of pleasure that escaped her lips. I must be doing something right, I thought, cause Joan was sure enjoying it, but then, so was I. I would never have thought in a million years that my first sexual experience would be cunnilingus.

I just kept licking her like a kitten lapping up cream, feeling her buck and squirm, and enjoying it when she cried out. I only stopped when she pulled me away and said, “No more!”

I lifted up and looked at her, lying naked on the bed, panting softly as she came down from the high of her orgasm. I was unsure what to do, so I just remained still, letting her revive.

After a bit, she looked into my eyes and said, “You were wonderful Mike and I want to make you feel as good as you have made me.”

She patted the bed beside her and I moved up and lay with her. She leaned over and brought her warm lips to mine as her fingertips brushed across my chest. She made me sit up and pulled my t-shirt up over my head before returning her lips to mine. As she kissed me, her hand explored, tracing over my nipples and then down to my belly.

I tensed as she moved her hand lower and it slipped into the waistband of my sweats.

“Relax,” she breathed, “just enjoy.”

“Holy fuck!” I thought, “I am enjoying!!”

Joan moved around and pulled my sweats off, my cock bobbing free as I had neglected to put on any under pants when I had hurriedly dressed earlier.

Joan smiled as she saw my hard on, the tip glistening with pre cum. She slid her hand up my inner thigh and then wrapped her fingers around my flesh and began to slowly stroke it. I closed my eyes, thinking I must be in heaven.

And then I felt her warm breath, and her wet lips as she took the head of my cock in her hot mouth and slowly rolled her tongue around it. I groaned as I felt her lips begin to move slowly up and down my throbbing shaft. This was something I had fantasized about, my first blowjob. Joan seemed to sense I was near the edge and her lips tightened on my cock and her fingertips began to move up and down. Growls of pleasure came from deep in my chest as my hips raised and I felt the sweet release. Joan kept her lips tight to my cock as she skillfully milked me of my seed. It was so amazing and my body quivered in delight.

She kept me in her mouth until I was completely spent, then slowly let me slip from her lips, giving the head of my cock a quick last kiss.

She propped herself up on her elbow and looked at me as I lay there spent. “Now wasn’t that better than jacking off?”

“Much better!” I exclaimed as we both broke into fits of laughter.


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