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The Sultry Professor

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Chapter I

Sam saw the light turning red as he made a gentle right turn into the driveway of the Conference Center. He found a parking spot halfway down the row, and eased into the spot, taking care not to get too close to the van parked awkwardly in the spot to his right. He shook his head at the careless manner in which the van was parked, and got out. Grabbing his briefcase, he made his way to the entrance, and soon found himself looking into the bright, smiling face of the young girl at the registration desk. He gave his name, and thanked the girl as she smartly handed him his registration package, and directed him to the rooms where the technical sessions had already begun.

Sam saw the rows of partitions in the large open space to his right as he turned the corner, looking for the lecture hall where an important session was being held. These were the poster boards, which were used by researchers to display their technical work. As the vice president of the technology marketing group for his company, he was responsible for keeping abreast of the developments being presented at the conference. Sam always looked forward to these meetings, because he not only could keep track of his competitors, but also got the chance to meet many young people starting out in the technology development business. There were many young faculty members from various universities who presented their work at this meeting, which was funded by various federal programs.

The room he was looking for was at the end of the hallway. As he approached the room, he caught a glimpse of a young woman standing near one of the poster presentations. She was talking to a couple of people, obviously explaining her project. She had a slightly high-pitched voice, not the annoying kind, but with a slight metallic quality. Sam quickly looked at her, and noted with a smile that she had a rather nice figure, which was concealed by her business suit attire. She had her hair in a pony tail, and had full, red lips. She was about medium height, with long, shapely legs.

Sam briefly nodded to her as she looked in his direction, and gave a polite smile. He opened the door to the lecture room, and stepped in, closing the door carefully behind him. The speaker was wrapping up his presentation, and as Sam adjusted to the dark room, someone behind him turned on the lights, just as the speaker concluded his remarks. Sam found a couple of empty chairs in the last row, and sat down in one of them. He listened absent-mindedly to the discussion, as he flipped through the program to see who the next speaker was. He glanced at his watch, and noted that the session was quite on time. He nodded his head in approval.

He looked around, to see if he recognized any of the people in the audience. There were a few of his friends sitting way ahead near the front. As he adjusted himself in his chair, he heard a soft voice behind him.

“Is this chair taken?”

Sam recognized the voice of the woman he had passed earlier in the hallway. He turned and looked at her. She had taken off her jacket, revealing a nice figure. Sam smiled and half arose in his chair.

“No. No one is sitting here. Please sit down.”

The woman thanked him and bent forward to put down her briefcase, giving him a brief view of her cleavage through the open neck of her blouse. She slid into the chair, and turned to him. Offering her hand, she said in a pleasant voice, “Hi. I am Sandra Richards.”

“I am Sam Mahlinger,” Sam replied, “Pleased to meet you.”

Sandra nodded in acknowledgment, and asked, “What do you do, Sam?”

“I am the vice president of marketing for Falconcrest Industries. And you?”

“Oh, I am just a lowly assistant professor at the Silver Springs University in Washington.”

“Why the self-dismissal? Don’t you like teaching?”

“I am sorry, I didn’t mean it that way. You are a big corporate executive, and compared to that I am only a junior faculty member.”

“So what? I am sure what you do is very important.”

“I think so. But it is so hard and so frustrating to convince all the establishment people that university faculty do know something about applied research, and we should be properly funded.”

“Well, that’s interesting. I take it you don’t have a lot of funding.”

“No. I am just starting out. I got some money from the government, and the department helped out a little. But I need more money to prove the concept I am working on, so that I can get more grants. What is your interest in this conference, Sam?”

Before Sam could reply, the session chairman announced the next speaker, and the lights dimmed. Sam said to her in a low voice, “Listen, I am not really interested in this speaker. If you like, we could sit down over coffee and talk about your work. I will tell you why I am here.”

“Sounds great. Let’s go.”

They got up, and quietly left the room. They found a secluded table in the corner of the restaurant that was located on the same floor. Sam ordered two coffees, esc and turned to her. Sandra took off the band that kept her hair in the pony tail and shook her head. Sam watched as her cascading, long, black hair that draped around her shoulders. He saw her breasts jiggle slightly as she shook her head. When he looked at her face, he saw her watching him. She smiled at him, showing a row of bright white teeth. She was beautiful, Sam concluded, almost too beautiful to be a junior faculty member at some nondescript university. She looked quite intelligent, and sure had a very pleasant personality.

“So, what brings you to this conference, Sam?”

“Well, we are in the business of developing and marketing advanced technologies. We have a group of scientists who work on various projects, and develop new things. My job is to do the marketing assessment of what they do, and make sure we are not wasting money on dead-end projects. It is very hard to come by R&D dollars these days, you know.”

“You are telling me,” Sandra replied, smiling. “I was talking to those two Japanese participants earlier when you saw me. They are interested in my work, but don’t want to fund me to do more research. It is so frustrating.”

“Now hold on, Sandra. Tell me what research you are doing. But before that, let me show you what our company is involved in.”

He turned and picked up his briefcase, and pulled out a brochure. He gave it to Sandra, and watched her face as she eagerly looked through it. He saw her eyes light up, as she came to one page.

Sandra looked up at him, and asked, barely trying to conceal her excitement, “I didn’t know you guys do process simulation. That is my area of expertise. I worked on simulation of industrial manufacturing processes for my Ph.D. work. Oh, I am so glad I met you. Do you think your company might be able to give me some money for research.”

“I don’t know. You have to tell me what exactly you do.”

“Okay. Let’s finish this coffee, and go to my poster. I will show you my recent work.”

They went back to her poster, and Sandra launched into a detailed explanation of her research. Sam listened attentively, his eyes focused on her animated face. Occasionally he would glance at her breasts as they moved with her rapid breathing. He realized that this woman was not only quite smart, but was working in a particular area of critical interest for his company. The scientists at Falconcrest were stumped by a peculiar problem in their work, and were unable to figure out why some of their experiments were failing to give reproducible results. He looked carefully at Sandra’s data, and had a feeling that she might be able to help his group.

Sandra stopped talking, and took a deep breath.

“So what do you think?”

Sam smiled, and said, “Very interesting. You are a smart lady, Sandra. Beautiful and smart. A potent combination, one that I admire tremendously.”

Sandra blushed several shades of red. “Thank you, Sam. Do you think you can help me?”

“It’s possible. I have to learn more about your work. I realize this is a brief summary of what you have done. I think we should talk in greater detail. What are you doing for dinner?”

“I have no plans.”

“Then please join me for dinner. Any particular choice?”

“Not really. How about you?”

“I am vegetarian. So I have to be more picky. You don’t mind vegetarian food, do you?”

“Not at all. I could use some healthy food. I have to watch my calories.”

“Oh, don’t worry. They are all going to all the right places,” Sam said, giving her a slow, appreciative glance.

Sandra blushed again.

“Thanks. You are in good shape also. Do you work out?”

“Goodness, no. I hate exercise.”

“Then how do you keep so fit?”

“I do yoga.”


“I religiously do my exercises every morning. It’s the most inexpensive way to keep fit. No fancy, expensive equipment is needed. Just a commitment and a regular schedule.”

“I have wanted to learn yoga for along time. I read some books on it.”

“Forget the books. You can’t learn properly from books. You have to have a good teacher.”

“Well, that’s the problem. I have heard many of these so-called gurus don’t really teach properly.”

“Yes, especially the western teachers who try to make it into a popular exercise and fitness regime. They have badly distorted the tradition and purpose of yoga. The postures are merely one of the eight aspects of yoga. In the west, it has been distorted into a commercial industry, and all the beneficial potencies are lost.”

“How do you know so much about it?”

“Well, Yoga is the ancient tradition of India.”

“I know that. Are you Indian? Your name is not.”

“Well, I modified it slightly for the poor Americans who can’t pronounce my real name.”

“What is your real name, Sam?”

“Shyam Mahalingam.”

“That is hard to pronounce.”

“No, it is not. It is very phonetic. It’s not all that difficult. But most Americans escorts I have met are simply too lazy to try.”

“Ooops! Now I have to prove to you that I am not one of them. Which means I have to try and say your real name correctly.”

Sam laughed. “It’s all right. I have gotten used to the American name. It’s not all that different anyway. That is why I chose it.”

Sandra laughed, and said, “Thanks for letting me off the hook, Sam. So anyway, what were we talking about? Yes, yoga. How am I going to find an authentic teacher?”

“I admit it is not easy, but not impossible. I could give you some names and phone numbers of authentic Indian teachers, who are faithful to the ancient traditions.”

“Great. So what’s next?”

Sam looked at his watch. It was already 5 p.m.

“Where are you staying?”

“At the Marriott. And you?”

“Don’t know. I just drove in this afternoon.”

“Then why don’t you try the Marriott? I don’t think they are full. That way, we can spend more time discussing my work.”

“Okay. If you are done here, let’s go. I need to shower and change. Then we can find a nice place to eat. Do you have a car?”

“No. Our project travel budget is limited. I rode with some other people this morning.”

“Then come on. I have a car. You can navigate and tell me about yourself.”

They left the conference hall, and walked out to the parking lot. Sandra directed him to the hotel that was about five miles from the conference place. After he had checked in, he grabbed his bags from the car, and joined her at the elevator.

“Which floor are you on?” Sandra asked him.

“Seventh. Room 718. How about you?”

“Room 720. We have adjacent rooms.”

“Is that good or bad?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you might not want to be that close to me.”

“Why? Are you planning to seduce me?”

“The thought has crossed my mind,” Sam said, laughing.

“Oh, really?” Sandra looked squarely at him. “I take it as a compliment.”

“It is intended to be. You are quite a gal, Sandra.”

“Just to warn you, I am married.”

“That figures. Gorgeous women like you are always tied up with someone else. Well, here we are. Give me about 30 minutes. I’ll knock on your door when I am ready.”


Sandra fiddled with her room key, as Sam walked past her to the next room, which was separated from her room by a janitor’s closet. She watched his back, thinking about his mildly flirtatious comments. She waved to him as he opened his door and stepped in. Sandra closed the door of her room behind her and kicked off her shoes. She was mildly excited by the possibility that Sam’s company might be able to give her some research money. She wanted to make sure that she kept his interest in her at a high level. She had not detected any overtly amorous moves or intentions from him, and she felt confident that his interest was purely professional. She took off her jacket and blouse, and unzipped her skirt. She stepped out of it, and walked into the bathroom in her undergarments. She looked in the mirror at her figure, and smiled. She knew Sam had been looking at her breasts, which were quite firm and full. She removed her bra and started rolling off her panty hose, watching herself in the mirror as her breasts jiggled with her movements. She found her nipples hardening as she stripped. She ran her palms over them, gently squeezing her flesh, and pressing her hands over her flat belly. She looked at the dark bush at the juncture of her long, shapely legs, and fanned the hair with her fingers. With a deep sigh, she turned to start the shower, and stepped in.

As the water from the shower hit her face and neck, she stepped back, letting the water flow over her shoulders and breasts. Her nipples hardened further as the sharp jets impinged on them. Stepping back even further, she allowed the jets to hit her pubic mound, reaching for the bar of soap. She soaped herself vigorously, unconsciously rubbing the bar between her legs. A thick lather formed in her hands, and she scrubbed herself thoroughly between the legs. The warmth of the water, and the massage from her hand caused an immediate reaction from her body. Sandra moaned softly as she felt her excitement rising and her hands started rubbing the soft and sensitive flesh between the legs with increased urgency. In a few minutes, she was on the brink of orgasm, and she cried out when a sharp shudder shook her whole body from head to toe. She could feel the contractions as she slowly slid down into the tub, moaning with pleasure, and rubbing her inflamed flesh. She could feel the slippery fluid on her fingers. She brought them to her nose. The unmistakable smell of her aroused passion made her shudder once more. She stayed in the crouching position for several minutes, tightly clutching her hand between her legs. Finally she got up slowly, and rinsed herself off.

Stepping out of the shower, she pulled off a towel to dry herself.

“Wow! That was something,” eskort she thought to herself, wondering why she suddenly felt so horny during the shower. She walked out of the bathroom, scrubbing her wet hair, and opened her suitcase to pick the clothes for the evening.

“I don’t know what you have in mind, Sam,” she said to herself, “but somehow I have a feeling that we’ll end up in bed before this conference is over.” She realized that she liked Sam, and was somewhat attracted to him. She thought of Ken, her husband, and wondered what he might say if she told him about her orgasm in the shower. She knew he would be turned on. Smiling, she pulled out a dress that barely reached her knees, and took out a black slip to wear under it. The dress was dark green, with built-in supports for the breasts, and was open at the shoulders. Sandra realized that the dress would invite even more attention from Sam who had not bothered to conceal his attraction to her charms earlier, even with her conservative business suit.

She recalled a momentous evening several months ago, when she and Ken had been invited to his boss’ home for a party. Ken’s boss had taken an immediate liking to her, and had openly flirted with her. Ken seemed not to mind, and later as they were driving home, he had confessed that he had been terribly turned on by the whole thing. They had made furious love that night, and Ken had confessed to her that he was open to such intimate relationships outside of their marriage, as long as they told each other about it.

She sat down to apply makeup to her face, taking extra care to liberally apply perfume to her breasts, armpits and crotch. She applied the soft, talcum powder to her cleavage, and inner thighs, and selected a deep red shade of lipstick for her lips. She took out the peal necklace to wear over her emerald-green dress. Satisfied, she stood up and looked at her naked body in the full-length mirror. She pinched her erect nipples, and sighed. Touching herself between the legs, she pleasantly discovered that she was wet. She knew this evening was going to be momentous. Then, turning to the clothes she had picked out, she began dressing. Pulling the slip over her head, Sandra wondered if she might let Sam flirt with her. She pulled on her panty, and slipped the dress over her head, reaching behind her back to button it. She watched her breasts thrust forward as she fumbled with the buttons in her back, and smiled with satisfaction that her ample cleavage was readily visible. She felt horny in that moment, and decided that she would not discourage any moves from Sam if he felt so inclined.

In his room, Sam was thinking about the young professor. He knew she had a terrific body, even though her format attire did a decent job of hiding her attributes. He had an eye for such things. He had also detected a mild response from her to his suggestive remarks. As he scrubbed himself vigorously in the shower, he found himself getting hard. He looked down at his throbbing organ, and smiled.

“Well, buddy. Let’s see if you will have any luck tonight,” he said to his arousal, and gently squeezed the shaft in his hands.

He closed his eyes as the pleasing sensations ran up his spine. He continued to squeeze the shaft with one hand, playing with the glistening, purple tip with the fingers of his other hand. He traced the sensitive ridge around the head, almost scrubbing it as if to wash the bulbous tip. His organ twitched sharply upward as the pleasure in his loins caused a stirring in his sacs. He did not want to spend himself, and so reluctantly he let go, patting his organ as it slowly subsided. Getting out of the shower, he dried himself, and walked out of the bathroom.

He combed his hair, and sprayed his favorite cologne on his body, taking particular care to spray his chest, belly and crotch. He winced when some of the cologne splashed on his organ, causing a stinging sensation. He pulled on his jockey underwear and adjusted his crotch. He liked this particular brand of underwear, as it afforded a very quick and easy access to his manhood through the horizontal panel in the front instead of the standard vertical panel. Many a time he had found his organ slipping out from this panel when he was aroused, often causing an embarrassing bulge in the pants as the tip of the penis broke free of the confinement. But he still liked this brand, since it kept him in a state of semi-arousal because of the friction on the tip caused by the design of the overlapping panels.

Sam took a final look in the mirror as he finished dressing, and slipped his feet into the loafers. Grabbing his wallet and room key, he stepped out, and walked the few steps to Sandra’s room. He knocked gently. Sandra called out that she was almost ready. He nodded to himself, as he turned and started walking down the hallway. He heard the door open, and turned around.

“I’m almost done, Sam. Would you like to come in?”

Sam raised his eyebrows, and said to himself, “Well, well, well. This is beginning to look promising.”

Loudly, he said, “Sure, if you are okay with it.”

“Yes, I am. I am well covered. Come in. I just have to finish the makeup. You know how it is.”

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