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The Smithton Tapes Pt. 03

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Christina watched as Brian stepped forward and opened her car door, the cameraman following right over his shoulder.

“Christina!” Brian exclaimed, extending his hand to help her out of the car, “welcome to the house!”

Christina stepped out into the warm sun, holding Brian’s hand. She was a little off-put by the camera.

“Ah, and Christina, you look so beautiful today! Like a real Smithton Girl!” Brian continued.

“Aww, thanks” Christina replied with a nervous smile.

“Alright, let’s get in the house and get things rolling!”

Brian led the way, climbing the front steps and opening the front door. The cameraman, however, stayed with Christina, getting a clear shot of her face as she approached the front steps. She smiled and did a flirtatious wave. As soon as she mounted the steps, the cameraman ducked behind her, and using a steadycam, dropped behind and beneath her, capturing her ass as she mounted the stairs.

Once inside, Christina found Brian waiting for her. The cameraman returned to Brian, this time standing at his side.

“Alright, Christina” Brian began, “before we get you ready, I want you to meet everyone you’re going to work with today. Well, you know me, right? And this is Sam, one of our wonderful cameramen.” Brian gestured towards the camera, and Sam the cameraman waved his hand in front of the camera saying “Hello!”

“Now, if you follow me…” Brian said, leading the trio through the main hall and into the kitchen. Finding a group of men huddled around a bank of video monitors, Brian introduced them: “Here’s Eric, Jimmy, and Kevin. The sound guy, the lighting guy, and the second cameraman, respectively.”

The three of them nod respectfully, sending winks and raised eyebrows in Christina’s direction. Coming into the room is yet another man, this one with a camera bag slung over his shoulders. “And here is Cameron, the best photographer in the business!” Anadolu Yakası Escort Cameron smiled and waved to the camera, whispering a “Hi” to Christina.

“And now we head upstairs…” Brian narrated, leading the camera and Christina back towards the main entrance and the staircase. The trio ascended the stairs, turning left and arriving outside a bedroom. Brian rapped on the door and it soon opened. Standing in the doorway was a brunette woman in her forties wearing jeans and a black tank top.

“And here we have Julia, who will run the hair, makeup, and costume. You’re in good hands.”

Julia greeted Christina with a little smile. Inside the room was a large mirror with a chair in front of it. Makeup and hair products piled up on the counter. Racks and racks of clothes filled the remainder of the room. Along the walls were framed photos, each with a naked woman in the center and a group of clothed men (and the occasional woman) smiling. Christina couldn’t read the small plate on each photo, but assumed they were Smithton Girls of the past.

“Come, come, have a seat here” Julia said, motioning for Christina to sit down in the chair.

Once she had taken a seat, Brian excused himself: “Alright, I’ll let Julia get you ready and I’ll see you back downstairs!”

With that, Brian exited the room, closing the door behind him. But Christina noticed several GoPros set up around the room, all with red lights blinking. Brian was serious about everything being recorded.

“Okay my dear” Julia said, standing behind Christina, looking her over, “I bring out the beautiful woman in every girl that sits in my chair. What I can tell is that you’re a serious girl. Slutty clothes isn’t your style. Something business casual is more your look; not over the top, but smart looking.

“For you, I think the reveal is going to be a big factor. Smart looking girl sheds the chrysalis and becomes Bostancı Escort a sexual beauty. So let’s do this…” she trailed off as she headed into the racks, rummaging through clothes. She returned with a black skirt, a white blouse and a thin grey cardigan.

“And then…” she said to herself as she headed back to the racks and coming back with a pair of black pumps. “And to finish…” she muttered again before returning with an elegant set of lacy black lingerie; bra, panties, garter belt, and stockings.

“What do you think, hon?”

Christina paused for a moment. The outerwear was similar to what she’d wear while interning or a day with a campus function. But the lingerie was something else. She had a few pairs of frilly underwear, but she’d never worn anything like what was laid out in front of her.

“Now, I know they want to do a photoshoot, so here are a few different outfits” Julia continued, placing a collection of clothes on the counter. There were several bikinis, sweatpants, Smithton College t-shirts, jeans, and sweaters. It looked to Christina like they were going for the casual, “capture a girl as she is” idea for the photos.

Julia then brought a bin and held it next to Christina, saying: “Go ahead and place your things in here.” Christina put her purse and some items from her pockets in the bin.

“Now your clothes, dear. Need you naked to get started.”

Christina took a short breath, then lifted her shirt over her head, tossing it in the bin. She unhooked her bra, also placing it in the bin. She stood up and wriggled out of her jeans and panties, leaving her totally naked.

After Christina resumed her seat in the chair, Julia set to work. She primped, she combed, she curled, she dusted for longer than anyone had worked on Christina before. Eventually, Christina had to remove her glasses, so she wasn’t sure what she would look like. Once Julia had Ümraniye Escort finished, Christina put her glasses back on and was stunned by what she saw; never had she been so beautiful. Her hair had slight curls, her cheeks a touch of blush, her eyelashes perfect, eyeliner immaculate.

Christina stared at her self for a moment before Julia prompted her to get dressed. Christina then slipped into the lingerie, stopping again to look at herself. She looked stunning, more gorgeous than she ever had before. She looked like the women on the porn sites she had watched for class. Then she donned the clothes that went over them; the skirt, blouse, and cardigan combo; made her look prim, professional. But she knew what lay underneath.

“Come with me, dear, we’ll head down to the kitchen and meet up with the rest of the crew.”

Julia then gathered up the remainder of the clothes for the shoot and a makeup bag. She opened the door, beckoning Christina to follow. Christina slipped on her heels and began to follow, the heels making a distinct clicking sound in the hallway. Julia descended the stairs with Christina following. As soon as they turned the corner, Brian was walking towards them with Sam following with the camera.

“Christina! You look wonderful!” Brian exclaimed. He stepped to the side to allow Sam to get an unobstructed shot of Christina. “Julia is a wizard, isn’t she?” Brian said.

“Oh yeah, it’s unlike anything I’ve had before” Christina answered.

“Perfect, perfect” Brian said, walking back towards the kitchen now. “Okay, now before we take any photos, I want to get an interview…”

He began walking into the connecting den, where there were two armchairs set up facing each other, a camera over each shoulder. Lights had been set up in the room and one of the monitors was now positioned off camera, showing the feeds from the two cameras.

“Please have a seat” Brian said, motioning to a chair. Christina sat down as Brian sat in the chair opposite her. “We want to get to know you a little better. Ready?”

Christina paused, closed her eyes, took a deep breath, exhaled, and said: “Yes.”

“Okay”, Brian responded, “going in 3, 2, 1.. action.”

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