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The Sleep Over Pt. 01

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The Sleep Over.

This is a continuation to the Woodland Wank story I wrote a while back about four high school friends, myself Tom, Grant, Paul and Tony. We are all 18 years of age. This is set a few years ago before internet and smart phone porn was available.

A few days had passed since that bike ride in the woods that led to us all wanking over a porn mag. I was replaying it in my mind a lot. I was surprised at how turned on I was, and how when I was wanking at night i was picturing that scene in my mind. Seeing the other lads with their hard cocks in hand, wanking and then shooting their spunk really got me horny.

I was puzzled as I had never thought of guys in a sexual way, and yet here I was replaying the scene in my mind over and over. I decided that it was just an excess of teenage hormones floating around, and the fact that it was the first time that I had done anything like that and I reckoned the other lads were probably thinking the same. We were all fairly good looking, fit young men just releasing some pent up frustration. However, I was looking forward to the weekend sleepover and excited at whatever events may unfold.

We all met at Tonys’ place around midday, and as it was summer and good weather, we decided to have a few hours at the beach. We changed into our swimming shorts and then cycled the couple of miles to the beach, locked our bikes up and headed onto the soft shingled beach. It wasn’t overly busy so there was lots of space.

We plonked down close to the water, laid out our towels and took off our t-shirts leaving us all in our shorts. We had done this many times but somehow it seemed a bit different today. I began to look at the other lads a bit differently, knowing what they had inside their shorts after seeing them wank in the woods.

Grant was the tallest of us, around 6ft 2 and had the best body, having played rugby for the school team. He had short dark hair, a little bit of facial stubble, broad shoulders, and defined pecs that were dusted with a coating of chest hair. He had quite a hairy naval that ran down in to his pubes, and thick hairy thighs and legs. Tony and Paul were around 6ft, both with medium brown hair, athletic bodies as both played football, both were smooth chested but had a treasure trail from their navals into their pubes and quite hairy legs. I am 5ft 10, quite toned and lean (although not skinny) with dark blond hair and not much visible body hair (apart from under my arms).

After half an hour or so of lying in the sun, we headed into the water to cool down. It was quite cold in contrast to the hot sun, but not freezing. There was a lot of splashing of each other until we were all wet and submerged. We had small ball that we then threw to each other. I was quite glad that we were in waist deep water as the sight of my friends topless, bodies glistening with water in the sunshine was beginning to get me aroused and I could feel my cock stiffen in my shorts.

Watching Grant jump up and stretch to catch the ball was a lovely sight. His thick bushy armpit hair on display, his abs showing and a bulge in his wet shorts. I was a bit too transfixed as i didn’t notice that he had caught the ball and had thrown it in my direction until it hit me on the forehead.

This produced raucous laughter from all the others. I tried to cover myself by saying that I was blinded by the sun. Grant said “more like you were blinded by my god like body,” and did a big flex of his biceps to which we all laughed and said “yeah yeah you poser!” This then led to a bit of show posing from the others who didn’t want to be outdone and then a bit more physical horseplay, with Grant rugby tackling us,which led us all to then set upon one another, jumping at each other and trying to push each other over and under water.

There was a lot of skin on skin contact even though it was rough. We then had a piggy back fight. I was paired with Grant and Paul was with Tony. I stood behind Grant as he bent forward a bit and I jumped up on his back. He swung his arms back to catch and hold me, his hands on my butt cheeks, my arms around his neck and legs around his waist. He jiggled me up and down a bit to get me in a comfortable position, my chest rubbing against his back, his hands gripping my bum. I was worried that I would get a hardon as there would be no hiding it and I am sure Grant must have felt my soft cock against his back.

We launched forwards towards Paul and Tony. Tony was on Pauls back and we grappled with each other trying to pull each other off the others back or push them under the water. There was a lot of grunting, pushing and pulling but eventually Grant and I managed to get the better of Paul and Tony, causing them to fall over in the water, which led to Grant stumbling and we fell on top of them. We all surfaced, laughing, and the pushing and ducking continued. Paul grabbed my leg and pulled me down, then I felt hands on my waist band and someone trying to pull my shorts down. I managed to wriggle free and saw Grant trying to pull Pauls shorts down, and istanbul travesti Tony trying the same on Grant. There was a lot of grunting and swearing and some bum flesh was briefly exposed. After a little while we were all exhausted and a bit out of breath so decided to leave the water and have a rest and lay down and sunbathe.

We were still a bit out of breath and laughing and as I lay next to Grant, I could see his abs rising and falling with his breaths and laughs. He was lying on his back, hands clasped behind his back, with his thick bushy armpits on display, his nipples perky from the cold water. I could feel a stirring again in my shorts so rolled over onto my front to save me from any embarrassment. Again I was wondering what was going on and why I was getting so aroused. Was I attracted to my friends, or was it just the sun and raging hormones? I did happen to think that Grant was good looking, but I had never thought of fancying him or any guy before.

We all dozed for a while until i heard someone ask what the time was.

“Just gone 5pm,” Paul said.

“Later than I thought it was,” replied Tony.”Shall we pack up and head back to my house?”

We all agreed and got up, putting our towels in our rucksacks. As it was still warm we didn’t bother putting our t-shirts on and cycled back to Tonys shirtless. It didn’t take long to get to Tonys house and we went down the side driveway and put our bikes in the back garden. Tonys dad, Mr Johnstone (Steve) was in the garden, watering the grass and plants with a hosepipe. He was shirtless and was wearing a pair of old denim shorts.

“Hi Dad,” said Tony.

“Hi Mr Johnstone,” the rest of said.

“Hi Tony, boys,” he replied. “Have a good afternoon at the beach?”

“Yeah!” we all said.

“You all look hot,” he continued, which was true as a combination of the sun and the cycle home had made us a bit sweaty.

“Need cooling down?” he grinned and turned the hosepipe on us. We shrieked and yelled as the cold water hit us and ran around the garden trying to keep out of the way of the cold stream of water.

“Dad, stop it!” shouted Tony. “We’re getting soaked!”

“You big baby,” chuckled Mr Johnstone. “You needed a shower anyway,” he added.

That was true after being in the sea and sweating on the cycle to Tonys but I think we would all have preferred a proper shower with warm water.

Tony glanced at us all and yelled “Get him!” and ran towards his Dad and tried to grab the hose.

“Come on, help me!” he shouted and we all ran towards Tony and Mr Johnstone and tried to prise the hose out of his hands.

We all bundled in, grabbing and pushing and getting totally soaked, our bodies slipping off each other. Mr Johnstone was really quite strong and he managed to hold on to the hose despite 4 lads attacking him. We ended up falling to the ground and rolling around, arms and legs everywhere until Mr Johnstone yelled sternly “enough now!” and we all stopped the struggle.

He somehow still had control of the hosepipe and gave us all one last soaking before setting it down facing away from us and turning it off. I’d never really paid much attention to Mr Johnstone before, he was just Tonys Dad, but seeing him today with his shirt off, i saw him in a different light. He was in his early forties and had a good muscular physique, dark hair with a few hints of grey, heavy stubble, hairy chest and legs.

He played recreational football and also worked out with weights which were in the garage (we had occasionally used them before). As he was quite wet too, his chest hair was slick to his skin, his big nipples poking out and a trail of hair from his chest down the centre of his torso to his naval heading down into his shorts. I noticed that he had quite a bulge in his shorts too. I quickly snapped out of it when Tony started moaning about being wet and we all untangled ourselves and sat on the grass.

We towelled ourselves down and as it was still hot and sunny, our shorts soon dried out (being made of thin material). Mr Johnstone had headed indoors as his denim shorts were wet and would take longer to dry, He came back out later in a pair of thin football shorts and hung his denim shorts in the sun to dry. The shorts clung to his arse which looked very firm and muscular and also showed off the outline of what looked like an impressive sized cock. He was really quite cool despite being Tonys Dad and at times seemed like an older big brother. There was no Mrs Johnstone, they had divorced many years ago and he brought Tony up alone.

“Pizza alright for you lads?” he asked.

“Yeah that would be great,” we all replied.

Mr Johnstone went inside to sort out the pizzas and we all stayed out in the sun. Grant asked Tony if he still had the porn mag and if he had managed to get any more from his Dads stash.

“Yeah I still got it and I swiped a couple of others too!” Tony answered.

“Great,” said Grant. “I’m looking forward to looking at the new ones and shooting a load or two!”.

We all looked istanbul travestileri at each other and smirked. The pizzas didn’t take long in the oven and soon we were all indoors filling ourselves up. We all helped to clear up as Mr Johnstone sat at the table with a can of beer.

“I put the airbed in your room Tony so you don’t all have to sleep on the floor,” he said.

“Thanks Dad, thanks Mr Johnstone,” we all said.

Tony said to his Dad that we were going to go up to his room and play cards and stuff for the evening.

“Ok boys, just don’t go making too much noise, and get some sleep too! Don’t be chatting or mucking about all night!” replied Mr Johnstone.

“Yes Dad,” sighed Tony.

“See you tomorrow boys,” he called as we followed Tony out of the kitchen.

Their house was a bungalow with a loft conversion which was where Tonys room was. It was a big room and accessed by a steep wide ladder (not a proper staircase) and had a hatch that could be closed for privacy. Tony had a double bed and there was a double airbed on the floor. He also had a small pool table in his room, which we often used when we were round.

“What do you think your Dad meant about not mucking about all night?” asked Paul.

“Do you think he knows you got some of his mags?” he continued.

“Dont know,” answered Tony.

“I mean he must know that you wank, do you reckon he wanks alot, after all, he’s got all those mags?” continued Paul.

“Hmmm probably but I’d rather not think about that!” replied Tony. We all laughed a bit and then I suddenly pictured Mr Johnstone wanking his (what I assume from the bulge) big cock.

“Do you fancy my Dad or something?” Tony said to Paul with a grin.

“Fuck off!” replied Paul. “I was just wondering that’s all, what with him being old. What age you reckon you stop wanking and stuff?” he went on.

“Oh shut up you idiot,” said Grant and we all laughed.

“Shall we play a few games of pool?” Paul said quickly changing the subject.

“Yeah we could have a few games before bed,” said Grant.

“I’m going get these shorts off,” said Tony.

He quickly pulled his shorts down, stepped out of them with one leg and then with the other foot,he flicked them across the room. He then put on his boxers.

“Thats better!” he exclaimed.

“Think I’ll do the same,” said Grant and we all removed our shorts and put on our boxers.

We played a few games of pool in a knockout style tournament. Tony and Paul won the most games so they played the final. There was plenty of bragging from the pair of them as they beat me and Grant a few references were made to the pool cue and their dicks. I had never noticed their arses before but watching them bend over to get down on a shot I had a clear view of their fit pert butt cheeks. I felt that familiar stirring in my groin and as I was only in boxers I quickly tried thinking of something else so my dick wouldn’t go rock solid.

Grant nudged me and said “fancy wrestling while they play their games?”

“Wrestle?” I said quizzically.

“Yeah, why not, it’ll be a laugh.”

“Well we could,” I said nervously, “but it’s hardly fair, you’re much bigger than me, I wouldn’t stand a chance!”

“I’ll go easy on you!” winked Grant.

“Hmmm I’m not sure,” I said.

“Go on Tom” he said with a cute puppy dog look his eyes.

“Oh go on then,” I replied.

Grant grabbed me by the arm and dragged me across the room the where the air bed mattress was.

“So how do we do it then?” I asked.

“Well we can either start standing up or we can be kneeling and then we each just try and wrestle the other to the ground,” explained Grant. “And if we stay on the air bed you, I mean we, wont get hurt,” he smirked.

“I’ll never be able to get you on the ground!” I moaned.

“Try!” he said.

So we stood there facing off circling each other looking intently at each other. I moved towards Grant quickly and grabbed him around the shoulders and tried to turn him, but he just pushed me down on to the mattress. I got back up and rugby tackled him around the waist and tried to drag him down, but he stood his ground, his thick thighs tensing and planting him firmly to the spot.

My head was on the side of his hip, my arms around his waist and i could feel his bulge against my shoulder.

“Oh god,” I thought. I was really pushing and struggling as much as I could, making little grunting and sighing noises but getting nowhere. Grant leant over me and put his hands under my belly and lifted me up off me feet, my head pointing to the ground and my feet facing the ceiling. He lowered me into a more horizontal position, then let me fall onto the mattress. I was puffing a bit and just lay there looking up at Grant as he stared down at me laughing.

“I give up,” I said.

“Oh come on, try again,” he said. “I’ll give you a chance and start on my knees this time.”

I got up and he dropped to his knees. I quickly moved behind him, grabbed him in a bear hug and tried to pull him travesti istanbul down. I could feel all the muscles in his back and how firm and solid he felt. I wasn’t very successful in moving Grant as with him being on his knees, he was more of a solid object than before. All that seemed to happen was me huffing and puffing and getting more and more frustrated.

Grant grabbed my arms and easily pulled them apart, lifting one arm up and behind him and somehow he had got me in a head lock. I was struggling for breath and now my face was being pressed into his hairy armpit! There was a musky manly odour which I inhaled deeply. I let out a bit of a groan and temporarily stopped struggling as I savoured the smell. Grant took the opportunity to twist his body round and pull me round and flung me on my back. He quickly pounced and straddled me and pinned me to the mattress, pushing my shoulders down. “1, 2, 3,” he counted and then slapped the mattress next to my head and exclaimed “and the winner is,” in a corny American style accent.

Although he had declared himself the winner, he didn’t move and remained straddled over me, sitting on my belly which made it a bit hard to breathe due to his weight, his knees up by my shoulders looking down at me. He was breathing a bit hard and his chest moved in and out with every deep breath. I was also now aware that his crotch was quite close to my face now, and from this angle the bulge in his boxers looked even bigger. I could feel his encased balls on my chest and the warmth radiating from them.

“Get off me then,” I said.

“Make me!” he scoffed.

I tried to struggle and wriggled underneath him but it was pretty useless. He leaned closer to me smiling and looked deep into my eyes. For one moment I thought he was going to kiss me. My stomach had butterflies. He held the gaze for a minute or so not saying anything, and then with one of his hands he ruffled my hair. I tried to swat him away with my hands but he just pushed my arms aside.

He then started to poke me in the side of my ribs with his fingers which I absolutely hate and really tried my hardest to get free, pushing and bucking my hips up to no avail. I realised I was beginning to get aroused by all this and was worried that my hard cock would form a visible tent in my underwear. This assault went on for a couple of minutes until I was at a point when I couldn’t take any more. I then heard a shout of “bundle!” and Paul and Tony suddenly jumped onto the mattress and wrestled Grant and tried pushing him off me.

He tried to resist and raised up off his knees to resist them. I took my chance and tried to wriggle out from underneath him, but he fell forward on top of me and I had a face full of his crotch. As he struggled and tried to get up, he pushed down with his hips and he inadvertently ground his crotch harder into my face. I could feel his big cock on my forehead and his balls were resting just under my nose. I couldn’t help but inhale all his scent, even though there was a layer of fabric between his balls and my face. My senses were in overload and had the effect that made my cock rock hard, but it also felt like Grants cock wasn’t entirely soft.

Eventually I was free from underneath Grant and watched the three of them wrestling each other, all rolling on top of each other. Paul and Tony had managed to pin Grant down and they called me over to get my own back and tickle him. I poked and prodded his sides and watched him squirm and squiggle, legs thrashing and a mixture of laughter and aggression.

I lost my balance and put my hand out to steady myself, but I accidently put my hand on his crotch. I could feel he was semi hard. I moved my hand away quickly. Soon we were all exhausted and collapsed in a heap, out of breath and a bit sweaty. Our chests had a light sheen to them and I noticed the pit hair of the other lads looked a bit damp.

After a while Tony got up and went to his wardrobe. He rummaged around at the bottom and got a big box out. There were a couple of pairs of trainers in the box, an old sweater and then he produced a couple of mags.

“Got enough energy to look at these,” he said.

“Oh yeah!” replied Grant excitedly.

“Is that the same one we looked at last time?” enquired Paul.

“Yeah, I got that one and a couple of others,” which he held up. “The pages aren’t stuck together in these!” he laughed.

We were all sat on the airbed as Tony came back. He had a bit of a tent in his boxers, as did all of us.

He looked at my crotch and said “someone’s excited already”. My cock was still at full mast.

“Yeah I said”.

“Lets have a look at one of the mags then,” said Grant.

Tony got one and opened it up. We were sitting around in a circle so he placed it in the middle. It was upside down to Grant who was opposite Tony but was turned around so we could all look equally. It was quite a similar mag to the one we looked at before, girls with big tits displaying their pussies. As we flicked through the mag, there was a picture of a man with a woman. Like in the other mag, he had a big cock and I found myself looking at that more than the women. The other lads were making reference to how they would fuck each of the models in the mag and by the tents in their boxers they were getting more and more turned on.

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