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The Sex Story

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His eyes were bright and filled with love as he looked into his love’s eyes. She brushed the sweat that was slowly moving its way down his forehead to the tips of his eyebrows.

“Have I tired you out yet?” she asks her love.

“No, not quite yet.” He replies.

The orangey light of sun down glistens across their naked bodies, drenched with sweat made through the passion that was flowing through their bodies. He gazed into her eyes and slowly rolled off of her to her right side. His hands started moving slowly from being entangled in her hair to slowly caressing her naked body. His lips kiss her lips and slowly move towards her right ear as he moves off of her.

“God, I love you soo much,” he whispers into her ear.

“I love you too,” she replies, as she breathes heavily, trying to catch her breath that she lost while making love to her.

He continues whispering in her ear, “God, this wasn’t what I imagined it would be.”

“What do you mean? Was it not good? Did I make your first time bad?” she asks desperately, with panic in her voice.

“No! Dear god no. No, that’s not what I mean. I mean, it was so much more. I love you. You’ve made it more then my dreams were. It was so much more. I love you and I love making love to you. You made it good, no great! God, I love you. How can I ever repay you for this experience? I love you, I love you, God, I love you!” He begins to squeal as her hand starts to caress his penis in a slow motion that excites him to the core. “Dear God! Don’t stop please!”

“Hmmm…you mean continue on like this?” she asks as she moves her hand slowly over his penis as he slowly grows.

“OH GOD YES!!” as he screams with joy.

“I’m so glad this is good. I would have hated myself if I made your first time horrible,” she says as she slowly moves her head down to his penis. “God, I love you. I want to feel you. I want to feel you in my mouth now! I want to feel you cum, baby! Mmmmhmmm…God, your penis tastes so sweet.”

Her tongue slowly licks his penis as he arches his back in delight. He moans slowly and begs her not to stop. She pulls her tongue back in her mouth bringing his penis with it. She slowly starts to suck his penis in and out of her mouth. His moans of pleasure slowly start to increase and become louder as she sucks his beautiful penis into her wonderful mouth.

“Oohhhhhh, don’t stop, please. Mmmmmmmm,” he moans.

Slowly, she sucks harder and faster as his penis grows and rises into an exciting erection. She can slowly feel him come to his climax as his moans became closer and closer together as the tension builds as the two wait for him to climax. His body is becoming more and tenser, anticipating for the moment for him to cum. Suddenly he screams in delight as he starts to ejaculate into her mouth. His semen slowly seeps into her mouth as she stops sucking and keeps his penis in her mouth, waiting for his semen, his fluid filled with sperm, to enter into her mouth. Soon, he starts to gasp as his flow comes to a stop.

“Oh god, thank you,” he moans. “Please don’t swallow. I want to taste how my semen tastes in your mouth. Please let them come into mine.” He looks down at her shimmering hair and forehead, the parts of her head that he could see that were still hovering over his penis that was in her mouth.

She shook her head yes and slowly removes her mouth from his penis, making sure not to leak any of his fluid out of her mouth. She then brings her head up to his face. He opens his mouth, excitedly anticipating that she would put her mouth to his and let out the semen that she held in her mouth. With a rush the liquid drops from her mouth into his. When she had transferred all his semen into his mouth, she helps to close his lips with a kiss. She slowly moves her head back so she could watch his reaction as he tastes himself go down his throat to his stomach. He swallows.

“Mhmmm, I feel so good when I’ve cum into your mouth,” he says with pleasure, his eyes looking deep into her. His cute smile that she loves so much was on his face.

“Good, because I love the taste of your cum in my mouth,” she replies with a smile on her face, her eyes sparkling. She has propped herself so that she was halfway on top of him. He moves his hands so that he gently pushes her onto her back to his left as he props himself up on his right so that he was overlooking her.

“Now it’s my turn to repay you for all that you have done and taught me tonight.”

“Uh, no, you don’t have to repay me for anything. I love you and wanted to give you pleasure. Seeing you have pleasure gives me pleasure.”

But as she was saying this, his left hand had already slowly made its way down and was slowly rubbing her vagina. “Umm, too late to say that,” he said with a devilish smile on his face. Soon he had one finger slowly starting to enter her, slowly feeling its way to her clit. He could already feel that just him touching her down there was already getting her wet again. Slowly, he starts to touch her clit with his finger. She starts ankara escort to moan slowly and softly as she starts to feel the pleasure that he is filling her with. He looks up to see that she has laid back and has her head resting against the pillow on the bed. Her eyes are closed but the smile on her face makes him know that he is doing well and not to stop. He starts to kiss her on the neck softly as his hand does all the work. He slowly rubs her clit with one finger around and around in slow circles, making her becomes more wet with every motion. He slowly quickens the pace and can feel her body become tense, anticipating what he is going to do next. He has all power at that moment. He controls her orgasm just like she had controlled his just a few moments before. He then moves the lips her vagina apart so that he can slip one of his fingers in. He then starts to finger fuck her slowly, just with one finger, as his motions starts to become faster. Her moans and groans of pleasure start to come more often and louder as he continues to give her pleasure with his loving hand. He slowly moves his head down her body towards her pussy. When his lips have reached her hairline down there, he removes his hand.

“I’m going down,” he announces happily to her. Her only reply was a happy moan that was followed by a very soft I love you. Her body tenses even more in anticipation for what he was going to do next. Her anticipation made it hard for her to say anymore than that.

He slowly brings his tongue down and into her pussy. His tongue quickly caresses her clit but then soon quickly enters into her body. He wants so badly to feel her in his mouth as she had felt his in her mouth. He was going to try is damnest to make her cum in his mouth so that he could totally feel her in every possible way. He starts to flick his tongue against her clit and then brings her whole pussy into his mouth. He fucks her hard and fast with his tongue. Her moans soon became screams as she quickly comes to climax. He loves every minute of this. She wraps her legs against his upper torso and brings him even deeper into her. Then, she screams as she starts to orgasm. Her orgasm was making her buck and that made him fuck her with his tongue even harder than he had. Soon, she begins to cum as he has his mouth open, with his tongue out, fucking her ever living brains out. He opens his mouth wide so that he can get every single drop of her liquid, of her cum, into his mouth. Soon, her breathing begins to slow as her orgasm starts to slow. He soon has all of her cum in his mouth.

“Let me taste myself in your mouth,” she asks as he had done the same to her.

He slowly kisses her clit as he closes her mouth to seal her cum in his mouth. He slowly brings his mouth up to her open, awaiting mouth. He soon lowers his lips into her mouth and opens them, dropping her cum into her mouth. He then seals her lips with a kiss and moves his head back to observe her reaction, the same thing she had just done to him moments earlier. As she swallows, a smile crept onto her face.

“Mhmmm,” she moans, “I feel so good when I cum into your mouth. Thank you for allowing me to taste me and you at the same time. I love you.”

“It was my pleasure,” he responded with a smile. “Hmmm…I don’t think we are done yet. I still have a lot of energy tonight.”

“Oh? Can I help you get rid of that energy?”

“I think you can. Possibly,” he says with a coy smile.

He lowers his head and slowly moves his head around hers, as he breathes onto her a lovingly breathe. He kisses her forehead and continues to kiss her as he brings his lips to her. A deep passionate kiss was shared and soon their tongues were touching and playing with each other.

“I think I will be having my second experience tonight.”

“Oh, you must because with that kiss there is no way I can stop from doing more. I want to feel your hard dick in me again. I want to feel you cum inside me. I want to feel every inch of you grow and become hard inside of me. I want to make love to you over and over again, as many times as you want tonight. I want to do it anyway you want. If you want the full experience, then I will give it to you then. I just want to please you and make you happy. I love you so much.”

“Oh God baby, I love how you talk to me. I love that my first experience was with you tonight, on our wedding night. That I get to learn from you, and that every time will be with you, from now to eternity. But for now, let’s just stay the way as it was the first time and let me learn more the next time.”

“Okay baby. Your wish is my command,” she said with a loving smile on her face as she kissed his forehead. The love, passion began to fill the room again. All those words had passed in just moments, moments that they were able to rest up and build up more energy for the passion that was about to begin again.

She slowly brings her lips to his and kisses him some more. His lips slowly move to her forehead, and then her ears. He nibbles on her ears before she is able to ankara escort bayan move her lips to his neck and begins to softly kiss him there. There kisses became more frequent and more passionate. He moves his head down to her chest and softly nibbles at her tits. Passionate moans come deep from inside her as he slowly makes her happier with each nibble and kiss. He soon moves his head back even with hers and kisses her lips as his hands slowly move and caress her whole body. Slowly, he moves so that he was on top of her, his legs straddling her like she was a horse. He moves his hands to rest against the bed and then pushes himself up so that he was sitting on top of her, straddling her. He looks down at her while she looks at him. He studies her in the sunset light that was coming in from the cracks in the blinds.

“God, you look so beautiful,” he says as he gazed down her beautiful figure that was lying underneath him.

“Hmm…and so do you. Do you like torturing me by making me wait and wonder what you are going to do next?”

“Um, well, it’s a little fun. But then again, I’m just sitting here, studying your wonderful body, trying to figure out what kind of pleasure I should give you next.”

At this point she brings his body up to his. He was only sitting on her legs so she could bend at the hips. Her head is even with his neck. She looks up into his eyes as he looks down into hers.

“Just kiss me and enter into me so that I can feel every inch of you grow and become hard until you cum in me so that I can feel a part of you in me. Please, stop torturing me by making me wait. Please enter into me and cum in me as you make love to me.”

He slowly starts to kiss her on the lips, the passion flowing from his to hers. The kisses become longer with each kiss. Slowly, but gently, he pushes her back so that she is laying on the bed once again with him on top of her, as they had done earlier in the night. He gazes into her eyes with love that is filling his body. She moves her arms around his back and hugs him closer while kissing his neck. He moans passionately as he feels her kissing and sucking at his neck. She feels that she is exciting him as his penis begins to creep up.

“Come, please come, enter into my body before you become too excited. I want you to become excited while you are in me. Not after you have reached a full erection. I want the erection to come while you are in me.”

And with that, he slowly adjusts his body so that he can put his limp penis into her wet pussy, still wet from when he went down on her. With him now inside of her, her kisses become longer and more passionate. The kisses are mainly on his face. Any place that she can reach him. He kisses her back. With each kiss, the tension in their bodies mounts. He grows inside of her and expands while he becomes harder. She feels every inch of him grow in her tight, little pussy. She smiles with joy as she feels him become harder and grow. Their moans soon become in sync and come frequently. The love is flowing from one into the other. Soon he begins to climax.

“Yes, baby, yes. Come, come, fill me with your little ones!” she moans loudly, “I love you!!”

He moans as his body becomes tenser. He moves himself back and forth, plunging himself deeper and deeper into her. He is trying to get all of himself in her, to fill her body with his. He lets out moans and groans as pleasure fills his body, as more of him dives into her body. He tilts his head back away from her. She can feel that he’s almost ready. Her anticipation for him grows. Soon he lets out a little scream and drops his head towards her with his mouth even with her right ear. She feels him ejaculate into her. His orgasm has come. His sperm leave his body as he orgasm and ejaculates. She feels his body come into her and become one with her. Soon his body starts to relax. His hardness softens a little but he is still very much hard. He still plunges himself deeper and deeper inside of her, trying to get her going since she has finished him. Soon, he feels her back arching. She moves away from his body as she fills with anticipation. She lets out moans and groans continuously. A little yelp followed by a scream is released from her mouth. Her body begins to shake a little as her orgasm fills her being. With his penis still very deep within her, he feels her cervix brush up against his penis which excites him some more. Her cervix goes down and brings up his sperm to bring it even further into her body. The more her cervix touches his penis, the more excited he becomes and the greater her orgasm comes.

Soon, her breathing becomes slow and more stable as her orgasm comes to an end. As she begins to relax, she feels him growing and becoming hard again. She moves her mouth next to his left ear.

“Oooh, someone’s going for a third one tonight,” she whispers to his ear as she kisses it, “I love you baby! Keep going if you want. I can go as long as you can.”

His moans of pleasure answer her. She smiles and continues to kiss him as she feels escort ankara him grow and expand and become hard.

“OH MY GOD!” he screams as he begins to shake. His energy is almost gone as this orgasm washes over him. It is so deep and wonderful that his body shakes with delight until he ejaculates once more and fills her pussy with more sperm.

“Pump as many of those babies in me! I don’t care! Fill my whole soul with them!” she screams in response to his orgasm and ejaculation. She arches back in delight and pleasure as her climax starts to come.

“That’s my plan,” he says in a long soft moan.

Soon her body begins to tense up. His penis rubs against the back of her cervix once, by accident, as he plunges himself once more into her. She lets out a scream of pleasure.


Her moans and groans become louder. She shakes more violently this time as the wonderful g-spot orgasm washes over her body. His penis willing obeys and keeps rubbing the spot of her cervix he originally hit every time he plunges himself deeper into her. She screams and twists with delight. Her cervix plunges harder to bring of more of his sperm into her soul. With every plunge, it hits his penis which makes him scream in delight. The two bodies move and shake and twist in delight, in sync, as passion and love move over one another.

Her orgasm soon slows just like before, but there is a difference. It is slowing faster then before. But her lover, her man, is still hard. They look deep into each other’s eyes. Both know what is about to happen next.

“Hello number four,” they say together.

Soon they both begin to tense. Their bodies heighten with anticipation. Waves of love and passion flow between one another as they passionately kiss each other on the lips. Screams soft at first but then louder, are let out of their mouths. Their backs begin to arch back and away from one another as each of their bodies fill with tension and anticipation of the orgasms that are about to hit them. They both begin to orgasm together. As his sperm hits her cervix, her body begins to shake with the most wonderful orgasm that she has ever felt in her life. They both shake as they simultaneously reach climax and orgasm. They are both fucking the brains out of each other with pleasure. Soon, the plunges of himself into her slow down and her rocking of her body into his body slow in sync to his motions. Their orgasms begin to pass. There breathing is still very heavy as if they have been through a marathon. The shaking that has encompassed their bodies begins to slow and soon they are both relaxed. He becomes soft once again. Slowly, but with tender loving care, he removes his once hard penis from her pussy, but doesn’t get off her. He kisses her face slowly in a circle. In between each circle, thanking her. Thanking her for that night, for being her, for letting his sperm enter into her, for taking his sperm up. Both say I love you’s to each other numerous times, over and over again, as if it cannot be said enough.

Soon, out of pure exhaustion, he moves himself onto his back next to her. The excitement of the night has left him so weak that his legs and arms can no longer support him over her. It was either removing himself from being above her or collapse right on top of her and possibly hurting her. She rolled right so that she could cuddle up and put her head on his chest. A smile crosses both of their faces as they gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes.

“Thank you for this night. Thank you for being my wife. Thank you for loving me.” He says looking deep into her blue eyes, the eyes that he first fell in love with.

“And thank you for being my husband. Thank you for filling me with yourself. For letting your sperm enter into my body. Thank you for making me a mom tonight. Hopefully you did.”

“Hmmm…” He says with a smile on his face, “I get married to the woman I love with all my heart, lose my virginity to my wife, and become a dad in the same night. Is it possible?”

“Well,” she says with a half smile and a touch of sadness in her voice as she looks down and away from his face, “we will just have to wait a few weeks until I can take a test. Who knows what has happened. But a wedding night baby would be nice since I was not as strong as you and gave in and lost my virginity before I met and married you.”

“Shush,” he says as he places a finger across her lips and brings her face back up to his so that he can look deep into those blue eyes once again. “Because you did not wait, it made my experience even better knowing that at least one of us knew what we were doing. I love you for who you are and not because you did not wait. You are strong. You are strong because you did wait to have a child with me and I love you for that. I love you baby!”

And with that, the newlywed couple snuggled and cuddled up under the blankets of their wedding night suite bed. With love and passion still lingering in the room, the lovers fell asleep in each other’s arms. Wondering and dreaming about whether or not that this was the night that they become a married couple, lovers, and parents.

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