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The Ride Pt. 01

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Double Penetration

Cycle City had been advertising their grand opening all over the internet and public transportation for months. There was so much hype around this indoor cycling studio that the fitness enthusiasts both at Sam’s office AND in his building had been counting down the days to the grand opening. To be perfectly frank, Sam couldn’t wait for the damn studio to open because he was tired of hearing all of the hype. While he loved to exercise, he was the guy who plugged into his playlist and went for a hard run in Central Park. He was not a cycler, not an indoor kind of guy and he really didn’t see the appeal.

He was thinking about this as he entered the elevator of his building because the subway he just took to get home from work was plastered with ads about it. His mind was quickly diverted when he saw Maggie in the elevator. Maggie was a gal who lived in his building. They had a ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement and it worked out great because she lived a few floors above him and they only hooked up when they were both around and had nothing else to do. No dating, no strings, no emotional attachment. Just good, hard, hot, fucking amazing sex.

Maggie was beautiful. She was 5’3 with short blonde hair, big green eyes and a smile that lit up a room. She had a rocking body too – tight and firm. She had a high powered job somewhere in the city and traveled a lot. He wasn’t sure exactly what she did, but he knew she was high up and always working long hours. There was a time when he was interested in more than just a fuck friend, but she was too busy for dating and after awhile he just gave up that level of interest. He figured the next best thing to dating her was to screw her brains out when she was available. It worked for him and for her too, apparently.

When Maggie saw him step into the elevator, she smiled. “Hey Sammo? What are you up to?”

“Just getting home from work, Mags, how about you?”

“Me too,” she responded. bayan escort ankara “Long fucking day! Have you seen all the hype about Cycle City? It’s over the top!” She smiled. “Honestly, I’m not a cycler and I might even try it just to see what it’s about.”

She pushed the 12 button for Sam’s floor and the 16 button for hers.

He shrugged “Yeah, it’s all over the place. Indoor stuff really isn’t my thing, but I might give it a shot with the right motivation.” He smiled slyly at her. “Got any plans tonight?”

“Nothing really, just some work. Was thinking about going for a run then getting some take out. Interested?”

“For sure! Meet you in the lobby in 20 minutes?” He smiled as the elevator stopped and he exited to his floor. Looking back, he saw that she was smiling too.

20 minutes later they met as arranged and were ready to run. Only a few blocks from Central Park, they hit 85th street at a steady pace. They made some small talk and then ran side by side in silence. Sam would never admit it to her, but he enjoyed Maggies company. She was adorable, smart and really funny. He loved spending time with her in and out of the bedroom. He especially loved running with her because she had a great set of tits that bounced so nicely with each stride. He was a breast man and she knew it. As they ran, he openly glanced at them as often as possible and each time she caught him looking, she’d shake them just to be a tease. Sam would smile and just think to himself “Fuck, she was hot!”

It was clear that he was more into her than she was into him. Sometimes it felt like she was just using his body – and while he didn’t mind a bit, he didn’t like just being a piece of meat. At that thought, he shook his head. Who the hell had he become? He was the biggest slut in college – and here he was pining for a woman who didn’t want a committed relationship? Seriously??

As they rounded the demetevler escort corner back to their building Maggie said “do you want Greek tonight? I think it’s my turn to pick up – maybe we can get it on the way back?”

“I’m good with that,” he responded – I’ll take the usual – you go order and I’ll pick up a bottle. Meet you at your place in like – 25?

“Perfect!” Maggie got on her tippy toes and kissed him gently on the lips. “Looking forward to it.”

Maggie loved hanging with Sam, he was the coolest guy she’d met in a really long time. He had a great personality and a fabulous smile that started in his gorgeous hazel eyes. He was about 6′ with light blonde hair that he wore all GQ-ish. It was kind of long in the front and very short in the back. They laughed a lot together and had great conversations talking about everything from politics to pop culture, sex and work.

Oh god – and the sex was amazing. Fucking Sam was like going around the world in a rocket ship over and over again. He would do things to her with his tongue that she never experienced before. She loved the feel of him inside of her and the closeness she felt with him afterwards. There was a physical synergy between them that was over the top exciting. Neither had many inhibitions so when they were together it was like anything was possible. Always exciting, always unexpected, always hot. Thinking about it was making her wet.

The thing is, she didn’t feel like they were on the same page. She was not in a place in her life where she felt she could handle a relationship. She traveled all over the world for work and at this point, her job was her priority. She was afraid that if she was in a committed relationship with Sam (or anyone for that matter), she would be sacrificing her career goals. Of course, she wasn’t exactly sure where Sam’s head was in all of this.

Although they talked ankara evi olan escort about a lot of things over the last few months, how they felt about each other was never really part of the conversation. Because of that, she thought that he felt the same way she did. They liked each other very much but didn’t have the time for each other long term. Nights like these were perfect – a good run, a great dinner and an awesome fuck.

?Sam knocked on the door and was not at all surprised to find Maggie totally naked when she answered. He popped the bottle of Pinot on the entry table and leaned over to kiss her deeply. It had been weeks since they’d been together and he missed her mouth, her body, her everything. He kicked the door closed behind him and swung his arm back to lock it.

Still lip-locked, she started pulling his clothes off in a frenzy as they slowly made their way from the living room to the shower in her bedroom. By the time they reached it they were both bare ass naked.

Steam filled the air as the hot water hit their naked bodies. He picked her up and pushed her back against the cold tile. His hands on her ass, he slipped his hardness between her leg. Quickly, forcefully, deeply, he entered her and loved the sound of her moan as he pushed deeper inside of her-making sure that the full length of his cock filled her up. Her legs wrapped around his waist and with each thrust, she pushed him deeper inside of her. She couldn’t get him deep enough.

Her nipples brushed against the hair of his chest and the friction of it made her body tingle. It was like he read her mind because at that moment, he took her right nipple into his mouth and sucked it deeply as if he was trying to drink every drop of milk from her body. She moaned and writhed with pleasure as she exploded around him. As he felt her tighten around him, his cock pushed deeper and he came hard – moaning against her breasts, biting her nipples and pushing deep into her over and over again until there was nothing left for him to pour into her.

“Did you give me all of your cum, baby?” She whispered as she kissed his lips. “Oh yes, babe – it’s all yours…for the moment. I’m sure after we eat, they’ll be more for you.” He responded in a husky voice.

“Yummy, I love dessert,” she smiled.

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