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The Return of Bi-Bitch

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Our kinky life had taken a bit of a seat for a while for J and I as we had both been sick and family had also taken a priority for a time. I felt that it was now time to ramp things up a bit so decided to cook up a little storm for my man.

Now, from reading my past adventures you will know that I have contacts and ways and means to meet our needs and this occasion was not going to be an exception. It was time to get my Bi-bitch out of the closet again and have some fun.

I knew exactly who to call on to aid me in my task. A man who was always submissive to me and would eagerly obey my commands with a “Yes Mistress” no matter how extreme they may be. A few text messages later and it was arranged. He would come over to our house the following week on a day where J would be home with me. J would have no idea what I was planning until it was upon him. I loved days like that. It was always so much fun.

The day began the same as any other. J went off to work on his early shift leaving me in bed. No time to have a lay in though. I had things to do.

After completing my boring chores, it was time to prep for today’s adventure. I put fresh sheets on the bed and covered the duvet with towels (this could be messy, and a girl needs to be prepared!) I then laid a fur blanket over the top as I loved the feeling of it against bare skin. Bed ready it was time to prepare the props for the session.

I had taken delivery of a couple of new toys that I had hidden away from J so it would be a total surprise for him when they came out. No batteries or charge needed so they were good to go once I cleaned them. I also grabbed the toy box from its home along with a couple of other items that I would require.

Time to sort myself out. I ran myself a lovely deep bubble bath and eased myself into it. Enjoying the feeling of the warmth and the hot water, the bubbles caressing my skin. It was kind of sensual and was definitely getting me in the mood for some fun. J needed revving up ready for me also, so I grabbed my phone and took a couple of suggestive pictures of me in the bath and pinged them off to him. A reply came back almost instantly “feeling horny darling are we?”

No text reply was required. A couple of grinning devil emojis answered the question simply fine. He would know that I wanted to play when he got home but just would have a bit of a surprise when he realised what exactly I had in mind.

Anyway, enough of languishing in the bath. I was clean, legs and pussy freshly shaved. Time to get out. Drying myself and rubbing my favourite lotion into my skin, a few sprays of perfume and I was ready to dress.

I had also received a delivery of a new outfit for myself along with the toys. J had absolutely no idea. I loved it! Mistress Clara was also being dusted off and brought out of the closet.

Taking the new outfit of the packaging was a horny event in itself. The sound of the sexy material creaking as I unfolded it along with the smell was enough to get my pussy damp. A sexy shiny new black PVC catsuit with a two way zip, long black PVC gloves to match and my thigh high boots made a perfect dominatrix outfit. Smoky eyes and black eyeliner made the look complete. I felt empowered and knew I looked like I meant business also.

My timing was perfect. I’d no sooner finished zipping up my boots when the doorbell chimed announcing E my sub. Mistress C persona on I answered it. “Hello E. Please come in.” I was never normally this formal with him so he would be able to tell that I was serious today and would know where exactly where he stood with me. No instructions required. He knew me well enough.

“Please go upstairs to the back bedroom. Strip and I will be up shortly with your next instructions.”

“Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress.” My obedient sub replied. And off he went.

I fired off a quick message to J. “I’m horny. Hurry home xx..”

A response was almost instant. “Now leaving work. See you in ten xx.”

Perfect. That gave me just enough time to sort out E.

Almost cat like I climbed the stairs up to where E was waiting patiently for me sat on the edge of the bed. I hadn’t even done anything yet and the man was hard! It would be rude to not let him have a taster of what was to come so I dropped escort çapa to my knees totally breaking character but not caring for a moment as this girl was horny!

I licked my lips and looked up at E suggestively, biting on my bottom lip as I lowered my head down into his lap. I took his hard shaft into my eager mouth. Gently licking it from the bottom to the top, totally hands free, before slamming it back down my throat causing me to gag. This was just a tease for him though, to remind him just how good my blow jobs are. I wasn’t going to give him too much now. He needed to remember that it was me calling the shots. Standing up from him I manoeuvred the zips of my catsuit so a couple of inches of my dripping pussy was exposed to him. E reached out to touch me, but I slapped his fingers away. “Taste my pussy. I want you to see how horny I am.”

Ever the obedient sub who incidentally was partial to my cunt he did as he was bid. The feel of his hot tongue against my warm pussy was incredible. I was totally wound up and hadn’t even got to the main event yet!

Conscious of the time I reluctantly pushed him away. “Lay on the bed please E.” My prep for him wasn’t finished yet.

I grabbed a packet from the bedside table which contained the toys that I had brought. Some restraints, one each for both of the boys. Opening it the delicious smell of leather hit me. CBT used to be my speciality when I played all the time as a mistress. I had skills in doing it and like riding a bike they don’t go away. I gently eased one of the restraints from the packet over E’s balls, pulling it tight and buckling it up. Ever the obedient sub he didn’t say a word as I clipped a leash onto the buckle.

“I’m going to go and greet J as he will be here anytime now. Stay here and I’ll be back soon.” I walked from the room closing the door behind me leaving him lying on the bed.

A cheery “Hi honey. I’m home” announced my man returning from work.

Coming into the lounge and seeing me dressed as full mistress made him stop dead. Dropping his work bag on the floor he reached out to pull me close to him, but I pushed him away. “I want you to go upstairs to our room and get naked for me.”

Not hanging about with an offer of sex on the cards, like any red-blooded male, he hurried away off upstairs. I followed him at more of a sedate pace. Standing at the doorway watching him get undressed. I have to admit it wasn’t everyday he came home to me in a mood like I was in today so the speed he took his clothes off was record breaking.

“Lay on the bed please. Today you are going to be my Bi-bitch again. Do you understand?” I instructed.

“Yes love er sorry Mistress.” He said as he lay down. His cock already standing proud.

“Stay there. I will be back in a second.” I left him there returning to the back bedroom where E was sat on the bed gentle stroking his cock. Reaching behind him, giving him a kiss, I picked up the second set of restraints from where I had left them.

“I won’t be long. I just need to sort J out with these then I will get you.” I whispered to him so J wouldn’t realise he was there just yet.

Shutting the door behind me I left him there playing with himself.

Quite often when I was playing as a mistress I would add a blindfold into play so my sub would not know who was doing what to them but not today as I wanted both men to be fully aware of their surroundings and what was happening to them and each other.

J’s eyes lit up as I came back to him with the cock restraint in my hand. Cupping his balls in my hand I fed the leather strap under them pulling the buckle in tight and attached the lead to it. The look of surprise on his face was great. This was a total curve ball being thrown at him. Giving the lead a good tug just because I could I pulled him towards me. Giving him a kiss as I did so.

“I want you on all fours close to the edge of the bed.” I instructed pulling him with the lead, so he had to come forward.

Leaving him there I went to fetch E. It was time to have some fun.

Opening the door to the back bedroom I was again met with the sight of E wanking, the lead hanging down between his legs. Picking it up I gave it a yank causing the man before me to gasp. “Time for some eskort istanbul fun now. Come with me.” I commanded as I turned and led him out of the room to my waiting man.

J looked up as we entered the room a look of complete astonishment on his face. “Hi E. I had no idea you were here. I see she has you trussed up as well.”

“Enough of the niceties you two. We have things to do.”

Pulling E further into the room so he was standing in front of J. “Suck his cock J.” I demanded.

“Yes Mistress.” He replied licking his lips.

E stepped closer so his cock was in front of J allowing him to take it into his willing mouth. I sat back into the chair watching my man pleasure my sub. There was something really erotic about it and my juices were flowing.

“That’s it J, take him all the way down your throat. Taste him.” He looked up at me, smiled and did as he was told. My man was well trained in giving a blow job having done it several times before when we have played both with E and with others.

I picked my favourite toy out from the toy box that I had previously taken out. Turning it on and placing the vibrating end onto my swollen clit moaning as I did so causing both men to look over to me. I wasn’t the only one enjoying my own porn show!

“E lay down on the bed next to J. I want you to sixty-nine.” This was a massive turn on to all of us. I loved to watch them enjoying themselves.

The groans coming from them both was equally as much of a turn on as the visual display. My pussy was literally dripping watching them lick and suck each other. Getting more vigorous as they were getting hornier and more wound up.

“I want you both to insert a finger into each other’s ass. Prepare each other for my strap on.”

Moving from my seat I took the lube from the toy box pumping a bit onto each of their assholes. Watching them finger and suck each other was mind blowing.

I wanted in on the action before they got too carried away and shot their loads. Grabbing the lead attached to E I pulled him off J.

“E I want you to get under J but at an angle. I want you to suck him while he takes my strap-on.”

Climbing into the harness I coated the plastic cock with lube and positioned myself behind J. Gently easing it into his slippery ass. Firstly, inserting it an inch then pulling it out again letting his ass get accustomed to the unfamiliar feeling, gradually going in deeper with each thrust until I was properly fucking him with E sucking on his very hard cock. This was so horny. I could feel my wetness running down my inner thigh.

This was fast turning into a pleasure the boys session and I was not getting my share. Time for that to change.

“E swap places with me.” I commanded. Not only did I love to see my man get fucked but it also meant that I could be taken care of while that was happening.

I clambered out of the harness and moved around to the other end of the bed which allowed J to access my dripping pussy. Burying his nose into it he sucked at my clit taking it all into his mouth and nibbling gently, pulling me tight into him so as not to lose his balance while E. was fucking him. I groaned with pleasure. Fuck this was insane! It wouldn’t be long before I came if he carried on and I didn’t want to do that just yet.

“Switch over please boys. I want J to fuck E and E to taste my pussy.” A crafty switch around would give me enough time to reset myself so I didn’t come too soon but they weren’t to know that.

Sliding a condom on to his glistening cock J eased himself into E’s ass. E not having the advantage of the strap on beforehand gasped loudly as J entered him. Going in deep J leaned over E’s back so he could kiss me. This was absolutely blowing my mind. Watching my partner fuck another guy as he kissed me and having that other E eat my pussy was almost too much.

I desperately needed to cum before I exploded standing up. I broke away from J and wiggled my way onto the bed next to E reaching under him and grabbing his cock which by now was leaking so much pre-cum that it was actually forming a dew drop. I wiped it off with my finger and put it into my mouth ensuring both men could see what I was doing. They moaned in appreciation at that little slut move. eskort bayrampaşa Putting my hand back and wanking E as J ploughed into him. Pulling tight on the lead as I did so.

“Mistress. I’m going to cum.” E gasped. Semi reluctantly I stopped doing what I was doing. I did not want him to cum that way. I knew exactly where I wanted it, and it wasn’t in my hand.

“J you may stop fucking him. It’s my turn now.”

J pulled out of E’s ass and removed the condom throwing it to one side to be dealt with later.

“Eat my pussy J.” I ordered not caring if it came across a bit on the harsh side. I desperately needed attending to. “E I want you to play with my tits. Don’t forget I like it hard!” They both acted on my instructions manoeuvring themselves on the bed so they could get in position.

J buried his head between my thighs lapping at my soaked cunt. His fingers pushing deep into me rubbing against my G-spot just the way he knew I liked it. E at my head leaning forwards pulling at my nipples borderline painfully, again just the way I liked it. One advantage of playing with the same guys regularly is that they know exactly how to get me off without me saying anything.

I could feel an orgasm brewing deep in me. That primal need to cum overtaking all of my senses. Gripping the sheets, I let the feelings overtake me. My body shuddering as the orgasmic waves overtook me. Pulses of pleasure rushing through me. My pussy contracting around J’s fingers. J furiously pumping them finger fucking me hard and deep wanting me to squirt over him but both boys had mentioned to me on several occasions that they wanted me to cover them with my juices so that was what I was going to do. So, I clamped my legs shut and wiggled away from J.

“I want both of you to lay down.” I got unsteadily to my feet balancing on the bed above them, so I was straddled over their faces. Inserting my fingers into my dripping pussy I mimicked the movements that J had been making moments earlier and started to finger fuck myself hard. My pussy contracted around my fingers as I came hard over them. My juices spraying out over the boys. Their mouths both open as they attempted to swallow the warm liquid I was covering them in. It was a lot as I hadn’t come in a while. They were getting soaked but neither of them was complaining. Both of them with cocks standing proud despite their balls still being restrained.

Finally stopping and nearly satisfied I clambered off the bed.

“I want cock now!” Greedy girl that I am I was not finished with them yet. “J I want you in my pussy. E in my ass please.” There is nothing better than dp and I know they both enjoyed it. The feeling of the other cock rubbing against them through me apparently was like nothing else.

I straddled J taking his hard cock deep in my pussy and stuck my ass out allowing E easy access. Putting on a condom and coating it with lube he pushed against my tight hole. Gently easing himself in allowing me to get accustomed to him. Slowly building up tempo until he was fucking me properly. J remaining still enjoying the feeling of his cock against E’s letting E do the work for a bit. Fuck me it was absolutely mental. I was going to cum again.

J feeling my pussy clamp on his cock began to fuck me as well, so I had both men in rhythm fucking me. One going in as the other was going out allowing me to build to a crescendo. I threw my head back and screamed as a powerful orgasm blasted through me. My pussy again gushing so J’s stomach and balls got a soaking.

Not letting me stop the boys continued fucking me. Both of them increasing in speed as their own orgasms were building. I was continuing to cum. The orgasms were relentless. I felt as if I was going to pass out.

With one final big thrust deep into me J exploded filling my pussy with warm cum. E was only a couple of seconds behind him also shooting his load into (the condom) in my ass.

It was no good the men had totally knackered me, so I flopped down onto the bed beside J snuggling into his shoulder. E landed on the other side of me, a big grin on his face putting his arms around me as well.

All of us satisfied and happy and in the after glow of a bloody good seeing to.

“So, you two. Ready to go again?” I asked them with a wicked smile.

The response was them both grabbing a pillow and batting me with me which then resulted in a massive pillow fight. What better way to end a kinky session than to fool around with my two favourite men? One incredibly happy girl.

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