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The Preacher Ch. 01

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Thank you Lady D for your help.

Jack sat in the plush velvet chair with his head lowered; the sweet sounds of the church choir filled his ears. His long, thick black hair fell across his closed dark eyes. He held the thick; leather covered Bible in his hardened hands. Hands that only ten years ago were used to kill anyone that stood in the way of completing a mission. Now, the hands were used to save people and bring them to GOD.

The sweet song ended and Jack walked his solid six foot two inch tall body to the pulpit and began his Sunday sermon. After his sermon on saving lost people ended he went back to his chair and thought to himself that he really wasn’t doing anything to help the lost people in the world, only the rich and snobby people in his church. He needed to go to the city and save people there. That was his dream when he went to the Lord, not nursing a bunch of rich hypocrites. The choir sang another of Jacks’ favorite songs and he thought back to when he met his wife.

He drifted back in time to the night he met her…

He was in Seminary College when he met his wife, Hillary, in a singles bar. He and others from the Seminary College were spreading the word of the Lord. At the time she was so sweet and full of love.

The men young men from the Seminary walked into the dim lit bar, hard Rock music came from the jukebox. Smoke rushed from the open door and out into the night. Couples were snuggled together; some danced while others just talked. A few rough looking men were in the back of the bar were playing a game of pool. The kind of men just last year Jack would be fighting with to see who was the best man.

That’s when Jack saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life sitting alone under a neon beer sign. Jack walked towards her. “Hello.” Jack said to the beautiful woman. Her soft auburn hair lay across her thin shoulders. “Can I sit with you a minute?” he asked the very sexy looking young lady. All the time his dark brown eyes were filled with her low cut see-through blouse that covered her white body. Her firm pointed breasts were the envy of every woman in the bar.

She smiled at him seeing his eyes glued to her pride and joy. She had gotten anything she ever wanted with her warm smile and her wonderful breasts. “Sure handsome, have a seat.” She looked over the tall dark man and it sent a rush between her lonesome legs.

“We’re here spreading the word of the Lord and to invite you out to the college for a wonderful Sunday of preaching, a big Bar-B-Q and a dance this Sunday.” He said, moving his eyes to hers. He could feel blood blast to his large member. He hadn’t been with a woman in two years.

She smiled thinking of herself with a bunch of ‘Bible thumpers’ as she called them. Living in the town a person got used to the constant harassing from the men at the Seminary. “Well, Sir, you haven’t even told me your name and you want me to go out to your all’s Bar-B-Q and dance.” she paused for a second. “Aren’t you a little old to be a running around with all them little boys? ” She said giving him a wink with one of her big, blue eyes. She was only 22 years old herself, but she loved being with an older man.

He laughed when she said ‘little boys’ that’s what he called them. He felt like their big brother and in some cases, their Dad, he was so much older. “I’m Jack Watson. Yes, I’m older than them, I got a late start.”

“I’ll say you did.” She smiled again looking at his face wondering what was inside this good-looking man. “What if a girl showed up late, missing all the preaching and just came for the cook out and to see a very handsome man. Would you all mind?”

Her words made his long penis strain to free its self from his jeans. She wanted to come and see him. “I wouldn’t mind that at all.” A big grin filled his face and more blood somehow found it’s way into his now throbbing member. “By the way, what’s your name?” he asked giving her firm breasts another quick look.

“I’m Hillary Young.” She replied looking at his eyes on her breasts. “Mr. Jack, my face is up here.” She teased him as he enjoyed the view on her delightful breasts. She just loved it when a man looked at her this way and this man had to have been horny as hell being out at the Seminary so long. He would give her the hard loving making session she longed for so much.

Jacks’ face was bright red. “I’m ummm, I’m ummm sorry.” He stuttered, feeling like a little boy that had been caught looking up his teachers’ dress.

“Oh Mr. Jack, it’s quite all right. I just love a good-looking man looking at me.” She gave him another of her sexy winks and she felt like she had wet her new panties he turned her on so much.

“JACK! LET’S GO!” one of the students yelled across the noisy bar.

Jack had a disappointed look on his face. “Well, I guess I have to go now, Hillary. Will I see you Sunday?” Jack asked slowly standing up. He was hoping she would come to the seminary.

“Mr. Jack, wild horses couldn’t escort bayan şişli keep me away!” she told him looking at the huge swelling in his pants. It looked like a baseball bat with a big apple at the end of it. She had always been a good teaser and his massive erection she knew she had teased him well…

Once again the choir ended their heavenly song and Jack walked back to the pulpit. “I’d like to thank you all for coming this Sunday and remember that there won’t be a service tonight. Brother William, will you dismiss us please?”


After church Jack stood by the door telling all the church members good-bye. Each one paused to tell Jack how much they enjoyed his sermon, but he knew they were just glad to get out of church. When everyone had left he locked the large church and headed to the car.

Hillary stood by their brand new BMW. “What and the ‘fuck’ was that all about?” she snapped at him giving him her usual hateful look. She sucked the cigarette blowing the smoke into Jacks’ face.

“What was what?” he replied. “Do you mind not using that word, please!” he fanned the smoke from his face; she knew he hated her smoking but she kept doing it out of spite. The last few years she would do anything she could think of to make Jack mad.

She gave him another dirty look. “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!” she yelled at him. “How’s that?” she snapped jerking the car keys from his big hands. “You keep giving sermons on not doing what GOD told his people to do, we’re going to be out on our asses!”

“That wouldn’t bother me in the least. You know I really want to go where I’m needed. Not here, on the streets of the city.” He looked at the face he had loved so much, now he could barely stand to look at her. He only pleasure the two shared was sex, hard, fast, animal sex.

She laughed so hard she had to grab her stomach. “You’d give up one of the biggest churches in Georgia? We have over 5,000 members that donate some 20,000 dollars every week. The same 20,000 dollars that you get 10 percent of giving you 2,000 dollars a week.”

“Yes! Money’s nothing if you’re not happy.” He replied giving her a sad look. She was so money driven it hurt to be with her. “You drive, I’m tired.” He told her.

She flung open the car door and jumped in letting her skirt move up to her stocking covered thighs. “Jack, what would make you happy?” her hand caressed his face. “We used to love each other so much. I hate to keep living like this.” Little tears formed in her blue eyes. She loved him so much when they were first married that when he was in classes or working it felt like someone had cut her heart out of her body, leaving a large void in its place.

His big hand covered hers and he gave it a gentle squeeze. “Having us in love again would be very nice and,” he paused thinking that she would start yelling again.

“What? Just tell me Jack, anything you want to I’ll do just to get us back together.” She sobbed and fell into his strong, sure arms that she missed being in. She missed him taking her to their room, loving her for hours at a time. She missed feeling his long manhood buried deep in her burning body.

Jack hugged her sobbing body close to his. He too missed loving her and making love to her beautiful, sexy body. “I want to go into the city one night a week.” He hugged her again, this time his hand landed on her supple breasts. Sending a rush of excitement through both their bodies.

“Jack, I want to go home.” Her tiny hand moved to his growing penis. She gently gave it a squeeze. “I need you so bad I hurt!” by this time she had begun to stroke it in his silk boxer shorts.

Jack gasped at her soft touch. She had always known how to please him and get about anything she ever wanted from him. “I love it when you touch me like this.” He moaned in the beautiful new car that Hillary had received from their last anniversary. He knew it was too much but she had a way to get things from him that he couldn’t refuse.

“Oh really?” she whispered in his ear as her hand had now found its way into his pants. “Does that mean we can get really nasty today? The way I like it?” the way she liked it was, dressing up like a little schoolgirl and have him spank her or like a cheep streetwalker, a hooker. In truth, he liked both ways she dressed.

Jack slid his hand under her blouse and cupped her inflamed left breast. “Sure! It’s been a long time since we played your little games. It’ll be nice getting wild with you.” He said giving her hard nipple a little pinch and he leaned to her soft pink lips, kissing her deep.

Hillary had them home in less than ten minutes, compared to their normal 30-minute drive from church. “You sit and relax, I’ll go get ready.” She said as she pushed him into their very lavish home and she ran her petite body off to get ready. He loved watching her firm little ass and her sexy slender legs. She could always turn him on.

He sat in the dark living room waiting escort beşiktaş for her to return. He knew it would be awhile because she loved dressing up and made sure things were just right for him.


Jack closed his eyes and drifted back to Seminary College…

It was a warm May, a Sunday afternoon, a perfect day for a Bar-B-Q. Jack stood over the large grill flipping hamburgers and rolling the fat hot-dogs across the fire. Sweat ran from his forehead and into his eyes as he looked around the grassy picnic area looking for a beautiful auburn haired girl. He could only think of the incredible girl that he’d met last week. He even failed an important test he was thinking of her so much.

“Looks like you need a cool glass of sweet tea.” A charming voice said from behind him. “And, maybe someone to steal you away from this ole’ hot grill for awhile.” Hillary smiled walking around Jack handing him a glass of cold tea.

Jack gently took the glass from her. “I was beginning to think you weren’t coming.” He said looking over her wonderful young body. She wore a very thin, white summer dress that was about thigh high and very low cut across her breasts. It sent a rush of blood to his large, thick member.

“Oh, Mr. Jack, I’d never miss a chance to see you again.” Said with a big grin. Her blue eyes sparkled as she looked over his strong body. She didn’t get a very good look at him in the dim lit bar last week. She loved his broad shoulders, his thick chest, his thin waist and the large treat that was concealed in the front of his pants, the treat that she needed in her young body. She needed a true man to satisfy her burning needs.

Jack waved to one of the other students. “Take over, I have a guest to attend to.” Jack told the young man. “Miss. Hillary, shall we get some lunch and take a walk down to the lake?” he asked with a big smile. Making sure he looked at her eyes and not to her gorgeous breasts.

“I think that would be just wonderful, Jack.” She said putting her arm around his and they got their lunch and walked down the hill to the lake. “This is so beautiful. I’m glad I came.” She gave Jack a very sweet smile.

He held her hand as she sat under a big tree facing the big lake. “I must say I’m very glad you came. I’ve been thinking of you a lot this week.” He didn’t want to tell her he failed a test thinking of her. Thinking of her perky breasts, her pretty blue eyes and her pretty smile.

“I hope they were ‘good’ thoughts.” She replied taking a bite of food and giving him a little wink. She really hoped he had thought of throwing her on the ground, ripping off her clothes and raping her as hard as he could.

Jack just looked into her blue eyes. “They were ‘very’ good thoughts,” thoughts of making hard, passionate love to her for hours and hours at a time.

She leaned very close to Jack wiping a spot of mustard from his lip and whispered. “When we’re finished, I think we should find someplace a little more private so we can share our thoughts.” Her hand shook with excitement as she took another bite of food; the thought of him taking her raced through her mind. Thoughts of his big hands squeezing her breasts and that large tool in his pants rammed deep in her body.

After they finished lunch Jack stood up and reached his hand to Hillary. “Shall we take a walk around the lake?” he asked pulling her up and into his arms. Her firm breasts pushed into his chest, sending a rush of blood straight to his lonely shaft.

Her graceful arms wrapped around his waist. “Will I be safe walking around this big ole’ lake with you or shall I worry about being molested?” she said in a teasing voice and her little hips just happened to push into his growing member. Bright lights flashed in her eyes when she felt the hard, long monster against her body.

“Oh Miss. Hillary, you should be very worried about being molested, but I’ll do my utmost to protect you.” He replied flexing his hard member into her warm sex.

The couple walked around the lake holding each other’s hand and exchanged small talk with each other. Once they reach the far side of the lake, Jack pulled Hillary into his arms his big hands moved to her tiny bottom, he gently caressed it as they looked into each other’s eyes. He could feel her tiny panties through the thin dress and his fingers began to trace the delicate seam around her tiny, firm bottom.

She gasped for air as his strong fingers traced her thin panties, sending chills through every inch of her body. “Oh, Jack! Yes! Yes!” she moaned out pushing into his hard, thick member. Her body was on fire for this wonderful man, she needed him, now!

She dropped to her knees in front of, Jack. She slowly unzipped his pants; and reached inside grasping his large penis and pulled it free. She held it in her hands, taking in its beauty. “Miss. Hillary,” Jack said caressing her soft hair. “I hope you know what you’re doing.”

“Oh, yes! I plan on raping you, esenyurt escort Sir. Right here, right now!” she replied as she inhaled Jacks long, thick manhood, sucking it down her silky throat. Her gentle blue eyes watched Jacks face as she pleased his lonely manhood.

Jack could only watch as the beautiful young lady ate his thick penis. Her mouth worked up and down his long shaft, sucking as hard as she could. His big hands caressed her face as his release was nearing. “Oh, beautiful girl! Stop, I’m about to cum!” Jack told her, trying to pull from her soft and warm mouth.

“Mmmm, I don’t care. Use my mouth like you would my…um… ummm, well, you know.” Hillary said with a bright red face and she pulled his ready manhood back into her young, willing mouth.

Jack couldn’t believe what she said. “If you’re sure, it’s been a very long time for me.” He said gently holding the sides of her face and slowly he began to pump her mouth just like he would have her wet sex. In and out his pace became faster. He held her tighter, moving fast as she sucked his long pole.

“OH, HILLARY! OH, YES!” Jack moaned out as he released two years of loneliness into her mouth and down her soft throat. Faster, faster he pumped her mouth. “I love you! You’re wonderful!” he yelled as more of his hot seeds shot into her willing mouth.

Her pretty blue eyes watched his pleasured face as she continued to suck his long pole. She loved seeing a man when he came, this man she liked so much. She sucked him more as she moved her head up and down his wonderful hard shaft. She slowly pulled from him licking her pink lips. “Mr. Jack, I do believe I could do that all day and you’d still be hard.” She said, smiling up at him.

Oh, yes! I could with you.” He pulled her to her feet and into his arms. “I sure do owe you, don’t I?” he said hugging her tender body to his. His heart was still racing as his hard member found its way between her young legs to her wet sex.

Hillary gently rocked her slender hips back and forth, enjoying the hard piece of meat that was pushing on her hot love mound. “Mr. Jack, there’s only one way you could return that favor. And, it will take all night!” she squeezed her lean thighs together and teased him a little more before she pulled from him. “I guess we should get back, before you’re missed.” She stood on her tiptoes and gave him a soft kiss on the lips, making her body even hotter.

“I don’t think anyone will miss me for awhile.” He replied reaching under her thin dress pulling down her tiny panties. “I can’t leave you all lonely and excited. That would be so rude of me.”

Hillary took a deep breath and rubbed her bare sex on his stiffness. “Mr. Jack, I would be so very grateful if you help me with this.” She moved to the ground on her hands and knees.

“Oh, I’m looking forward to this!” he moved behind the beautiful girl reaching between their bodies and guided his hard penis to her wetness. “You ready?” he asked taking a deep breath.

Hillary’s’ eyes were closed, ready for the long piece of manhood to invade her young, tender sex. “Yes!” she shook with anticipation; nothing so big had ever come this close to being in her body. But, she was ready!

Jack held her thin hips and slowly pushed inside her burning body. Her moans of pleasure filled the air. “Oh Jack, yes!” she cried out not caring if anyone heard. She was in heaven; she had a wonderful man with the biggest penis she had ever seen inside her body.

Her young body welcomed Jack inside. She began milking him of his hot fluids. Her tight muscles squeezed him like hundreds of fingers. “You feel SO good!” Jack gasped as he began pumping in and out of her tender body. He had been with lots of women in his life, but never anyone like her.

Her little hands pulled at the long, green grass as her hips pushed against Jack. She needed his long tool as deep into her body as it would go. “DEEPER! DO IT HARD, JACK!” she cried out as she looked up to the darkening sky then turning to look at the handsome man that was pleasing her body. “You’re so sexy!” he moaned as he used her faster. Their skin slapped together and the sound of hot sex filled the two lovers ears. Jack leaned over her tiny body; his hands pulled the thin dress off her body, leaving her in nothing but a small see-through bra. “That’s much better!” he groaned as his big hands caressed her soft skin, from her dainty neck to her thin hips and down to her wonderful bottom.

Hillary lay her upper body on the cool grass, leaving her bottom in the air for Jack to use anyway he wished. Soft moans of pleasure escaped her pink lips. “Go! Go!” she begged Jack as a massive orgasm was building deep in her body. She had never truly came with a man before. Something would happen when she had sex but it never pleased her. She knew this time it was different, her insides felt like they were going to explode.

A soft, spring rain began to fall from the sky as the two lovers moved as one. Their bodies locked together in passion. “That feels so good!” Hillary said as she rubbed the cool water on her face. “I’m so close, Jack!” she moved from her hands and back into his arms. Both lovers were standing on their knees as Jack continued to move in her body. “Touch me! Every place you can reach, please!”

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