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The Party Never Stops, a story by Josh Terrence


Author”s note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Chapter Two — It”s a party in Casey”s ass and everyone”s cumming🏳️‍🌈

It was Friday night and I was laying on my bed, browsing grindr profiles. I knew mom was planning to get her back blown out by a few guys and figured I”d try to get lucky again. With mom opening her legs more often, I decided that it was time for me to start hooking up more, too. So for the past two weeks I”ve been getting my ass destroyed with big dicks at least twice a day after school.

It started on a Sunday night when I courted a trio of hung studs on the football team to come through and cream my ass while mom was passed out in the living room. She never even knew they were there, even though I moaned like a whore while I handled all three of them at the same time.

It was just after 9pm and she”d gotten blackout drunk, as usual. I would normally help her get to her room but I”d been texting with my prospective tops all evening and sending them ass pics in hopes of getting lucky with them. When they finally agreed to come over I felt a strong shiver run through me and hastily lubed up.

I let them in and they were immediately startled by mom”s presence, but I disgustedly told them not to worry about her because she was passed out. The place was a mess and there was a half full vodka bottle on the end table. I grabbed it and brought it with me so my studs could have a drink if they wanted one.

It didn”t take me long to drop to my knees and suck their dicks in rotation while they passed the bottle around. I loved how it felt to have my mouth crammed full with hard dick while I lustily stroked the other two with each hand. I was in bottom boy heaven as I treated myself to oversized mouthfuls and handfuls of each stud, all at will and all for my pleasure. The first cock I wrapped my lips around belonged to Jackson, a blond bull with nothing but testosterone coursing through his system. His dick was every bit of 8 inches, and I loved how it felt to have my lips stretching around the base while he used his phone to record the action.

The second dick I wrapped my lips around belonged to Perry, a chocolate stud with a body sculpted out of granite. He was the definition of an ancient God, with perfect pecks, a smooth but firm abdomen and arms that were shaped like cannons. Just like Jackson, he was hung like a horse, and it was strictly a pleasure for me to cram his dick in my mouth and enjoy a throat fuck while I stroked off his compadres.

The third dick I sucked on belonged to a cute muscle stud named Jeremy. He had fiery eyes and a gorgeous mane of auburn hair that he parted to the side. His dick wasn”t quite as long as Jackson”s or Perry”s, but it was still big in its own right. It was easily 7 inches and thick from the head to the base, where it was shrouded in brown pubes that were turning me on.

As I moved from cock to cock, my little dick was standing straight up and dripping with precum. They finished the vodka off while I was still on my knees and tossed the empty bottle on my bed. My ass was yearning for a fuck, so I gave into my needs and crawled into my bed with my hips in the air. I looked over my shoulder and gave my ass a sensual, clockwise roll while I moaned with desire.

Jackson was holding his phone as he prepared to mount me. I was watching him with bedroom eyes while he placed the head of his prick at my entrance and used two fingers to press the head into my hungry hole. His crown slipped through and I felt my ass starting to catch fire, then Jeremy tapped my lips with his prick and I instinctively sucked it while Jackson”s length slid into my horny rear end. I felt the bed dip to my right and realized that Perry had crawled up beside me. I reached out with my right hand and wrapped it around his dick so I could stroke it while Jackson began thrusting back and forth.

I was moaning so loud that I thought mom would hear, but at the moment I was so caught up in the rapture of the moment that I didn”t care at all. My body was in the throes of gay ecstasy almost immediately, and it was all being captured on Jackson”s phone. When he seeded my ass, he pulled out of me and Jeremy eased his dick out of my mouth.

I rolled denizli escort over onto my back and reached back up for Perry”s dick while Jeremy picked my left leg up and slid his cock into my cum tube. I smiled up at Perry, then over at Jeremy, right before Jackson presented his dick to me for sucking. His phone was still aimed at my body as I wrapped my lips around his trophy with a grateful smile, then Jeremy started to thrust and all was right with the world. While I was accepting strokes of cock from Jeremy”s thick member, my head was frantically working to suck as much of Jackson”s length as I could. I used my tongue to lance out and lick away all the cum I could find while my hand stroked Perry”s long cock with devotion. My whole body was engulfed in an inferno of gay ecstasy as I felt myself achieving the highest level of cock service I”d ever experienced. A cock in my mouth, a cock in my ass and one in my hand, all while my little dick sizzled between my quivering legs.

While I was in the grip of my ultimate ecstasy, Jeremy buried his rod up my ass and filled it with another batch of hot spunk. When he pulled out, I barely had the wherewithal to let go of Perry”s stallion so I could have my ass filled again. I managed to snap out of my spell long enough to release my grip, and was rewarded when my chocolate stud inserted his long pole into my warm, welcoming hole.

As soon as he started thrusting, a torrent of shivers erupted all over my body and my tummy started to heave violently. The pleasure was off the charts as he plumbed the depths of my horny cum tube, and I found myself moaning gutturally around Jackson”s dick. I reached out with my free hand, desperately searching for Jeremy”s dick so I could hold it and stroke it. When Jackson realized what I was doing, he petted my face and said, “How about if you suck Jeremy”s dick clean, buddy?”

With my torso rolling and my moans echoing off the walls, I frantically nodded in agreement. Jeremy crawled up to me and let his dick dangle over my face, so I let Jackson”s dick fall from my mouth so I could blow my talented top. With my mouth filled with sticky, semi hard dick and my ass being pleasured by my chocolate stud, I used my right hand to stroke Jackson”s dick and once again achieved the heights of cock service that I was soaring at just moments before.

When my ass was seeded for the final time, I spent a luscious afterglow sucking my studs clean while they stroked my smiling face. Before they left I begged to see them everyday after school, and they all agreed to at least try to come through and stroke my ass out once a day.

When my lovers were gone, I helped mom to her room and tucked her in, then I fell asleep as the powerful afterglow of anal satisfaction wrapped itself around my 14 year old frame.

Since then, I”ve been treated to a visit from at least one of my studs every day, just like they promised. Usually I get to see Jackson and Perry at the same time to have my ass serviced. I think it”s really sweet how they go out of their way to make sure they give my rear end the action it craves as soon as school let”s out. When I”m really lucky, all three of them show up and wreck my hole for me.

On Monday Perry came over by himself and I took him to my room so I could bend over and take his cock. I held onto my bedpost and spread my feet as wide as I could while his massive prick brought the pussyboy out of me with ease. He fed me long, decadent strokes of his black stallion before he creamed my satisfied ass and pulled out of me.

I dropped to the floor and worshiped his dick and balls with my mouth, then he zipped up and left while I was still on my knees. As soon as he left, I got on grindr and recruited a big dicked stud to come fuck me in the stall at the park so I could concentrate on my homework.

The next four days in a row I was visited by Perry and Jackson. They seemed to know exactly what to do to put me in a long, shivering spell of anal rapture, because they did it with very little effort time after time. At 10am on Saturday morning, mom was still passed out from her Friday night rager when I crawled into my bed on my hands and knees and presented my ass for fucking to all three of my studs. I struggled to suppress my moaning as they used their big dicks to wreck my hole, leaving it gaping and filled with cum before they pulled their pants up and left. On Sunday morning mom was up early, so I slipped out the door and met my three stallions at the park, where they took turns making my hole scream with pleasure before depositing their creamy loads.

Monday was a minimum day at school so I was treated to a longer visit from my studs. When they left me my legs were shaking uncontrollably and my body was dripping with sweat. Somehow, I was still craving cock, so I got on grindr and arranged an encouter at the park so I could suck some dick.

On Tuesday mom stayed home from work, so I met Perry at dikimevi escort the park and he treated me to a deep session of anal therapy in my usual stall. When he pulled out and went home, I got on grindr and tapped a few cuties but didn”t get any action so I just went home. By the time my homework was done mom was blackout drunk, so I texted my studs and asked if they would come through. Happily, Jeremy agreed and I got railed in the missionary position in my bed. When I was walking him to the door, mom started to stir but she never realized he was there.

The rest of the school week saw me visited by Perry and Jackson everyday, and I luxuriated in the steady cock they were providing me. They left me totally sated each time, and I was able to concentrate on getting my homework knocked out before mom got home. But even though my rear end had been treated to five star service each day, I still hopped on grindr to find another hookup as soon as the coast was clear.

My Friday afternoon started off with a visit from my two hung studs. I normally rode the bus home, but today I was driven home in a car with my two conquests. As soon as we were inside, I took them to my room and hurriedly got out of my pants so I could have my ass plowed. And just like I”d planned, they satisfied me with their big dicks before they zipped up and went to football practice.

After walking them to the door, I started my homework while my warm gaping hole winked and throbbed in my underwear. I wanted to stay totally nude from the waist down and try to entice another top, but mom was due to be home in less than an hour and I didn”t want to risk it. So instead I stayed in my tighty whities and felt the warm cum loads seeping from my hole while I basked in the powerful afterglow of my after school romp.

While I was sitting at my desk in my room, I heard mom”s keys jingling in the deadbolt and wondered what she had planned for the evening. She popped her head in my room to say hi, then she went back out to the living room while I got back to work.

It was about 6:00 when she set me off. I”d just wrapped up my homework and was in the kitchen, rummaging through the fridge for something to eat when mom came out of her room and spotted me.

“Casey, I”m having a few friends over tonight,” mom casually mentioned, and I rolled my eyes because I knew exactly what that meant. “I want you to stay in your room, okay?”

“Are you getting shit faced again?” I asked her with an exhausted tone, and she gave me a measured look.

“It”s not as bad as you make it sound, honey,” she said dismissively. “Besides, I work my ass off all week. I deserve a little “me” time.”

“Who”s coming over?” I asked, and she gave me a defensive look.

“Just a few guy friends,” she said, her tone matching her expression.

“Whatever,” I said, then I turned on my heel and went down the hall to my room so I could close the door and sulk.

Mom has been having her “me” time almost every night. Ever since dad picked up and left, she”s been drinking and having men over to “entertain” her more and more. So aside from a crappy divorce, I have to put up with her partying. I wanted to go live with dad, but I know if I do, mom wouldn”t have anyone to take care of her. And now that I”m 14, it”s my job to make sure she”s okay.

Truth be told, it”s not terrible when mom has her guy friends over. One of her regulars is Adam, a really cute 30 year old who”s built like a brick shithouse. He”s 6″1 and weighs about 190 lbs, all of it muscle. It”s her out of control drinking that upsets me the most. 🏳️‍🌈

As usual, mom and her friends got hammered in the living room. By the time 7:30 rolled around I could hear them getting loud, then mom started moaning and I knew she was getting fucked. I have to admit that I was little jealous of her. The guys she had over were all really hot, and I wouldn”t have minded if they wanted to run a train on me instead. Adam was one of the men she had over, and I felt especially envious that she was going to get fucked by that stud while I was stuck in my room.

By the time 9pm rolled around the moaning had died down and I was in the mood to blow off some steam by sucking cock. Maybe if I was lucky I could find a top to use my ass, but I was in the mood for an ASAP hookup and knew that meant I”d probably end up giving a blowjob at the park. Not that I minded at all, though. In addition to getting my ass fucked more often, I”ve also been sucking more cock than ever before, and I”m really enjoying it.

I guess I really am my mother”s son.

As soon as I hopped on grindr I noticed a nearby profile. Nearby as in less than 20 feet away. That meant one of my mom”s “friends” was on grindr. Even better, his status was online now! I quickly opened his profile and had to catch my breath when I realized it was Adam!

Without giving it a second thought, I tapped him and could hear dikmen escort the notification come through on his phone from my bedroom. I got dressed in a tight fitting pair of jeans while I waited for his reply. When he tapped me back, I quickly opened my door and sauntered out to the living room, where my mom and two of her guests were naked and already passed out on the floor. Adam was naked too, and his dick was rock hard as he stroked it with his fist.

I stood in front of the sectional with my phone in my hand and made eye contact with him as I attached two nudes of my ass and one of my moist hole, then sent them to him. He had his eyes trained on me the entire time, jacking off as I attached and sent him the pics, then he looked down at his phone and exhaled sharply.

He looked over at my mom, who was laying on the floor with her forearm over her face, then at me. I could see the uncertainty in his eyes as he gave me a questioning look, then he asked me, “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I”m positive,” I said, my voice soft and sultry, then I watched him get up from the couch before I led him down the hall to my room.

Without a word, I dropped my pants and laid on my bed with my legs pulled back to my shoulders, presenting my horny entrance to him. He looked at it for a long, contemplative moment, then he placed the head of his dick up to it and entered me. I smiled up at him as his manhood filled my hole, then I watched with hungry eyes as he fucked his hot load into me.

His thrusts were magical as they plumbed my ass over and over again. My door was wide opened and I could see into the living room from my bed as he pleasured my ass, but I didn”t care at all. Neither did he, because as he approached his climax, he began thrusting harder and my bedposts started knocking against the wall. Suddenly, he buried his rod up my ass and groaned as he shot his load. At the same time, he leaned down and planted a deep kiss on my mouth while his cock pulsed inside me. When he pulled out, he used my sheet to wipe the cum and assjuice from his dick, then he turned to walk back to the living room while I smiled contentedly at him from my pillow.

🏳️‍🌈 Up Next: Casey rides the morning train to Pleasuretown 🏳️‍🌈

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