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The Other Side of a Cocky Man

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It is nearly 6:30 at night and I have been at the office since 7 working on a critical case. I am exhausted but I still have at least another hour until I’m at a good stopping point. I combed my fingers through my long reddish brown hair and gathered all the strands to put it up in a ponytail. By now most of the office had cleared out so I kicked off my black louboutins and unbuttoned my vest before turning back to my computer. If I could I would change out of my very fitted just above the knee pencil skirt and heavily pressed soft white button down into comfy jeans and a T-shirt. Working in a larger firm in New York had its perks but dues were definitely paid, I saw more of my office than my upper west side apartment, my closet has more skirts than jeans and my social life was basically non existent. I have worked hard to be were I was at in my life and the rest would fall into place eventually, right?

I had just finished rolling up my sleeves and mustered up the determination I needed to get through the rest of the evening when my phone vibrated on my desk.

“Ugh what the hell does he want?” I said seeing the name pop up on my iPhone.

“Are you still in your office?”

“Dammit! I really don’t have the patience to deal with him today.” I said as I typed a response back.

“Actually I’m just about to head out the door.”

“I’m in the lobby and on my way up.”

“Shit!” I scurried to button my vest back up and slip back into my shoes without falling over myself. My hair was just going to have to stay in its pony tail and my sleeves would have to stay rolled up because having them both down with creases would be worse.

My back was still to the door when I heard the tap on the door frame. I quickly spun around to find a beautiful man in a suit that did him no justice, too bad we were always arguing against each other in court because now every time is see him I get this instant dislike for the man.

“Eric, what can I do for you?” Gesturing for him to have a seat in one of the chairs in front of my desk before walking back around to sit in my own chair.

“Rhiannon, your here a little late.” He walk to my desk and propped himself on the corner. He gave me this half smile that let me know he was up to no good.

“Eric you know I’m always here this late so again what do you need?”

He handed me a file, “We need to make a deal.”

“Really!?! Now why would I let my client make a deal with you.”

“Because if you don’t I’m going to tear her apart in court and take her for all she’s worth.” And I know he would have fun doing it too.

“If your so confident why are you cutting a deal?”

“Rhiannon just look at the damn file and talk to your client it’s a good deal. I know you don’t care for me but contrary to what you think I do have your clients best interest in mind.”

“Fine Eric I will look at it, anything else?” I asked standing up.

“No, I look forward Kurtköy Escort to hearing from you in the morning.” He stood up and turned to leave. He stopped just outside the door and turned back to look at me, “You know the guy in court isn’t the only side of me.” With that he smiled and continued making his way out of the office.

“What the hell was that!?! I asked aloud as I grabbed the file off my desk and slouched back in my chair. He had really thrown me through a loop with his “nicer” side but I not convinced he was doing it to just benefit my client. He had to have something up his sleeve. I glanced over his offer and to my surprise it was a great offer.

“Dammit!” I picked up the phone to call my client.

After easily convincing my client to take the offer I decided to get it over with and call Eric to let him he had won the case. I really hate loosing but it peeved me even more when I lost to him. He is a cocky son a bitch and loves to rub a win in my face. It unless I wanted to loose my client and my self a good chunk of money this was our best option.

“Rhiannon, calling me so soon? Does that mean your client is taking my offer?”

“I will have the signed paperwork sent to you in the morning.”

“Great! Any chance your going to hand deliver them to me?”

“Why would I do that? I’m far too busy to play games with you Eric.”

“I’m not playing games with you Rhiannon, it was nice seeing you this evening out of our usual war zone. We should grab a drink to celebrate the closing of another case.

Normally I would have shot him down so quickly his head would spin but this time something was different. Maybe I feel like I owe him one for giving my client an out and ripping her a new one in court. Whatever the reason I still went against my gut instinct and asked where he wanted to meet.

********************************************************************** I was standing at the kitchen sink drying my hands with a paper towel and admiring the gorgeous view of the city from the window. This night did not turn out how I had expected at all. I’m glad he picked a place with in walking distance from my loft because the vodka tonics had me pretty buzzed, but it also made it easy for Eric to walk me home. The alcohol made me relax and the man I had loathed earlier in the day was showing me another side of himself and it was turning me on.

He made me jump when he slid his arms around my hips pulling me to him. He bent down and kissed my neck causing me to relax back into even more, I felt his smile in my neck. It didn’t matter what he was doing to me just the simplest touch from him made me wet. His hand slid up my abdomen to my breast, he slowly kneaded it through my vest and top.

“Eric stop don’t start something we can’t finish.”

“Oh we will finish, hopefully more than once.”

He spun me around to face him. He looks sexy as hell in his three Maltepe Escort piece suit and glasses that gave him that subtle hint of sophistication. If something didn’t stir in a woman’s downstairs when they saw him she was batting for the other team.

He pulled his hand from my breast to weave it through my hair. His lips came to mine claiming them with his own. He moved his leg between mine putting just enough pressure on my sex to make me squirm. He pulled his mouth from mine to whisper in my ear sending goosebumps down my spine.

“Rhiannon just stop thinking Hun.”

“I can’t think when your touching me like that Eric.”

“Good, so shut up.” With that his mouth was back devouring mine.

His hands went back to squeezing my tits and mine went to his hips pulling him closer to me. I could feel his hardening dick on my leg, I got even more excited knowing he was as turned on as I was. He let go of my breast to unbutton my blouse and vest enough to shove his hand under my bra and pinched my nipple. This made me moan into his mouth. I moved my hands down to his crotch and rubbed his cock through his pants. That must have been his last straw because stopped everything and grabbed my hand and lead me down the hall to the bedroom. As soon as I was in the door he closed and locked it. He unbuttoned his vest and shrugged it off letting it fall the the floor. I slipped out of my heels and did the same with my own vest. My eyes finally adjusted enough to see he had already taken his shirt off and hung it on the door knob. I stood there just looking at him.

“Rhiannon get your clothes off faster.”

“Oh shit sorry.”

“No need to be sorry Hun just do it.” He said with a small chuckle.

Thank God he had already undone most of the buttons of my top, I was just letting it fall to the floor when he let his pants fall, his dick strained against the fabric of his boxer briefs. He pulled his socks off as he stepped out of the legs and walked to me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and he kissed me, I was lost in him again. I felt the zipper of my skirt move down, I tucked my thumbs in the sides and wiggled my hips to get the skirt down my thighs. He helped me step out of it and threw it with his pants. He lead me to the bed before I laid down he slid his hand around my back and unhooked my bra, I let it fall off and he cupped both boobs in his hands. Kneading and squeezing them hard again making me moan, I found his mouth and kissed him just as hard as he was teasing me. With his hips he pushed me down towards the bed, he let go of one of my breast in time to guide me down to the bed.

We moved our way up the bed out mouths never leaving each other’s. As soon as my head hit the pillow Eric moved between my legs. Ground his hips into mine causing his still constrained dick to rub against my sex. If I wasn’t wet before I sure as hell was now. Eric knows how to work me until I am practically Tuzla Escort begging him to fuck me. His hand let go of my tit to slip under my panties and push a finger in me. He slid it in and out a couple of strokes before adding another, he pulled them out and slowly slid them up to my clit and circled it.

“Damn Rhiannon you are so fucking wet!”

“That’s what your doing to me Eric.”

He pushed his fingers into me again and moved them hard and fast until I thought I was about to cum and he quickly pulled them out. He sat up and pulled my panties off and took his underwear off before coming and laying down behind me. He slid his hand from my hip to the back inside of my thigh to raise it up. The head of this dick pushed into me, “Oh my God Eric,” I said as I threw my head back. He slowly slid the rest of his length in me letting his hips hit my ass and his cock hit my cervix.

“What baby, tell me.”

I didn’t have time to tell him because started to fuck me hard. His hands went to my hip and hair pulling me harder into him. It didn’t take long before I was cumming and Eric doesn’t let my body recover long. He slowed down for a couple of strokes before he was ramming into me again and I had another orgasm. He pulled out and laid on his back and pulled my head to his dick. “Suck my dick Rhiannon”

I closed my mouth around his thick head and wrapped my hand around his shaft. I moved my head up and down a few times just to get it wet enough to move my hand smoothly up and down his length. “Oh God” he said just as I really started to move my mouth and hand in a steady rhythm. I let my tongue play with the ridge on the underside of his cock and my hand twisting around the base. It wasn’t long before he was pushing me back down on the bed to fuck me again. He pulled my legs up onto his shoulder and I took a deep breath knowing he was going to go hard and deep. “Aaah shit fucking shit”

“What’s wrong Rhiannon?”

“You feel fucking amazing”

“Do I now?”

“Oh my God Eric.” I was climaxing again. I opened my eyes to look at him and I was met with a smile. He knows he’s the only one who can make he feel this way. He let my legs down and moved behind me, he slowly moved his head to where he was just inside me. I don’t know who he was teasing more me or him and the he slammed into me.

“I’m going to cum in you baby ok?”

“Yes Eric please.”

He was pumping into to me again harder and faster than before, his hand squeezing my hip and breast hard enough I knew I was going to bruise but really didn’t care at the moment. I felt him grown thicker in me before me finally came letting out a moan of his own.

We laid there for a minute letting each other come down from our high. I eventually turned over to lay my head on his chest and he wrapped his arm around me. This was definitely a different side of him that I never thought I would ever see. It was going to be very hard keep the appearance of dislike toward each other in the court room, especially now when I see him I’m going to think about him naked and how he made me cum until I couldn’t anymore. This was going to make things complicated but I would do it again and planned too.

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