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The Office of Desire

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Another Monday morning, his eyes open before the alarm even sounds, but he lies there, dreading the day. His life has become routine, he goes to work, he goes to the gym, he goes home. A vicious circle that he feels unable to deviate from. Today is the day.

He squares his shoulders as he climbs from bed, a smile playing on his lips by the time the hot spray of the shower starts to rinse away the sleepiness. He dries himself off, looking at his reflection in the mirror. His cock, wide awake as well, stands up proud and strong…he looks down, and assures his eager appendage that soon, very soon, it will find a nice warm wet place to nest.

Laughing out loud as he talks to his penis, he dresses carefully, paying a little more attention to detail than than he usually does. Splashing a touch of cologne on the back of his neck, he grabs his briefcase and keys and heads out to face the day.

She sighs as she lays in bed, the alarm jangling, just out of her reach. Promising herself that she will get up in just another minute. Finally with a burst of energy, she fairly leaps from bed, pounding the top of the alarm clock with a vengeance born of boredom.

It is Monday, again….sigh….and she is sure that it will be the same today as last Monday. Arrive at work, put on the coffee, check the messages, smile at her coworkers, none of whom she knows by name and surely not even one that could remember hers. She’ll just grit her teeth until she can go home again.

She climbs in the shower, lazily soaping, shampooing and then drying off, moisturizing…same as every other day. She eyes her naked body in the steamy mirror. As a whole not bad, but her breasts are too large, they swing like pendulums from her chest, nipples always hard, hips rounded, pussy lips always puffy as if they had just been fucked. Not that she has had that pleasure in a long time, wistfully she wonders just how long it has been.

Twisting to see her ass in the mirror, it quivers, muscles rippling as if it knows she is trying to find fault with it. Sighing as she runs her hand over her quivering globes, she turns from the mirror…grabs the first thing in the closet and throws it on. Running fingers through her hair, she grabs her purse and keys and opens the door.

He drives to work, coffee in hand smiling, watching the cars whizzing by, he is no hurry. He feels great today, the beginning of the week…opportunity spread out before him. Even the thick traffic fails to knock the smile from his lips. He turns into his office building’s underground car park and hums a tune all the way to the elevator.

She drives offensively, horn blaring at inattentive drivers, hating the commute, her radio blasting to drown out the road noise. Oblivious to the annoyance of the other drivers, she pulls into the car park at last. Shutting off the engine she leans back, letting some of the tenseness seep out of her.

Climbing wearily from her car she approaches the elevator. The man standing humming is vaguely familiar to her…same office, but she dislikes him this morning, his joyful humming grating on her nerves like fingernails on erotik hikaye oku a chalkboard.

He sees her approach, the secretary from the office next to his…he can’t quite put a name to her…he starts to smile, ready to offer up a good morning greeting when he sees the scowl, her flashing dark eyes.

He falters, his humming pausing briefly when the elevator doors open. He waits for her to get in, and she starts jabbing buttons before he can even move, the doors start to close and he shoves a foot in the way. He takes a long moment to appraise this woman, the elevator offering up that annoying buzz, her foot tapping with impatience. She leans forward, seizes his arm and pulls him in. So shocked he is by the contact , that he stumbles forward, landing on her, knocking her against the back wall.

Their lips a hairs breadth apart, he can smell her toothpaste, her eyes dark pools in which he is sure he could get lost. Unaware of the movement of the elevator they stay like this, eyes locked together, time seems to have stopped. Then suddenly her eyes show fire in them and her hands are pushing him away, he starts to say something when he realizes that the doors are once again open and there are others waiting to get in.

He stumbles to the other side as half a dozen people file in. His breathing is heavy and he steals a glance at her…her pink cheeks the only tell tale sign. He feels a tightness in his groin, shocked to find his penis growing hard as he stares at her.

Breathing a sigh of relief as the lift reaches his floor, he waits for her to leave, then quickly exits and hurries to his office, barely nodding to his own secretary on the way past. Sitting in his chair, behind his desk, his office spread out before him, his phone ringing and all he can think of is her.

They have worked next to each other for more than year and yet he cannot recall ever having exchanged so much as a greeting with her. How could he have overlooked this stunning and enigmatic woman who spends most of everyday right under his nose?

He tries to put her out of his thoughts, returning calls, catching up on his computer data logging, cross referencing numbers, the little daily tidbits that keep him busy, that usually make the day go faster. But time after time, those dark limpid eyes keep coming to mind.

Tossing down his pen, he stands up and slips into his bathroom. Checking himself in the mirror, he has decided to take action. Beat ’em or join ’em…but he must do something.

She sits at her desk, barely keeping her hand steady enough to write down the messages. She keeps feeling his breath on her cheek, the smell of him invades her nostrils and those eyes …omg…those eyes….why did she never notice his eyes before.

Shaking herself bodily, she takes a deep breath and senses someone staring at her. She lifts her eyes, to meet his, he leans on her desk, his gaze boring into her. She gasps aloud, as her lips part, she tries to remember her anger at him as he hummed…but instead all she can think of is how incredible it felt to have him pressed tight to her in the elevator. She gasps güncel sex hikayeleri oku aloud, her chest heaving and she gulps in air, fidgeting with the pen still gripped in her hand.

He opens his mouth to speak, but a wretched groan is all that comes out. Her lips part as if to speak…and she moans. He reaches for her hand and pulls her from her chair. She follows his pull, coming lithely from her chair, light on her feet, she leans towards him.

He smiles, squeezes her hand and pulls her along…past his secretary and into his office. He turns abruptly, and pushes her against the closed door. His lips finding hers, his mind swimming as he drowns in the velvety softness of her lips. His tongue pushing past her lips, he explores her mouth, still tasting faintly of toothpaste.

He pins her arms above her head with one hand while his other encircles her neck, caressing downward, feeling her soft skin. His fingers walking until they meet with the buttons of her blouse, he fumbles,unable to get them undone and with a growl he rips the front open, buttons flying. The sound of the fabric tearing, makes his cock twitch in his pants, her mound thrusts hard against him…and she moans into his open mouth.

He pulls up her skirt and yanks down her panties. She kicks frantically until they hit the floor and she can spread her legs. Her sex is quivering, pulsing with a life of its own, it pours sweet stickiness onto her thighs. He struggles with his pants, finally popping his own button and tearing at his zipper, freeing his raging cock. He pushes it between her thighs, her moans telling him of her desire.

She can hardly breathe, this man has brought to life dormant feelings in the blink of an eye. He is holding her hands, but she has no desire to move. As he tore her shirt free she thought that she might cum right there, just the sound of ripping fabric rocked her to her very core. Her legs tremble with the force of her desire, her breasts heaving, barely held in check by the lacy bra.

Unaware of their surroundings, it is only each other. He kisses her neck, teeth tearing at her flesh, his cock stroking her inner thighs. His mouth lower as he teases her nipples from her bra, sucking each in turn until her cries of desire become so loud that he growls and drags her to his desk.

Pushing her backwards onto the desk he attacks her pussy with his mouth. It is an attack, his tongue stabbing at her exposed clit, his teeth tearing at her pussy lips. He glances up to see her toying with her nipples, her entire body quivering. He renews his siege of her pussy, delving deep into her wet slit with his fingers, he pushes two inside her, curling them upwards and pressing as he thrusts hard, his tongue a constant drumming on her clit.

She cannot believe how her body is responding to this man. The depth of her arousal, the height to which he is driving her. The room spins, colours blur and she hears somebody screaming. The scream echoes the room, and suddenly she realizes it is hers. Shocked she opens her eyes and looks at him, his head buried in her streaming slit, his tongue causing her sikiş hikayeleri entire body to quiver as the orgasm continues to roll through her. She reaches to tangle her fingers in his hair, lifting her hips, pushing on him from above and below. She can feel the vibrations on her clit as he moans.

He is so aroused by the feel and sound and taste of this woman, his cock aching with the need to bury it deep in her tightness. He grabs her orgasming body and pulls her ass so that it hangs off the edge of the desk. He spreads her legs wide, and stares, open mouthed at the treasure before him. Her sweet nectar dripping from her pulsing sex.

Her moans reaching his ears, his cock tight, his balls full of spunk. He positions his cock at her entrance, pulls her legs wider still and takes a deep breath. With held breath he catches her stare, their eyes lock and with an urgent need, he drives his cock into her tight tunnel, his breath exploding as he groans.

His cock sheathed in her pussy, her muscles squeezing and releasing, he holds still, buried to the hilt. Their eyes still caught in their lustful gaze, he starts to slowly move in and out, watching her face, the look of sheer bliss that falls over her causing him to shudder violently. He cannot hold back, he pounds her pussy, tip to base, tip to base, feeling his cock grow…deeper and harder he takes her quivering cunt.

She watches him, his cock at her entrance, and then absolute heaven as he pushes in, her muscles spasming, trembling, she bites her bottom lip. He stares into her eyes, she feels that he can see right into her, see her deepest desires.

She sees the look that comes over his face, like a mask , and he starts to fuck her mercilessly. His cock a battering ram that must break through her delicate vaginal walls. She tenses and feels that familiar tightness, she reaches for her clit and frigs it while he hammers into her. She screams, over and over, her body bucking under his, her eyes close as she loses herself.

He feels the change in her body, but is still unprepared for her violent orgasm. He grabs her tighter, holding her beneath him, his cock impaling her, her walls crushing his cock as she spirals into her climax. His own scream mixes with hers, and he explodes within, his heavy balls letting loose their torrent of seed. It shoots up his cock and erupts like a volcanic explosion . He grips her so tightly it hurts his fingers and her cunt continues to milk his spunking cock.

As one, their bodies seem to settle, passion spent, muscles weary. He lets go of her legs, but stays buried inside her. His breathing starts to slow and even out as does hers. They stare at each other, as if seeing each other for the first time.

A smile plays over her lips as she at least finds a voice, “Hello, it is nice to meet you, my name is Becky.” His laugh resonates around the room as he pulls his throbbing cock from her tightness and pulls her up to meet his lips in a kiss. “Well Becky, I must say that it is indeed a pleasure meeting you.” a smile crinkles the skin around his eyes, “Just call me Tom.”

He waits, held within her for a long time, then gathers her into his arms, “We may have done this a little backwards, but would you like to have dinner with me tonight?”

Her answer, a passionate kiss, licking the sweetness from his lips, tasting her sweet nectar as their tongues dance.

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