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The Office Ch. 05

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Ball Gag

The moment I close my phone, I’m suddenly anxious again. Did I do the right thing? How sure am I about this? I stand there contemplating what I just did, my image blinking back at me from time to time. Each reason I bring up against what I’ve just done seems stronger and stronger as the intoxication of my orgasm fades.

I know I’ve crossed the line but a minute ago I didn’t care. All I wanted, all I needed was to fulfill my body’s desires. Putting my phone down on the sink I reach into my purse and pull out my lip-gloss. A few quick dabs and then I’m fixing the small amount of make-up I use. My exertions have left me looking slightly awry. I fix my hair, pulling it back behind my ears. My glasses I straighten. I take a final look at myself. Nothing about my appearance is outwardly suspicious I try to tell myself.

Underneath my formal business exterior my body is covered in my deviancy. The skin around my nipples feels tight with drying cum. My wet thong and bush a constant reminder of how far I let myself go. I try to collect myself. One, two, three breaths and then I feel more ready. I grab my purse and exit the washroom. I hold the door open for a second, my co-worker Melissa is coming in.

“Hi Melissa,” I say while holding the door.

“Janice, I haven’t seen you in awhile. How’s the project going?” she asks.

Smiling I say, “Pretty good actually. I think Alex is finishing up the last of it tomorrow.” Melissa is a little shorter than I am and she’s been working at the company for about three years. I met her my first day at the office and since then we’ve kept up a cordial friendship.

“Well if you’re not too busy Friday night, why don’t you come with everyone after work. We’re all going out for drinks and plus we can catch up.” She says chattily.

“I can do that,” I reply with another smile. I shift my weight to my other heel and continue, “You have my number right?”

“I’m not sure, let me check.” Melissa pulls out her cell and flips it open, a few seconds later she nods her head. “Great, I’ll invite a few other people and we’ll make an evening out of it.” Smiling, I hold the door as she goes in and I depart for my desk.

Arriving at my desk I sit down and spin around to my computer. No new emails. I wonder what’s going on. Maybe I went to far; maybe one of the twins is waiting for something, either way I don’t know. I look over, craning my head to the right. The twins are at their desk silently working. My hand moves up by my face and tucks my long bangs back behind my ear. Going back to my laptop I open up one of my designs in illustrator. It’s maybe five minutes later when I see Melissa walk past my desk. She waves and then sits down at her desk.

I continue working for about an hour when I hear my phone buzzing. I reach under my desk and pull my purse onto my lap. Pulling out the phone I see that there’s a new voicemail. Swiveling back to my computer, my cell pinched between my shoulder and cheek I continue with my design. A few seconds later after the automated voice finishes a familiar voice hits my ear and suddenly I’m teleported back to the bathroom, back to the rooftop garden.

“Janice, you’re such an eager girl,” says the smooth baritone voice. The phone adds a slight texture to his voice; it’s intoxicating. I can feel my cheeks redden at being called eager. Sitting in my chair I’m intensely aware of my dirty panties, of the faint layer of cum I had smeared on my breasts; I vividly recall his taste on my tongue. All at once I feel guilty, I feel ashamed of what I’ve done, and all it does is turn me on.

I turn in my chair looking away from everyone as the voice continues. “I’m really surprised by you. This whole time I’ve been watching you; you’ve seemed so distant, so disconnected, almost shy. And now this…” My shoulders are hunched as I huddle in my chair, I feel very small in a way, it seems as though he can perceive much about how I feel towards myself. “Janice,” the use of my name excites me, “I need you to do something for me…” I’m burning with curiosity and fear. I want to know what he wants of me but at the same time I’m terrified of this game that I’m in. It’s spiraling faster and faster away from me and out of my control.

“Before you leave work I want you to go to the mail room. Get a large envelope and then put your panties in it. Leave the envelope behind the copier. If you do that, I’ll think about giving you what you asked for…” The voicemail ends. I’m breathing quickly, my face is warm as I sit up, my hand pushing my glasses back. I look around, and then I realize who just called şişli escort me. Looking over I see both of the twins. They look exactly as they did an hour earlier.

My hands aren’t quite as steady as I would like. I take a deep breath. By now, by today, after what has happened so far, I wouldn’t think something like this would still affect me so much. I’ve never had someone so openly command me. Knowing what he desired and being able to still feel what I have done inside my panties was so erotic. I looked back towards the twins my eyes heavy with my arousal, trying to figure out which one of them had just asked for my soiled thong.

Unthinkingly I moved my chair closer to my desk while my left hand slid down beside my ass. Crossing my legs, I moved my hand closer. I could feel the warmth from my leg as my hand dipped inside the wool skirt. Just before my fingertip reached the crease between my legs I heard over my shoulder, “Jani, can you come over here? I think my computer froze again.” Silently cursing my co-worker I remove my hand from under my leg and stand up.

Walking over to his desk I smile, “No problem Alex.” Looking at the screen I wonder what’s going on. Leaning towards the computer I fiddle with it for a minute. The movement of my arms periodically bumps by breasts. I can feel them shift slightly in my bra. “Sorry, I’m not sure. Maybe restart it. Or just get one of the tech guys to help you.” Nodding, Alex says thanks and then since I’m up I walk down past where the twins are sitting, one of them looks up, Danny maybe? I can’t tell yet. Passing them by I head to the water cooler, filling a glass and then slowly I take a sip, allowing my body and mind to cool.

After a second cup I check my watch. I have about thirty minutes before I finish work. I walk back to my desk and attend to my work. Soon enough the watch says 4:00. I take a minute to pack up and then leave; infuriatingly both twins are sitting at their desks chatting. I only have to go down to the end of the hallway to get to the mailroom.

I’m sure I look much more relaxed than I really am as I walk in. There’s one person over at a desk using the cutting board. I stop for a moment, debating whether or not I should back out. Walking slowly into the room I angle towards the mailboxes. I grab a large envelope from the shelf. Looking back over my shoulder I see the woman is still busy. There is a counter and a few tables with computers between us.

I’m terribly nervous as I edge toward the table. My plan is to crouch down and quickly pull my panties off before anyone notices, stuff them in the envelope, stand back up and then drop them behind the copier before walking out like nothing happened. My hands are shaking as they touch the cool surface of the countertop. I’m almost out of breath from the adrenaline coursing through my body.

I look back at the woman; she’s stacking the papers she just cut. Taking a deep breath, I drop down, pulling up on my skirt and feeling the wool bunching around my waist. Sliding my thumbs under the waist of my thong I pull, the back slides out of my ass as the front pulls away from my crotch. Pantyless, I can see my bush as my hands push down. The thong stops at my knees, letting go I stand up, pushing down my skirt at the same time. I feel the skirt drop over my exposed pussy.

When I stand I feel my thong drop between my legs to the floor. I look down and step one foot out. Lifting my leg upwards I grab the thong off my shoe. Holding it in my hand I can feel where the crotch is still moist. I’m also much more aware of my unclothed vagina. It’s slightly cooler without the thong and I don’t have the ever present slight tightness of the fabric against my lips and in between my ass cheeks.

Taking the thong I quickly cram it into the envelope. I then pull the metal tabs and seal the envelope. I notice that I’m once more aroused; my nipples are perky and visible. I’m still shaking, my hands are trembling and my body is filled with nervous excitement. I can’t remember ever being in such a state before. Taking the envelope I turn around and move to the copier. I run a hand through my hair while letting out a sigh. Getting up to the copier, I look around one final time. The woman’s left. No one is here. I reach over the copier and drop the envelope.

I check each side to make sure the envelope can’t be seen and then with an excited bounce I turn around and walk out. The hood of my jacket is flopping back and forth as I head tot he car, inside my head I’m screaming, “I did it! I can’t believe I did it! mköy escort I just gave someone one of my thongs. Someone I don’t even know really, I gave them something I had committed the most intimate act in.” I felt alive, excited, and all together quite horny.

Clicking my way to my cars in my heels, my sudden euphoria is curbed slightly as the cold air plays in between my legs. I feel my normally warm pussy turn just as cool as my legs. Hurrying up, I get to my car and unlock it. Tossing in my purse, I get in my car and turn it on then the heat. Soon I’m comfortable and warm as I drive home. The whole time I’m driving I can feel my legs slightly rubbing when I accelerate and brake. I so want to touch myself, but I don’t have enough time to attend to myself while driving.

I promise myself once I’m home, I’ll make up for it. It takes me my normal twenty minutes or so to get back to my apartment. On the way up to my door my phone rings, I answer it and begin talking to Melissa. “Hey, Jani how are you?” she asks.

“I’m good,” I reply while pushing open my door. Dropping my purse on my kitchen counter I shuffle through the mail I picked up while Melissa continues.

“So for Friday I have a ton of people. It’s going to be downtown at Elven50…” I know the place its one of the bigger nightclubs in the area. “I’ve reserved an area for us. I’m having everyone show up at 11:30 or so.”

“That sounds like a lot of fun,” I say.

“Good, and make sure you wear something cute. I have a couple friends I want you to meet. They’re in our business,” she replies.

“Great, and thanks Melissa.” Suddenly curious I ask, “Who did you invite by the ways?”

“Just about everyone from our office. So maybe like twenty people, well I gotta run. See you Friday!” she says. I say goodbye and then hang up the phone. It sounds as if Chris and Danny will be there. Thinking about the two of them gets me thinking about what I had just done at work. I also ponder what he might do once he has the envelope. Going in my bedroom I start to undress, I toss my clothes on the floor and then from my dresser I grab a pair of pink panties. Stretching with a yawn, I give my pussy a quick rub before I hop into my bed. Turning on my side, I take my glasses off and close my eyes. My hand idly strokes my mound as I drift off to sleep.

It’s about two hours later or so before I open my eyes. I’m lying on my back looking up at the ceiling. I try to remember what dreams I dreamt but they’re fleeting and soon forgotten. Stretching I look over at my clock. I told my friend Emily I’d meet her for dinner around eight o’clock. Sitting up, I feel my tits hang slightly as I slide my legs out from under the covers. I stand up and make my way over to my bathroom. Pulling off my panties, I hop into the shower. I turn the water and hop backwards. The water is cold but it gradually warms. Soon the air is moist as I wash my hair. As I’m soaping my body I smile as I remember smearing the cum over my breasts and how excited I had been at work.

As I’m washing I casually pinch my nipples and gently rub between my legs. I close my eyes allowing my hands to drift as I enjoy the warm water washing over me. I stand there like that for some time before I finally shut the water off. Grabbing for my towel I dry off before putting my glasses back on. Stepping out of the shower I wrap the towel around my chest and walk out to my room. Sitting down at my vanity I reach down to the floor and grab my hair dryer. Soon my hair is nice and dry.

Looking over my shoulder I see I have about an hour or so to get ready. As I brush my hair the movement of my arms slowly loosens my towel. Uncaring, I let the towel drop down to my waist. I can see my pert breasts splayed across my chest. My nipples are pointing slightly to the sides and as I comb my hair they jiggle slightly. Putting the brush down, I open the top drawer of my vanity and pull out my make-up case. I pause for a moment. With a delicious grin on my face, I push the drawer closed and then open the one underneath it.

In it, I have a number of personal items but at the back is what I want. I can feel the soft PVC texture of it as I grip it. I haven’t used my dildo in ages I remind myself. My nipples are already stiffening as I bring out the pink seven-inch length of rubber. My hand wraps nicely around the textured shaft. I can feel the veins running up towards the head of the dildo. Looking forward, I see myself holding it; I close my eyes as I bring it towards my mouth. I picture one of the twins. His pants unzipped in front of me, güngören escort my hand holding his cock as my mouth slowly opens. I flick my tongue out tentatively, then more assertively as the head enters my mouth.

I close my lips around the back of the head and slowly roll my tongue over the tip. I can see him responding. His body moving slowly as he begins to feel my tongue playing with him, teasing him, asking for more. Long seconds drag by before the tip leaves my mouth; it circles my lips. I’m getting so aroused as I focus on the image in my head. My hands are holding him, holding his warm balls as I take him into my mouth.

I pull the tip out once more, trailing the tip down my chin and in between my breasts. My hand brings the dildo down to the wood of the vanity seat. My pussy is aching; I can feel my lips opening. Lifting my ass I pull my towel aside and in its place I set my dildo. I’m picturing laying him down somewhere, maybe my bed, maybe an office desk. I moan, my lips quivering as my spread legs drop my body onto the tip.

I feel it pushing against my lips. My saliva and wetness mix as I rub the tip against my slit. My teeth bite down on my lower lip as I watch myself slowly take him into me. It’s so tight at first, my greedy lips trying to slide over the still dry rubber. Lifting myself up, I feel the tip leave my pussy for a second before I settle back down. Taking one hand off the seat I let it go to my breasts. It hurts more this time when I start to pinch and tug at my nipples. My body is tired from how much I’ve played with it today but still I want more, my body craves it.

The tip splits my lips again, this time I fall much farther down. Inside my pussy I squeeze, tightening my hold onto his member. I start to move up and down keeping it inside. I can see his face, their faces looking back at me. It’s the same face but different I know. Slowly riding my dildo I silently wish it were real, quietly I say, “Please Danny, please.” My tits are bouncing more and more as I quicken my rhythm. I can feel a throbbing pulse building around my hips and legs. My nipples are radiating pleasure as I pull each one slowly, pinching them, and toying with the small ring in my left nipple.

I’m slowly getting used to the size of the dildo. The thickness stretches my vagina as I ease my way to the base. Releasing my breasts, my hand travels to between my rocking thighs. It glides through my damp bush and over my mound. The soft dark blonde hair is wet with sweat and my increasing arousal. I’m moaning as I envision taking his cock deep within me. My hips are undulating as I open my eyes. I’m looking right at myself. My eyes are dimmed in a haze and my cheeks are a feverish red. My nipples are fully aroused, lewd in their proclamation of desire.

My hand and fingers are slippery from my excretions. I look down and see my pussy being pierced over and over. It’s he who is doing this. “Please!” I moan, beseeching my imagination for what I lack in the here and now. My foot slips on the carpet as a tremor from my gaping and wet cunt brings me close. My fingers push my lips wide, the dildo and my middle finger toying mercilessly with my clit.

I’m looking down. I can barely breath. I feel my stomach tighten. I hit the bottom of the dildo quivering; my hips lift up. His glistening cock slides from my open vagina just as I begin to gush. My cum sprays out from my achingly wide pussy, a second burst follows it but is cut off as I sit back on the dildo. I feel my spasming and contracting pussy frantically gripping onto the dildo as cum leaks from my lips.

Slowly I pull my body off the impaling dildo. A gooey line of cum hangs from my labia as I try to stand. The undersides of my breasts are slick with sweat and move easily on my chest. In the mirror my body is fully aroused and exposed. On the seat of the vanity is the dildo; an erect island in the puddle of cum my orgasm has left behind.

I squat down feeling a slight stretch across my pussy as I lean towards the bulbous head of the dildo. I see myself reaching for him, smiling, knowing that I’ve pleased him as I take the wet cock in my hand. I can feel my juices on his shaft. I let my eyes close as I move my head forward. My hair sweeps past my cheeks, some of it sticking to his cock before my lips accept it. I can feel his warmth as I slowly begin to lap my cum from him, cleaning his member. As I do so, the familiar smell of my arousal surrounds me.

My body is throbbing, I’m numb, and my mind is utterly clear save for one thought, an image of one of him holding my soiled panties. Dirty from two acts to which I just completed the third and final act. I lift my head from his now clean cock, the taste of my cum fresh on my tongue as I look upwards at him. My pussy aches in a most delicious way as I watch him lift the panties up before inhaling my guilty scent.

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