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The Newlin’s, Marcie , Mark Pt. 20

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Paris Waterman

Part 20

Meeting and Mating

Mark was enjoying his one full day to himself off, strolling through the waterfront shops and restaurants of Chastened still familiarizing himself with them. Ever on the lookout for potential architectural possibilities, he carried his latest toy—the most recent digital camera on the market. He was already acknowledged by his softball teammates as their professional photographer and in demand to show off his latest pictures after their games.

The females on the team were only too glad to pose (thus far clothed, well at least in a bikini) for he made his models look very sleek and desirable.

It was almost seven fifteen in the evening and he was sitting at a sidewalk café enjoying a glass of wine the sunset and people watching. Earlier he had gotten what he considered some excellent candid shots of some elderly men playing dominos while sitting on a park bench.

Of course he couldn’t help but admire the passing women as well as they swung their hips in that wonderful way that women seemed to have perfected in order to attract men the world over. He began playing with his camera, trying to capture the light on a pair of pigeons when a woman stepped into the frame. Mark couldn’t take his eyes away from her. She had an inner glow that made it look like a sunbeam was following her across the square. She was a tall, long legged, well tanned beauty wearing a short yellow sundress with a tight bodice that couldn’t hide the fact she was not wearing a bra. Her breasts if she had been wearing a bra would have needed a C cup. Her erect nipples pushed the fabric out in a most delightful way. He guessed she was about his age.

Raising the camera to his eye, Mark peered through the viewfinder and focused on her. He had a feeling he’d seen her somewhere before, but couldn’t place it. He thumbed the zoom button and her face leaped out at him. Her resemblance to Rana was uncanny!


He lowered the lens an inch and took six or seven photos of her chest, especially the protruding nipples. He would have taken more but she disappeared into a dark cloud that compelled to make him lower the camera and see what was causing the problem.

It was the woman herself. She had apparently taken exception to his picture taking and moved in to confront him. He looked up and into her beautiful brown eyes.

She was not amused.

“So do you like what you see?” she barked.

“Um, I do—I do!” he replied, “I’m sorry … may I offer you a glass of wine? Again, I’m sorry. I was taking pictures of the pigeons and you sort of walked into the frame and … well, you’re very attractive, so I kept shooting.”

“I caught your eye?”

“Yes, you caught my eye,” Mark said, trying to overcome his sudden nervousness.

“It would seem I caught more than your eye,” she said with a smirk, and pointed to the prominent bulge in my slacks.


Mark belatedly dropped his napkin over the tell-tale bump as the woman pulled up a chair from a nearby table and sat down beside him.

“Let’s see what you’ve been up to—you know, you and your pigeons,” and held out a hand for the camera.

Mark switched it to replay mode and gave it to her. She leaned in to look at the LCD screen and he leaned a bit to peek down the front of her sundress.

Tit for tat, he thought, admiring the swell of her upper breasts, regretting the fact that he was denied a look at the nipples, so close and yet so far away.

Her lips twitched as she tried to hide a smile as she glanced sideways at him. “I see you’ve captured some of my best features, and so quickly too. That’s impressive.”

Mark looked into the viewfinder and saw what she was talking about. The image had her facing slightly to her left with her right breast and its delightful nipple and prominent areola just visible in the gap of her dress.

But Mark recovered quickly and answered by telling her, “Nice, but I’d rather you approach from the opposite direction with the sunlight behind you. You would appear so much more striking then.”

Thinking he might have gone too far he started to apologize only to find her already walking away from him.

Shit, I blew it, he thought, and then realized she was standing precisely where he had told her he wanted her with the outline of her body clearly visible through the thin material of the dress.

Then, as she faced away, the sunlight flowed between her legs and he could see just a hint of the outline of her pussy lips. Mark raised the camera to his eye and watched her slowly start to turn. He kept a finger on the exposure button for roughly ten seconds or fifty or so images.

When he lowered the camera she gave him a wry smile and walked towards him. Sitting down she held her hand out for the camera. He thought she wanted to look again but instead she raised it to her eye, pointed it in his direction and started to take his photo.

Not his face, but the very prominent bulge in his slacks.

“This should convince you that this was real and not a dream,” sex hikayeleri she laughed.

He joined her in laughing and offered his hand, saying, “I’m Mark, and I’m very pleased to meet you.

“I’m Marcie and I like a man who shows his appreciation the way you do.”

She accepted his offer of a glass of wine, and later allowed him to buy them both a detectible shrimp dish. He learned that she was a musician and played piano in Tampa, but had just met an old friend who was offering her two distinct opportunities to play locally.

“I KNEW IT!” He all but shouted. “I knew I’d seen you before. You play piano at Coyne’s Steakhouse over by Bednarik Crossing.”

Marcie smiled and took hold of his hand. “That’s me all right. I’m also signed up to play occasionally at the Playhouse … um, I can’t think of the name at the moment.”

“Would it be the Chastened Theatre on Moten Street?”

“Yeah,” she said, making it the sexiest way he’d ever heard it expressed.

“I’ve never met an architect before. What is it you build?”

“Um, I don’t actually build anything. I design buildings, large and small. I’ve got an office here in town. I have been working for other companies, lastly in Orlando for the Disney people.”

“Oh, I worked in Orlando too. I wonder if we might have met.”

“We haven’t met until today, Marcie. I’d remember you, oh yeah, I’d remember you.”

Marcie laughed and picked up the camera and started to scroll back through the images. Her lips pursed and the tip of her tongue peeked out as she concentrated on the images being displayed on the screen. She smiled at the images of herself. She commented that one of the domino players was a neighbor, but until this image she had never seen him smile.

Suddenly Marcie stiffened, Mark glanced at the image and I stiffened as well. There on the screen was the image of Scotia lying naked on his bed.

“Oh, shit … I’m sorry, Marcie. I forgot that was still on the memory card. I haven’t been with, or um, seen her in a while now.”

The images grew more graphic as Marcie scrolled on, and Mark’s erection returned, this time staining his slacks as it wept with precum from his aroused state.

This was caused in part by Marcie’s reaction to the erotic images she was looking at. Her breathing had increased and a red flush was slowly creeping up her chest in the direction of her face. Her nipples were even more pronounced if that were possible.

She slid forwarded on the chair until her buttocks were perched on the edge and the hem of the dress slid up her tanned, perfectly formed legs until he could see a hint of white thong. Her hand stretched out and grasped his thigh as she continued scrolling.

The hand moved across into his lap and grasped his fully hard member through the slacks; Mark gasped and turned in towards her in order to mask her activity from the passersby.

She started rocking slowly back and forward on the edge of the chair. Her head now bent forward as she began to pant. He took her hand and pulled her towards him and kissed her full on the lips. She moved her head back and looked him in the eye, then smiled and pointed at the wet mark at the top of the bulge in his slacks.

“Did I do that?”

“Yes, you did.”

“You should take a picture of it.”

“Listen, Marcie. Um, my place … that is my office is just around the corner …”

“That’s very tempting Mark, but I’m not going to sleep with you; not now anyway.”

She stood up, brushed the front of her yellow sundress off and left him sitting there, totally befuddled. What had she meant by ‘Not now anyway?’


A week later Mark was at a cocktail party thrown by the Dean of the local Community College to celebrate the completion of the newest portion of the college Mark had designed.

Mark was dateless, as he enjoyed the role of being one of the few eligible bachelors in town.

Following the mandatory speeches and backslapping, and a few words with some influential politicians, Mark wandered over to the bar to refresh his drink and encountered a familiar face across the room. Their eyes met briefly and she quickly smiled then looked away.

Before he could make his way over to her he was intercepted by Darren Snell, a realtor about a potential property that might require architectural work before it was resalable. Just when Mark thought they might be getting down to serious business, Snell looked at his watch and said, “Look, this is really isn’t doable right now. I gotta run. Give me a call in a couple days. I’ve got a meeting I can’t miss. Please keep in touch, Mark, and if I can help you out, let me know, okay?”

With that Snell drained his beer and laid a $10 bill on the bar.

“You got it, David, thanks,” Mark said.

Snell patted him on the shoulder, and left. Mark looked in the mirror and noticed that the woman—the unforgettable woman in the yellow dress the other day—was sitting with three other young ladies, all enjoying drinks and chatting away. Their eyes met again and she held his gaze for a adult hikayeler few seconds.

Half an hour later, the girls were finished and paying their bill. As they left, the woman circled back and walked to the bar. “Waiting for someone?” she asked.

“Yes, you; have a seat.”

She offered a hand and said, “Marcie Dolan.”

He shook it and said, “I remember you. You’re hard to forget. Mark Newlin. Can I buy you a drink?”

She assumed the stool and said, “Sure, why not?”

Mark waved the bartender over and said, “What will it be?”

“I’d like a Chardonnay, please.”

“And I’ll have another beer.” The bartender left and they turned to face each other. “Haven’t seen you around lately,” she said.

“Well I’ve seen you. I caught a set at Coyne’s Steakhouse, Friday night. You play beautifully, by the way.”

“Thank you. I didn’t know you were a big shot here in town.”

“”I’m not. I’m a struggling architect who has had a modicum of success here.”

“More than a little I’d say from the way the Dean was talking.”

“Let’s see if he offers me the next project at the school before we kiss his ring.”

“I recall you saying you worked in Orlando. Did you have your own firm there?”

He recalled telling her he’d worked for Disney, and simply repeated the fact to her.

She nodded and waited for him to continue.

So he did.

“Disney was okay. I learned quite a bit there. Very good people, but I felt constrained to a degree. Maybe I was just anxious to be out on my own. Now I am, you know—living life dangerously.”

He waited for her to tell him about herself.

“Um, well I spent a couple years in Orlando and almost two more in Tampa. I’m here about seven months now. I’m bored silly. Not exactly having a ball but paying the bills. Where did you go to school?”

“Nebraska. My first serious project was in a small Louisiana town. Now there I met some great people. I still touch base with them from time to time. I came to the Sunshine State to change the world. And you?”

“Florida Atlantic University, that’s in Boca Raton. Majored in Music. I came here to join a band but it didn’t work out. I got lucky and caught on with the weekly gig at the Steakhouse. I hope it’s a temporary thing.”

The drinks arrived. They touched glasses, said, “Cheers,” and each took a drink.

He’s tall and I love his hair. He knows how to talk to a woman and his voice is just husky enough to keep me turned on for a good while … those hands … look strong, I wonder …

So what’s next?” Mark asked breaking into her daydream.

Marcie came back to Earth. “Who knows in this town? I’m watching the job market, looking for openings, same as a thousand others. The job situation isn’t that good right now.”

“You majored in music, are there other possibilities other than playing in a lounge?”

“Sure … I was hooked up with a group of guys that worked at a studio. Now that’s serious money. I mean, if you’re on a hit recording, well man that means serious change coming in, and more than that, other artists want you to play for them.”

‘What happened?”

“Aw, the lead guitarist was on drugs, but we all knew that. Only he moved onto ‘H’ and OD’d. He didn’t die, but the group broke up and I was out in leftfield. It seems there’s too many decent piano players out there.”

“Record anything I might have heard.” “I doubt it. We were lined up to back up Willie Nelson on three numbers, but that’s when he OD’d, the guitarist, not Willie.”

“What about you? What’s next after this Community college thing?”

Mark laughed as if this was humorous. “I have high hopes; yeah … I had this one project but the market for architects’ is kinda slow at the moment. I’m hoping to build my reputation around here. That’s why I’m here tonight. I did get a couple nibbles. We’ll see.”

Marcie chuckled and said, “You’d look cute on a billboard.”

“Now that’s a thought,” he said, and they clinked glasses and laughed. Her legs were crossed and her skirt was high on the thighs. Mark had had several beers and was sitting close, almost touching. Lovely legs, he thought.

She took a drink, sat the glass on the bar and said, “You have plans for later tonight?”

“None whatsoever. You?”

“I’m free. I have a roommate who works for the Census Bureau and she’s gone all the time. I really hate being alone.”

“Ahhh, you move pretty fast.”

“Not as fast as you did with your camera the other day.”

They both laughed at that, and then she said, “Do you have it with you?”

“No, not on me.”

“I meant like in your car, or apartment.”

“I keep it in the trunk of my car,” His erection was full bloom. Marcie dropped her hand over it.

“Seems we’ve done this before,” He said in a strained, raspy voice.

“I love déjà vu, don’t you?”

“Why waste time? I’m just like you and right now we’re thinking about the same thing.”

Mark adjusted himself as best he could to hide his erection and they left without making the rounds saying goodbyes.

As they drove sex hikayelerin away, she took his hand and placed it on an exposed thigh. He chuckled and whispered, “I love this town; so many aggressive women.”

“I thought that was Washington D.C.”

“Chastened’s a smaller version. Lovely women everywhere.”

Marcie took a firm grip on his cock, squeezed it as hard as she could while whispering, “Some of the men in this town aren’t so bad either,” and then stuck her tongue in his ear.

He parked outside her apartment on Roosevelt Avenue, and they strolled inside, hand in hand.

It would prove to be a long night and it was only 10:45 p.m. ____________________________

“I don’t have an ocean view, sorry,” she said, not caring if he cared or not.

They went straight into a bedroom. As she turned her head to smile at him, he knocked over a chair moving to her side. He cradled her face in his hands and before he even thought about it he was devouring her mouth. Marcie jumped into his arms while wrapping her legs around his waist.

He did have strong hands, but he was smart enough to let her take control. She broke her mouth from his only to start nibbling and licking the side of his neck up to the ear while pulling out the tie that was keeping her from the rest of his neck. Then she moaned in his ear while digging her hands into his hair. He grabbed her hips and sat her on the vanity and she slid her legs down from his waist.

Mark had one hand cradling her head and the other hand on her ass pulling her closer. He was whispering words she didn’t quite comprehend, but the mere sound of his voice turned her on. He tilted her head back and her mouth opened as he slid his tongue into it. He was grinding his boner against her hip. Her moaning and whining into his mouth was driving him wild.

Marcie moved off of the vanity and turned matters into somewhat of a tug of war make out session. He grabbed her hips and shoved her into the wall. She grunted from the sudden impact, and when he lifted her up, her legs went back around his waist.

He looked down and saw that her dress was pushed up revealing her long legs with garters and stockings. He moaned as he slid his hands up to maul her breasts pushing her cleavage up through her low cut top. He began kissing and licking the tops of her mounded breasts. And when she moaned in response, he sought out her mouth once more.

When the kiss ended she slowly lowered her legs detaching herself from him while bestowing an evil smile at him. “You’ve torn your jacket by the shoulder,” she said, then started pushing the jacket off of him, caressing his shoulders as she did so. Moments later he realized she had taken off his tie and was opening his white shirt.

“Fuck, you’re hot,” Mark blurted out. Marcie laughed, and having complexly unbuttoned his shirt, bent her head and bit his left nipple.

She raised her face to his and licked his lower lip, then leaned back and asked, “So, you like my legs?”

Mark nodded.

“Sit down, baby,” she cooed, and he sat down in the chair by the vanity.

“Mmmmm,” Marcie mused, taking him in, then lifted a leg onto the chair and nuzzled his crotch with her foot while sensually running both hands up her thigh. Reaching out, she put her hand behind his neck and gently pulled his face to her inner thigh. Mark discerned the smell of her arousal, along with the faint touch of perfume; telling him that she was just as turned on as he was.

Marcie didn’t flash her sexy smile, but instead dismounted from his lap and stood in front of him. Mark started to stand up as well, but she put both hands on his shoulders and pushed him back down into the chair. She then bit her lip. She was already taking off her clothes.

He watched her for a moment then did the same. Marcie stood nude watching him pull off his shoes and socks.

“Mmmm, nice one; is it in good working order?”

He laughed and gave his penis a slap, making a ‘boing’ sound as his boner flounced about.

“I love a good fucking; I hope you do,” Marcie said as they got into her bed.

Mark growled in agreement and rearranged her so that she faced the mirror over the vanity by the wall with her ass poking up and with no further preliminaries, mounted her from behind.

The only sounds in the room were grunts and groans and soft squishy squeaking of the bedsprings as he pounded into her.

Marcie, face buried in a pillow, was startled to find herself cumming at around the two-minute mark. Raising her head slightly she heard herself panting and grunting as his balls slapped against her ass. Wanting to prolong the sensational feeling, she swiveled away from him— realized her loss, and panic-stricken—pulled him right back inside her again.

With his shaft doing incredible things to her vagina, Marcie realized he hadn’t cum and she had. He’s a stayer, she thought, as another wave of pleasure coursed through her body. Oh, thank Christ … I needed this!

And while he continued to pound away, she deftly tiptoed backward to the edge, taking him with her and then began milking him until that final moment before he released his load; when he grew even harder seconds before jettisoning his sperm into her while calling her name and she came again before collapsing, exuding pure gratitude.

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