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The New Girl Ch. 03

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Things around the office had been strange lately, as his partner was heading back home to resume his consulting business. The activity level had increased beyond reasonable, and looked like it would continue for some time. His free time was minimal, as was his opportunity to plan the next stage of his seduction of her. He spent some time looking for dildos, butt plugs, strap-ons, and any other toys that might have promise, but a trip to the adult toy store was not in the cards anytime soon.

As the time for his partner’s departure neared, and the requisite ‘going away parties’ were being discussed, he decided that he should interject himself in the process. A few key people in a more casual setting might be more appropriate, at least for those people closest to his partner. With a Friday coming up, the traditional ‘Margarita Friday’ at the local Mexican restaurant seemed a great place to start. She didn’t have ‘kids duty’ this weekend, and was basically in a ‘I can be a cumslut whore if I want to’ mode. Not that she ever did, but he liked to remind her what she was capable of. He was a bachelor for the weekend, but didn’t anticipate anything happening, so really made no plans at all.

It was a good dinner, with pitchers of Margaritas flowing, but no one overindulging, and everyone enjoying themselves. It wasn’t until after dinner, when they were all trying to plan their next move that she said ‘Let’s go to the strip joint!’

She was serious, which was amusing to him, but not necessarily Avcılar Escort believed by the rest. They knew she could be a little ‘off the wall’ at times, but just assumed she was kidding, trying to be ‘one of the boys’, which she basically was at the moment.

He knew better. He was aware of her fascination with strip joints, and the field trips she and her ex made while on vacations around the country.

He always enquired “Do you usually go on amateur night?”

“No” she would say, shaking her head, either not understanding his implication or unwilling to go there. She enjoyed watching the action, receiving lap dances, and was more than willing to stuff bills into a dancers g-string.

He was sure she relished the attention, becoming the focus, if even for a short period of time, of multiple potential sex partners in the highly charged atmosphere. He also wondered about the extent of her interest in multiple partners, and did women fit in to those fantasies?

“No” she would say, while women were better at kissing because of their soft lips, and she admitted that ‘playing with boobies’ might be interesting, she insisted there was no attraction to women. She had an aversion to the smell of pussy juice, such that she couldn’t even tolerate being kissed after having her pussy licked by her lover.

She insisted that men ‘got the raw end of the deal’ there. At least she could just ‘swallow’ and make it go away while sucking a cock, while Beylikdüzü Escort men had to endure the taste and smell of pussy juice. There might have been a touch of homophobia there, but he didn’t think so. He did wonder if she didn’t protest a little too much to mask an interest she didn’t want unmasked?

For his part, he was completely incapable of comprehending her remark. He probably wore a beard for the sole purpose of extending the taste and odor of recent lovemaking. He loved eating pussy, pure and simple. Given a choice, pussy won over fucking. Not every time, but virtually any time. And as often as not, his partners never objected to his sharing of their essence with them, some even relishing it!

“Let’s go” he said. That created a divided response from the group, but after some cajoling, they generally agreed, and exited the restaurant. Due to the final destination of the individual members of group being spread like the four winds, this was going to be a caravan rather than a party bus type trip. It was a 20 minute trip if you didn’t hit all the lights, and you didn’t need to stop for gas!

He arrived 30 minutes later, only to find her waiting patiently, and alone. His dick sprang to attention immediately on seeing her. She had dressed appropriately for the restaurant, an attractive dress, showing some cleavage, but not an inappropriate amount. No hose, as was the fashion of the day, and a new pair of CFM heels that literally Esenyurt Escort screamed “COME FUCK ME!” Which was exactly what he intended to do.

“Where is everyone?” he asked.

“I have no idea” she said. “I saw a couple of them turn off right at the restaurant, lost track of the rest along the way, and figured I might just be the only one coming. Except for you. I was fairly sure you would show up.”

Without hesitation, or thinking it through, he walked up to her, brushed her hair away from her face and kissed her lightly on the lips. Their first kiss. He held her close, gently caressing her cute ass. He knew she like thongs, but apparently not tonight, and decided that if she had been wearing any underwear earlier, she had lost it during the trip.

He resisted feeling for her pussy, sensing it was what she wanted. She tried to guide his hand to the sweet spot between her legs, but he reversed the move, allowing her to feel his bulging cock through his jeans. Not for long, as he had no idea how much, or little, of her attention that it would take to cause him to blow his load. He did think about bending her over the hood of the car and giving her a taste of what his cock felt like in her pussy, but he also thought that he needed time to build a little anticipation, especially since they hadn’t even seen the dancers yet. He noticed her ‘headlights were on’ and did manage to find a rock hard nipple on her left breast, confirming what he had seen on her phone. No, it may not have been as proud and firm as it once was, but it was considerably more than a mouthful, or even a handful, and he was sure it would be just as sweet as any he had tasted previously.

His touch was firm, but not rough. Likewise, his tone and hand on her arm was commanding as he said “Let’s go inside and check out the pussy!”

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