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The Neighbor

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A home should be a sanctuary, a place to find refuge from the world of business. That is what I always swore my home would be. So I bought a place in a small valley nestled between two mountains. I had done all the necessary homework, sunny over 300 days a year, mild climate, rarely below freezing, trout stream nearby, large city within 45 minutes, secluded, 10 acres of forests – the list of positives went on and on.

There was only one problem — the Commune. It wasn’t one of those free-love, let’s get naked kind of places. This group of people had gathered together for religious purposes – austere would be the operative word.

My home was back against a mountain and to reach it I was required to drive through the small village, past the church with it dark colors, the homes indistinguishable from each other.

For over a year, I never actually knew any of my neighbors. I would say hello, knew what they looked like, maybe even a name or two, but that was it. There was no interaction between us.

Then I changed my job. I was able to work at home via a remote satellite hookup now. Suddenly my little paradise became home and office all rolled into one.

I discovered I had a lovely neighbor – quite young, but still a feast for the eyes.

I met her while fixing a fence on my yard. This little wisp of a thing darted past me. I couldn’t see her at first. Then she stepped from behind a tree and into the light. She wore a dress that looked like a huge sack with a hole cut into the top for her head. It reached down to her ankles and should have made her look like an unshapely bag of feed. Yet nothing could hide what was inside. I saw the roundness of her chest, the curve of her hips.

“I’m just about done here,” I said. “Would you like to come to the house for something to drink?”

She nodded and we trudged up the path to my house. Once inside I led her to the living room where she slid onto the couch. I returned with some fresh lemonade and minutes later we were seated side by side sipping our drinks and smiling at each other.

“Is that dress comfortable?” I asked.

She shook her head. I reached out and grabbed the hem, pulling it above her knees and rubbing it with my fingers.

“Rough as sandpaper,” I said. Then I slid my hand under the hem to touch her knee. “But you’re certainly soft,” I said. “I can’t understand how you can stand to wear this thing. It must be like torture or something.” I continued to rub her knee. She didn’t move it away, so I slid my hand against her leg and up her thigh.

“I hate it too, but Mom and Pop don’t want the boys to get crazy about me. And they don’t really have much money.”

“I understand,” I said continuing to rub her leg. “Do you mind if I rub you like this?”

“That’s ok,” she said. “It feels good, better than the dress.”

“When you visit me, you can take off your dress,” I said. “I won’t have a pretty girl like you wearing that old itchy thing. I might have something much better upstairs.”

I found an old shirt. “You can wear this if you want.” I then laughed mischievously. “Or you can wear nothing at all.”

“Oh that wouldn’t be good,” she said.

“Why not?”

“You’re not my husband you know.”

“You’re barely old enough to have a husband,” I responded. “Can’t be much older than 18. So there. Anyway, you heard that from your parents. What do they know? They don’t even know how itchy it is for you to wear that bag.”

“Do I have to be naked or can I keep my panties on.” She said the words in such an innocent way as though she was asking to have an extra desert or something. She slid the bag over her head so she stood there naked except for her bra and pink panties.

I put my arm around her, leaned over, her touching her cheek to mine. “I was just joking about being naked. You can wear the shirt if you want. “

I left the room calling back to her “I’m going to get comfortable myself. Why don’t you lie down on the couch and watch TV.”

“TV! We don’t have that.”

As I entered the living room minutes later, I noticed her lying on the couch deeply enthralled with a TV show. The ends of the shirt had lifted up and I could see the curve of her buttocks, a darkness between them – no panties, just bare skin catching the light from the windows. I had removed my clothes and was wearing a house coat that fell about halfway between my hips and knees.

“Is there any room on that sofa?” I asked.

Moments later I was safely between the lovely girl and the sofa. I slid my hand under her arm and cupped it around her small budding breast. She didn’t resist so I began to gently rub her breast through the cloth of the shirt. While this was happening my house coat slipped open and I pressed my naked body against her back. Pressing my penis to her naked butt, I felt it harden.

She had no sense of shame about the entire experience, merely enjoying it with an innocence that took my breath away. So I held her, pushing myself into her farther and farther, caressing her with steady strokes.

Eventually, the ankara escort show ended and she stood up. “It’s getting late. I better hurry home.” She glanced down at me. I had already covered myself with my house coat, but the bulge while receding was still visible.

“It was so nice to meet you,” I said. “I never knew such a lovely yet sweet and tender neighbor was so near.”

“Yes, it was fun wasn’t it,” she said with her eyes downcast. “I feel a bit funny though. It felt so natural with you, but I know it was all wrong. I sinned terribly, had these thoughts that were all wrong.”

“What thoughts?”

“Oh I can’t say.”

“You don’t have to talk about it,” I responded placing my arm around her. “I know exactly what you mean. It was like we were perfect together, like this jigsaw with your piece and mine and they simply fit without any trouble or friction.”

“Exactly.” She had this glow to her face, her eyes catching the fading light with little sparkles.

“I hope to meet again sometime,” I said as she ran out the door.

Six month passed without any contact with the mysterious neighbor. After the girl left I realized that I didn’t even know her name.

Then one morning, a station wagon pulled up to the house. Generally I keep the gate locked but this morning, I had left it wide open and they simply drove through to park in front of my garage.

A tall thin man with gray hair stepped out of the driver’s seat, a woman opposite him. He was balding, wore a plaid flannel shirt and blue overalls. The woman was smaller, bent over with age or just exhaustion. I couldn’t tell at that distance. She wore a green print dress that hung without shape to her ankles. Her hair was long, stringy, gray in color, lifeless.

Bouncing out of the back seat was my little angel. She ran up the steps and stopped in front of me.

“My parents want to talk to you,” she said, the excitement shining out of her eyes like mirrors reflecting the sun of the bright morning.

At first I was unsure whether she was afraid or happy. Had she told her parents that I had touched her? Was I in trouble?

Then the man spoke. “I know I haven’t been much of a neighbor, but I have a favor to ask. Elizabeth has told me that she’s talked to you, how nice you are, a writer. You’re our closest neighbor. All the rest of our church folk are in town, so far away.”

He fidgeted for a while, rubbing his hands over one another as though they were dirty and the soap he was using wasn’t quite good enough.

“Sarah and I need to go away for a while. Can’t take Lizzie with us. Thought maybe she could stay with you.”

“But you hardly know me,” I said. “How can you possibly trust me with such a precious treasure as your own daughter.”

“It is a tough one,” he said. “But the good work can’t be stopped because of family inconveniences.” He smiled. “You look like a good sort and Lizzie was raised good. The church folk will stop by sometimes so I’m sure it will be fine.”

“I’d love to,” I said.

Lizzie jumped into my arms and gave me a great big kiss on the lips. I even felt a bit of tongue before pulling away. “My you’re a handful,” I said laughing.

“Ain’t that the truth,” her mother muttered turning back to the car.

Then they drove away.

“Don’t you have any clothes or anything?” I asked.

“I hate all of them,” she said. I’ll just wear what I have on or maybe some of your shirts like last time.”

I laughed. “Don’t worry. I need to go into town to buy a few things anyway. We can pick up some clothes for you.”

Not wanting to endure the stares of the nearby church community, I drove the full 45 minutes to the city just past our little valley. We spent the next three hours buying jeans, underwear, nighties, shirts, shorts, dresses, everything a girl could possibly need or want. It cost me plenty but was worth it. Each time Liz left the dressing room to model her latest piece of clothing, her eyes glittered with such joy, I wanted the whole experience to last forever.

She saw a teddy that she grabbed and raced into the dressing room. I had only seen a flash of blue before it was gone from my sight. I waited in a chair just outside the dressing area. A few minutes after she disappeared a heard a soft voice. “Can you come in and see how it looks. I just must have your opinion.”

I wondered among all the closed stalls when one opened and she pulled me in. “I couldn’t very well model this one out there.”

The teddy barely covered the bottom of her thong panties leaving the curve of her buttocks still showing beneath the lacy hem. They were blue but so transparent as to allow her perky little breast full access to the burning of my stare.

“Do you like them this way or without any panties?” she asked.

“I .. I don’t know,” I stammered.

Sitting down, she slid the thongs down over her legs, spreading her legs as she did so, providing me with a clear view of a sliver of blond hair between her legs. Then she stood up spinning around so the teddy lifted into the air exposing ankara escort bayan the entire lower portion of her slender form to my gaze.

“Definitely without the panties,” I said. “You seem so much freer and open that way like a deer floating across a meadow in the evening.”

“Well then, that’s what I will wear at night,” she said. “Now how about the panties.” She slipped out of the Teddy so she was completely naked, then pulled her panties back on. I reached out and touched the fabric. They were soft to the touch. A tassel protruded from the side so I pulled it. One side of the panties fell away.

“They’re tied like shoe laces silly,” she said. “Come off easily just pulling the ends of each side.” She pulled the other side and they fell off completely.

I put my arm around her and whispered “You shouldn’t just get naked in front of every man you see you. You’re beautiful, ravishing. Us men will get ideas, bad ideas, fun ideas, but still bad. Do you know what I mean?”

“Of course,” she said. “That’s what you did with me the other day, touching me all over. That was bad. I thought of telling my parents but didn’t. But I did want to see you again.”

“You want to do that again?” I asked.

“Don’t know,” she said. “But you’ve seen everything. What more can happen that can scare me.” She kissed me on the lips. “I feel safe with you. You won’t do something I don’t want you to do. I know that.”

“But do you want to do that again.” My voice had this husky tone to it.

“I’m truly not sure,” she said. “I like you, but I’m so young. I just don’t know how I should feel. Are you in love with me?”

“I don’t know,” I said. “I promise to be good to you, to care for you.”

“And that’s why I don’t worry much about you, why I feel safe.”

When we returned to the house, it was late. “I need to turn in,” I said. “I have some writing to do in the morning.”

“Where do you want me to stay?” she asked.

I was speechless, didn’t know what to say. It had never crossed my mind that she needed to be set up that way. “I only have the one king sized bed. You’ll need to stay with me I guess. Hope you don’t mind.”

She gave me a hug. “Oh that would be quite nice.”

I always sleep naked and tonight was no exception. While Liz went into the bathroom with her teddy, I slipped off my clothes and crept between the sheets. Moments later she returned to the room, the light blue teddy clinging to her. Although she still had much of the girlishness to her figure, she was definitely filling out into the woman she would one day become. With no bra or underwear, I could clearly see the curve of her breasts, the nipples straining against the fabric. The darkness of the hair between her legs added a mystery that squeezed my chest and made me quiver in my loins.

Then she was between the sheets.

I had a large bed, king size so she was on one side with me on the other like two islands with an ocean of emptiness in between.

We lay there in silence for a long while. Then she spoke. “I’m cold. Could you hold me?”

I was only too glad to oblige and soon had my arms around her, my pelvis pressed against her shapely buttocks. I felt my penis grow, pressing against her.

“Are you warmer now?” I asked.

“A little,” she said. “Could you rub me like you did the other day.”

So I began to caress her shoulders, her arms, her legs. I slid my hand under her teddy and lightly grazed my fingers across her abdomen. Then flattening my hand, I began to rub her stomach, sliding it upward, to her chest and over her breast. As my hand cupped the softness of her mound, I squeezed it gently, rubbing her nipple between thumb and first finger.

Her breathing deepened, a gasp, a twitch. I moved my hand downward below her stomach against the hair between her legs. She spread them. I stroked her legs from her hips to her knees, up and down. They were as soft as a glove made from lamb’s wool. She grabbed my hand and placed it on the wetness between her legs. I felt the stickiness, rubbed against it. She arched her back so my finger slid inside her. Then I finger fucked her until she screamed her release.

As soon as she spent herself, her body went limp. Minutes later, I felt the regular breathing of a girl asleep. Moment later still a bit frustrated, I joined her in slumber.

It was sometime in the middle of the night that I woke up. At first I was disoriented, snuggled against someone, a woman, no a girl. And did she smell good. Her teddy was pushed up over her breasts leaving her entire lower body bare. My penis was pushed between her butt cheeks rubbing against the softness of her skin just under the crack of her butt cheeks. I pushed against her and felt myself slide forward to the entrance of her womanhood. It was still wet. I pushed it a bit further and felt it enter her about an inch.

Her breathing remained regular so I knew she was still asleep. It had been a long hard day and I could appreciate her exhaustion.

Slowly and with as delicate a touch as possible, I removed escort ankara the teddy from her body. Then I caressed her, every portion I could, with the lightest of touches trailing my fingers over her breasts down her chest into her hair against the part of her body that met my penis. I was only a short distance inside of her, craving more, wondering if she was ready for me.

I shoved my penis farther into her rubbing her little bud with my fingers. She moaned in her sleep and with a quick push I was all the way inside.

I have never been this guy that all the ladies flocked with open arms and pussies. I was a bit shy. I had certainly had my women, but I always felt just a bit intimidated. But with Liz I never felt that way. As I slipped inside her, I was harder than I had ever been before. And her pussy felt so soft and warm and wet. I clung to me with a grip that was so tight yet still soft and pliable. It seemed to have these muscles inside there that softly caressed me as I moved back and forth inside her.

I was slow at first then faster, soon pounding back and forth deep into her. I felt as though I was this beam of light breaking to a small cave, opening it up in a way that had never been done before. As I pressed forward, my finger continued to caress her bud, rubbing it against the thrust of my penis. Then I exploded and she thrashed as we both climaxed.

Liz never mentioned what happened the next day. It was as though it never happened. I wondered if she had even been awake. Her body had, oh how awake and alive it had been, but what of her mind, her conscious state.

So I decided to find out.

Over breakfast, I asked. “How was your sleep? I know it was a strange bed and all and with another person, it might have been difficult.”

“It was the best sleep I’ve ever had,” she said. “I remember sliding into bed, being a bit cold, then you touching me.” She smiled with downcast eyes. “You were sure naughty touching me all over. I never felt anything like that before. But I fell asleep and never woke again.”

“That was all you remembered?” I asked. “Nothing else?”

“No.” Her face had this quizzical expression. “Did something else happen? ”

“Nothing important,”

“I’m such a sound sleeper. My mom used to tell me that a bomb wouldn’t be able to wake me up.”

“Did you have any dreams, anything crazy or exciting?” I asked.

“I did have one,” she said. “But I can’t tell you. You were in it. I don’t think you would like what we did.”

“Really,” I said with a knowing smile on my face. “Now I’m curious. You’ve got to tell me.”

“You won’t get angry – right? Won’t think I’m sick or something.”

I shook my head so she continued. “I dreamt that you stuck your thing in me.”

“How did you feel about that? Did you like it – I mean in your dream.”

“It was wonderful,” she said. “I woke up feeling as though I was floating, as though my skin couldn’t stand anyone touching it for fear of exploding.”

“Do you want to do that in real life?” I asked. “We’re alone you know. It could happen if we want it. I could get into trouble since you’re so young, but still it could happen.”

“Not if I don’t want it to, right?” she asked.

“Of course not,” I said guilt washing over me. Was making love to a woman in her sleep forced entry? The thoughts pounded against me like a hammer.

“But you wanted it in your dream, so if it happened in your dream and you wanted it, then it wasn’t against your will – right?”

“I guess not,” she said.

“What if it wasn’t a dream, but actually happened? Would that be wrong, if you thought it was just a dream?”

“But I know it was a dream. But if it was real and I didn’t try to stop it and if it felt that wonderful, no it would be the best thing in the world.”

I didn’t say anything more for a while, allowing all the crazy thoughts to wash over me, wave after wave of them.

“You’re not mad at me are you?” she asked. “I know it sounds crazy? I know you shouldn’t even be touching me. It did help me sleep. But this other. You won’t send me away will you?”

“Oh no,” I said too loudly. “I feel safe with you too. I feel as though I can say and do anything and it’s fine. How could I ever be angry with you? If you wanted me to stick my thing into you, I might even do that just because it seems as though everything we do is so good, this would be good too, maybe even great.”

“But I’m too young aren’t I?” she asked, her hands on the sides of my face, her eyes gazing deep into mine.

“What is too young?” I asked. “The government says its ok. Does it matter what your parents say? Don’t you have the right to your own body? If you wanted me and I wanted you, that’s not too old or too young – it’s just right.”

“Oh I agree, I agree.” She slid her arms from my face, down my back and hugged me close, pressing her chest into mine, her lips open and moist as our tongues dancing against each other.

My writing was inspired that day. I skipped lunch forgetting all concept of time until the setting of the sun disturbed my concentration. It was dusk and the day had simply disappeared. Liz had never once entered my sanctuary with a question or simply to pass the time. I wondered what activities could have possibly occupied her time.

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