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The Morning After

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Fiona woke up, rousing somewhat reluctantly from a deep, restoring slumber. She stretched languorously, relishing the feel of the soft sheets against her naked skin. She had been having the most vivid dream, no doubt brought on as a result of last night’s activities. Unfortunately, she’d woken up just as it was getting to the interesting bit. Realising her dream had made her horny, Fiona smiled to herself as she became aware of a soft snoring sound next to her. The snore issued from Greg, who was clearly still asleep. Last night must haven taken its toll on him after all, she thought wickedly. Fiona pulled back the covers a fraction to stare at Greg’s sleeping form. Had she really managed to coax four loads of cum from this fine specimen of a man? Or had it just been part of her dream?

Fiona eased herself out of bed and stood up. She felt decidedly tender. So last night had been for real after all. She looked down at Greg and tried to reconcile the proud passionate lover of last night with the snoring, semi-comatose creature who was currently drooling onto his pillow. Suppressing a laugh, Fiona quietly made her way to the shower.

Fiona turned the shower on and stepped in, wincing slightly as the hot jet of water assaulted her still sleepy body. As she became accustomed to the temperature she reached for the soap. She soon worked up a rich, creamy lather and her hands began to glide over her body.

The hot jet of the shower felt like a thousand fingers massaging her skin. Without any conscious thought, her hands slid over her breasts. Fiona sighed and closed her eyes as her hands rubbed against their soft skin.. Her mind was immediately filled with images of the previous evening. As her hands continued to stroke and caress her breasts images became more and more vivid. She saw herself on her knees before Greg, his long, thick cock between her lips as her mouth slid up and down its length. The scene changed and this time Greg was above her, pinning her down as his cock thrust deep inside her pussy. Her knees began to tremble as scenes unfolded before her. Surely, she thought as she pictured Greg behind her, his cock buried deep inside her arse, I can’t still be randy after a night like last night?

Without even realising it, Fiona’s left hand had found her pussy. With two fingers inside her cunt her thumb gently massaged her clit. Her other hand still caressed her breasts, massaging the rich suds into her skin while in her mind Greg’s cock erupted, sending a final load of hot sticky cum over them.

Fiona began to moan as her imagination and sensations from her clit gripped her. She drove her fingers deep into her cunt and began to pump them in and out. She leaned against the wall to steady herself as her passion rose. “Ohhh, Anadolu Yakası Escort mmm, ahhh,” she moaned as she pinched her nipples with the fingers of her right hand, the fingers of her left hand twisting inside her cunt.

With her body on fire, Fiona rubbed at her clit with her thumb. Her womb began to contract and she cried out as her climax rose up to claim her. Her body trembled so violently she had to grab the flannel ring to stop her from falling. “Oh yesss! she cried as she gave herself up to pleasure. Breathing hard, she let her fingers slip out of cunt. She used both hands to massage her breasts, rubbing them and squeezing the together as she rolled her nipples with her thumbs, Fiona savoured the moment as her climax subsided.

Fiona opened her eyes she was greeted with the sight of Greg leaning against wall. The broad smile on his face announced that he’d been watching her for some time. “Good morning,” he said, eying her up suggestively, “mind if I join you?” Fiona simply nodded. Despite her rapidly receding orgasm she was still highly aroused.

As Greg climbed into the shower Fiona stepped aside to give him some room. She kissed him urgently as the hot water cascaded over their bodies, their lips pressed tightly together.

Fiona reached for the soap and quickly worked up a lather. With her lips still pressed firmly to his she moved her body slightly to give her easier access as she reached down and began stroking his cock. She felt his pulse quicken as her hands, slick with the rich, creamy lather easily massaged his cock to its full hardness.

Greg moaned into Fiona’s ear as her hands stroked and caressed his manhood. He pushed her against the wall of the cubicle and began to kiss her neck. He nibbled lightly on her neck then dipped his head. “Oooh!” exclaimed Fiona as Greg’s lips fastened around the nipple of her left breast. Her hand pumped slowly up and down on his shaft as his mouth explored her breasts. The flames of her desire rose up like an inferno once more.

Reluctantly, Fiona pushed him away. Greg braced himself against the wall as Fiona knelt down in front of him. closing her eyes to avoid getting water in them, Fiona opened her mouth. “Oh God yes!” sighed Greg as Fiona’s lips engulfed the end of his prick, drawing it deep into her mouth. He reached down and grasped her hair as she began to slide her lips along his shaft.

Rocking her head back and forth, Fiona took as much of Greg’s cock into her mouth as she could. She wrapped her left hand around the remainder and soon her mouth and hand were moving in unison as she feasted on his cock. Cupping his balls with her free hand, she began to squeeze them softly as her tongue swirled round the tip of his cock.

Breathing heavily, Greg gripped Fiona’s head and began to thrust his cock in and out of hr mouth Fiona sucked hard, knowing that Greg was already close to the point of no return. She felt his cock begin to twitch, his balls were heavy and full. “Oh fuck,” breathed Greg as he felt the pressure build, “I can’t hold on, I can’t…aaah!”

Greg’s cock erupted. Fiona took the first surging jet of cum in the back of her throat and swallowed hard. She let her mouth go slack and pulled her lips back to the tip of his shaft as his cum boiled into her mouth. She savoured its hot, salty flavour, letting it pool in her mouth before swallowing greedily.

Fiona sucked the last few drops into her mouth. Wiping her lips with the back of her hand she smiled. Greg smiled back then leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead.

Together, they got out of the shower. Fiona reached for some towels and handed one to Greg. They quickly dried themselves off and headed back to the bed room. Fiona threw herself on to the bed then rolled over on to her back. She glanced suggestively at Greg, who was watching her from just inside the door, then slowly but quite deliberately spread her legs. “Get over here and eat me out,” she demanded as she slipped a finger between her labia and dipped it into her cunt.

Without the need for any further instruction Greg climbed on to the bed and positioned himself between her legs. Fiona pulled her finger from her cunt and lifted it to her lips, sucking her own juices into her mouth. Greg’s tongue flicked out and ran along the length of her slit. “Ooh yes!” moaned Fiona as Greg’s tongue began its exploration of her most private flesh. His tongue darted in and out of her hot, wet hole and she squirmed with pleasure. She cried out as his tongue lashed across her sensitive clit, then his lips fastened around it and he sucked it lightly into his mouth.

With her hands, Fiona began to cup and squeeze her breasts as Greg’s tongue lapped at her pussy. Pinching her nipples, she cried out as Greg slowly inserted two fingers into her cunt. His tongue flicked over her clit as he pumped his fingers in and out.

Fiona felt her body begin to shudder as Greg’s move drove her closer and closer to her impending climax. Tossing her head from side to side, she writhed with pleasure as Greg’s tongue lashed her clit. As her breathing became increasingly laboured she closed her eyes and let the sensations take over. Greg teased her clit with his teeth. Fiona’s back arched. “Mmmmmaaaaah,” she sighed as she slipped over the edge, surrendering herself to the waves of pleasure that washed over her. Greg slipped his fingers out of her cunt but his tongue continued to lap at her clit. each contact sent fresh spasms through Fiona’s body.

When at last Fiona opened her eyes she found Greg staring down at her. He smiled and with a single powerful lunge he thrust his cock deep into her cunt. Fiona responded with a lust filled groan as she brought her legs up, taking him deeper into her body. She rested her feet against his buttocks and clawed at his back with her fingers as he thrust his cock in and out. “Oooh yes, fuck me!” she cried as his dick plunged deep into her cunt. With every thrust she felt his balls slap against her. The walls of the cunt flexed, gripping his cock as it slid in and out with long, powerful strokes. “Harder!” she urged, “Fuck me harder! Oh yes! Oh Yes! Fuck me hard, mmmmm…”

As Greg increased his pace Fiona responded by digging her fingers into his arse cheeks, forcing him in deeper. She moved her hips so that they met every thrust at its deepest point, increasing the friction against her throbbing clit. “Oh Greg, oh screw me! Screw me hard and fill my cunt with your cum.” she cried as she came once more. Her cunt gripped Greg’s cock even more tightly.

As Fiona urged him on with her obscenities, Greg started to thrust harder and faster. He pulled his cock so far back that it almost slipped from her cunt before plunging it back in with all the force he could muster. In and out, over and over, his cock hammered at Fiona’s cunt as she urged him on. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m almost there,” he panted.

“That’s it, give it to me,” moaned Fiona, “give me you cum. I want to feel you explode inside me.”

With an animal like groan, Greg thrust hard, impaling her on his dick as another load of cum was unleashed. Fiona closed her eyes and shuddered as she felt jet after jet of his sperm flood into her cunt. Greg kept thrusting. With every thrust he shot more of his load deep into cunt until, at last, he was spent.

Pulling his cock from her pussy, Greg rolled away. Lying on his back and breathing hard, it was clear to Fiona that he was exhausted. And well he might be, thought Fiona to herself, I’ve managed six loads of cum out of him in the last twelve hours, no wonder he looks almost dead. Fiona turned her attention to his flagging dick. Even soft it as still an impressive size. She moved down. Resting her head on Greg’s thigh she sucked the last drops of cum from it’s end before proceeding to lick him clean. When that task was complete she moved back up beside him where he enfolded her in his embrace.

They lay there for about half an hour. Fiona was hungry. It was almost 11am and she still hadn’t had breakfast. Not unless you count a mouthful of cum, she thought wickedly to herself. She untangled herself from him and got up. “Where’re you off to?” asked Greg wearily.

“To get some breakfast,” replied Fiona, “I don’t know about you but I’m starving.” She walked towards the door then turned and added coyly, “But first, I think I need another shower.”

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