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The Mirror Ch. 03: Define ‘Cheating’

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Amanda found herself mad at Eric. No, this wasn’t correct, she was jealous of Eric.

She had accidentally opened his laptop to google a beauty product when the last opened tab was one from an erotic forum, a site where he was logged in and obviously corresponding, if that was the correct word, with some women under naughty, outrageous names.

Blood flushed on her face. Her Eric, who said she could fulfill all his sexual desires, the one that knew her so well he could control when and how she would orgasm, her Eric that she cared for, daydreamed of and slept with?

The open page suggested a series of sentences and responses, describing a hot, hotter than hot, sex scene, their real names and some intimate words. What the fuck?

She quickly closed the lid and left the room as Eric was approaching from the kitchen.

“Amanda, would you mind if I didn’t stay for dinner tonight? Alex has arranged to watch the soccer game with the boys at his local bar.”

Would she mind? Now that she saw that, hell yes!

“No, Eric, go ahead. I’ll catch up with my book.” She had been trying to read it for months now.

He kissed her on her cheek, grabbed his jacket with more enthusiasm that Amanda would consider normal or acceptable from a woman’s point of view, and left.

She took a hot shower, put on her least sexy PJ’s, omitted her yoga routine, had a chocolate bar and, feeling unwanted and indifferent, making a whole scenario in her head of a break up and tears, drama and girlfriends’ nights out; she fell asleep.

Next day at work, Amanda was abrupt one moment, forgetful the next and an obedient employee the rest. She couldn’t place herself and questioned her earthy sexiness.

During her another-yet-scenario-making moments, she turned and bumped into someone. “Sorry” she murmured questioningly, as she hadn’t seen this employee before.

“I’ve been here Escort Bayan Esenyurt since yesterday” the young man said lightly, seeing her puzzled, “I’m Peter, the new assistant.” Amanda didn’t lose her puzzled look because Peter had to add “Nice to meet you, and you are…”

Amanda automatically replied her name but she was wakening from her breaking up scenario in her brain by a deep, male voice and a set of bright green eyes. Eric who?

The rest of the day the scenarios were much shorter and her watching this new assistant larger in proportion. When she needed something there he was, up and smiling. Once he even touched her shoulder, probably during her daydreaming moments, and she jumped like a schoolgirl in love. Eric who?

Back home she was more aware that Eric knew her time schedule, when she left and returned, and that he was a little, untraceably little bit more anxious when she was about to leave. Yes, he’d sure as hell turn on his laptop the moment she was gone and equally sure he’d play with his dick while talking, or worse Skyping, those women. No wonder, he didn’t pay as much attention to her new underwear or her new fragranced body lotions as he used to.

They had celebrated one year being together and she was sad that he appeared to feel, what would she call it, bored? Not as excited? Not in love?

Eric always had many interests that Amanda gladly followed, learning from him and admiring him for his various skills.

But that was close to cheating, right? Or not?

The whole week was lost in agonizing thoughts at home while at work Peter’s green eyes were on her the whole time.

He was tall, so Amanda had to raise her head every time talking was involved and that made her more conscious of his presence.

By the beginning of the next week, her name was slowly replaced by responses like ‘Yes Escort Bayan Avcılar lovely’, ‘Right up sweetheart’, said in a casual way but having a strong impact on Amanda.

On that Thursday, while their shift was prolonged by new arrivals, Amanda felt a firm hand on her waist and her hair lightly pulled back from behind. Peter’s voice commanded her, “Be quiet, there’s no one around but you need to be quiet.” He went on with a hoarser voice, “Amanda I want you to stay like that, your face on the wall, your legs slightly open and you try to get as wet as you can. Remember who’s in charge now.”

Amanda froze and got warmed at the same time. Eric was about sharing, fucking with pleasure for both sides, leaving her space to ask what she desired and taking her some other times, but all in a sharing, nonviolent context. Oh Eric, was a wonderful lover.

Now, an alluring, almost unknown man to her, was commanding her the way no one had ever done before and that brought waves of chills down her spine and deep in her cunt. She was experiencing something she never felt before.

Peter pushed her forcefully but knowingly on the wall, always having her hair wrapped around his fist, tore the first two buttons of her work suit to let her breasts free and pushed some more against the coolness of the plaster. Amanda let a small cry and Peter’s hand moved quickly to block her mouth, “Bitch, I told you to be quiet, didn’t I?”

She thought about protesting but two of his fingers entered her mouth and started fucking it, filling it all and even stretching it.

With the movements she was forced to have, his body was pressing her more against the wall, his cock hard pressing in all the right places, grinding on her ass and lower back.

Amanda’s small cries were lost now on her filled mouth.

Peter pulled her hair some more, to find Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü her ear and hissed “I’m gonna make you cum today and will get to fuck you one of the next days. I’m gonna own you lovely, you understand that?”

Oh she understood well this was a situation that would bring a lot of trouble to her life. This man was magnetic and controlling and Amanda was a wounded woman.

Before she could think or get her senses back, she felt his hands momentarily leaving her body, which was pinned only by the force of his own body. Seconds later, she felt his hand pulling her work suit up, pulling her panties aside in quick, easy but firm moves and smearing something on her clit. What? Her body was immediately on fire. A hot, burning spot formed where her clit should be.

“Cinnamon essential oil,” he whispered in her ear, spitting his words. “You’re gonna love it lovely. Will make you cum in spasms,” and by saying that he inserted two fingers in her pussy whilst rubbing her numb clit. His other hand had to be on her mouth, cause the sensation was unbearable.

A couple of minutes later, as soon as Peter inserted a third finger in her tight hole, fucking her steadily and painfully, Amanda came as he had promised, in spasms, pouring her juices all over his fingers and warming his hand that closed her mouth with her ragged breath.

When she was half way getting back to herself, Peter whispered intimidatingly in her ear “I own your orgasms now my lovely bitch. Now go get clean your face and leave; it’s getting late. I’ll keep on with these” and he nodded at the rest of the packages Amanda had to take care of.

She couldn’t believe her sore pussy or her ears. He was a tender guy underneath his rough fucking? That could be mostly dangerous. Dangerous radioactive zone.

Back home Amanda tried to pull herself together and while preparing dinner for her and Eric, she was trying to redefine cheating. Now which one was more real, more threatening and more fulfilling? Which was more pleasuring and more emotional giving?

Hers or his?


I owe my editor a hot cup of tea at least!

I owe my inspirational, motivational guy a hot kiss!

Story dedicated to London.

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