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The Memory Vault: Angelie Ch. 01

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Angelie stood at a very short 5’0, if her height even reached that high. She had an attraction to her. Hispanic in decent, she was tan with dark hair and eyes. She was slightly heavy for such a short stature, yet curvy and voluptuous. She had a very large chest. Her breasts a sizeable DD and pushing the next size up. Her thighs were thick and her bottom was proportionate with her short and somewhat plump build. She had smooth skin and long hair that was more often curly and didn’t lack the use of hairspray. She spoke with a slight accent that was a mixture of foreign and urban. Self-conscious, she often was attired in loosely fit jeans and larger-sized shirts. Even on warmer days, she would normally wear a windbreaker or a hoodie in the public eye so as to not reveal too much of what was beneath. For the most part, she was pleasant in attitude. She was never one to start trouble or get mixed up in it. She didn’t have many friends, but those who were her friends were close and trustworthy.

It was through one of these friends, that she met Dave, a tall, medium-built guy with long brown hair that just came down past his face. It was parted slightly to one side but even in length all around. It was 1996 after all. Some guys did still sport the Kurt Cobain hairstyle, despite his passing 2 years prior. He had the most beautiful blue eyes that Angelie would be happy to just stare at for minutes at a time. Dave was well-rounded socially. His primary circle was with like-styled individuals who would have hack n sack competitions. However, the circle was not relegated to just that. Mostly white guys and girls, with Angelie being the exception, however styles were diverse. Some enjoyed rap and hip hop music while others were steady listeners of the Top Hits stations on the local radio. Dave preferred hard rock and grunge, like Nirvana.

Dave and Angelie knew each other through association, but their interactions were often vague. A “Hello” here and a “What’s going on” there. They never engaged in conversations at length, getting to a point that they could get to know each other. Angelie only knew one thing. Dave was a hottie and she liked him. He was nice, not ignorant or stuck up. He was laid back and pretty much got along with anyone who was not ignorant toward him. These were traits that Angelie enjoyed. She never gave him signs that she was attracted to him, but often confided in their mutal friend, Sarah.

Angelie was still living with her parents. A 19 year old senior in high school, she has struggled in the public school system, mostly due to a lack of dedication and applying herself enough to just get through school and take the next step in what lies ahead in her life. Dave also lived with his parents. The same went for Sarah. They attended the local Community College. Dave had taken a year off and worked a part-time job at night while he pondered what to do post-high school.

Angelie got in trouble at school one day in the spring. She was suspended for 3 days for accumulating too many demerits for lateness. This ultimately just meant she had 3 days off. She was bored and had invited Dave and Sarah over. They both decided to skip classes that day and take her up on her invite. It was a just a friendly hang out. They arrived early, watched movies, stole liquor from Angelie’s mom’s liquor cabinet. Mid-way in the afternoon, Sarah had left for an hour. Angelie, slightly impaired following a few shots of vodka, had revealed her interest to Dave. Their conversation led to them kissing and making out on the couch. When Sarah returned, she was made a third wheel as Dave and Angelie cuddled together and made out periodically throughout the rest of the afternoon. Upon leaving, Angelie questioned Dave about not giving her a kiss good bye. Sarah waited as Dave returned to the house, as Angelie had wished. After a final, brief make-out session, Dave whispered a suggestion to Angelie that he return tomorrow, without Sarah. Angelie agreed.

The next morning, Dave arrived at Angelie’s house. It was 8:30am. Angelie’s parent’s were safely gone for the day. She opened the door to greet him. She was dressed in just sweatpants and a t-shirt. Her hair, normally hardened with hairspray and gel, was pulled back in a loose bun and soft, yet knotty. She hadn’t taken the time to do it. In fact, she looked like she rolled out of bed just minutes prior to his arrival. She invited him in and no sooner did she have the door closed behind him, he took her and they were in a deep, passionate kiss. Without the presence of Sarah, his hands did a lot more wandering over her clothes. Angelie was happy that this was the second day in a row they were making out, so she followed suit. They still stood just inside the front door. She put her hands up to his chest and eased him back against it. Dave was tall, standing nearly 6’2, so he was leaning down to engage in this kissing.

His hands wandered down to her ass. He took two full palms and grasped tightly. He lifted her up and Bostancı Escort her legs instinctively wrapped around his waist for support. He was now able to stand up straight. He broke the kiss and started brushing his moist lips gently along her jaw-line and up to her earlobe. He would let his tongue out just slightly as his soft kisses moved from her ear down to the side of her neck. She let out some heavy breaths, almost like sighs. She clung to him tightly, with her arms around his shoulders and her legs around his waist. His hands remained clamped to her ass, supporting her as he went to work on her neck with his tongue and lips. Her breath quickened as he kept the slow, gentle, but very deliberate teasing going.

Her first moan escaped as his mouth reached her collarbone. It was a soft and whispery moan, but a moan nonetheless. He looked up at her. She gazed back into his eyes. She sought a kiss but his head moved to the other side of her face and replicated the path. This time, she breathed in a deep inhale. He looked up at her. She sought a kiss again, but this time, he moved his head downward, starting at her chin. She lay her head back, and his path now went down the bottom of her chin, and down the front of her neck. She lay her head back more, this time, arching her back slightly, and straightening her shoulders, pressing her breasts against his chest. Her eyes closed, she enjoyed the stimulating performance of his lips and tongue.

He slowly lowered her to her feet. He took her hand in his and was guiding her to the living room couch. She stopped him abruptly.

“Wait.” She pleaded.

He glanced back at her as the first words of the morning were spoken.

“I’m a virgin.” She admitted.

Dave grinned, not in a cocky way, but more eagerly.

“Really?” He asked, somewhat shocked.

“Yes.” She answered with a faint sadness.

“Are you ready for this?” He asked nobly.

“I don’t know”

Dave raised his eyebrows and took her hand in his again.

“If you weren’t ready, you would have insisted on No.” He exclaimed, rather convincingly.

He continued to guide her to the couch. This time she followed obediently. She knew he was right. She did want this. Nineteen years old, still in high school, and still a virgin. She wanted this. She wanted him.

They stood in front of the couch. He placed his index finger under her chin, guiding her face upward to look at him. He smiled assuringly, and leaned down to kiss her. She took the kiss with overwhelming passion. He traced his fingers along both sides of her hips. He slowly moved them upward, his fingers sliding under her shirt. He continued moving his hands upward taking the shirt with them. One cue, she put her arms in the air and he removed the shirt in one motion. Her breasts were fully exposed. They were large and heaving with her breath. Each breast had large, thick, dark brown nipples that hardened almost immediately, as if soldiers straightening up at the presence of a superior officer. She lowered her face in embarrassment. She’s never been revealed to a man before. He took his hand and placed on her jaw. This time, turned her face to his in more of a commanding gesture.

“You’re beautiful. You have nothing to be shy about.” He encouraged.

She blinked several times, not knowing how to react. His hand left her jaw and grazed down her neck to her chest. She straightened her back, pushing her breasts forward.

“That’s better” He said softly.

He was so sexy, she thought. That voice is almost hypnotic. He brought his other hand up and simultaneously, grazed the tips of his thumbs along the areola above where her nipples protruded. Her lips quivered at the touch. Her breathing was erratic. She was obviously a bundle of nerves. His thumbs moved over her now exceedingly erect nipples, again, at the same time. She flinched at the initial touch, breathing deeply and her exhales were shaky. He moistened his lips with his tongue, and he lowered his head to her left breast, taking the tip of her nipple, into his mouth.

“ohhhhh” she let out a very audible moan.

On her right breast, Dave’s index finger joined his thumb and now caressed the majority of the protruding nipple in a circular motion. Her knees shook slightly, almost giving out on her. Her eyes were closed tight as Dave suckled the tip of her left nipple, while caressing her right one. Every few moments, he’d apply a pressured squeeze to it. His lips parted and he took the full nipple into his mouth, sucking lightly, deliberately, teasingly.

He removed his lips and raised his head. She opened her eyes and he was glaring at her. She didn’t recognize the glare but she speculated it was hunger. He released her other nipple and his hands ran down the sides of her body to her waist. His middle fingers hooked under the waist band of her sweats and panties, and began to force them over her hips. He lowered himself a bit as they passed over Anadolu Yakası Escort her thighs, past her knees, and to her ankles. She stepped out of them immediately. He glanced down to look at what was concealed between her legs by the sweats and panties. A full, thick coat of dark pubic hair, hardly trimmed except for the sides, which were shaved completely for the bikini and panties. He smiled as he stood upright. He took her hands, and guided her to sit on the couch.

She sat on the edge of the couch, completely nude. She stared up into his face as she reached forward and unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. She tugged them down revealing a pair of form-fitting boxer briefs. A rather large bulge stuck out. Her eyes widened briefly. Dave removed his own t-shirt revealing a thin patch of chest and stomach hair. He kicked his shoes off and stepped out of his jeans. He reached down to remove his socks. Angelie’s hands remained on the fronts of his thighs. She couldn’t pull her stare away from the bulge that was concealed under the form fitters. She slid her hands up and tugged at the waist, taking them off. She looked on as a large, semi-erect penis was revealed.

Dave was pretty well-endowed, but not exaggerated. It would be overbearing for a virgin but a healthy size to more experienced women. His pubic hair, very neatly trimmed, but very visible. She reached her hand out and touched it, rubbing an opened hand around the base, before closing her hand in a light grasp. She looked up at him.

“It’s big. This is going to hurt a lot.” She said with a hint of doubt.

“All sizes will hurt, Angelie. It’s normal.” He reassured.

She began to slowly stroke her hand up and down the base of his penis. His semi-erection started to go full. Her eyes widened as it grew in front of her eyes. Once at full erection, she was convinced, this would split her open.

“I see you’re worried. Don’t worry. I’ll take it easy.”

She sighed, still not sure. He pulled away and took her by the hands, bringing her to her feet.

“It will be okay.” He again exclaimed with a tone of reassurance.

He took a seat on the couch, still keeping her hands in his.

“Straddle me, and guide it in with your hand. Go as slow and easy as you need to.”

He was so courteous and thoughtful, she thought. She straddled him, and guided the head of the erect penis, into her.

It was difficult at first. She winced as the head of erection tightly crossed the threshold of her opening. She was propped up on her knees. Once she was confident it was in, she lowered herself.

“Ughhhh”. She grunted at the excruciating pain.

He was only about 3 inches in. Not even half, as it turns out. Her eyes were shut as tight as ever. She breathed in deeply and lowered herself a little more.


Her hymen had been pushed thru, the stinging sensation, almost unbearable. She opened her eyes a moment. They were watery. Teary. She looked down at him.

“You’re okay.” He stated, as if to stop her from losing motivation.

Her breathing was labored. She wasn’t sure she could lower herself anymore and actually live to tell about. She reached a hand down and rubbed the bottom half of his shaft that has yet to be inserted. She moved her hand up and rubbed the soreness all around her opening. She took a deep, deep breath, and let herself quickly lower onto his lap, allowing all of him to enter her.

“Ahhhhh…Oh Shit.” She cried out in a vocal scream.

The tears in her eyes ran down her face. She looked at him. He reached both hands up and caressed her cheeks. She felt overwhelming moisture gather between her legs. She reached down again and felt. She looked at her hand. There was a clear wetness with traces of blood. Not as bad as she thought, however. She breathed in deep again and raised herself slightly. The relief of pressure felt great, but she knew it had to be temporary. She lowered herself again onto him.

“Fuck!” She screamed as loud as ever.

“Take your time. It takes getting used to.” Dave exclaimed.

She nodded. She raised herself up slightly and lowered herself back down slowly.

“Oh God.” She grunted through clenched teeth.

She raised herself up a few inches, and down. Up a few inches, and down. She was breathing her way through this painful ordeal, but keeping at it at the same time. Her finger nails lightly caressed his chest hair. She began to raise and lower more steadily. Eyes shutting and opening. Face wincing. Knees shaking. Voice grunting. It was starting to not hurt as much as her arousal was providing some relief. He was sliding in and out a little smoother now, as she continued to only raise two inches, and lower back down. Dave placed his hands on her hips and was offering support and guidance.

Suddenly, she felt a something that was familiar. It was mix of pressure and heat inside her. She was only familiar with it, because up until Pendik Escort this point, it was ever only self-induced. She was about to have an orgasm. Her legs tightened as the feeling rushed on with a sudden urgency, taking her by complete surprise. Her grunts changed into quick but heavy breaths. Slight moans escaped. The rush was full now, and she felt release.

“Ohhhhh God. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.” She voiced breathlessly. Her mouth opened, changing back and forth from a half smile to a sigh of relief.

With his hands on her hips, he took over and continued her motions. Each raise and lower movement caused a quiver in her body, shaking her, and causing her breasts to sway from side to side. Her body weakened as the feeling of release was subsiding.

Dave sat upright. He moved one hand onto the middle of her ass, and used the other as support to help himself up to his feet. She quickly wrapped her arms around his neck, and her legs around his waist. He used his free hand to hook under her leg, moving it up to drape over his shoulder. He was still very deep inside her. She felt the stretch in her thigh from having one up over his shoulder and the other around his waist.

“Hold on tight.” He commanded.

He hooked his other arm under her other leg, draping it over his other shoulder, his hands firmly holding her ass, and his still very hard erection deep in her. Their waists were level, and she had to look up to look him in the eyes. Her legs were level with his head. A position that nearly had her folded in half.

He bent his knees slightly to get a more comfortable angle, and slowly slid her up and down onto him. Each time, he would raise her slightly higher, but each time he lowered her, he was all the way inside. The remains of her orgasm started to become visible as it leaked in slow droplets down the length of his penis. The coating made the penetration a little easier to handle. Each thrust was still painful, but he kept the pace moderate. Her eyes were in a daze as she stared up at the man who was taking her virginity. The lowering caused her to moan or yelp in unison with the motion. She was loosening up to accommodate his size. Dave recognized this fact, and for the first time, started to increase the speed in which he guided her body up and down on him.

Her moans increased as well with the pace. She began to wince again as her body got used to the change. She was extremely wet and the motion had gone from a tight pressing to a smooth sliding. Her clitoris was pressed against him, rubbing up and down against his abdomen and his trimmed pubic region. It was adding stimulation. Her mind was consumed with just one thought. Dave. She wanted to be doing this with him. She’s wanted to do this with him for the better part of three years. Even when she was with a boyfriend, not going very far intimately, she always wanted Dave. A part of her knew, or suspected, that she was saving herself for him. And he was so caring about this. He was mindful to the fact that she was a virgin, and is taking it easy on her.

Her dreamy thought went away as the rush feeling returned. She was going to cum again. Dave’s movements seemed deliberate. Not just up and down. There was a vast variety in what he was doing. Sometimes, he pushed his hips out further. Sometimes, he tilted her body to the side. Sometimes, he would only go half way, and others, he would almost withdraw completely from her before burying himself back into her. Dave sensed her body tensing again. He held her in place and began thrusting in and out of her slowly, meticulously, at a perfect pace. She felt the heat, followed by the release.

“Oh My God….Oh My God.” Her moans very loud.

He let his arms down a bit, allowing her legs to come down from his shoulders. Her legs fell straight down, but were still a good six or seven inches from touching the floor. He leaned down and their lips met against. He turned around and laid her onto the couch. He pressed her knees apart and knelt between them.

“Put it in. I’m going to finish now. You’ll be okay. I promise.”

She was almost worried a little bit following his statement. What did he mean? Nevertheless, she did as she was told and she guided his hard erection into her. He lay down on top of her, keeping himself propped up on his elbows. He pressed his hips forward, filling her completely as his pubic region met hers. She gasped almost breathlessly. He withdrew and quickly plunged into her again. His pubic region smacked into her again. He repeated the motion rather quickly. Her face winced in pain and her legs trying to close uncontrollably. She gritted her teeth with each plunge. The meeting of their bodies was getting louder. Her eyes were shut tight. She bit her bottom lip. She was in agony. He was pounding into her. She gripped whatever part of the couch she could.

“Ow…Owww….Ahhhhh. Ooooh.” She screamed.

He continued to pound into her, harder and harder, faster and faster, fully. He reached his hand up and caressed her cheek. He leaned his head down to kiss her, trying to get her mind off the pain. There was no more taking it easy. He was getting ready to cum, and she realized it. She knew this was part of the deal, and she dealt with it accordingly.

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