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The Massage

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It wasn’t my first time at this complementary health centre so I knew what to expect. My friend Liz was going off travelling and suggested we both went for a massage before she left. She phoned up the clinic and there were two therapists available, Naomi and Dave.

I hadn’t met either of them but had heard good reports of both from a friend Anna. I also felt pretty confident that I could trust Dave whom I got on the toss of a coin as Anna not only had a body that oozed sex but unlike myself, when she went for a massage always got completely naked. If a man could resist doing anything inappropriate with her, I didn’t need to worry – Not that I don’t have a pretty good body, I just didn’t get hit on all the time like Anna.

“If they have seen one before then it doesn’t matter if they get an accidental peek and if they haven’t then I have done my bit for the education system.” Mind you Anna could take care of herself if anyone did try anything on as she is a black belt at Shotokan Karate, a fourth dan no less. I couldn’t take such a blasé attitude, partly upbringing I guess and partly still feeling hurt from when I found my fiancé screwing an underage girl who lived next door to me. That was almost a year before this massage and I hadn’t had anyone else in my life sexually since, it was still too raw.

We were at the clinic early and Naomi came down with the forms for us to fill in with some basic information about our health backgrounds etc including what we wanted to get from the massage. I noticed that mine was a bit more comprehensive than Liz’s but still completed it in about five minutes.

Dave came down to lead me up to the room a few minutes early and used that time to ask a few questions based on what I had written.

That done he went through with me the essential oils he proposed to use. Ankara bayan escort Of the two he offered I chose Jasmine to help heal the hurt from my parent’s recent death in a car accident, Frankincense to help me stay more centred and Bergamot to help counter my tendency to depression. The last oil was Clary Sage to help with my menstrual pain. Now how many men can you feel comfortable discussing that with!

“What do I need to take off?” I asked. It was easy to ask, Dave had a relaxed manner that meant had he said everything I would have been OK with it, somehow I just knew I could trust him. He put the ball back in my court. “It’s up to you, most strip down to knickers, a few take those off as well. The thing to remember is that anything you don’t want me to massage, that is fine. One client wanted me to miss out the belly, another her face due to wearing makeup. The important thing is that you are comfortable.”

Dave left the room to wash his hands prior to the massage, though the real reason I am sure was just to let me get undressed and cover myself with a towel in privacy.

I went with down to knickers but almost decided to take them off as well. Liz would have been surprised!

On returning, Dave pumped up the table and then re-arranged the towel so it covered my legs and bum before tucking it into my knickers. (Just a little on the sexy side and allowing me to get the maximum benefit from the massage while still wearing them.

He started massaging my back, kneading the tension out of my muscles but using the whole of his forearms on my back at the same time. I vaguely remember thinking that it felt really good. I may even have said so before I fell asleep.

I woke to feel a towel on my back and the air on one leg as Dave started to spread the oil on it. I had been dreaming and Escort bayan Ankara in my Dream, Dave was about 20 years younger, as in the You Tube video I had looked up from the link on his web site of him hanging upside down with a woman with a gymnast’s body swinging on him.

Again I felt the tension draining from my muscles as he worked. I also felt myself getting a little wet. I thought, just as well I am still face down as he won’t see me blushing. He carried on and after working all the knots out of my muscles, slid one hand under the towel and placed it on the small of my back. He then ran a thumb up the centre of my leg, stopping occasionally. After a few moments I would feel the hand on my back get really hot and he would move on. “I am just working on the Bladder meridian from Traditional Chinese Medicine.” He told me.

My mind was elsewhere and I made some sort of acknowledgement of what he had said. I was imagining his hands going just that bit further than they were. Where had that come from? I knew female practitioners had clients ask for, “happy endings” but I could never imagine being so brazen myself! I don’t think I have ever had a first fuck with someone when I hadn’t had at least one drink first, even if it was a glass of wine over a meal one of us had cooked.

More long soothing strokes followed the meridian massage and then Dave started work on my other leg. When that was finished I was aware that I was even wetter than I had been and probably leaving evidence on the paper couch roll. Dave strategically lifted the towels so I could turn over without showing off my tits. He then did the front of my left leg, then did some stretches on it and some more meridian massage n the liver, gall bladder and one other meridian that I forget.

All the time I was getting wetter and wetter, but Bayan escort Ankara fortunately not blushing anymore! My legs done Dave started working on my belly which my exercise regime had kept remarkably flat. Not a six pack but not too far off. Dave noticed and commented that I didn’t get that from the walking and cycling to work which was the only exercise I had put down on the form. I told him that as well as some Pilates I also did some crunches and yoga every day.

He made approving noises as he worked those muscles. All too soon, he had done my arms and I was waking up after falling asleep again while he did my face as he finished off with a head massage.

I decided that my next lover would have to get some lessons from Dave. I was soaking!

Dave left the room while I dressed and asked a few questions about how I experienced the massage. I answered as truthfully as I could without giving away that I was as horny as fuck!

I went downstairs to see if Liz was finished yet and seeing the bathroom opposite the door to reception on impulse went in and the next thing I knew was rubbing one out. As I did so I was imagining Dave twenty years younger licking my clit as my thumb rubbed it while my fingers dove in and out of my sopping cunt. I thought of his swollen penis driving in to my cervix before pulling out till the tip was just there again and again as I neared my peak. When it came, the spasms were so hard they hurt my fingers!

I dried up my secretions with loo role and then washed my hands. I came out and then went through the second door to reception where Liz was waiting. She didn’t say anything till we got outside but as we neared the wholefood shop down the road from the clinic she said, “You just frigged yourself didn’t you?” I wasn’t able to stop myself from asking, “How do you know that?”

“Remember our student days? I always knew when you had had a good fuck, remember?”

At that point Dave came out of the shop carrying a sandwich and we both cracked up laughing.

Perhaps next time I will take my knickers off…

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