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The Maid Pt. 05

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It was the first day of her new job. Standing in front of the mirror, she checked how she looked in her new uniform. She looked good. The dress was short but not too short and the low cut top of it revealed just enough of her shapely breasts to be sexy without being cheap. Underneath, she had on all new underwear, lacy white bra and panties. Pleased with herself, she opened the door and walked out of her room. In the hallway, she ran into the butler, the first time she had seen him since her arrival.

“First day eh.” he said to her smiling.

“Yep, wish me luck.” she replied smiling back at him

“From what I’ve heard about you from them, you won’t need it.” he told her with a wink and a knowing grin. Her face flushed red, what had they told him about their encounter.

“I’d better crack on.” she said.

Leaving him, she walked down the hall and up the stairs to their bedroom. Standing outside it, her heart pumping fast with excitement, she knocked on the door and opened it. Entering the room, she found them both naked in bed, sitting up with just a sheet covering them from the waist down. By the movement of the sheet at the husband’s crotch and the position of the wife’s hand under the sheet, it was obvious she was pulling his cock, probably to tease her. She pretended not to notice as they greeted her. She set about cleaning the room and at the same time trying to get the image of his hard cock under the sheet out of her mind, the same hard cock she had felt stretching her open and filling her but it was almost impossible. All she could think about was her legs wide open and him thrusting in hard between them. Fuck! she was wet already. Having cleaned most of the room and ensuite, she decided she may as well join in their fun and do some teasing of her own.

Walking across the room to his side of the bed, she bent over facing them to wipe down his bedside table, giving them both a good look at her ample breasts. The hand under the sheet stopped as the wife stared longingly at the tops of the two ripe breasts sticking out of her uniform. Both of them couldn’t take their eyes off them. Ignoring their stares she walked back across the floor and pretended to notice something on the carpet. Bending at the waist facing away from them to pick it up, her dress rode up uncovering her tight white panties, her slightly open legs showing off her lovely cameltoe from behind. She remained bent over longer than she needed, making sure they both got a good look at her. She hoped that her moist pussy had wet her panties for them to see.

“You naughty maid, just look what you’ve gone and done.” said the wife from the bed behind her in mock annoyance. Standing up and turning to face them, she saw the wife slide the sheet back revealing his huge cock, stiff and straining and wet at the tip with precum.

“It looks like I’m going to have to take care of it myself.” she continued. “You stand there and wait and I’ll deal with you in a minute.” With that, she pulled the sheet off them both, rolled over onto her husband straddling him, her bottom in the air, her pussy just above his quivering cock. The maid watched transfixed, excitement coursing sex hikayeleri through her as the wife lowered herself onto his cock. She watched the swollen head of it stretch open the wife’s opening and slip inside. Her heart pounded as she watched every inch of it slowly disappear inside the wife who sunk down on him and then raised up again, his cock reappearing, glistening with her wetness. In slow motion the wife began to ride him, prolonging his pleasure and making sure the maid had a good view of his cock fucking her. Just like the first time she ever saw them, her hands were up under her dress, one pulled her panties aside, the fingers of her other starting to stroke her saturated pussy.

“Don’t you dare cum you filthy little servant.” ordered her mistress looking over her shoulder at her. She didn’t know if she could stop herself, she was already shaking, her throbbing hard clit ready to explode. Seeing her predicament, the wife dismounted her husband, leaving him moaning without relief, his glistening cock jerking with its need to cum.

“Come here.” she ordered the maid. When she reached the bed, she was told to take off her panties. With shaking hands, she slipped them down and off over her high heels.

“Lift up your dress.” the wife ordered her. She obeyed, revealing her bare shaved pussy almost dripping with her excitement.

“That dirty little cunt wants to cum, doesn’t it.” said the wife, reaching forward and slipping a finger between the maid’s wet swollen lips. Her whole body jerked when the fingertip found her clit. She wanted to grab the wife’s hand and crush it to her pussy, force its fingers up inside her and rub it hard between her aching lips. Before she could, the wife pulled her hand away, leaving her standing there, frustrated and desperate to cum.

“Not so fast.” said the wife, seeing the tortured look on her face and how she stared longingly at her husband’s huge hard throbbing cock, which he was slowly stroking as he stared back at her pussy.

“You’ll have to wait for that.” said the wife, slipping off the bed onto her knees in front of her, burying her head between her legs, hungrily seeking out the warm moist slit she remembered and desired so much. A rush of pleasure ripped through the maid as she felt the soft tongue part her lips and cover her clit, licking at it, over and over. She opened her legs wider and thrust her hips forward, desperately wanting the wife’s tongue at her opening. Instead, two fingers were thrust up inside her as the tongue on her clit hurled her towards orgasm. The fingers in her cunt began fucking her. “Oh fuck!” she was cumming. The wife crushed her mouth to her pussy. Her whole body shook and jerked in orgasm as she stood staring at that cock only feet away, wishing it was inside her as she came.

Rising up off her knees, the wife laid on the bed and pulled her on top of her. Knowing what the wife wanted, she scrambled over her body and straddled her face, at the same time leaning forward, taking hold of the cock she desired so much. He groaned as she plunged her mouth down over the head, taking him as deep in her mouth as she could. Gripping the base of his cock, she fucked sikiş hikayeleri it with her mouth, egged on by the tongue between her legs, grinding her pussy hard on the face it belonged to. Inflamed by the taste and smell of the quivering wet cunt being crushed to her face, the wife fucked herself hard with two fingers, glistening and squelching as she rammed them in and out of her own drenched pussy.

He was the first to cum. Groaning with release and bucking frantically in orgasm, she took him deep, sucking his cock hard as he shot thick squirts of warm cum down her throat. The wife was next. With legs spread wide and rubbing her clit in a frenzy, she climaxed, her back arching and her whole body stiffening, bucking against two fingers she had jammed deep inside herself.

Sliding out from under the maid and still shaken from her orgasm, the wife sat on the bed, pulled up the back of the maid’s dress and playfully slapped her bare buttocks.

“Back to your room you naughty thing. Let’s hope you’re better behaved tomorrow.” she said in her best put on stern voice, half smiling.

“Yes Maam.” she replied, in a suitably remorseful voice, playing her part to the full. Reluctantly, she released the softening cock from her grasp and climbed off the bed. Bending to retrieve her discarded panties, she gave them both one last lingering look between her legs. Pulling her panties on, she straightened her uniform, smiled at them and left.

Back in her room, she lay on her bed. Her first day had seemed to go well, if not just a little disappointing, she hadn’t got that hard cock meat inside her she was hoping for. Never mind, she was sure there were going to be plenty of occasions to come. With her one duty of the day completed, she decided to don her bikini once more and try and get some sun around the pool. Stripped off and naked, about to put on her swimsuit, she heard a knock at her door.

“Just a minute.” she called out, quickly wrapping a towel around herself. Opening the door, she found the butler standing there.

“Madam said that I may be of some service to you.” he said. “Something you missed out on this morning.”

She knew exactly what he was inferring to and her still wet pussy began to tingle.

“Come in.” she said in a croaky voice, totally aroused at the prospect of finally getting fucked.

He followed her into her room and shut the door behind him. Her eyes moved down to his crotch, to the large bulge in his trousers. Without a word, she reached out and touched it, the flat of her hand rubbing over it. She felt him grow inside his trousers, felt his hardening shaft beneath the material. With shaking hands, she unzipped him and pulled it out. “Christ!” it was huge, bigger than the one upstairs. She could hardly close her fingers around it as she grasped him and started sliding her hand along its length. He loosened her towel and it slipped to the floor as she grasped him with both hands. Squatting, she went down on him. God, he was big, her mouth only just fit over him. Kicking off his shoes and socks, he took of his jacket and shirt. His cock still in her eager mouth, she loosened his belt, undid his pants erotik hikaye and pulled them down. Fuck! Now she could see all of it. It was massive, with large swollen balls hanging below. Her pussy flooded at the thought of it inside her. Pulling her back up to her feet, he cupped her breast, squeezing her nipple as he kissed her, his giant hard cock pressed between her legs. Slowly still kissing, he walked her backwards to the bed.

She climbed onto the bed on all fours, facing away from him, her legs parted, quivering in anticipation. He pressed against her rear. She felt his big hands run up and down her back and over her buttocks as the rigid shaft of his hard cock pressed against her parted slit. He grasped his cock and pressed the huge swollen head to her opening. She froze, bracing herself for the pain she knew was coming. He pressed forward. She yelped as he pushed it inside her, it took her breath away. She had never been stretched open so wide. Without hesitating, he began to slowly push in and out of her tight pussy, wetting his cock with her juices, feeding it into her inch by inch. Fuck, she felt full, it hurt but she wanted more. She pushed back on him as he began to thrust into her in earnest, gripping her hips as he lunged against her rear. She couldn’t help but cry out each time he stabbed her excited cunt with his wonderful cock. Faster and faster they fucked, both now aching to cum, the front of him slapping hard against the cheeks of her ass. Her cunt exploded in a flood of wetness as she pulled off him and lay shaking on the bed, her stomach in spasms, her insides contracting one after another. Left with a rigid glistening throbbing cock, he started to pull himself. Still cumming, she rolled onto her back and panting, spread herself before him, wanting his cum on her. His hand was almost a blur as he frantically masturbated, desperately needing to cum.

“Cum for me.” she cried out. He let out a yell as his cock erupted, thick ribbons of cum squirting onto her face, chest and stomach. Still incensed and breathing hard, he pushed his jerking cock back inside her, thrusting it deep, milking every drop out of himself in her wet clenching pussy.

They lay on her bed together enjoying the afterglow of their orgasms. Her first day was perfect now. “Fuck the pool.” She had other ideas for the rest of the day now. She reached over and stroked his cock gently, wanting it hard again.

Upstairs, their employers had both just cum too, mutually masturbating each other.

“Fuck, did you see that?” he said, breathing heavily, drops of his cum all over his stomach, his fingers playfully stroking his wife’s spent pussy.

“Mmmmm.” she hummed contentedly, her eyes still on the screen, images of their butler ravaging the maid’s cunt with that huge cock of his still fresh in her mind. Hell, it was making her tingle between the legs just thinking about it. What a good idea it was to install a spycam in her room. Of course they would need to tell her eventually or have it removed, but for now, they would just have a little fun with it.

“Your turn with her next.” she said, removing her hand off his limp cock and sucking his cum off her fingers. “You know how much I love to watch you making them cum.”

“Mmmmm.” he replied, his mind wandering to thoughts of her all aroused and rubbing herself and cumming hard while she watched him fucking the maid.

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