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The Magic Remote

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“A magic remote?”

“Yeah, dude!” exclaimed Aaron, my oldest and best friend. Having grown up together, we were closer than most friends got. As such, our conversations tended to be a bit more personal. “You just point it at somebody and you can make them do anything. I saw it on a YouTube video.”

I leaned back in my computer chair and rubbed my temples. Aaron could be dumb sometimes, but believing in a magic remote that could control women? That seemed beyond stupid. “You know those things are fake right?”

“No, this was real, Henry, I’m telling you. You could see it in her eyes. One second she hated the dude, and the next thing you know she was sucking his dick.”

I raised an eyebrow. “And you saw this on YouTube?”

Even through his crappy webcam I could see him blushing. “Well, not exactly on YouTube. But I’m telling you, dude, it was awesome! I’ll send you the link.” A link to some porn website I’d never heard of popped into the chat.

“That’s not YouTube. Unless they’ve changed their name to DirtySluts.”

Aaron waved his hand dismissively. “If it’s a video, I’m gonna call it a YouTube video. That’s the culture, man.”

Ever since middle school, Aaron and I had become inseparable. The two of us were losers who spent all day watching anime and jerking off, and we liked it. The good life, even if society didn’t see it like that. While I attended community college, Aaron had started working at his uncle’s book store. This was our first time apart.

He used to come over to my house and spend every weekend with me. Since starting work and college, neither of us had time to even hangout. Before that we had made plans to get an apartment together, but that fell through once we saw the price of rent. So, I was still living at my mother’s house, a fact he loved to remind me of even though he didn’t have his own place either.

Our relationship was close enough that I almost opened the link to see what it was. As I hovered my mouse over it, my mom opened the door with a lunch tray she made. I quickly closed the chat and turned, smiling like I hadn’t been caught doing something wrong.

My mom was way too nervous about everything. Finding out I watched porn would have given her a heart attack. Her nerves made it hard to spend any time with her, but I still loved her. I especially loved the fact she made me lunch, and let me live in her house.

“Hi, Mrs. Green,” said Aaron through the computer speakers, a huge grin on his face.

Aaron had always had a small crush on my mom, and honestly, I couldn’t blame him. My mother was quite the looker. She had dark brown hair that came down past her shoulders. Big brown eyes always playfully taking everything in. Even though she was reaching past 40, she had a curvy body with a fantastic ass and breasts. At home she always dressed light, so I got to see a lot of her body.

Even though she was hot, Mom didn’t have much luck with guys. She didn’t think she was very good looking, and so she acted like she wasn’t. The only guy she had been able to get with had been my dad. He died when I turned twelve. Since then, it was just me and her.

Surprisingly, Mom never got nervous around Aaron. Neither of us knew why.

Mom smiled and brushed her bangs out of her eyes, placing the tray onto the computer table. “Hi, Aaron. How’s your mother doing?”

He shrugged. “Still looking for work.”

I looked down at the tray, my mouth starting to water. Mom had made me a BLT with the bread lightly toasted, with chips and a coke to wash it down. One of the benefits of living at home was free meals that you didn’t have to make. Of course, not everyone had a mom who liked to cook. My mom was one of the good ones.

“Thanks, Mom,” I said, taking a large bite of the BLT. Mom liked to spread mayo on all the sandwiches she made, and this was no different. Some of the excess started to drip out and slide down my chin.

Quickly, Mom licked her thumb and cleaned off the mayo. I squirmed out of the way to pretend like I hated it, but it didn’t really bother me. Aaron laughed as he watched the antics through his screen. “Aw, little Henry made a mess? Does he need his mommy to help him?”

I shot him a glare, but Mom laughed. “That’s why I’m here, to clean up after my perfect little boy,” she replied, jokingly squeezing my cheek. I playfully smacked her hand away. “I’ll leave you boys to your fun. Make sure you take out the trash later, okay Henry?”

“Yeah, Mom. I got it, thanks for the food.”

I watched as she left, closing the door behind her. Already I could hear snickering coming from my speakers. Aaron was barely holding in his laughter, and as soon as I turned to look at him he burst out laughing. In times like this, it was best to let him work it all out. So I endured several minutes of laughter and being compared to a baby.

Aaron finished his laughing fit, wiping a tear from his eyes, and said, “But in all seriousness, dude, you’ve got a great mom. I wish bursa escort mine would bring me food.”

I shrugged. “If you were nicer to your mother she would do stuff like that for you.”

“Nah, your mom’s different. Great chief, great person, and great looking? Your dad was one lucky guy. Why haven’t you given me her number?”

I frowned. “Aaron, don’t even pretend to hit on my Mom.”

“Oh come on, dude, you know if she weren’t your mom you would tap that. Oh! Maybe you can use the remote on her, or I can,” said Aaron in a mocking tone.

“If it existed, too bad it doesn’t. You’ll have to get women the old fashioned way.” I laughed.

Aaron slammed his desk, causing crumbs to fly into the air. “It is real, dude! Look, I’ll send you the link to the shop. I don’t have enough money for it, but maybe you will.” Another link popped into the chat, this time it was for a website called: Katie’s Emporium.

“I’m not gonna spend my money on some scam, but I’ll take a look. For you.”

Aaron smiled. “Good, but for real you should get it. And then you have to let me use it, otherwise I’ll never forgive you.” At that moment, Aaron’s uncle burst into his room and started to yell at him. He turned around and shook his head. “Sorry, Henry. Got to go, talk to you later?”

“Yeah, man. I’ll talk to you later,” I replied.

I leaned back in my chair and took another bite of the BLT. A magic remote that made women crazy for you? It sounded too good to be true, but what if it was? Looking back at the screen, I clicked the first link and watched the video. It seemed like a normal porn scenario, but the woman was acting extra weird. Between every order, the busty blonde paused before performing the order perfectly.

The video seemed hot, especially if the product was true, but those things were always fake. Still, what if it was true?

After dusting the crumbs off my hands, I clicked on the other link Aaron sent me. Immediately, the website loaded with one of those age authenticators. Even now that I was in my twenties, I still clicked a random age and pressed enter. Not like any website bothered to double check.

The front page of the website screamed early 2000’s website design. Lots of bright colors and tacky animations in the background. At the top of the page in bright comic sans read, ‘Katie’s Emporium: Where dreams become reality.’ There were pictures of scantily dressed women all over the website. I clicked around until I found my way to the store page. No time for jacking off when curiosity was leading the charge.

Among the sex toys and deviant magazines was the ‘magical’ remote Aaron talked about. $100. He didn’t have $100 dollars? According to the website, it was available for a limited time. A timer counted down to when it would presumably be taken off the store. I wondered if it was a real timer or one of those fake timers they used to make you rush to buy. After a quick reload, it seemed real.

There were only ten minutes left on the timer. I wondered if I should let Aaron know, but decided against it. No reason to bum him out after he got yelled at. Without thinking, I pulled out my debit card and added the remote to my cart. It was like I was in a trance as I entered all my info and proceeded through the checkout. I figured $100 was worth it to lose, especially if it turned out to be true.

Before pressing the final confirmation button, I hesitated. Did I want to waste my money on a gag? A fake item the website sold to suckers? My finger hovered over my mouse, waiting to press left click and confirm my purchase. If it was real…

A knock on the door made me panic. I accidentally pressed the button before closing the tab. Without waiting for an answer, Mom entered the room clearly upset.

“Henry, can you help me with my computer? I need it for work.”

“Yes, Mom,” I muttered, grabbing the plate and heading past her through the door.

“And don’t forget to empty the trash. Maybe clean your room too.”

A couple weeks went by with no news about the remote. I found out after I got back to my computer that I had accidentally bought it, but I didn’t think much about it. $100 down the drain was the worst case scenario. Already I was thinking of ways to earn the money back.

I could have told Aaron that I’d bought the remote, but I didn’t. He would have acted smug about it and I couldn’t have handled that. Years ago he recommended an anime about naked pirate girls. At the time, I told him it was lame and made fun of him. Once I watched it on a whim, and liked it, he never let me live it down.

Right when I had forgotten all about the remote, it came. Early in the morning I heard a knock on the front door and the sound of a truck driving away. I wasn’t happy to be woken up by the noise, but Mom was gone for work and there was no one else home to get the package. Crawling out of bed, I meandered my way to the front door. Lying on the ground was a small cardboard box with my name bursa escort bayan on it.

The packaging was plain, as such items usually were, and small. It seemed like it was barely large enough to fit a regular sized remote. Heading back to my room, I opened the box to find another smaller box inside. Emblazoned on the side was the title of the website I bought it from and the words, Magical Remote. Otherwise the pale blue box was quite plain.

It didn’t take long for me to tear open the packaging and pull out the small silver remote and its instructions. The remote was barely longer than my middle finger, and there were only a few buttons. Up and down arrows, numbers, a red power button, a button labeled info, and a button with 3 Z’s meant to be some kind of snooze button.

I pressed some of the buttons, but nothing happened. Reading the instructions wasn’t much help. All it said was to point the remote at the subject and press the power button. Commands could be issued verbally, but simple commands could be issued using the remote. The snooze button was actually a sleep button, meant to put someone to sleep. The arrows and numbers were an intensity rating, I guess for sex or something.

At the very back of the instructions was a link to a website. Since there was no one home I could test the remote on, and I didn’t want to leave the house, I decided to take a look. Carefully, I typed in the web address and pressed enter. Instead of going to a website, a pop-up appeared asking to download a video file. My anti-virus didn’t activate so I shrugged and let it download.

Throwing caution to the wind, I opened the video as soon as it finished downloading. It began with an older looking man sitting on a white couch in the center of a white room. On either side of him were two bored looking women. One had red hair and freckles, the other was a brunette. Both were gorgeous and completely uninterested in what was happening.

The man smiled and held up his own magical remote. “Hello. If you’re watching this, that means you read the instructions. For that, I thank you. I know they seemed bare-bones, but that was on purpose. This remote operates on voice commands. As such, it’s difficult to write down all the functions it can perform. I hope this video will suffice.

“I’m sure you noticed the two beautiful ladies sitting beside me.” He gestured to the red head. “This is Lily and my friend on the other side is Susan.” Neither of the girls made any sign that they had noticed.

“As you can see, they don’t seem interested in me. But, with this remote. I can change that.” Pointing the remote at Lily, he smiled as he pressed the red power button. She froze, her face changing to a neutral expression. Then he pointed the remote at Susan and pressed the button again. The effect was the same.

“This is known as standby mode. Until an order is given, they will remain like this for ten minutes. This can be changed if you so wish. After coming out of standby mode, they will have no memory of what happened. This can also be changed.

“Orders can be given in a variety of ways. You can give a simple command, or a complex command. You can even change a person’s attitude or demeanor. I’ll show you a simple command first.”

Holding the remote towards Lily, the man said, “Strip.”

Standing up from the couch. Lily pulled down her pants and panties, stepping out of them mindlessly. Then she pulled off her shirt, throwing it on her pants. After unclasping her bra, she dropped it to the floor. Lily made no attempt to cover herself, nor did she seem embarrassed to be standing naked on camera.

“The strip command is great to get things started,” said the man. “Some other one word commands are: suck, kiss, lick, and orgasm. Yes that’s right, you can force a person to orgasm using this remote. Watch.”

He pointed the remote at Susan and said, “Orgasm.”

Bucking her hips, she moaned as a dark spot grew on the front of her pants. Her breath grew ragged and she slumped over in the chair. Still feeling the after effects of the orgasm, she occasionally shuddered. Once a couple seconds had passed, she regained her composure and returned to her blank stare.

“You can set the intensity of the orgasm using voice commands. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Now let’s try a more complex command. This remote is special in that it knows your intent behind a command, but it still needs some help. Use clear diction and a strong tone when giving a command. Remember how uninterested in me they were before? Let’s change that with a complex command.”

Again, he pointed the remote at Lily. “Act like you love me.”

Lily blinked a couple of times as she looked around. Once she spotted the man, she sat down in his lap and stroked his face. In a sultry tone of voice, she said, “Hey handsome. You know, I’m feeling kind of worked up. Maybe I can do that thing you like? Maybe you can return the favor?” She licked her lips and ground her escort bursa ass on his cock.

“As you can see,” said the man, not paying attention to the beautiful naked women sitting on his lap. “She is now interested in me. I can continue to give commands without the remote, but she will only obey if they coincide with her being my lover. For example, she would suck my dick if I asked, but she wouldn’t have sex with Susan unless she was interested in her. You can give her another command using the remote if you want her to do something else.

“The sleep and info buttons are pretty self-explanatory. Sleep puts them to sleep, and the info button answers any questions you have about a subject. Use voice commands after pressing the button for it to work. I’m sure you’re itching to see what this remote can do, so I’ll end the tutorial here. If you have any questions–“

I stopped the video and sat back in my chair, staring at the unassuming silver remote sitting on my desk. Could it be real? It was easy to fake such a scenario on video, so I wasn’t fully convinced it was real, but part of me wanted it to be real. As I was wondering who I should try it on, I heard Mom calling me from the hallway.

“Henry! Can you help me bring in groceries?”

I glanced down at the remote before placing it in my pocket. My curiosity got the better of me, I needed to test the remote. Of course, I waited until I had helped Mom bring in the groceries before I did. It was the right thing to do, and I didn’t want to risk them going bad if I had too much fun.

Once the two of us were done, we sat down on the couch and breathed a sigh of relief. There weren’t that many groceries, but it was hot and I tried to go way too fast. Mom leaned over and wrapped her arm around my shoulder, pulling me into a hug.

“Thanks, Henry. I don’t think I could have brought all those bags in by myself.”

“No problem.” We sat in silence for a bit while I tried to build up the courage to bring out the remote. Sitting this close to Mom, I realized how nice she smelled. Like an ice cream shop on a hot summer day. Sweet and inviting. After taking a deep breath, I reached into my pocket and pulled out the remote.

“What’s th–” Before Mom could finish speaking, I pointed the remote at her and pressed the power button. She froze, her face going blank. I honestly hadn’t expected the remote to work, so I jumped back in shock. Mom, who had been leaning on me, fell down onto the couch.

I waited for her to get up, say something, but she didn’t. Looking down at the remote in amazement, I decided to test the voice commands.

“Uh, sit up, Mom,” I said nervously.

The command took a second to register, maybe because I hadn’t pointed the remote at her, but she did sit up. Because I hadn’t specified how she should sit up, she leaned back against the couch cushions. My mouth was dry as I watched her obey my command. I thought about going to get some water from the kitchen, but had a better idea.

“Mom, get me some water.”

After a second, she stood up and headed to the kitchen. I could hear her pull out a cup from the cupboard and fill it with water from the fridge. The entire time she stayed silent, with the same blank expression on her face. It was unnerving. When she returned with the water, she held it out for me to take. As I drank, she continued to stand in front of me.

I wasn’t ready to get real naughty, but I did want to see what I could make her do. First, I had to fix the blank look on her face. Thinking of what Aaron would do, I had a fun idea come to mind, but first I needed to ask Mom something.

Holding the info button, I said, “Does Mom own a maid outfit?” I wasn’t sure if Mom and Dad were into that kind of bedroom play, but I had to see. Of course, it was possible that she would have thrown it away after Dad died, but I had to be sure.

A feminine voice answered from the remote. “Yes.” I pumped my fist, glad that my parents were a bit kinky. A couple of days ago, that would have grossed me out, but right now I was too excited. Honestly, I didn’t think Mom had it in her to be kinky. What with her nerves and all. But I guess even the most anxious among us could enjoy foreplay.

I pointed the remote at Mom. “Go put on your maid outfit and then come back here.”

Instantly, Mom left for her room. I had a clear idea of what I wanted her to do. Earlier this month, she had told me to clean my room. Did I do it, no. Now she would clean not only my room, but the whole house. I ran to my room to grab my phone. No way was I going to miss the chance to record this. Maybe I would send it to Aaron. That would be worth bragging rights for years.

Mom returned, dressed in costume. She wore a classic black colored maid dress with a white frilly trim accentuating the design. The dress was more like a skirt as it barely covered her ass. The neckline on the outfit was lowered, and her breasts were pushed upwards by the built in bra. They looked massive compared to their normal size. She wore a matching bow, garter belt, and stockings to complete the look. Covering her privates was a black thong made of lace with tasteful transparency. Black pubic hairs stuck out from behind the thong.

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