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The Loyal Donkey Dick Worshipper

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My girlfriend is a committed mother, faithful partner, great lover (with extremely heavy -abnormally large – guaranteed boner amazing – macromastia breasts) and a devoted human being to those she loves. That is what I sincerely believed and knew to be fact based on my experience. No doubts.

My business partner whom I traveled with warned me about a smoking hot gorgeous female who just started with our firm. He knew her fairly well from his former work with the competitor as they both had worked for a previous company. Wanting to shed light, he offered up a verbal rundown of her perceived negatives while indeed pointing out first and foremost that there is this super hot chick …

James said, “Ok listen… she has very big tits, but she’s wild and crazy, and nothing but trouble. Listen, she’s having an affair with the boss, and she’s like 3 months pregnant with her 4th child. So stay away from this girl because she’s a distraction.”

That was enough for me to instantly know that I had no interest whatsoever in whoever this beautiful female was. I had far more important things to worry about than the attention of some wacko pregnant beauty queen who people say is loud and obnoxious. Her huge tits do not matter.

When we arrived in Phoenix, we checked into our hotel and sure enough, this new employee beauty queen was the center of attention in the hotel lobby bar. She was definitely a social butterfly and sex object based on her damn cartoon-like huge titties and striking beauty. Even if she was only having a drink and carrying on with a handful of men in the area.

So yes indeed, come to find out, she’s definitely fucking the boss, and so again, I knew I would be avoiding her altogether.

“What’s your story?” she asked as she sized me up and down. I mumbled a few words and moved on. I bragged about how great I am and how many women I fucked last week. Although I was being funny, this humor and confidence seemed to cast a spell on her albeit not intentional, I was actually being truthful.

There can be no doubt that she’s a strikingly gorgeous female. She’s very tall and looks more athletic and strong rather than skinny or fat. But she does have incredibly large full pouty dick suckin lips, and a beautiful complexion. She’s a brunette, long legs, and appears to have really large breasts but obviously she hides them as it is hard to determine unless you’re a pro like me. I figured she wore multiple bras or had something keeping her tits hidden from the public. Just a hunch based on the way her breasts looked in a suit.

At any rate, she’s also loud and obnoxious and cusses bursa escort like a sailor. I simply found her to be irrelevant in my reality experience and thus I simply didn’t give her much more thought after this. Plus, she’s with the boss and they are love birds so it seems.

However, for whatever reason, she continuously calls me out, yells my name or makes a big scene and or just is highly flirtatious with me. I’m annoyed by her to be totally honest. Plus, a few days later a rumor circulated that she was paid big money to show the CEO her big breasts during her job interview and perhaps even more. No one can say for sure.

Anyhow, some 3 weeks later, we all arrive in Dallas for a new project. And to my absolute surprise, it’s here at this location that things make a surprise shift.

Within 2 or 3 days, I found myself riding in the backseat of a car with my head in her lap as she massaged my head, shoulders and neck. This in spite of the fact that her boyfriend rode up front. We were returning from a weekend stay in New Orleans.

Next thing I know, she’s told the boss to pound sand and decides to make me the target of her pursuit. After avoiding her time and again, she confronts me privately to tell me that she wants to get to know me better and says I’m different and she’s fascinated by my mystery and my intelligent mind and so forth. Eventually I cave and begin to communicate with her to discover that she’s an extraordinary woman, very exciting woman with a remarkable life story.

She tells me that her family were millionaires and she grew up privileged even though she had a mile long rap sheet.

Oh, and it turns out that in fact her breasts are very large. While I had not seen them yet, she later informed me that she was a 38GGG. She has no idea that I also saw her one evening through the door glass window. She was sitting in the outdoor sauna visiting with a random male hotel guest and she sat completely topless one night. Her titties made me so horny that I went and beat my dick in the outdoor men’s room and then again some three hours later.

But, this is not the main point of this story. However, it’s important to note that our relationship began with her telling me that she wanted to be a couple, but with no cheating whatsoever because she is not a cheater. She laid down her demands and insisted that she is not a cheater and emphasized her loyalty and devotion to the man she loves and she’s ready for that man to be me.

So, there it is, we were officially a couple after I took to heart her feelings and concluded that she was a sincere woman and I deemed escort bursa her worthy of my time and attention.

It wasn’t too long that she would have her baby which I was fully prepared to assist with and support in whatever ways I would be needed.

It was a hot and fiery romance with lots of x-rated sex and much manhandling of those enormous titties for about 12 months, until something happened.

Here is where it gets weird shall I say rather bizarre.

On our way back from a two week long work project that was now finished, we were traveling by car cross-country when Sheba proceeded to tell me that she needed to confess and apologize for something that’s going to make me mad.

“What for?” I mumbled as I reached for her massive and offensive huge breasts. “Babe, because I accidentally sucked another man’s big dick back at our hotel in Portland. Well really it was more than one man’s big dick.”

I thought she was joking as she insisted on telling me the story. She had to be kidding I reasoned.

The night she went out without me because I did not want to go. Sheba can get crazy when she unleashes herself. She got really drunk and found herself in the hotel suite with 3 men staying there. Specifically, in their jacuzzi. These 3 men were from another company who talked her into touring their hotel penthouse suite. Then just having one drink with them as a final night cap. Then sitting in their jacuzzi if only for a quick minute and only if she was topless with those enormous mammaries dispkayed so these men could look at. Yes, I did say topless.

When I asked her why would she do something like this, she replied, “You don’t understand how big their dicks were and how horny my pussy was. I just really needed a huge dick because yours is nice babe. Yes its fine, but I couldn’t say no after the first guy whipped his huge thing out.”

“No way did he whip his dick out” I argued. I then said to her, “Tell me again, how did you know for sure that this dickhead had such a large dick?”

And she said that he told her, well he whispered to her in the lobby bar that she needs to ride on his cock … no, she then said, ride in his truck and he’ll show her. She then tells me that not only did he have a giant cock, but she proceeded to suck his giant cock all the way to the club. She said she told him to force his big cock all the way. And yes, she even admitted that he ejaculated down her throat while forcing her to swallow all of his cum. She said she begged and so he forced his cock down her throat — all the way down on it and refused to let her up. He held her head down bursa escort bayan onto his massive dick until he finished making her call him daddy and saying thank you to him.

Obviously, I knew she was lying about this story. This fairy tale was simply impossible and I knew that there was absolutely no way that she would do this and so I was kind of enjoying this intriguing fantasy she’s describing.

“Okay Sheba, what happened next Miss big dick sucking super slut? What next Miss huge horsecock gobbler, what next?” I now demanded to know.

She goes into how he talked her into taking some pleasure pill for a feeling of ecstasy. Then heading to a gentleman’s club where she sat topless on his massive boner. Sitting with her hairy wet pussy on his giant boner until she and another stripper took turns riding on his scary monster cock up in the VIP section.

I asked her, “So how big is this dude’s dick?”

“Babe his dick is… well, you don’t want to know.”

“Sure I do because I know you’re full of it.”

“Ok fine then. Just know that his dick was more than double the size. No, not even. His cock so beautiful had to be triple the size of yours. He had the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. Big like a porn star big… and he fucked my wet pussy so hard that I squirted several times.”

“Yeah right… ok and then what?”

“We got back to the hotel, he asked me to come meet his 2 roommates and tour his suite. And of course I wanted to.”

“His roommates were gorgeous men who convinced me to take another pleasure pill. The next thing I remember was being totally naked and tied down to a king sized bed and promising to be a good little slut as I’m being ordered to beg for their big dicks. It was fucking amazing. My pussy is wet right now.”

“I’m pretty sure that I begged for their horsedicks. And each guy took his turn in fucking the shit out of my pussy as I begged for their massive cocks to fuck my asshole. So then they follow up by stretching my asshole with their fucking horsecocks. Yes babe, all 3 men had fucking gigantic real life horsedicks that were the biggest I’ve ever seen in my life. All 3 men fucked my asshole after I begged for their big dicks. Oh yeah, I’m sorry but they also came in my pussy.”

Later that night I picked up Sheba’s phone, entered her code and opened her texts. The first text message was from a guy named Lamont with a video? I opened the message to see a pic of the largest fucking donkey dick I could have never wanted to see. The message read, “Hey babe, when you gonna suck this dick again?”

I played the video which was nothing more than my girl worshipping an enormous black cock. Quite possibly the biggest black monstercock known to man being jammed relentlessly down my girlfriend’s throat as he demanded that she beg for mercy as she squirted all over his bed.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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