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The Love Muscle

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Big Tits

Hardcore Goddess

First of all, let me say!hola! To all the people at Literotica. I know it has been a while since I’ve been back, but life has been an almost constant surprise since my last entry.

Robert wakes up with a throbbing headache from the previous night’s birthday blowout for his best friend at the Bounce Lounge. His head is telling him to go back to sleep; his bladder is saying hit the “head”; and his stomach is telling him to dip his head in the toilet and reacquaint himself with last night’s late dinner.

Seconds later, with his head on the cool porcelain and his boxers wet with urine he considers crawling back into bed and calling it a day. Unfortunately, this is his first day at the trendy high-paying massage company. The lure of $125-bucks-an-hour takes the edge from his headache and kicks his ass into gear.

In only twenty minutes Robert has transformed from a hung-over vomit-stained blood-shot eyed sack of piss-wet shit to a groomed and tuned go-getter. Though his headache is still working him over as the aspirin begins to take effect, he can’t help but to loudly rev the engine of his pampered Trans Am, the pushrod V-8 eagerly growling out a response.

“This day just may be worth getting shit-faced for,”he thinks as he pulls into traffic for the twenty minute trip to his new profession.

A quick highway trip later, Robert is pulling into the parking garage of the office building that houses In Touch, Inc., the most sought after massage therapy company in the city that caters to any and all whom have the time and money to get a professional massage in their homes, office, or anywhere the customer wants.

After clocking in, Robert checks his company vehicle, a brand-new Chevy Equinox that still has that new-car scent to it, and stocks it with everything he needs. Finally, all he has to do is sit in the break/ready room and wait for a call.

“Hey, rookie!” an mature Asian woman announces from the adjoining office. “Got your first roll.”

She hands him a Post-it with the company logo on it with an address not far from the company.

“This is the Deuce Club, an body-building gym that often caters our services,” she explains. “You have to be strong cause they like those deep tissue rub-downs after a workout.”

“Guy or girl?” Robert asks a bit concerned.

“Dunno, kid. It was the manager calling on behalf of someone. Doesn’t matter, though. We work both sides of the fence.”

“I don’t,” Robert mutters as he picks up his gym bag and tosses it into his company car.

As he pulls up to the job, though, he is relieved to see that today, at least, the patrons are mostly female hardbody babes wearing nearly nothing but provocative workout attire. Most of the women look like the occaisional client whom come in three times a week. The others, though, are huge forms that look like extras on an Conan movie.

He enters the lobby to see a huge mass of muscle and square jaw manning the desk.

“Uh…did someone call for a massage?” Robert asks, hoping that the thick-necked dude wasn’t the client.

“You da massager?” the human muscle inquires.


The lug reads a list (surprising the hell out of Robert that there was room in this guy’s thick skull for a functioning brain) and then cocks a sausage-sized thumb to a set of doors behind him.

“Woom 208.”

As Robert enters the doors (wondering what the hell was a “woom”) he begins to fear that soon he will be oiling up some thick-muscled sex hikayeleri lughead in a two-sizes-too-small biker pants whom “likes it rough”.

At Room (Woom) 208, he pauses to put his mind in a happy place (the Juggs Palace on East Street) and enters the room…

…and comes face-to-face with a goddess. His mind quickly assesses the woman.: an Latina with thick black curls that falls halfway to her tight ass, brown eyes, huge tits just held back by an stretched muscle tee with no bra, tight abs and thighs that while muscled weren’t grossly overmuscled, and the largest set of nipples he had ever seen making definite imprints in the shirt, all encased in a deep golden caramel skin-tone.


“Just give me a couple of minutes,” she says in a lightly-accented voice. “Let me shower first. I’ve sweated like hell today.”

Robert can attest to that, as he feels the heat seeming to roll off her tight, thick ass as she heads for the shower in the next room. After thanking God for answering his prayers he begins to set up for the job, unfolding the massage table and setting up the various massage oils and devices. As he finish the running water stops in the background. He straightens himself up and puts the most professional expression on his face as he waits for the client to enter. And what an entrance she makes! The small woman (she couldn’t be more than 5-foot-1)has a white terry towel wrapped around her still steaming body. Her long hair has been pulled into a single thick ponytail that trails erotically behind her. The tanned tops of her breasts push out at the top of the towel and her legs and most of her thighs peek from below.

After getting a quick eyeful, Robert plants a smile on his face and motions towards the massage table.

“What would you like today, Mrs…?”

“Miss. Just call me Amanda. What do you have to offer?”

The way the question leaves her lush lips causes Robert’s “little man” to take notice. Even so, he is able to give her a verbal list of the services offered and their hourly rate.

“I’ll take your Platinum massage,”she purrs, lying face down on the table and sweeping her hair to one side while undoing her towel and opening it from the back.

Robert stares in silence at the nude form in front of him. Her small shoulders are well defined yet still feminine. The deep line of her backbone just begs to be explored. And her ass! Thick yet firm-looking. A pair of golden half-globes with no tan lines to mar the surface. Well-defined thighs and legs that would look perfect in either a mini-dress or bikini. Even her feet are sexy.

And her Scent!!! Underneath the clean soapy smell is the lurking smell of womanhood. “Little Man Robert” begins to tap out a morse code message on the front of Robert’s jeans.

“Anytime now would be good,” she notes without looking up.

Robert snaps out of his trance and goes to work. He applies a purple-tinted oil and works on her shoulders first, feeling the strength she hides there. Soon she begins to loosen up and sink deeper into the table he begins to work his way down. Using two fingers, he traces her back. It feels like a steel bar is in her backbone covered with the softest skin. Lower still, just above the towel-covered swell of her ass (toweled, for his sake), he works on the small of her back with deep strong rubs. After a couple of minutes there, Robert is about to skip to her thighs when she lifts her head.

“Don’t skip anything,”she says sex hikayeleri breathily.

With that, she sweeps the towel from her ass and lies back down.

After silently thanking the Higher Power again and promising to go to church on Sunday he pours a liberal coating of oil on her firm dimpled ass-globes and begins to knead and grope (professionally, of course) her muscles. Within a minute, the woman begins to shift slightly. Robert notes that her ass is rising slightly in conjunction with his hands and that her smell begins to cut through the scented oil. The scent of pussy on the warm up!

“Boo-yah!” Both he and “Little Man Robert” think as he forces himself to massage her thighs ONLY, which part slightly at his touch.

Forty minutes later, after having traveled down to her feet, back up (lingering at her ass), and giving both arms and hands thorough attention, Robert is about to ring up the massage when she softly grabs his hand.

“What’s wrong?” she asks, her deep brown eyes half-lidded.

“Oh, nothing, ma’am. It’s just that we are finished.”

“You haven’t done my front yet.”

Robert’s eyes snap open so quickly it hurts as he stutters out an answer.

“Your front?!”

Without hesitation, the stunning Latina turns over.

“Holy shit!” his mind, and dick, think.

The first thing his eyes are drawn to are her enormous nipples. They are almost the exact same size and shape as Playstation 2 controller joysticks. Those rock hard knobs clearly dominate the titty flesh they are on. And there is a lot of tit to dominate, being at least a double-D. And whoever had done her tits was a master at his work. No tell-tale lines or incisions were visible. Her six pack abs are toned yet not ridiculously defined. A slender waist that flares into her wide hips and thighs. And a completely shaved cunt!!!!! Robert quickly locks the door and goes to work, pouring oil onto her firm perky tits. He works the outside of those funbags (or, in her case, fun cantaloupes), watching her reaction. Her breathing begins to deepen, causing her abs to be more pronounced. And she scoots back, letting her head hang slightly over the edge of the table. In this position, her lips are just inches away from the strained confines of his dick. Working in a spiraling rub, Robert comes closer and closer to those brown nipples. His fingers find the crinkled areolas just before grazing the edges of those hypnotic nips.

She gasps at the contact, her warm breath being felt through the khakis he is wearing and bringing his cock to full hardness.

Robert’s hands slide over her nipples, each finger a speed-bump that flicks her engorged nips and sends electric jolts straight to her pussy. As he moves on to her abs Robert has to move closer to her. Now his straining dick is but a breath away from her slightly parted lips. As he massages her belly, Robert feels her fingers undoing his zipper and his cock suddenly popping out of his fly. Still he continues with the massage, even as he feels her hot breath along the 8-inch length of his fucker. As he moves lower he notices something that stuns him erotically: her clit is big. Real big! At least 1-1/2 inches! It proudly sticks from the hood and begs to be licked and sucked. And her cunt lips! They hang below her clit almost like a pair of balls, thick and brown!

When his hands reach the woman’s waist he feels her wet pointy tongue tracing the vein on the underside of his dick. From the underside of his head to sikiş hikayeleri his balls she follows the course of his vein. A chill races up and down his back as she lightly licks and sucks his hanging nuts. This throws away the last of the professionalism that Robert has. Within seconds he is just as naked as she is. Grabbing her below the waist, he lifts her into an standing upside-down position and then lowers himself to the thinly carpeted floor onto his back. When he is settled on his back the lusty Latina pulls up and begins to suck his cock into her warm wet mouth. On each upswing she firmly presses her tongue on the top of his dick. Up, down ,lower and lower until she is taking almost all of his prick into her throat.

Robert can only lie there with his eyes closed and enjoy the hot sensations flooding his lower body. His hands are on the firm ass-globes above his face, squeezing them. Her cunt scent is intoxicating. And her oral skills A+!

Soon, too soon, he can feel the pressure of a stream of cum beginning to build in the base of his cock. She seems to know this, as now her tempo and suction increase. With one finger she strokes up and down the cum barrel on the underside of his cock, literally “cocking” his load to fire!

The Latina feels his cock expand in her lips and begins to whip her tongue over the head. He throbs once, twice, then a double-throb that is followed by a thick forceful stream of salty cream.

“Ahhh SHIT!” Robert groans.

The woman just swallows all he gives her until there is nothing left to give. She continues to suck on his cock until he is halfway hard again.

With his mind a little clearer now, Robert begins to return the pleasure. Since her dripping cunt is just above his head he begins to lick around her pussy. At the touch of his tongue the woman’s abs begin to clench whenever he hits a hyper-sensitive area. Taking his time, Robert tastes the sex sweat that is beginning to form in her crotch. A clear thick drop of cream hangs from one of her distended cunt lips. Robert watches as it becomes heavier and heavier until it is just about to drip. He then lightly licks those brown thick lips, capturing the cream at the same time. The quality of the blowjob he is recieving is declining, but Robert expected that, what with what he is doing to her. He begins probing and fucking her pussy with his tongue, careful not to touch her vibrating clit. By now, the woman is pushing her hips down, trying to take more and more of his tongue deeper into her crack. Sexy cries and whimpers begin to compete with the sounds of aerobics classes and dropping weights.

Soon, the woman is almost smothering him with her gasping cunt. Robert knows that soon he is going to take her long clit into his mouth and bring her off. He controls her passion, letting it ebb and flow, teasing her. When she begins to shake and moan uncontrollably he knows that it is time. He snaps her clit between his lips and begins sucking on her love button mercilessly.

A scream of primal lust escapes her lips as her cunt squirts her cream into his face. For a moment, Robert thinks he is getting pissed on as her cum cream flows so fast into his face.

Suddenly, he feels a slick finger slide past his anal ring and stroke his prostate. His dick goes from instant hardness to climax within seconds. He lifts his hips, burying his cock into her throat and filling her belly with man cream again.

20 minutes later, with $200 dollars from the massage and an extra $200 dollar “tip” in his pocket, Robert starts up the SUV just in time to hear the opening lyrics to Ice Cube’s “Today Wuz A Good Day” begin.

“Fucking hell yeah it was a good day!” he says as he pulls away.

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