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The Limo Driver Ch. 01

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As he drove his taxi in the dead of night through the pouring rain he noticed a couple in a doorway sheltering from the unexpected rain storm, desperately trying to hail a cab. Pulling up to the curb, he picked up his umbrella, got out and dashed over to them and one by one escorted them under the umbrella to his cab. Getting back in the driver’s seat, he looked at them in the rear vision mirror. She was middle aged with an attractive face and from what he could tell, had a nice body. He was well dressed and quite a bit older than her.

“Thank you. That was good of you doing that to keep us dry.” The man said. He then gave the cabbie their address and they set off. Rich thought the cabbie. He had recognized the suburb the man had given him. He hadn’t been wrong. Driving through imposing gates and up a gravelled drive, he stopped outside the front of their mansion. As he had done when he picked them up, he escorted them from the cab to the front portico of their house under his umbrella.

“Thank you.” Said the man again, impressed with his courtesy, handing him a fifty dollar note as a tip. He thanked the gentleman and made to return to his cab.

“No wait, listen.” He called out and the cabbie stopped.

“We have just lost our driver and my wife is interviewing for a new one tomorrow. After your service tonight, we would be happy if you would consider applying for the position. It would be far better paid than driving your taxi. What do you think?”

“Hell yes.” Said the cabbie, smiling.

“Good!” said the man. “Be here at two thirty.” Thanking them and promising to return the next day, he got back in his cab and drove off.

As promised, at two thirty he was parked in their driveway. She came out to greet him and escorted him inside and into a lavish living room. Waiving him into a seat, she sat opposite. In the light, she looked even more attractive in a mature way and her body was as good as he imagined, dressed in an expensive mid length skirt and expensive blouse that accentuated all the right curves. After explaining the live-in position and the salary, she told him he would need to take her on a test drive just to see how well he handled the limo and how comfortable she felt with his driving. It seemed like an odd request, but what the hell.

The limo was long and black with dark tinted windows and he was immediately comfortable in the driver’s seat. Driving it out of the garage and to the front of the house, he held the door open for her as she climbed in the back seat. At her request, the glass panel between the front seat and the back of the car was left down as they set off. Her directions took them out into the country onto windy deserted roads until she instructed pull over into a layby.

“You drive very well.” She said. “There’s just one more test left.” He looked at her anxiously in the rear vision mirror.

“How well do you fuck.” She said, looking back at him. He didn’t know what to say.

“Turn the car off and come back here.” She told him.

By the time he had switched off the car and opened the back door she had her blouse undone, her skirt pulled up and one bent leg against the back of the seat, the other stretched out into the foot well showing off her panties. She patted the seat between her legs and as he slid across it, she pulled him to her, pressing his mouth to hers. As they kissed, he pulled her bra down off one breast and cupped it, rubbing its hardening nipple. He almanbahis yeni giriş could feel her arousal and felt her hands undoing his pants. He was already hard when she pushed them down, releasing his rigid cock. His hand left her breast and slid between her legs, his fingers hungrily rubbing her through her panties. As her fingers curled around the hard shaft of his cock and started to pull him, he pulled her panties aside and slipped his fingers deep between her pussy lips and into her wet eager slit. Moaning she pulled him faster, gripping his cock as he stroked her clit, his fingers lubricated with her own wetness.

“Fuck me!” she panted. As he pulled away from her to pull down his pant, she pressed her legs together, pulled off her panties and spread them again, her shaved pussy wet and eager for hard cock. Pushing her back onto the seat, he pressed the swollen head of his cock between her legs and pushed it inside her, working it in deeper with small thrusts.

“Fuck that’s big.” She gasped, her cunt on fire with desire as he stretched her open, the thick shaft working deeper and deeper into drenched aroused pussy. Covering her, he started thrusting harder, forcing more and more of him into her. Fuck it was long and she cried out with pleasure as it filled her completely.

“Yes, that’s it, fuck me!” she yelled, wanting that hard cock driving into her. His hips slammed between her legs as he drove every inch of him deep into her cunt faster and faster, his thick glistening cock fucking that tight cunt for all he was worth.

“Oh Jesus, fuck, I’m going to cum.” she cried out, starting to shudder under him. Lost in her cries and his own need to cum, he pushed into her hard.

“Oh fuck.” She wailed cumming hard, frantically bucking her wet erupting cunt up against him, wanting every inch inside her. With a gasp he came, squirting hard into the depths of her pussy, warm thick cum filling her.

“You’ve got the fucking job.” She panted breathlessly as they lay on the back seat, both spent, his cock softening in her wet slippery pussy.

Their clothes straightened up, they set off on the return journey. This time she was riding up front with him, admiring his large build and thinking how she couldn’t wait to see all of him naked. Arriving back at the mansion, she told him to put the car back in the garage and meet her in the living room. When he got to the lounge, she was seated on a couch and indicated for him to sit next to her. She picked up a drink she had already poured and passed one to him.

“Here’s to my new driver.” She said raising her glass. They clinked their glasses together. Cheers.

“After this, you can take me up to bed.” She said.

“What about your husband?” he asked.

“He’s away a lot and knows what I get up to with the drivers. Why do you think he left it up to me to pick one? In fact, he’s away for the next two days.” she said, smiling. How the fuck did I manage to land this job he thought, amazed at this stroke of luck. Food and board provided; a good salary and a stunning pussy thrown in. Wow! It was a stunning pussy too. Shaved; with lovely soft pink inner lips and a large proud erect clit. He couldn’t wait to taste and smell it. Shit! Just the thought of licking between her legs was making his fucking cock hard. Putting her empty glass on the coffee table, she stood up facing him.

“Come on my stallion. My pussy needs to cum again.” Putting down almanbahis giriş his own glass, he stood up and followed her upstairs.

Naked, lying on the bed, she watched him as he removed the last of his clothes. He looked fit, his body well-built and hard. His thick semi erect cock was even longer than she had thought. No wonder it had reached the very top of her pussy. At the same time he was stripping, he was watching her too, her sexy curved body with still firm breasts and smooth shapely legs. Then there was that lovely inviting pussy. Fuck, he was getting harder by the second. As he approached the bed, she sat up on the edge, reached out and took him in her hand. Standing before her, he watched as she stroked his cock, sliding her hand up and down the entire length of his long thick shaft. His cock now rigid and straining in her hand, she bent forwards and took him into her mouth. The feel of her warm mouth and tongue sucking and licking his cock sent him wild. In a reflex action, he started to push into her mouth. He eagerly let his cock in, taking as much as she could, working the head into her throat until she gagged. Unable to take any more of his cock, she withdrew her mouth.

“Lick me.” She told him, lying back on the bed and spreading her legs. Eager for her shaved cunt, he crawled up onto the bed between her legs and buried his face between her parted thighs. The touch of his tongue on her clit was electric and it jolted her as he lapped at it and licked along the tips of her tingling lips. She moaned as he dragged his tongue up between them back onto her erect throbbing clit. Reaching down, she pressed his head between her legs as he lapped at her. Hungry for her wetness, he crushed his mouth to her pussy, sucking and licking up every drop, greedily drinking her sweet juices. Aroused with her scent, he rubbed his face over her, wanting her scent all over him. Moaning, she ground her pussy up against his mouth, ready to fuck, wanting his cock.

He raised to his knees, his long thick cock sticking straight out, covered with precum and ready to take her. As he bent forward to mount her, she stopped him.

“No, do me like this.” She said, rolling over onto all fours, her legs spread wide, her head pressed to the pillow and her open wet cunt pushed up for him, waiting for his hard cock. The sight of it had him breathing hard. Gripping his cock, he prodded at the wet entrance and then pushed right inside her.

“Fuck!” she cried gasping, the feel of his entire cock filling her in one deep thrust taking her breath away. Holding her hips he began thrusting in and out of her, bucking against her ass cheeks and pulling her back onto his thick cock. Looking down, he watched with excitement the sight of his thick shaft, glistening with her wetness, sliding in and out of her, the lips of her cunt a perfect circle around him, gripping him tight.

“Oh God, yes.” She moaned as the cock inside her aroused every nerve ending in her pussy, driving her fast towards an orgasm. Urged on by her moans, he pushed into her harder as deep as he could, willing her to cum.

“Fuck, oh fuck!” she cried out, pushing back on him hard, riding him, meeting his every thrust, her legs quivering beneath her. Both aroused and needing to cum bad, they fucked in a frenzy, slamming against each other hard and fast until, with a scream, she launched herself forward off his cock onto the bed, her legs shaking uncontrollably. almanbahis adres One arm was under her, the hand of it rubbing at her clit as the turmoil inside her cunt wracked her body. Desperate to cum, he was pulling his cock frantically behind her. With a wail of release, he squirted his thick cum over her quivering ass and pussy.

“You have fucking so got the job.” She panted, lying on her stomach, her head on the pillow and her body still jolting with the orgasm contractions inside her. He would have answered her but he was too busy watching his cum dripping off her pussy lips.

After showering together and getting dressed, she showed him his new quarters at the rear of the house. It was a large room with a double bed, kitchenette and en suite bathroom and the whole of it was furnished very tastefully. Pretty good digs for the hired help he thought. He would move his stuff in tomorrow. As he would be driving for them, he would have to be suitably attired. She wrote down the name of a tailor and told him to go there tomorrow and buy everything new, from underwear right through to two suits one light and one dark. The bill would be sent to her. She showed him where the main kitchen was and introduced him to the cook who would make his meals each day. Dinner would be served in there at 7pm tonight he was told.

“Well, I’ll leave you to it.” She told him. “Maybe later tonight I’ll come see how you’ve settled in.” she said him with a little grin.

He was lying naked in bed in his new room when he heard the door open. Framed in the doorway silhouetted against the light was a woman wearing an almost see through negligée. She stepped inside and closed the door sending the room back into darkness. She moved to the bed and he heard her pulling the nightdress off over her head. The covers slid down uncovering him and he felt fingers rub over his cock gently. The fingers grasped his soft shaft and began to pull him. Without a word, she climbed onto the bed and straddled him.

An unseen hand slid down between her legs; rubbing there as the other one continued to pull his cock. The fingers between her legs lifted off her pussy and pressed beneath his nose. He could smell her on them. They slid down to his mouth and he eagerly sucked the pussy off them. He was hard and throbbing as the hand gripping his cock slid rhythmically up and down his rigid shaft. Still holding him, she rose up and positioned her wet opening onto the head of his cock. His heart raced and he held his breath in anticipation. Very slowly, she lowered onto him, driving his cock into her with an agonizing slowness. His straining cock was desperate to be in her deep. Her pussy lowered more and more and then she rose up and lowered again. Just fuck me his mind screamed, the slow pace of the pussy on his desperate aching cock driving him insane.

The fingers returned to her clit as she started to move slightly faster. He could hear her heavy breathing as she rubbed herself and rode him. Rising and falling, she started to fuck him, moaning as she thrust her cunt down hard. Shit it felt good up her cunt, his cock rubbing her insides as it slid in deep. Braced with her hands on his chest, she rode him hard and fast, slamming her cunt down, rising up and slamming it down again and again. Her legs were quivering when her hard riding sent him over the edge, his cock squirting deep up inside her pussy. With a muffled moan, she sat down on him and froze, her legs shaking as she came. She rose up off him, a stream of cum running out of her onto his cock. She was off the bed. The door opened. She walked through and closed it, leaving him once again in darkness. Not a word had been said in the whole encounter.

He was settling in just fine.

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