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The Late Night Workout

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Hands on top of my head, I try and catch my breath. My vision returns to normal, and I make my way down the steps. I hate stair days. Feeling the sweat roll down my back, I’m glad I took off my shirt after the third set. Somewhat composed, I look back up the flight of stairs. I skip to the next song on my playlist, and am relived it is this song. I close my eyes and let the music surge through my mind. Motivation consumes me. My eyes shoot open. Taking the steps two at a time, I sprint up. Landing on the summit I give out a warrior cry. This battle has been won. I skip to the next song, the beginning of my cool down. I stow my motivation deep down. Every muscle below my waist burns, yet I force myself to keep moving as I calm my breathing.

Movement catches my eye. Its eleven o’clock at night, the park is always empty at this time of night. A woman is standing at the bottom of the stairs, looking up at me. She is wearing black running shorts, a neon green sports bra, and multi colored running sneakers. Her strawberry-blond hair is up in a ponytail. I notice headphones dangling in her hand. She is breathing heavily as sweat glistens off her chest and arms. Realizing I’m shirtless, my immediate reaction is to cover up. But something deep down inside urges me to stay as is. I feel an awakening in my shorts. I think to myself “thank goodness I’m wearing compression shorts underneath.” She’s half way up the stairs by the time my mind refocuses. She walks slowly toward me, our gaze never breaking. Standing in front of me, she pulls down on my earbud cords; I forgot they were in. The quiet of the night is only broken by our breathing.

“You really hustled on that last set.” Her voice is soft, sweet and intensely sexy. “How many was that? I only saw three.”

She was watching me? “I started stairs a few weeks ago. I only did five,” I admit.

A smile draws across her lips. “That’s not too bad for a beginner. Got one more in you?” Her taunting does not escape me. A switch turns on in my head, as my inner Dom begins to stir. I step closer to her, and pass her. Our arms slide passed each other, the moisture from our sweat lends to no friction.

I begin making my way Anadolu Yakası Escort down the stairs. I hear her footsteps falling behind me. Staring back up the steps, I realize it is barley wide enough for two people. Whoever gets the lead in the beginning will have to maintain. This is going to hurt, I inwardly confess to myself.

“Ready?” I ask with a smile.

She wraps her phone with her headphones and sets them on the ground near the bottom of the stairs. I follow her lead. Standing shoulder to shoulder at the first step, both of us looking up the stairs.

I ask “What does the winner get?”

I look over at her, she smiles never looking back at me. “Winner gets to call the shots…GO!” she shouts and giggles as she begins bounding up the steps.

A split second later I’m urged forward. She’s taking two steps at a time. In my attempt to gain on her I take three at a time. She crosses the finish one step ahead of me. We are both attempting to catch our breath, and I’m reminded of her answer ‘winner gets to call the shots…”

Once I’ve gained my composure and see she has too, I finally ask. “Call shots to what?”

She faces me full front, smiling she walks close to me and places her hands on my bare chest. Awaiting her next move in eager anticipation, I’m driven mad with curiosity. She leans toward my ear and whispers, “Pull your shorts down.”

She steps back, folds her arms and smiles at me. I call her bluff, hook my thumbs in the waist band of my shorts and push them down. I kick them off, and stand there in black compression shorts and my shoes.

“That’s it?” she teases.

“You said shorts, you didn’t specify,” I return in kind.

Her lips part as she smiles bigger. “Obviously he wants to get out. The compression shorts can only hold back so much of your erection.”

Her blatant step into sexual territory excites me. “It’s not as easy to hide arousal when you’re a man,” I say.

“You’ll get to feel how turned on I am soon,” she raises the call.

The prospect of touching this sexy stranger causes my already hardening dick to strain against the fabric. I pull the compression shorts down and off and Pendik Escort toss them aside.

Standing there naked, aside from my sneakers, the coolness of the night hits my body. This in no way eases my erection.

“You looked so sexy running up those steps. I needed you in my mouth,” her words drive me wild. She steps closer and gets on her knees in front of me. Looking up at me with her beautiful eyes she begins to lick from the base of my shaft all the way to the tip of my dick. “A salty treat after a nice workout; my favorite.” Her warm breath wisps past the tip of my dick. In one quick move she jams her mouth around my entire dick. She pushes her mouth to engulf every inch of my hard on. Her eyes close as she expertly works her mouth and tongue. Her hands caress up my thighs, over my hips and make their way to my back side. One hand cupping one cheek each, she pulls my dick deeper into her mouth and I feel her gag a little. She slowly pulls her head back, looking up at me. My dick slides out, her wet mouth drips down onto her chest. She stands up, my dick sliding down her body as she does.

“On your knees,” she commands.

I do as instructed. She steps closer to me, my face inches away from her body. She removes her shorts, standing above me in the work out bra and white cotton panties. Placing a hand on the back of my head, she shoves my face into her pussy. I feel her warm pussy through the thin fabric. She begins to grind her sweet, salty, warm, wet pussy against my mouth as I push my tongue forward. Feeling this she lets out a little moan and begins to grind harder against me. Her salty sweat becomes instantly overpowered by the sweetness of her arousal. She looks down at me; our eyes interlock as she fucks my mouth. She forces the panties aside, exposing her soaking lips. I stick my tongue between them, feeling her pussy from inside. Her juice begins to drip down my chin as each movement of her hips forces my tongue in and out of her. She stops with my tongue just outside of her pussy lips, looking down at me I recognize that look in her eyes. Her head jolts back as she moans loudly. I feel her sweet nectar drip out onto my tongue as she Kurtköy Escort comes onto it. Her face moves forward looking down at me again as I feel her thighs quiver. Two quick shudders ripple through her body as she begins to collapse down into my arms. Her juicy wet pussy sits on top of the shaft of my dick, I wait, longing for more.

“Your tongue felt amazing inside me,” these words make my dick pulse under her. “I felt that,” she smirks at me.

Her hips begin to gyrate again, this time against the top of my shaft. Her mouth finds mine as she forces her tongue against mine. We kiss quickly, our tongues rolling over one another. The tip of my dick teases the opening of her pussy with every grind from her hips. She moves her hips back just a little, letting the tip of my dick flick up against her clit. She pushes me onto my back, the cold pain of the cement adds to the pleasure of this exotic moment. She places her pussy over my dick. Her throbbing lips slide back and forth over either side of my hard shaft. The tip of my dick exposed to the night air. She pushes the workout bra up over her breasts; her perfect breasts. One hand reaches behind her as she begins to gently massage my balls, her other hand on my hard stomach. She begins to grind her hips, her pussy sliding back and forth on my shaft. The tip of my hard cock slides under her clit with each passing thrust. Looking up at this fantastically sexy stranger riding my shaft, my balls tense as I’m about to lose control. She feels this in her hand, and quickly looks into my eyes.

“Cum for me, you sex god,” Her voice like silk in the night. I let go, my warm come shooting out all over my stomach. She feels the pulsating of the underside of my dick between her pussy lips and against her clit. This causes one last orgasm in her. She rubs my come against my stomach, and then across her breast as she unleashes her sweetness onto my shaft. Her grinding pace does not let up, as she moves her amazing breast to her mouth to taste my come on her skin. With a few more strokes of my dick with her pussy, she gets up, pushes her bra back over her breast and pulls her shorts up over her legs, and over her fantastic ass. She bends over and kisses me nice and long.

She leans back, looks me in the eye and whispers, “Thanks.” She turns to the stairs and jogs down. I lay there naked on the cold cement; a pool of sweat surrounds me like a halo of pleasure. Stair days are the best.

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