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The Joining

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This was it. This was the weekend she had waited for, had longed for, for so long. They had finally found a way to slip away from their respective spouses and business responsibilities, and now found themselves together, deliciously alone.

The conference was a cover, of course, but they had dutifully attended the boring panels, had pretended interest at the trade booths, and struggled through the dreary trade show as was expected of them. It was their cover story, and it must be made complete. Maintaining an illusion of disinterest in each other in their professional circles was hard enough, but the waiting was far worse. But now it was over, and it was their time. Time they had waited for, and time they certainly deserved.

The wine was beginning to relax her, and she settled back into the over-stuffed chair in her hotel room. He was just next door in the connecting room, so close but yet comfortably removed. Slipping off her shoes, still in her causal wrap skirt and a loose shirt, she walked over and knocked gently on the connecting room door. He opened the door, and his smile made her want him more, just as it always had.

“Hi, gorgeous,” he said as he stepped into her room.

“Would you like a glass of wine?” she asked, smiling.

“Absolutely. Thanks.”

Taking a long pull on the wine, he looked at her, in that way he had, and just smiled. Setting the glass down, he walked over to her and gently took her glass from her hand. Holding her close, and gently caressing her back and bottom, he whispered in her ear, “You know how long I’ve waited for this?”

She murmured a reply as she nuzzled his neck. “Too long.”

Stepping back, he pulled the drawstring on her wrap skirt, letting it fall where she stood. Taking her hand he pulled her close again, helping her pull the shirt over her head. She could see the desire in his eyes as he looked at her, the first time she had been completely naked in front of him. She was petite and slender, and her breasts were full, firm and perky. Her tiny waist curved seductively to her perfectly portioned hips and tight butt. She let him look, unashamed and proud, for she enjoyed his stares. Her body was perfect and she knew it.

“God, you are beautiful,” he whispered.

Her wetness had begun, and now, with his obvious admiration of her naked body, she was more ready to have him than ever. She reached for his belt and undid it, and pulling the zipper down she wriggled his pants down. He stepped out of them and pulled off his button down shirt. Although he was a good deal older than she, he was tanned and healthy and in good shape, and her breath quickened when she saw his powerful chest and tanned, flat ab muscles. He dropped his shorts and they stood there, each naked before the other, unabashedly admiring the other. His manhood hung there, semi-erect and so thick, and she flushed a little at seeing it like this.

Their relationship had always had a sexual tension underlying their working together, and for quite a long time they ignored it, thinking that the other didn’t feel it the same way. They worked for separate companies within the same industry, and had worked together on several projects over the last few months. The sexual tension and undercurrents had always been there for both, yet they tried to put those feelings aside, and concentrate on the task at hand. It hadn’t always worked out that way. For months they just flirted, then graduated to playing slap and tickle, then maybe with a quick grope here and there, even kisses and some awkward and clumsy oral sex when the opportunity arose. They knew it would eventually lead to this and they just let it happen. They wanted it to happen. With this conference, they had planned for a long night of sensuous lovemaking.

“You’re magnificent,” she whispered.

“So are you.”

The late evening sun shone brightly through the blinds on their 15th story balcony glass doors, bathing the room in a subtle golden light, perfect for seduction. He took her hand and led her to the bed, where they both collapsed into each other’s arms. Their bodies pressed together, arms entwined, they stayed that way for a while, relishing and savoring this moment that had taken so long to arrive. She was so warm and soft, now pressed against his body, so hard and tanned. Nothing could spoil it Escort İstanbul now, no phone calls, no messages, no distractions. This was their time and they intended to spoil each other, to please, to tease each other, and then to completely satisfy each other at every level.

“Finally,” she whispered. “God, finally.”

His reply was to gently caress her lips with his, as if he wanted not only to hear her words but to taste them, to ingest her very spoken thoughts. Gently pushing her to her back, he began kissing her month, leaving little butterfly kisses across her regal, high cheekbones, ever so gently kissing her eyes, and leaving trail of white hot passion across her chin and down her neck. Her hands around his back, she let him command his lips in their march down the side of her neck. Her breath came in little moans, and she could feel the hot breath signature of his gentle kisses raising passions in her she hadn’t felt in a long time. His mouth had found its way to her sternum, and her nipples hardened in anticipation. As if on cue, his lips encircled her hardening nipples, and his tongue circumnavigated each one, leaving burning desire in its wake. Sucking hard on each breast, he could taste her lactation, as her breasts offered all they had to this man, her lover. Unsurprisingly, it was sweet and warm. He moaned as he swallowed her.

Hands on his head now, her moaning uncontrolled, she gently guided him to where she knew he wanted to go. A burning hot tongue traced a line down her trim, flat belly and explored her navel, biting the ridge and then moving on. She spread her legs ever so slightly to help him get the prize they both wanted him to have. Her downy soft fur parted slightly, and he could see that she was wetter now, drops of her dew glistened in the evening light, and he took a moment to look at her perfect being. Her head was titled back, her mouth open, and her eyes closed in anticipation as his tongue slowly, ever so gently and slowly, parted her labia, and scooped up some of her wetness and spread it on her now erect clitoris. A deep moan escaped her as her traced a circle around her clit, lifting it, and then sucking it into his mouth. Her clit and labia are now in his mouth, and he’s sucking the wetness from her and she can feel his hot breath on her pubic hair.

Parting her labia with his tongue, he slid a finger gently into her. Not deep, just enough to tease. Finally his mouth sought its prize and he pulled her entire pussy gently into his mouth sucking, and biting. She writhed on the bed, hands grabbing handful of sheets and her hips started to buck against his face. His tongue now inside her, he could taste her very essence, sweet and thick, and he loved it. She gave him her wetness as her vagina was washed by his tongue and her sex. He wanted her to cum in his mouth. She needed to cum. His tongue increased its pressure on her vagina, and then on her clitoris. She could hear a low moan in the room, and then she realized it was coming from her from somewhere deep in her being. The tension increased, and raced along her nervous system, from her nether regions up to her heart, she finally exploded in the first shuddering climax of the evening. He felt her shudders begin, and knew he wanted her organism in his mouth, tasting this most intimate gift this beautiful woman could offer him, as he indeed ingested her very being. Both hands on her hips now, holding her tightly against his face, he pressed harder with his tongue on her clit, still sucking and biting her gently, and she bucked hard against his face. He stayed with her, and never letting up, rode her wave of passion and release.

Panting, still in his grasp, she murmured, “oh, my God. You’re incredible.” Grinning, he nuzzled her neck, and whispered, “that was wonderful, and you’re delicious.” She turned to kiss him, and could taste her wetness still on his face. She kissed him deeply and passionately then, her tongue exploring his lips and mouth, her hand on the back of his head, pressing him to her, and she knew she wanted him now more than she ever had.

“Now it’s my turn,” she whispered.

He lay on his back and she reached down and felt him, teasing his erection, and gently messaging his balls as they hung heavily between his spread legs. Biting his nipple, she took his penis in her İstanbul Escort Bayan hand. It was surprisingly heavy, and as she felt him harden under her touch, she bent down to look at him. He was simply magnificent: he was huge, it seemed to her, longer than she had remembered from earlier encounters, and much thicker. Thicker than her wrist, she longed to have him – deep inside her, in her mouth, anywhere. She wondered if he would even fit inside her, but she was determined to have him. She would give him anything wanted, even if he tore or split her, she didn’t care. Feeling the throbbing hardness within her grasp, she slid her hand down his thickening shaft, pulling his foreskin back to reveal a massive, purple glans. A clear drop of presemenal fluid topped his organ, and she leaned down to take it in her mouth, savoring the sweet and salty, yet delicate flavor. She wanted to simply watch him, to see this magnificent organ, so alien to females. As she gently stroked him up and slowly down, she mapped his penis, she noted the size and location of every vein, every artery, every nuance of his manhood. Having never before seen an uncircumcised male, she pulled his foreskin up, covering the glans, noted how different a penis looked in its natural condition, and back down, pulling the glans into its flared shape.

“You’re beautiful,” she said.

His low moan was her only reply. Leaning over him, she pulled his foreskin up, and then in one fluid movement, took him deep into her mouth. Another low moan. She sucked him gently, savoring his taste, and feeling the fullness and hardness of this man in her mouth. He was so big she could only get her mouth around his glans, and she sucked and licked him gently. Still holding him in her grip, she pulled down, sliding the foreskin back while his glans was still in her mouth. Running her tongue around the flare of his glans, she began a bobbing motion on him, simulating intercourse, sucking his fluids from deep inside him tasting and teasing him at the same time. Her hand and mouth in motion, she realized after several minutes of this orchestration that she was stimulating him fully; sucking his glans while at the same time stroking his shaft, literally jacking him off into her mouth. His wetness now flowed continuously, and she savored and swallowed every drop. His hips began a rhythm all their own, in syncopation with her rhythm, and she knew he would reach a point where ejaculation was immanent; he would come, and there would be no turning back. He must have realized this too, because he didn’t want to cum so soon. After all, they had all night and they intended to fulfill every desire and passion they could. He gently touched her face and said, “come here.”

She came to him, her face glistening with their combined juices, and he kissed her deeply and passionately, tasting their passion cocktail on her lips and chin. The kiss was an expression of mutual thanks; of giving and receiving, each thanking the other for sharing the moment, for sharing their bodies, their passion, and even though they had yet to admit it, their deepening love for each other.

Now had come the time, now was when they would get the chance to at last consummate this affair. Completely, fully and without remorse. Lying on top of her, he entered her slowly, sliding all the way into her, in one long smooth penetration. He moaned, she gasped. There was no resistance, they were both wet enough, and ready enough for this act. Like connoisseurs relishing a new and unexplored wine, they savored each other. They stayed together like this for several minutes, not moving; him deep inside her, her feeling a fullness she had never felt before, both sharing so deep that it required analysis and study. He flexed his cock inside her, and she smiled as she realized what he had done. In reply she squeezed down on him, like good neighbors, returning the greeting. He smiled and kissed her gently on the lips. “You feel so good,'” she cooed.

“You’re magnificent,” he replied.

Now he began to increase and quicken the rhythm, rocking in and out of her, taking different stroke lengths, first deep then shallow, and altering the pattern: first to the left, then to the right, now high up, now down. He could feel himself sliding under her cervix, and felt the end of her canal Anadolu Yakası Escort stretch each time he bottomed out in her. She began a long low moan that came from deep in her throat, as he was hitting all the right places, sometimes rubbing on her clit, other times slamming right into her g-spot. He was a master of control, and understanding the needs she had, he never let himself get too close to climax. “Ladies come first,” she remembered him saying.

“Oh, pound me now, please pound me.”

She opened her legs more to give him all access to her, she was his now, body and soul at this moment, and she needed him to give her all that he was. His strength, his sweat, his passion . . . all that must be translated into this single act of lust. It was the classic pairing of the yin and the yang. She would give him herself – tender, receptive, and he would give her himself – force and power. Her nails dug into the skin on his back, as if she needed to hold him there, keeping him inside her forever.

He braced his knees and began quickening the rhythm and the stroke length. She had asked and he would not deny her this. The entire length of his thick and hardened penis went in and out of her with every stroke, plunging hard into her deeply, and pulling back just as quickly, creating a vacuum in her that was filled with the next thrust. She opened her eyes to watch him taking her like this, as she had always wanted him to, her body rocking with the incredible power of each of his lust-fueled thrusts. She could see the sweat beginning to glisten on his chest, his skin flushing with the exertion. Feeling her gaze, he looked down, deep into her hazel eyes, and a spark seemingly jumped between them. The eyes are the windows to the soul. Their eyes locked, and in that moment, although they weren’t sure what, they knew something had happened. Their souls joined in the same passion that their bodies were sharing. Harder and harder he stabbed into her, pounding, grunting, sweat from his chest dripping down onto her erect nipples. Her breasts were being rocked into a circular motion pattern as his thrusting continued, driving her deeper into ecstasy.

“Don’t stop, please don’t stop,” she recognized her voice, although she wasn’t aware of having said anything.

“Cum with me, now, cum on my cock,” he pleaded. It may have been his words, so crude and vulgar and guttural and animalistic, or it may have just been the right time. But at that exact moment she felt the wave starting to build, higher and stronger, and she knew, this second climax would eclipse the first.

He threw his head back, and with a low growling guttural roar thrust one last time deep into her as he exploded. His powerful hips locked in the forward position, as if he could go deeper, impossibly deeper into her being. She arched her back screaming, and with head back and erect nipples jutting skyward, her arms wrapped around his strong and straining back, she too exploded with all the pent up passions within her. She could feel his burning hot liquid fire invading in her in the deepest part of her, pulse after burning hot pulse, and it only added to the intensity of her orgasm. Wave after cascading wave of passion shook their bodies as they pressed their hips together, fused and joined, not wanting to lose contact, not wanting to leave that highest plateau of pleasure. Panting, hearts pounding, they fell in a heap, him still on top of her, she holding him close to her, pulling his weight on to her holding her fast to the bed, their nipples touching. Their sweat mingled and ran in rivulets down onto the bright white sheets. Their hearts pounded chest to chest, their breath coming in ragged gasps as they lay together. Still heavily breathing, he found her lips, and they breathed each other in, exchanging each other’s air as they had exchanged each other’s lust, sex to sex, heart to heart, lips to lips. Nothing needed to be said. It was their completion, a joining perfect and without equal.

At last they looked into each other’s eyes, and wordlessly confirmed that thing so taboo, so forbidden, not to be spoken. But it was there in the kiss, not to be denied. This kiss was of a different kind – of lust and passion, to be sure – but in this kiss there was something else, something more than afterglow. It was a kiss of souls joining.

Tomorrow is promised to no one, say the philosophers, and well they knew this. But tonight, in this first of many more explorations to follow on this beautiful evening, in this intense and loving embrace of afterglow, they had all the world. They had each other. They had joined.

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