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The Italian Stallion Ch. 09

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The Italian Stallion betrays the Chef

Mario was bored and horny. He had been waiting for Lisa for hours, it seemed. He sat on the couch, lazily stroking his big cock, picturing her on her knees in front of him. The last time she had sucked his Man-meat, he had almost lost control and blown in her mouth. She had the ability to take him to the edge, whimpering and shaking, for hours before she would let him cum. She was a master of cocksucking. He had never experienced a lover such as she. But he was frustrated…she had been working long hours at the restaurant and leading her new Coven. A moan erupted from his sensual lips at the thought of plunging his now turgid penis inside her hot and tight shaved pussy.

He heard the door open and a tentative “Hello?” He smiled and stood up then recoiled in shock as Katrina, one of Lisa’s Witch-sisters entered the room with some paperwork. “OH!” she exclaimed at the sight of the Italian Stallion with his sausage in his hand. Mario scrambled to cover himself as she gazed at his manhood with desire and lust in her eyes. “Ohhhhh,” she exhaled, “It’s been so long since I have been with a man. Lisa makes me cum with her tongue at our monthly meetings, but Oh my Goddess, she is so lucky to be with you!”

Mario’s cock began to swell with pride. Katrina asked in a trembling voice if she could touch his mighty cock. His ears were buzzing and he felt a surge of energy enter his body. Almost without realizing it, he began reflexively stroking himself. He nodded without a word. Katrina dropped to her knees in admiration of his engorged member. She began to stroke him tentatively. He knew that Lisa would be home any second, but he couldn’t help himself. He grabbed Katrina’s head and plunged his straining Love-pole into her mouth. He needed relief desperately, he reasoned…his lover would never know. The air crackled with energy as Katrina began to lick and suck his cock. He was pumping his huge veiny dick into her wide-open throat, choking her with his size.

Katrina cried out and ripped off her clothes. Her breasts were medium-sized, with gumdrop nipples begging to be sucked. The smell of her sex permeated the room. Mario picked her up in his big arms and threw her on the couch. He began circling her nipples with his full sensual lips and satiny erotik hikaye tongue. Pulling on those big tasty gumdrops. He was growling in his throat as he laved her breasts with his wet and eager tongue. He buried his bearded face in her vulva, savoring the briny and different smell of her that was calling to him. ‘Oh Oh Oh,” Katrina moaned, “Oh, I need you, please, I’m begging you”. He began to explore her depths, running his talented tongue along the ridge of her sex. He began to fuck her hole with his tongue while sucking on her lower lips. He worked his way to her hardening clitoris. He spread her lips apart while licking her clit slowly, with small wriggles of his tongue, the way he knew Lisa liked it. She was squirming on the couch, loving it. He pinched her clit hood so it stood up nice and proud and flickered his tongue over it in quick firm strokes. God, I love eating pussy, He thought, as he groaned into her cunt. He could feel her clit swelling and getting hard in his mouth. Her taste was changing and her vaginal juices were flowing into his mouth.

He sucked on his index finger and expertly inserted it in her steaming and wet box. She cried out as he massaged her G spot, causing her hips to gyrate on their own as waves of spasms hit her. She grabbed his head and forcibly rubbed her pussy all over his face. “FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!” she screamed. Mario jammed his horse-cock into her weeping and creamy vagina that was still contracting. He buried it to the hilt and fucked her in long hard strokes. He bellowed as he emptied his seed into her Cauldron. Collapsing on top of her, he didn’t even hear the door open, nor the scream of outrage from Lisa as she found her lover still inside another woman.

“WHAT THE FUCK!!” Lisa shouted. Katrina burst into tears as she tried unsuccessfully to cover herself. Mario felt a wave of shame as he tried to bluster his way out of a compromising situation. “ARE YOU SERIOUSLY FUCKING KIDDING ME?” Lisa yelled, “You whore! You are out of the Coven, effective today! And YOU, you FUCKING TOOL! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU???” Katrina ran from the room, crying hysterically as she begged for forgiveness. Lisa threw a Banishment spell at her with Fire in her eyes.

Mario began to yell about how it wasn’t his fault. porno hikayeleri Lisa snarled at him, “I’ve heard enough! Put on your dog collar and bring your leash to the Dungeon…you will serve your punishment there.” Mario hung his head but a strange sense of excitement pervaded his loins. He went to the bedroom and gathered his bondage wear.

He descended the steps to Lisa’s Pleasure and Pain room. Since she was now a Certified Domina, she knew all the ways to Submission and Control. He was an Alpha man, to be sure, and Cock-of-the-Walk, but she excited him with her kinky side. It was dark except for the spotlight on the wall where his chains and hot pink fuzzy handcuffs hung. Lisa stood in her Stiletto heels and leather catsuit with the cut-out bra pushing her luxurious 42DD breasts into huge globes that topped the lacy corset waist.

Obediently he held his wrists out to be chained to the wall. He stood, spread-eagled with his hands and feet cuffed to the wall, but enough chain for wiggle room. He was completely naked, as per the lessons she had put him through. His dog collar was firmly clasped around his neck with the leash dangling. She gave him a firm yank to establish control.

“You are not to speak. You have betrayed me and you know that has hurt me. Do you remember your safe words?”

All of a sudden, his mouth was dry. He nodded mutely, his thoughts racing like a thousand tiny mice. She began to lightly trace his finely defined chest with the flogger. Shivers erupted within him as his right nipple was flicked with the lightest of touches. A tiny moan escaped his lips as she quickly licked and suckled the other nipple. She traced the flogger down his torso and quickly gave him a sharp tap on the front of his leg. He jumped and his cock, bound by a cock gag, stirred.

She brought out the whip and intermittently gave him little stings with the whip while licking him from head to toe. He was becoming more and more excited, especially when she lightly cupped his now straining cock that still had Katrina’s secretions on it. He began to breathe heavily but dared not say a word. Suddenly, she put the whip down, unlocked the cuffs and motioned him to the massage table. He was made to get on his hands and knees, blindfolded. She released sex hikaye him from the cock gag, to his relief. She instructed him to place his head down on top of his forearms and raise his ass in the air. He obeyed without a whimper, eagerly anticipating what was to come.

“Who has given you her soul?” demanded Lisa, “Who has fulfilled every fantasy and been the best lover you have ever had? Who has owned your heart and mind?” He could only nod as tears streamed down his masculine and handsome face. But the butterflies! The chills down his spine. The anticipation…He felt her spreading his ass cheeks wide and the cold air hitting his asshole and taint. Then her mouth, lips and tongue. Reaming his rectum, licking from his balls to so deep inside his asshole, she was massaging his prostate with the tip of her tongue. She was fucking his ass with her tongue while simultaneously stroking his cock slowly and caressing his balls. He groaned out loud and was dying to be inside of her when she stopped suddenly.

He could not see a thing. Only feel. He felt her leave him and the snapping of a glove. He heard a whirring sound, almost like the purr of an engine. A squeal of lubricant squeezed out of a bottle. She began to massage his prostate again with her finger, stretching his asshole out. He felt the tip of her fake cock enter his rectum. He gasped, because he expected to feel pain, but it was exquisite pleasure. The cock slowly started to enter him, an inch at a time. It was vibrating and he cried out as he had an anal orgasm. It started to thrust inside of him.

He felt his cock grow rock hard and his balls tighten. She pulled the cock out and instructed him to turn on his back and pull his legs above his head. She re-inserted the cock inside his rectum and it continued to vibrate and thrust while she took his huge, hot, rigid cock that was dying for her in her mouth. Between slurps and kisses and loud sucks, she said, “NOW I’M FUCKING YOU. I OWN YOU. I love you and I forgive you. Cum for me, baby, cum for me now.”

He cried out in ecstasy as the double stimulation of his asshole being pleasured and pegged and the delicious tugging and licking of her hot Witch mouth took him to heights he had thought weren’t possible. She gave a tiny yank on his nipple clamps and said, “You may cum, now, slave.” He emptied his load in her yearning mouth as she enveloped his cock in her throat. She swallowed and dribbled a little into his mouth then set him free from his bonds.

“By the way, you’re making dinner,” she called, headed upstairs to get her Wine on.

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