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The Introduction

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Family Love

When they met they decided dinner and drink would be the best way to break the ice and allow them time to take everything in. They shared stories of growing up in small towns in different parts of the country and how although quite different the similarities were amazing. The more they talked the more they laughed and the subtle awkwardness was dissolving. They both were surprised to be here in this place at this moment but they both felt drawn to the energy of the connection and the attraction they shared.

He was not the most handsome man she has seen, not by half, but she found him so. She also saw herself as just an average girl from a small town but he called her beautiful.

That night when she went to sleep she dreamt of how they met, exchanging emails until very late in the night only to start again as soon as one of them woke. She was dreaming of how she would touch herself when their conversations turned more daring and how they made her warm all over.

The dream was so peaceful and seemed so real and in her dream he was ever so gently barely touching her pussy with his tongue. She could feel it softly slide across the lips, working its way to her clit. The anticipation was building.

When she opened her eyes she realized this wasn’t a dream, her pussy was very wet and he was looking into her eyes while his tongue continued to tease her pussy. He was trying to read her eyes and her body to determine what motions would bring her to climax. She spread her legs wide now that she was awake and ran her fingers gets through his hair while she let out a delicate moan. She knew she was going to cum again as the rhythm was building. She could sense his desire to taste all she had to offer. As he began to focus more on her clit he slid a finger gently inside keeping the same rhythm. With each thrust of İstanbul Escort his finger and movement of his tongue he was closer to her g-spot. She knew once he reached it she would cum very hard and pull him uncontrollably harder into her pussy.

She slowly caught her breath as he licked her pussy with the most delicate touch to keep the orgasm going longer than she thought possible. As she settled back into the rhythm of the moment she looked down into his eyes and said “Now I am going to worship your cock as well as you worshipped my pussy, so lay back and let me serve you.” He was shocked to hear her speak so boldly but she was so beautiful he found himself at a loss for words and simply rested back on the bed. As she worked her way down his body, kissing everything she thought would bring him deeper into that erotic state we all crave. She kissed his lips, down his neck and onto his chest. Where most women overlook a man’s nipples she saw it as an opportunity to tease a little, running her tongue around each one and giving them a little suck. While she licked hiss nipples one had had reached down and brushed against his cock. It was hard she could tell and she kept going, caressing his shaven balls. They were so smooth she took the slightest pause to think to herself how she was going to run her tongue across them to test how smooth they were.

She continued down his chest, kissing his side, and his stomach stopping just brief enough to run her tongue in his bellybutton. As she approached his hips she knew he was experiencing the most memorable of moments and she no longer questioned her beauty for his cock was as hard as it could be, the look on his face when she would look into his eyes was one of complete serenity. She took his cock in her hand and gently moved it straight up so she could Bayan Escort take it into her mouth and he could watch her. But she didn’t just put it all in her mouth immediately, no she ran her tongue around the head making his cock wet. She licked the entire shaft almost as it was a piece of candy but she was far more gentle than you would be with candy. As she licked down his shaft she continued and licked the shaven balls.

She knew he was on the edge and would cum at any moment but wanted to make it last just a little longer so she stopped and kept very still for what seemed like eternity but was no more than a few seconds. As he relaxed she knew that the next build up would bring release so she came up and kissed him passionately for a few minutes and whispered into his ear just after she sucked on his earlobe and said “I want you to cum.. don’t hold back this time” and she slid back down and Drew his cock I to her mouth. She sat the pace and he wanted it badly. She knew he would have more than one orasm this night just as she knew she would have more. Deeper with each turn she could feel his cock, warm in her mouth, and new it was only going to take a few more strokes. She could sense it coming as his body tensed, as he touched her hair and touched her body.

As he couldn’t hold back any longer she could hear him say “Oh yes”.. “”Yes”.. “don’t stop” and he began to cum… She started sucking it with less pressure as she knew that it becomes sensitive immediately after an orgasm but knew he didn’t want her to stop. She would stop for just a moment and run her tongue around the head and then take it in slowly. He would shudder a little from the sensation but his cock was still hard. He wanted to kiss her so he touched her chin more to get her attention than anything and when she looked into his eyes Eskort she knew what he wanted and came up and began to kiss him passionately. As they held each other she could feel him relax completely and they continued to kiss. After just a couple minutes she sensed new energy, she knew he was going to go down on her again but this time was she became aroused he moved up and teased her clit and lips with his cock. Running it between her lips and across her clit. She wanted his cock inside her. She wanted to feel it deep inside, thrusting, moving.

When he slid it in it was still somehow unexpected. He went slow and when it was all the way in, and as they lasted chest to chest he became still and just looked into her eyes and said “You are the most beautiful woman in the world” and kissed her. As they kissed he began to slowly move his cock in and out and grinding deep, she could feel her clit rub against him. She was hot and wet and let out a delicate moan with each thrust. As the pace quickened she kissed his lips and neck. “More” she said “Oh yes”…” Don’t stop”.. she was moments always from an orgasm and as she did she could tell it was effecting him. He was becoming even harder, the thrusts more purposeful. She knew he was going to cum at any moment. He was intent on not doing so until she climaxed. That would be what would send him over the edge. She was flush and warm, sweat building on her neck and breasts. They both were breathing hard, with each exhale a gentle moan. Any moment now, it was building, she couldn’t stop it this time ecstasy had taken control. She let out a loud moan and tensed and on this queue he continued to thrust and began to cum as well. As they both moaned neither wanted to stop so they kept fucking through the orgasms, moaning together, lost in the moment.

They weren’t done yet, not by half… They both intended to make this time together one of exploring and satisfaction… They would take breaks from time to time and even venture out of the hotel but the real story is what took place following the initial introduction.

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