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The Inheritance Ch. 02

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After seven years of estrangement, I made peace with my father; a week after that, he passed away at the age of 77. William Fitzgerald the Fourth, the CEO of Fitzgerald Enterprises, was laid to rest. That morning, they had a memorial service at the nearby Protestant church, and then all the attendees drove out to bury him in the family mausoleum. Afterwards, everyone returned to the family mansion for a repast. Most people weren’t really here to pay their respects; they were just biding their time until the reading of the will.

I handed my car keys to a valet before heading into the mansion. My 2014 Ford Mustang looked pretty out of place amidst all of the Rolls Royces, Jaguars, and Maseratis. Still, I didn’t care about trying to fit in with all these snobs. There were tons of people eating food and knocking back liquor, most of them my father’s business associates and friends. Thankfully, not many people recognized me as William’s youngest child.

As expected my half-siblings were there. My father’s first wife had given him four children, each of them rotten as hell. As the natural-born children of the deceased, they commanded the most attention today.

There was my oldest half-brother, William the Fifth, who was effectively running my dad’s vast empire. Then came my half-sister, Margaret, currently on her third husband, and, from the looks of it, on her fourth martini. Of course I was able to spot my fat half-brother Devon near the buffet table. He was a United States Senator, and I was super-sure that he’d be the next one in our family to keel over. Lastly was my greasy, obnoxious half-brother Nathaniel, who worked as a sports agent; he was escorting some pretty blonde to the second story, probably to give her a tour of the upstairs…and maybe his downstairs.

I also saw my various stepmothers. My father’s first wife gave me the usual contemptuous look as I greeted her. My father’s third wife was actually happy to meet me. And then there was my father’s 35 year old widow, who was putting on her theatrical show of grief, which was hard to pay attention to with those basketball-shaped fake tits that she was displaying in that scoop-necked black dress. I didn’t even try talking to her.

At last, we were all ushered into the ballroom for the reading of the will. There were rows of chairs that had been placed inside for all the attendees. While my family sat up front, I sat in the back, hoping to be ignored.

The lawyers then began reading the will, and, I must admit, a lot of the reactions were amusing. Some of my father’s friends made out with golf clubs and guns, my nieces and nephews got cars and paintings, and my siblings got astounding monetary gifts. To my delight, my eldest stepmother only got antiques, my other stepmother got a valuable coin collection, and my father’s widow got the mansion.

As expected, the biggest shock was when my father left his shares of the family company to me. My family sitting at front of the room looked around frantically for my face, and when they spotted me, I got looks of anger and shock. Of course, it wasn’t a surprise to me: he’d told me his intentions right before he died. My father owned 35% of the company, which amounted to billions of dollars. They were right to be surprised.

After the reading of the will had ended, a lot of people pounced on my newfound wealth. William was angry that I now owned more of the family company than he did, especially since he’d been working there since he was 20 years old. Devon and Nathaniel were trying to pull me aside and offer me advice on my money. Some of my father’s old business associates suddenly told me how much my father loved me. Even my father’s comely widow came by, wanting us to go somewhere private to reminisce about my late father.

Try as they might, I didn’t care about what they wanted. With great difficulty, I left the mansion. I didn’t even really care about the massive inheritance I had obtained; I already owned my own real estate company. My father had left me something that I valued more than money. I got in my car and headed off to enjoy it.

After a two-hour drive, I pulled up to a cute little house in a suburban neighborhood. I got out of the car, with my heart practically leaping out of my chest, and my dick practically battering against the front of my pants. I unlocked the door, hurried inside, and closed it behind me.

“Marianne!” I yelled. “Where are you?”

Into the room walked a beautiful woman with olive skin and long, black hair. She was wearing only a bathrobe, but I could still make out her voluptuous ass and natural, enormous breasts. Through the front of the robe, I could see her hard nipples.

“They buried my father today,” I told her.

“I know,” she said quietly.

“They read his will, too. He left me his company shares, just like he promised. I’m surprised that he didn’t leave you anything.”

Marianne smiled. “A İstanbul Escort few weeks after he got his diagnosis, he sent a man here with four suitcases full of money. I’m fine, trust me.” She walked towards me while undoing the belt of her robe. “What’s more important is that he left me a young new master.”

After the robe slid off her shoulders and fell to the floor, I beheld her beautiful naked body. Her large, jutting breasts were capped with coaster-sized areolae the color of milk chocolate. Her nipples looked like two brown rolls of film, both dripping with milk. However, the most noticeable feature about her was the large penis and testicles between her legs.

Marianne was a futanari, and, for almost seven years, she had been my father’s sex slave. Shortly after I had reconnected with my dad, he had sent me to her house, where she seduced me. Since that day, she and I had had sex numerous times. With her, I’d had the most fulfilling, rough, and passionate sex I’d ever had in my life. Now that my father was gone, she was all mine.

“Undress me,” I ordered her in a soft voice. “Make it fast.”

Marianne walked up to me and started unbuttoning my blazer. As she removed each article of clothing, I noted that the hungry look in her eye got more and more intense. She was eyeing me like a starving person waiting for a meal to be ready. Once my hard cock popped into view, she let out a moan and bit her lip. Once I was naked, she reluctantly stepped back from me; she wasn’t allowed to touch me without my permission, and that drove her crazy.

“Now, I am officially your master,” I told her. “Bedroom, now.”

“Yes, Master!”

Eagerly we both walked quickly to the master bedroom. I sat on the side of the bed, while she stood before me, anxiously awaiting my next command. She was rubbing her thighs together, looking at me with a pained expression.

“Come here and let me fuck those tits,” I ordered.

“Yes, my Master.”

She knelt before me and lifted her enormous tits. I was always mildly surprised that she was able to manage having M cup breasts. She put them right on my lap and sandwiched my penis between them. I gripped the sheets as I watched my dick disappear into the ocean of tit-flesh before me. My brain was tingling with pleasure, and the sensation was radiating throughout my entire body.

I looked down at Marianne, who was moaning loudly as she moved her breasts against my dick. She was leaking milk against my chest, and down below her dick was dripping pre-cum onto my feet. The friction and anticipation were making both of our bodies hot.

“Enough,” I barked. “Get on the bed and lie on your back.”

She wordlessly obeyed me, climbing into the bed. As she crawled past me, I gave that beautiful ass of hers a slap. She lie on her back and began kneading her breasts.

I pounced upon my futanari sex slave and immediately began suckling on her giant mammaries. The milk coursed so easily out of her nipples. Her loud moans were music to my ears.

“Oh, my Master! My wonderful Master! Ahhhhhh!”

I bit her nipple roughly, causing her body to shiver with lust. I know that action would have caused a normal woman pain, but Marianne loved it. I switched to the other nipple and drank deeply.

Once I had my fill, I removed my mouth from her teats and roughly squeezed them, causing milk to surge into the air and rain down upon us both. Soon, the two of us were covered in thousands of tiny white drops.

I then spread her legs and began rubbing my penis against her dark, wet slit. I smiled sadistically as Marianne squirmed and shot me a pained expression. She had no idea that teasing her like this took an extreme amount of effort on my part as well. At last, I slowly slid my cock into her. The two of us sighed with relief as we were joined.

“Say it,” I grunted, trying my best not to cum.

“Fuck me, my Master. I’m nothing but a filthy, horny cow with a big dick.”

“Very well, cow.”

I eagerly climbed on top of my futanari slave and began to rut inside of her. I looked down and was greeted by the wonderful sight of my horny sex slave. Her breasts were jiggling, her face drowning in pleasure, and her cock brimming with seed. I reluctantly had to shut my eyes, lest the sight of Marianne should force me to cum too soon. Still, my brain was tingling from the feeling of my cock probing the tight, gooey depths of her womanhood.

“Oh, nooooo!” Marianne screeched. “AAAAAAAAAAAIIIIEEEEE!”

I opened my eyes and ceased my thrusting, looking down at her with a furious expression.

“Did you cum?” I growled angrily.

“I….only with my pussy, Master.”

“I don’t remember giving you permission to cum.”

“Oh, please forgive me, Master.”

“My father just died today…and you have the nerve to cum without my permission?!”

I pulled out of her and sat near the foot of the bed. She sat Anadolu Yakası Escort up, too, her face full of regret. This was part of our relationship, as the slave and a master. Marianne couldn’t do anything without my express consent. Now, she steeled herself for her punishment.

“Master, please forgive me. I want your cock!”

“Sadly, your cock will have to do,” I told her. “Jerk yourself off until you cum.”

“Yes, Master.”

“You can watch porn if you want. Should I put on your favorite Gianna Michaels movie?”

“Yes, please.”

I brought Marianne’s laptop to the bed and put on a video of Gianna Michaels getting fucked by a black guy. I stood beside the bed and watched as Marianne shamelessly masturbated in front of me. Her breathing was ragged as shrill as she used her left hand to stroke her cock, while kneading her nipple with her right hand.

“Yeah, that’s it,” I growled as I touched myself while watching her. “I bet you’d like to fuck Gianna, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh, yes, I would, Master!” Marianne growled. “I’d fuck her right in her hairy pussy and fill her with my seed!”

“You’d get her pregnant?”

“Fuck yeah! I’d rape that bitch silly until she gave me a baby!”

“You’re such a horny cow. Maybe if you’re good, I’ll bring home a big titted slut for you to get pregnant.” I reached down, took her hand away from her rod, and began to stroke it myself. “Would you like that?”

“Oh, yes! Ohhhhh, MASTER!”

A few minutes later, Marianne’s veiny phallus spewed yellowish cum all over the laptop so hard that the appliance tumbled off the bed. When she was done cumming, she lay on her back, her massive tits heaving as she caught her breath. The room was silent, save for the porno on the laptop, and Marianne.

“Enough,” I said, climbing into the bed, uncaring that Marianne was still leaking cum on the sheets. “Get on all fours so that I can cum inside of you.”

“Right away, Master!”

I watched with glee as she hastened to obey me. I never got tired of seeing her on all fours, with those massive breasts cushioned on the bed, and that long cock dangling between her legs. I quickly crouched behind her, grabbed her waist, and shoved my dick inside of her.

Immediately, I began mating with my sex slave, causing her to shriek with lust. Her long mane of ebony swayed with her head. Though I was deep inside of her pussy, I could feel her balls and pecker regaining their vitality. I chuckled to myself; Marianne’s short refractory period was astounding.

“Oh, my slave,” I moaned. “My sweet slutty cow! I love your body!”

“Ohhhh, I love you my Master! Fuck meeeeeee!”

I grabbed her hair and pulled it back. Marianne gave a yelp of pain as I pulled her head back, but then proceeded to start letting out a stream of filthy words.

“Yes, that’s how I like it, my big dick Master! I love the way you fuck me! I have been waiting all fucking day to come here and rape me like the fucking whore that I am! Ohhhhhh, fuck! OHHHHHHH!”

“You filthy slut,” I hissed, leaning forward to whisper in her ear. “Who told you to talk to your master like that?”

“Oh, I don’t care, Master,” she replied, turning her head so that she was facing me. “Punish me…fuck me…do whatever you want…”

I leaned back and continued to fuck her, while sinking my fingers into her perfect, round ass. Deep down, I liked it when she talked that way to me. It was great when she vacillated between submissive slave and horny bitch. My father’s face momentarily flashed in my mind. Instead of hatred or resentment, I thought of begrudging gratitude.

At last, I came deep inside of Marianne’s pussy. I dug my nails into her waist and buttocks as I filled her pussy with my seed. I wouldn’t have to worry about getting her pregnant; futanari could only procreate with others of their kind. Marianne’s pussy clinched as she came with me. I could feel her dick shooting cream onto the bed with great intensity.

I fell backwards onto the bed and sat on my rump, smiling at the sight of my semen leaking out of Marianne’s twat. Below it, her hairless balls and pecker dangled and swung, dripping with sweat and seed. I watched her big ass rise and fall with each breath she took, making my tired cock twitch.

“Thank you, Master,” she panted. “Oh, thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome, slave,” I said, patting her ass gently before getting off the bed. “I’m going to shower. Come join me. After we’re clean, I’m going to drink more of your milk, and then we’ll order some pizza.”

“Yes, Master.”

With my cock still dripping with cum, I walked to the bathroom. After turning on the water, I waiting until it was the right temperature before getting inside. It was about 5 minutes after I started bathing that Marianne joined me. Without being told, she began rubbing body wash all over me. Usually, I would have punished her for touching Kartal Escort me without permission, but I was too tired and satisfied to care.

After I was sufficiently lathered, I put body wash on her, taking care to wash her enormous tits, knobby nipples, and fulsome backside. I squirted another huge glob of body wash before washing her womanhood. My hands had barely left her pussy before she was erect again.

“You can’t be serious,” I chuckled.

“I’m sorry, Master,” Marianne said with a smile. “I’m…you’re…”



I smiled at her, with her sud-covered breasts and damp hair. Gently, I grabbed her male parts with my goo-covered hands, using my left to work her rod, and my right to fondle her nuts. She bit her lip and started tweaking her nipples.

“You’re getting milk on me,” I laughed.

“Ohhhhh, sorry, my Master!” Marianne moaned.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No, please!”

I continued to jack her off, watching as she squirmed and writhed in my grasp. I pinched her glans playfully and teased her urethra with my index finger. Between my own legs, my dick began to stir feebly with excitement.

“Oh, god! Master, I’m going to cum!”

Yellowish ropes of goo rocketed out of her cock, long and strong. They pelted the both of us, as well as the shower curtain and ceiling. After she was done orgasming, I relinquished my hold on her genitals.

“Well done, Marianne,” I said, rinsing my cum-stained hands.

True to my word, after we finished our shower and changed the linens on the bed, we got into it so I could enjoy her breast milk again. When I was satisfied, we got up and I ordered some pizza. We sat naked on the couch, watching television and eating our food.

I felt great. My body and mind were in a state of euphoria. It always seemed to happen right after I had sex with Marianne. When I was in bed with her, I was uncharacteristically rough and verbally abusive to her. But, after I was done, my mind was clear, and I felt like I had just finished the best vacation ever.

It wasn’t even 10 PM before the two of us started nodding off, so we went to bed. Marianne and I fell asleep in each other’s embrace. I was having some pretty great dreams, before I felt myself gently being roused by my futanari love slave.

“Master, please, wake up,” Marianne said softly.

“Wuhappened?” I answered groggily.

“I need to use the bathroom.”

I yawned and reluctantly got out of bed. I first put on a shirt and boxers, and then followed Marianne out of the bedroom. We made our way to the kitchen, where I went to one of the drawers and pulled out a dog collar and leash. Marianne raised her head as I put the collar around her neck and attached the leash. I then watched my nude futanari slave get down on all fours.

I gently walked her to the door that led to the backyard and opened it. The two of us exited the house and walked into the moonlit backyard. I stopped in the middle of the lawn and looked down, trying my best not to get a hard-on.

As her new master, I had commanded her that every time she needed to pee, she had to ask for my permission. Not only did she pee when I told her, but where I told her. During the day, I usually had the choice of letting her pee in the toilet, shower, or the bed. In one case, I even made her pee on the wall of the spare bedroom. However, late at night, I liked to see her pee outside like an animal.

I stared intently as Marianne started spraying urine out of her futa-cock. The yellow-white liquid pooled in the grass and created an acrid river that almost made it to my feet. After almost a minute, she finished, and we returned in the house.

Only after I bent down to remove her collar and leash did she rise to her feet. We both returned to the master bedroom, where I removed my clothes and climbed back into bed with Marianne. For a second, I was tempted to have sex with her again, but the fatigue of our past exertions overwhelmed me, so I fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke up to find myself alone in the bed. After a few minutes, I became aware of the smell of food cooking. Not bothering to clothe myself, I left the bedroom to find Marianne in the kitchen, wearing naught but an apron and slippers, making pancakes, sausage, and eggs on the stove. She turned to face me, looking beautiful as she flashed me a smile. I couldn’t help but notice her hard nipples poking through the apron; I was hungry and horny at the same time.

“Good morning, my master,” she greeted. “I figured that we both could use some food after what happened last night.”

“Good idea,” I yawned.

I sat down at the already set table and watched as my futanari sex slave brought the food over. I poured myself a glass of milk and then began heaping food on my plate. That first bite of syrup-soaked pancake was such a relief. I decided to wash it down with some milk and then chase it with some eggs and sausage. Once I tasted the milk, I looked over at Marianne.

“This milk tastes familiar,” I said with a smile.

She smiled, blushed, and got a boner. “I milked myself this morning. I figured that I shouldn’t let all the milk go to waste.”

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