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The Hunting Trip

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It was a particularly cold day, in the middle of November. I borrowing a friend’s cabin for 2 weeks, wanting to get everything setup before hunting season began. I went to the cabin, and noticed a few things were out of repair. This year was special, this year elk and deer season overlapped. As long as you had tags for both you could hunt either one, but could only harvest one or the other. This was PERFECT, as whenever I went deer hunting I only saw elk, and vice versa. So I’d never come home with anything.

I had driven up the highway about 17 miles to this little store on the side of the highway, to get some supplies. They sold mostly what you would expect to find at a convenience store, but they sold a little bit of everything else. They had a few rifles, a few shotguns, and a small selection of handguns. Mostly large caliber hunting handguns, but some were obviously meant for easy carry in defense of very large and very resilient predators like bears, of which there was no shortage in these parts. Thankfully I already had this part covered. They had a box or two of ammo for everything they sold and then some, so as to provide a service for hunters. They also had various other supplies, that could be useful, in case you found yourself bored, or forgetting something at home.

I grabbed enough food for a week, and a few other items. I walked up to the counter, and noticed standing at the other then facing the other direction, was a woman, about 5’6″ or so, with long slightly curly red hair that came almost to her ass. She wasn’t big by any means, but was rather curvy to say the least, and then there was her ass. It was absolutely spectacular. I wouldn’t describe her pants as slacks, but they weren’t jeans or sweatpants either. You could however still see that they didn’t support or shape her ass in any way. It was there, two perfectly sized globes of firmness. Then I noticed her start turning around, and could see that she was VERY slim, despite her nice wide and full hips. I forced myself to look up to her face, of course taking a few glances to check out the rest of her body on my way back up. Her breasts were about average, in size, and her face, it was absolutely amazing. Her eyebrows and eyelashes were the same color as the hair on her head, which meant it wasn’t a dye job, and also meant that the hair in other places(if any) would be the same lovely shade of red. Surprisingly for a redhead she had no freckles anywhere to be found, and she wasn’t wearing any makeup either.

“How are you doing today?” She asked in the most beautiful sexy voice I had ever heard. It was like one of God’s own angels was asking me.

“Oh just admiring the scenery,” I said with a smile on my face.

“Oh really? Would that be the scenery outside or in here?”

She must have seen my cheeks flush a little, because she smiled very big. She had a beautiful smile. She didn’t have those huge collagen filled pouting lips like you see on the supermodels(although her face EASILY matched their beauty and she was doing it naturally), but rather they were of normal thickness, and just the right width on her face. “Well a bit of both I guess,” I said honestly.

“Well I’m very glad to be of service, what can I get for you darling?”

“Just this stuff, and an extra box of Remington .308 Core Lokt if you have it?”

“We sure do, just one box?”

“Yeah I just need to make sure my rifle is still sighted in, and I only have 4 rounds with me, I forgot to pack the rest.”

“Well lucky for me.”

“Really? Now is that lucky because of the profit, or lucky because, it’s me?”

She leaned over the counter towards me as she set the box of ammo in front of me, letting her shirt fall open, so I got a great view of her creamy breasts through her see through bra. She must have noticed my glance because she too glanced down for a moment, then smiled again, and leaned to within 4 inches of my face. “Well, I suppose that is open to interpretation, but I will leave it to your imagination.”

Now she was just being ornery, but that’s ok, I liked that, and felt myself getting a bit excited. I smiled back, “well my imagination does work…….very well,” I said as I made a quick glance down her shirt again.

“Glad to hear that, I hope you make use of it tonight.” She smiled ear to ear, “So that will be 67 dollars and 23 cents total.”

I handed her a hundred, and she gave me my change. “Thanks,” I said, I best get this rifle sighted in before sundown, season starts tomorrow. Have a great night.”

“Thanks, but it’s going to be a cold night for me, but I bet it will be warmer for you,” she said as she gave me a wink.

What an ornery lady, I thought, she had to know what she was doing. She was trying to hint that I should masturbate tonight, thinking of her. At least I THINK that’s what she was hinting at. Or HOPED she was hinting at, even though I didn’t hold out any fantasies.

I found a nice spot on the way back to the cabin to jump out and sight in my rifle, it was far enough away where Pendik Escort I wouldn’t scare any animals, and there was a nice backdrop so no strays would go flying. The first shot I realized I hadn’t needed to buy the extra box, as the rifle was sighted in perfectly. Still, better to make sure it’s on the money, instead of risking, wounding an animal and having it die a slow and painful death.

I woke up early the next morning, remembering how that stunning lady, had entered my dreams all night long, and hadn’t even noticed that I had a raging hard on, and was stroking myself, without thinking. I was about to stop, when the memory of the dream popped into my head of her sliding her pussy up and down my length popped into my head, and I knew there was no way I could go hunting like this. So I spent the next 10 minutes finishing the job, while she danced around in my head.

A quick shower, some cover scent, and I was off. I had only walked for about an hour and a half, and the sun was starting to rise up, and there it was. The most amazing sight I’d ever seen. I had just stumbled upon an opening in the woods that lead into a huge clearing, and stopped dead in my tracks. There must have been a good 50 elk. Mostly cows, but there were about 3 bulls. They were all three enormous, but all the bulls were too far out. I could have made the shot, but I didn’t think it was too sporting, after all the sport was called hunting not Olympic target shooting. I turned and walked back the way I had came about 30 yards, and then pulled out my GPS and my map. I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t on private property or worse yet, a game preserve. Nope, everything checked out, this was public hunting land. I got down on my hands and knees, rifle in hand, and chambered a round as slowly and quietly as I could, and made sure the safety was off, as I didn’t want to spook any of them. I made my way back to the clearing and slowly as possible. I decided to lay low and just watch from behind a fallen tree. I leaned my rifle against the tree, and just watched through my field glasses.

I noticed the largest bull, being very aggressive, and whenever he noticed a cow that was not part of his harem, he quickly rounded her up and made her part. He had mounted several of the cows, not giving any of the other bulls a chance, but none of them would challenge him. A bull this aggressive, might easily be coaxed out with a call. So I grabbed my cow mating call, and turned my head and aimed the call behind me and made a quick couple of bleats and the largest bull spooked a little but didn’t run. He kept his eye in my direction, as he began to walk away from me. DAMN he was smart. They don’t get to be that big without being smart, but I was hoping his desire and aggressiveness would overcome his intelligence. Then his gaze changed direction to where the other three bulls had been, and found they were now walking in my direction. He let out a loud snort, and charged after them, and they all three reversed direction away from me, and he followed. Then he started making his way towards me. He was going to be damned if he was going to let any of those other bulls have the cow out here.

I slowly lifted my rifle and aimed at him, but he wasn’t close enough. As he got closer, I didn’t have a chance to get him in the crosshairs, as if I moved now, he would see me for sure, and then bolt. Then it happened. One of the other bulls made a challenge call, and he stopped and turned his head around to face them. This was it, this was my chance, I had a PERFECT shot, I lifted my rifle the rest of the way, held my breath, got him in the crosshairs and squeezed the trigger. A huge crack thundered through the air, and the entire herd, but him, ran. He just stood there for what seemed like eternity, but was really only a moment. I wasn’t sure I had even hit him at first. Then all at once, he crumpled to the ground., and didn’t move. Usually they try to get up and run, and I wasn’t taking any chances on getting stuck with that rack. I walked slowly out towards him, but he never moved. As I got up closer to him I realized he was dead. I had made a perfect shot, clean kill, he didn’t linger on, no suffering. Good. Not only was it cruel, but the adrenaline from running or distress, tainted the meat, and made it taste bad. I field dressed him, and took him back to the cabin. I quartered him, and packed him up tight, in the back of my truck(after taking pictures of course), safe from scavengers.

Then I realized, my entire hunting trip, has more or less gone to waste. I got a HUGE animal on my first day out. I couldn’t hunt anymore, and surely wasn’t going to sit in my cabin for a week and a half with nothing to do, or nobody to share the time with. So I jumped in the shower, changed out of my bloody clothes, and headed down the highway to the store. I figured I would get something out of the hot case, as I didn’t feel like cooking anything, after just killing something. I walked in, and for the second time was greeted by that incredible ass, but this time it Kurtköy Escort was in jeans. Jeans that while not really super tight, hugged every curve, and really showed it off, and I felt a twitch in my crotch.

She turned around, and when she saw me, she got this rather evil looking grin on her face. “Hey there, giving up already?”

“Well sort of, never before have I ever managed, to find the animal I was hunting for, but this year, when I can hunt both at the same time, and plan a 2 week trip, I get one less then 4 hours into opening day. I’m not going to spend a week and a half in the cabin alone, so I’m going to pack it up and head out in the morning.”

“Well at least you got something, but it’s too bad, you’re leaving so soon. I always run across animals, every year, but have never hunted before, so I figured I’d go this year. I’m not so sure I’ll get anything, as I live about 20 miles up the highway in town, and it’s a long drive out here.”

“Why not just rent a cabin for a week?”

“I don’t have that kind of money, I work as a cashier in an out of the way little store, that does 90% of it’s business in hunting season. The owner is being kind enough to let me use one of his rifles though.”

“Well shit, tell you what, why don’t you give me a couple of those hotdogs in the case, and I have an idea that might work out for you.”

“Sure thing, but if you’re thinking of having me stay with you, then you can think again.”

“No no, not quite, I’m not a pig, I’m leaving in the morning, but I’ve got the cabin for another week and a half. Here’s the directions, why don’t you come out in the morning, I’m going to be getting up at about 7:00, and leaving around 10:00, if you show up sometime before I leave, I’ll let you have the cabin for the rest of the season, and I’ll head home.”

“Really? You’d do that? You aren’t asking for sex?”

“NO!!!! Why would I do that? That’s just stupid.”

“Most of the guys who have offered something similar around here, have always wanted sex in return.”

“Well that’s not me, it’s not my style, if I wanted to pay for it, I’d find a hooker.”

“Well good, I’m a virgin anyway.”

“Yeah right.”

“What you think I’m a slut?”

“No, that’s not what I meant.”

A grin crept across her face, “so then, just what DID you mean? Hrm?”

“Only that a woman as beautiful as you, has to get offers all the time, there had to be at least one you were attracted to enough.”

“Well that may or may not be true, and even though I’m 26, my father has made sure I couldn’t get married, have a boyfriend, nothing, my entire life, but he passed on about 6 months, and there hasn’t been anyone coming into my life worth a damn. There was one guy, but he ended up getting married I found out.”

“Well, I’m sorry to hear that. Anyway, the offer stands, if you want it.”

“I’ll think about it, thank you.”

“Well I’ll keep an eye out for you, go ahead and keep the change, and have a good night.”

Back at the cabin, I still couldn’t believe she was a virgin, a woman that beautiful. I drifted off to sleep. I started dreaming about that lovely girl at the store. Then I was awoken by a shot. I grabbed my pistol, from under the bed, and got up quietly, and edged along the wall to the window, and peered out from behind the curtain. The shot was close. VERY close. I couldn’t see anybody though. Then I heard a triumphant scream, of a first time hunter, getting his first animal, except, this was a different scream. It wasn’t a hunter getting his first animal, it was a hunter getting HER first animal.

A few moments later, I heard a knock at the door. I opened it up, and there she was, dressed up in thick warm clothes. Despite all the thick clothing, it still didn’t hide her body. Not even her tits, which despite their not large size, still shoved right through that huge thick coat she was wearing. “Uh come in please, great to see you and all, and glad you got something, but it’s 5 in the morning, I was going to be in bed for another 2 hours.”

“I know, and I’m sorry, I was just planning on parking up here, and leaving a note, while I went out for awhile, but I heard this noise, and walked through over there, and saw a deer, so well I shot it.”

“I guess you need some help getting it back here?”

“That would be nice, if you would, please?”

“Yeah hold on a sec, let me get some clothes on.”


I went into the bathroom with some clothes and got dressed. When I got back out, she was sitting on the bed waiting patiently.

“Comfy bed.”

“Yup sure is, guess you won’t be needing it now though.”

“Guess not, but it’s still nice.”

I followed her into the woods with my game kit, and helped her bring her quarry back, and pack it up. “Well I’m going to take a quick shower, I don’t like to sit around in bloody clothes. You are welcome to wait until I’m done, and take one yourself.”

“Thanks, I’d like to get out of these clothes too. I’ll even fix you Ümraniye Escort breakfast for helping me.”

“Um ok great, let me start the shower, and get a robe on, and I’ll show you where the food is.”

“Ok great.”

I walked into the bathroom and started the shower, then undressed all the way down, and slipped my robe on. I walked about out, ready to show her where the food was, but I didn’t see her. “Hello?”

“Actually I figured, that the water wouldn’t last too long up here, and I wanted a hot shower, so I decided not to take a shower after you, anyway,” the voice from behind me said. I turned around, just in time to hear her say something else, “I decided to take a shower WITH you.”

I was totally stunned, she was standing there, completely naked before me. Head to toe. Far more stunning then I had imagined. Her breasts were small but very full, and didn’t need a bra. Her nipples were large, and a light pink. Her areola a little bit darker pink, and fairly small. I drew my eyes down her flat stomach, to her thatch of red hair between her legs.

“Relax your hormones, this isn’t sexual. It’s totally practical. Well mostly. It is totally practical, but I have never seen a naked man before up close, before, and this will be the perfect chance, so when the time comes I know what to expect.”

“Uh, ok I guess, but it’s going to be hard um to not you know, seeing you there, as sexy as you are, not to…….”

“Get hard? I know, I kind of figured that, but at least I will have an idea of their real size.”

“Well you know the are all diff……..Oh hell, come on, lets get in there before the hot water runs out.”

“You first.”

I dropped my robe, letting my exposed pecker out into the steamy air of the bathroom, and then stepped in. I turned and held out my hand to assist her into the shower. As I watched the hot water pour down her hair, making it a darker red, and then down her perfect body, making it glisten, my dick started to grow, and she looked down and noticed it.

“Damn,” she said, “it’s growing.”

“Well what do you expect?”

“I thought there had to be, you know actual physical contact.”

“Nope, not usually, especially with someone like you.”

“You mind if I feel it grow in my hand?”

“Hell no I don’t care, but you better hurry, before it’s all the way hard.”

With that she reached out and wrapped her fingers around me shaft, which made me grow to full hardness in a matter of seconds. “Wow that’s pretty cool feeling,” she said as she let go of me. “Now lets hurry up and wash, and then we can eat.”

We quickly washed, and toweled off.

“Looks like we left our clothes in other room, since we’ve seen each other naked, there’s no need to be all shy, and get dressed privately.”

“No I guess not.” She then strode out of the bathroom, and I quickly followed, so I could take a look at her ass bare, it was absolutely lovely. Perfectly smooth and creamy flesh, just like her breasts. She sat down on the bed, “look before we say anything else, I think we’ve already gone too far in seeing each other naked.”

“Well it was your idea.”

“No I know that, but what I mean is, we don’t even know each others names, we should have introduced ourselves first.”

“Oh hah, I guess so, well my name is William.”

“Glad to meet you William, my name is Kelly.”

“Well now that we have been properly introduced, it seems weird, but perhaps we should get dressed? It’s kinda of backwards order, we should introduce ourselves BEFORE we get naked not after.”

“HAHAHA, yeah, uh I notice that you are still hard.”

“Yes I am, but then I do have something very beautiful to look at.”

Her entire body flushed red, not just her cheeks. “Well thank you, William. I have an idea for breakfast.”

“Shouldn’t we get dressed first?”

“Well we’ve been here naked all this time, what’s the hurry, expecting someone?”

“Well you do have a good point. I wasn’t expecting anyone but you, and you showed up early.”

“Exactly, and I would really like to check out this bed, and I’m sure you’d like to finish off your couple of hours. I sleep naked anyway.”

“You want me to lay next to you, in that bed naked, and sleep?”

“Why not? It’s not sexual, the act of sleeping is it?”

“Well no, but with a woman next to me, in my sleep, I may end up holding you, and feeling you and it being sexual. Besides, something to eat first would help.”

“Well a man can’t be responsible for what he does in his sleep.”


“Now as for breakfast, how about… Furburger?”


“You don’t like pussy?”

“I thought you said nothing sexual?”

“I lied,” Kelly said, as she laid back on the bed and spread her legs. She had the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. It wasn’t that dark like most, but was the same very light pink as her nipples. Not just inside, but all of her pussy. Even the edges of her labia were a light pink. Glistening with a mixture of water from the shower, and pussy juice. It was obvious she had been turned on. Lying like she did about the sex, I figured she must be lying about the virgin part too. Especially, since she was being this aggressive, she must have just liked to tease before giving it up.

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