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by Pink Panther

No more disclaimers, not ever! At least not for this story anyway. This chapter concludes the events of the summer holidays. As I didn”t want to get into a whole lot of stuff that wasn”t going anywhere, you can guess what that means. Make the most of it; there may not be another chapter like this one.

Thanks to everyone who has written to me recently, but as always, more feedback will be more than welcome. Please send your comments ail and I”ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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August 1960

Somewhat apprehensively, Chris locked his bike, went to the front door and rang the bell. This morning, Jez Taylor and Troy Stainham would be joining them. As he stood in the porch, he almost wished he hadn”t agreed to it. But having said he”d do it, he wasn”t going to back out. Michael opened the door.

“Come in!” he said warmly, welcoming him inside.

“Are they here yet?” Chris asked.

“No. Troy”s never been here before. Jez is going to meet him in town. They”re coming on the bus.”

“Oh, right.”

“Don”t look so worried!” Michael said, giving his friend a reassuring smile. “It”s going to be fine!”

They strolled into the lounge, each of them flopping down in one of the armchairs. Mike tried to make conversation, but it was unusually difficult. Chris didn”t seem to have anything to say. The doorbell rang. Mike went to answer it. Chris”s heart was thumping, doubts and fears flashing through his brain.

Moments later, Mike returned, two other boys following behind. Getting to his feet, Chris recognised Jez from seeing him at the swimming pool. In his cheap, worn clothes, the lad looked like a typical council estate kid.

“Hi!” Jez said, striding towards him, his hand extended. “You must be Chris. I”m Jez and this is Troy. Good to meet you!”

“Thanks,” Chris answered, accepting the handshake, the older boy”s friendly smile and relaxed, confident manner having eased his worries. “Hi Troy,” he added, turning to the other lad.

An inch or so shorter than he was, Troy definitely didn”t look fourteen. Though not a pretty boy, he was certainly cute, the lad”s tight denim shorts and close-fitting teeshirt showing off his perfectly proportioned body. Chris was sure he”d encountered the lad before, but couldn”t think where or when.

“Would you like some lemonade?” Michael asked.

“Please!” the other boys chorused.

They trooped into the kitchen, where Michael poured out four glasses of lemonade. Returning to the lounge, Chris and Troy sat on the sofa.

“Michael says you read a lot,” Troy began. “I read all the time. My favourite author”s Jane Austen. I”ve read Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and I”ve just finished Persuasion. I”m going to read Sense and Sensibility next. Have you read, any of her work? You should; it”s wonderful!”

“No,” Chris admitted. “I”ve just finished reading To Kill a Mockingbird. That”s a fantastic story. It was only published last month. All the critics are raving about how good it is. It”s expected to win several of the big literary awards.”

To his irritation, Troy completely ignored what he”d said, and continued to rattle on about Jane Austen. Chris couldn”t understand why any boy would want to read about goings-on among the English upper classes during the early part of the nineteenth century, especially when told from a female point of view. He”d read a whole range of books, both English and American. Troy, on the other hand, carried on as though no author other than Jane Austen was worth bothering with. He was glad when Michael suggested that they went up to his bedroom.

Once safely ensconced, they paired off, Jez with Troy, Chris with Michael. This was okay, Chris thought. He”d just concentrate on Michael. He”d no need to watch what the other two were doing. In fact, he could almost pretend they weren”t there. They began to undress each other. Very soon, all four of them were naked.

“We”ll let them use the bed,” Michael said quietly, guiding Chris to a spot in the far corner where they settled down on the floor.

Chris was more than happy with the arrangement. From where he was, he didn”t need to look at Jez and Troy. In any case, they seemed so wrapped up in each other, they appeared not to be paying him any attention. In the next instant, Michael”s arm was wrapped around him. They began to kiss, each of them fondling the other”s boy-parts.

As things moved on, they took turns to suck each other. After one turn each, Michael once again took Chris”s penis in his mouth, sucking it steadily. Sliding his hand between his friend”s long, coltish legs, he worked a well-lubed finger into the boy”s anus.

Chris was halfway to heaven, gently stroking Michael”s hair to show his appreciation. Almost by chance, he looked up. Troy was down on all fours facing the bottom of the bed with Jez kneeling behind. Both boys were looking straight at him. As they fucked, they”d be able to watch whatever he and Michael were doing. It was the very thing he”d wanted to avoid.

He pushed Michael away and stood up. Taking the fair-haired boy”s hand, he pulled him to his feet and led him to the bathroom.

“What”s the problem?” Michael asked, completely bemused by this turn of events.

“You promised I wouldn”t have to do anything I didn”t want to do,” Chris snapped.

“But you weren”t. We were doing what we always do.”

“I told you I didn”t want anyone watching. Jez and Troy were looking straight at us!”

Michael didn”t know what to say. He”d been sure that once things got going, Chris wouldn”t notice the other people in the room.

“Sorry, I hadn”t realised,” he said apologetically. “So what are we going to do now?”

“We can finish it off in here.”

“I didn”t bring the lube with me.”

“Then go back and get it.”

Though far from happy with the situation, Michael could see Chris wasn”t going to back down. Realising that getting into an argument would only make things worse, he padded back to his room, retrieved the tube of K-Y and returned to the bathroom.

“Okay,” he said, closing the door. “What now?”

“Let me suck you first,” Chris said, sitting on the toilet. “Get you properly hard again.”

As Michael stepped forwards, Chris took the lad”s semi-hard penis into his mouth. He sucked it steadily. In less than a minute it was back at full mast. Allowing it to slip out from between his lips, he expertly coated it in K-Y.

“I”m ready if you are,” he announced, a mischievous grin on his face.

“Sure,” Michael said, smiling back.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Leaving Chris to get cleaned up, Michael strolled back to his bedroom. Sure, there was no such thing as a bad fuck, but things hadn”t gone the way he”d intended. Though usually affectionate and easy going, Chris could be exceptionally stubborn when there was something he really didn”t want to do. Opening the door, he found Jez and Troy snuggled up on the bed. They were both still naked.

“So what was that about?” Jez asked.

“Oh, he got embarrassed because you were watching him,” Michael answered. “He insisted we finish it in the bathroom. I mean, in my own house!”

Jez shrugged. “So where is he now?”

“Getting cleaned up.”

“I hope he”s not going to be too long,” Troy said. “I need to go to the toilet, don”t I?” he added, licking Jez”s ear.

Moments later, Chris reappeared. He immediately began to pull his clothes on. As Troy hurried to the bathroom, Jez followed suit. Within a minute, both boys were dressed and ready to go.

“We”ll see you downstairs,” Jez said, following Chris out of the bedroom.

Still annoyed with Michael, Chris had planned to go straight home. But maybe that wouldn”t be such a good idea, he decided. Much as he hated being bounced into things he hadn”t agreed to, it would probably be better not to make a big fuss about it. They reached the bottom of the stairs.

“Let”s go and sit down,” Jez suggested.

They wandered into the lounge. Jez sat on the sofa, indicating for Chris to sit next to him.

“Did you tell Michael you didn”t want anyone watching while you were . . . , you know?”

“Yes, I told him I hated the idea of it.”

“He never said anything. If he had, we”d have stayed facing the other way.”

“When he came back to the bedroom, what did he say?” Chris asked.

“Not much. He was a bit snotty about you making him do it in the bathroom, but it was his own fault.” He leaned in close. “If we do this again,” he whispered, “I”ll go to the bathroom with you if that”s what you want.”

Chris grinned. There was something about Jez that drew him in like a moth to a flame. The boy”s beautiful cock was part of it, plus the sense that the thirteen-year old seemed willing to do things his way. He nodded his agreement. Maybe it”d teach Michael not to take him for granted.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Three days later they were back. Michael had been surprised that Chris had agreed to do it again so soon, but he hadn”t questioned it. He hoped that this time around, his special friend would be more relaxed about things.

Once again, they gathered in the lounge, drinking lemonade. Michael noticed straight away that far from becoming friends with Troy, Chris was pretty well ignoring him. He hadn”t expected that. Finally, they made their way up to his bedroom.

Having closed the door, Michael turned around. To his amazement, Chris and Jez were sitting together on the floor, making moves towards undressing each other. That wasn”t part of the plan. He couldn”t imagine what had persuaded the normally shy Chris to pair up with a boy he”d only just met.

Troy was sitting on the bed. He looked less than pleased. Michael instantly made the only decision open to him. He”d make the best of the situation and pretend it was what he”d planned all along.

“It”s going to be you and me today,” he said, sitting down next to Troy, a big smile on his face.

In the far corner of the room, Chris and Jez were removing each other”s clothes. Chris was delighted. Despite the older boy”s somewhat rough appearance, he was remarkably gentle, the touch of his long bony fingers sending wonderful shivers up his twelve-year old spine.

Very soon, they were naked. Stretching out on the floor, their lips met in a sensuous kiss. Jez was in heaven. He”d wanted to be with Chris from the moment he”d seen him, the lad”s deep brown eyes, elfin features, and wonderful summer tan turning him on more than anyone ever had. More than that, he admired the boy”s spirit, his determination not to be pushed around.

The reality was even better. He looked down the twelve-year old”s body, admiring the pale stripe around Chris”s midriff that the sun had been unable to reach. Right there was the most beautiful part of all, the lad”s slim four-inch penis, the foreskin just covering the tip, a pair of well-rounded balls hanging directly beneath.

Leaning forwards, he took it into his mouth. He sucked it lovingly, working his tongue all over it, the younger boy”s fingers gently stroking his hair. After around a minute, he let it go.

“How was that?” he asked. “Was it okay?”

“More than okay,” Chris answered. “It was super! Right, my turn now!”

Holding Jez”s cock around the base, he lowered his head towards it, flicking out his tongue to lick the large shiny head that protruded beyond the teenager”s foreskin. This was a challenge. It was bigger than Greg”s and considerably bigger than Michael”s. Opening his mouth as wide as he could, he slowly pushed down on it.

“Oh yeah!” Jez purred. “That”s incredible!”

After a short while, they swapped over again.

“D”you want to do a sixty-nine?” Jez asked as the younger boy”s penis slipped from his mouth.

Chris was so horny, he”d have done anything Jez wanted. He wouldn”t have cared who was watching. He checked himself. That would not be a good idea. The game had to be played.

“Let”s go to the bathroom,” he whispered.

Jez followed him out of Michael”s bedroom and along the landing. Once they were safely inside the bathroom, he closed the door and bolted it.

“We can”t do a sixty-nine in here,” Jez said. “There isn”t enough room. Will you let me fuck you?”

“We haven”t brought any lube with us,” Chris responded. “Would it be okay to just suck each other off?”

“Sure!” Jez agreed. “I love sucking, and being sucked.”

With the teenager standing in front of him, Chris sat on the toilet. He leaned forwards, his lips automatically making contact with the older lad”s cock. It was perfect! Now he could give Jez a proper sucking. He set to work. His head bobbed back and forth, twisting this way and that to heighten the effect.

Jez was completely overwhelmed. The sensations the younger boy was giving him were simply magical. He remembered that Michael gave super blow-jobs, but there was something even more special about this one; special, not least, because of who was doing it. He recalled first seeing Chris in the swimming pool changing room, and thinking how cute he was. Just a few months later, the boy was sitting in front of him, giving him the best blow-job ever.

“Oh fuck!” he groaned. “I”m gonna cum!”

Moments later, his cock jerked wildly, several ropes of teen spunk spurting down the twelve-year old”s throat. Chris slurped and swallowed, not losing a single drop. Finally, he allowed the teenager”s sensitive prong to slide from between his lips.

“Wow!” Jez gasped. “That was out of this escort kocaeli world!”

He got down onto his knees.

“Okay,” he said. “Stand up! I owe you for that!”

Chris got to his feet, guiding his dick into the teenager”s waiting mouth. About the same length as Troy”s but a little slimmer, it was the smallest one Jez had sucked. He went to it as though his life depended on it, revelling in its almost unfeasible hardness jabbing against his palate.

Inevitably, Chris didn”t last long. His boy-dick swelled and pulsed, little jets of watery cum coating the teenager”s tongue. Carefully easing himself away, he smiled with satisfaction. He”d set Jez a test. His new friend had passed with flying colours.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Michael lifted himself clear, his cock exiting Troy”s anus with an audible pop. It had been a good fuck, with Troy lying submissively on his tummy, allowing him to pound the boy”s arse. But it wasn”t what he”d wanted. He”d wanted to be with Chris, but right out of the blue, his classmate had decided to go with Jez.

He couldn”t understand it. The thing with Greg had happened because he wasn”t there. Given the chance, he”d have done exactly the same. But on this occasion, he was there, and Chris had chosen to go with Jez rather than to be with him. He”d never expected that to happen, and it hurt.

He rolled onto his side, a smiling Troy turning to face him.

“Are you okay?” he asked gently.

“Of course,” Troy replied. “That was super! I”ll go to the toilet when the other two have finished. There”s no rush.”

“What was going on with you and Chris?” Michael queried. “Before we came up here, he wasn”t even speaking to you.”

“Oh, I”m afraid that”s my fault,” Troy admitted. “You”d told me that he reads a lot, so on Tuesday I asked him about it, because I do too. Well, I started rattling on about Jane Austen. My enthusiasm just ran away with me. It does that sometimes. I never let him get a word in edgeways. So when he tried to tell me about the book he”d just read, I completely ignored him.

But I did remember the title. When Dad got home from work, I asked him if he”d heard of it. He started raving about it being one of the most important books of the twentieth century and how it was going to be made into a film. Gregory Peck”s going to play the lead. I felt so stupid! I”ll have to apologise.”

Jez and Chris reappeared. They looked very happy. Michael didn”t know what to say. He didn”t even know what they”d done, and he couldn”t very well ask, not at that point anyway. He”d have to wait till he could speak to Chris on his own.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Later that day, Michael went to Chris”s house. He was desperate to ask his friend about what had happened earlier, but with all Chris”s family around, the opportunity never arose. When he went there again on Saturday morning, it was the same story.

On Saturday afternoon, he and Troy visited Mr Faulkner”s flat, where they made up a foursome with Mr Brown. He”d have liked to talk to Mr Faulkner, but he never had chance to do that either. He then spent the whole of Sunday with his Uncle Jack, who took him out to lunch. He really enjoyed that; it made him feel very grown up. But discussing the matter with him was completely out of the question.

Finally, it was Monday morning. Chris was due to arrive at around ten o”clock. Michael was on tenterhooks. He couldn”t settle to anything. At last, the doorbell rang. He hurried down the stairs and opened the front door. Chris sauntered inside. As soon as he”d closed the door, they kissed in the hallway as though nothing had happened.

“Let”s go upstairs,” Michael said.

He ushered Chris into his room, closing the door behind them. They sat together on the side of the bed.

“I wanted to ask you about Friday morning,” Michael said quietly.

“There”s not much to say really,” Chris said casually. “I really like Jez, and it was pretty obvious that he likes me. That”s pretty much it.”

“Did you let him fuck you?”

“No, we just sucked each other off. Why are you asking? Didn”t you enjoy being with Troy? You told me you love fucking him.”

“Yes, but he”s not you.”

Chris didn”t answer. He could see where this was going. For a few seconds, there was an awkward silence.

“So what”s going to happen tomorrow?” Michael asked.

“I guess we”ll have to wait and see,” Chris said guardedly.

“That means you”re going to go with Jez again.”

“Mike,” Chris said quietly, his eyes boring into Michael”s skull. “You”ve got to stop this. You”ve had sex with several boys. Apart from me, there”s Jez and Troy, and those are just the ones I”ve met. It”s what you want to do and that”s fine. But you can”t expect me to be all yours when you”re not willing to be all mine. We”ll still be friends. I hope we”ll always be friends. And we”ll still have sex, like now, for instance. So what”s the problem?”

“There isn”t one,” Michael conceded. “You”re usually pretty shy around people you don”t know. I just didn”t expect you to . . . you know.”

“Yeah, it”s weird. You seem to get to know people much faster when neither of you has any clothes on. Jez is a good kid. You obviously like him.”

“Yeah. But you didn”t let him fuck you.”

“He did ask. I wanted to see how he”d react when I suggested we just suck each other off. I thought he might try to talk me into it. But he didn”t, not a word.”

“What would you have done if he had . . . you know, tried talking you round?”

“Oh, I”d have been very wary of him,” Chris said. “I hate being pushed into things. You know that. I don”t think I”d have gone with him again.”

“But as it is, you will?”

“Yeah, if that”s what he wants. He might decide he wants to fuck Troy again; I don”t know.”

“Sorry,” Michael said, looking embarrassed. “I”ve made an idiot of myself, haven”t I?”

“Don”t worry about it,” Chris said, snuggling up to him. “We all get it wrong sometimes.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The following morning, Chris was already at Michael”s house when Jez and Troy arrived. Troy went straight over to Chris.

“May I have a word please?” he said politely. “I want to apologise for last Tuesday. I got so carried away talking about Jane Austen, I hardly let you speak. It was very rude of me. You must have thought I was a right know-all. When I got home, I asked Dad if he”d heard of To Kill a Mockingbird. Well, he said just the same as you did. He said it was one of the most important books of the twentieth century. I felt a right idiot. Next time you tell me something, I”ll make sure I listen.”

“That”s okay,” Chris said smiling.

“What Dad also said was that it”s going to be made into a film. Gregory Peck”s been engaged to play the lead. That”s unheard of! It”s by an unknown author and it was only published a month ago.”

“Wow! I didn”t know that. So what does your dad do?”

“He”s a theatrical agent.”

“Oh, so that was how he knew about it being made into a film.”

“Yeah! I”ve got to read it!”

“Don”t buy it,” Chris said. “I”ll lend you our copy.”

“Thanks! So what other books have you read?”

“Most of the stuff boys are expected to read. In my last year at junior school, I read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Moby Dick, and The Thirty Nine Steps. This year I”ve read Lord of the Flies, 1984 and Our Man in Havana.”

“Wow! That”s incredible!” Troy enthused. “Lots of books and all so different! I think they”ve all been made into films, apart from the last one.”

“Actually, I really enjoyed Our Man in Havana, so I decided to read Brighton Rock because they”re by the same author, Graham Greene. It”s a good story, but I didn”t like it much.”

“That”s been made into a film. It”s very violent, isn”t it?”

“Yes, that”s why I didn”t like it.”

“And you don”t like Jane Austen?”

“Oh, I”m sure she”s a great writer,” Chris said thoughtfully. “I just think I”d struggle to get into the stories she writes, about the English upper classes in the early nineteenth century, told from a woman”s point of view. It”s not exactly boys” stuff, is it?”

“Oh,” Troy said, smiling. “I guess I”m different. I love all that.”

“Look at those two!” Michael whispered into Jez”s ear. “Last Friday they weren”t even speaking to each other.”

“Yeah,” Jez answered. “Cute, isn”t it?”

A few minutes later, they made their way upstairs. It was already clear that Chris was going to pair off with Jez. Once again, Michael settled on the bed with Troy. It didn”t matter, he told himself. He”d fucked Chris the day before, and Troy was very affectionate and a super fuck.

In the far corner of the room, Jez and Chris reprised their routine from the previous Friday. After around fifteen minutes of sensuous foreplay, they decided it was time to move. Making sure Jez wasn”t watching, Chris retrieved something from the pocket of his shorts before following the teenager into the adjacent bathroom. Jez closed the door.

“What”s that you”ve got?” he asked.

Grinning broadly, Chris held up the small jar of Vaseline. Jez”s eyes widened.

“Wow!” he whispered. “So are we . . . ?”


“Are you sure? I”m a lot bigger than Mike.”

“I”m sure!”

Chris sat on the toilet, taking the older boy”s cock into his mouth. After slurping on it until it was wet, he let it go. He stood up. Turning around to face the toilet, he bent over, resting his hands on the seat.

“Work some Vaseline into my bum,” he instructed.

Using his index finger, Jez did as he was asked. He didn”t mind that Chris was giving the orders. Within the next few minutes, he was going to fuck the younger lad”s cute little bottom. Apart from not wanting to lick the boy”s anus, he was happy to get there however Chris wanted.

“Now try putting in a second finger,” Chris said, “but be careful!”

Jez followed the instructions to the letter, gently pushing his middle finger behind his first. Feeling Chris wince slightly, he paused, continuing his two-digit finger fuck as the boy relaxed.

“Oh, that”s good!” Chris breathed. “Time to get you ready now!”

Jez allowed his fingers to slide out. Standing up, Chris carefully smeared Vaseline over the teenager”s penis. He then resumed his previous position. Jez mover in close, guiding his cock onto the twelve-year old”s bum-hole. He pushed insistently, just as he”d had to the first time he”d fucked his older brother. Suddenly the boy”s anal ring gave way. He was in!

“Aaarghhh!” Chris gasped, shocked by the unusually large intrusion.

“Are you okay?” Jez asked. “Do you want me to take it out?”

“No, just stay where you are. Let me get used to it.”

Jez held his position for around a minute. Gradually Chris began to relax, his breathing returning to normal.

“Okay, he said. “You can push it in now. Just go slow.”

Holding the lad around his slender thighs, Jez began to push, steadily reaming Chris”s boy-tunnel. He revelled in its velvety tightness. This was new. Apart from his brother, whom he didn”t count, the other boys he”d fucked had taken big cocks before. Chris hadn”t. More than that, the boy had made him work for it. That made it very special indeed. He thrust over the lad”s sex-button.

“Oh yeah!” Chris moaned, his penis twitching with a life of its own.

Moments later, Chris felt the teenager”s stomach pressed tight against his bottom. After a short pause, Jez began to fuck him. The sensations were unbelievable, the older boy”s large cock stimulating his prostate even more effectively than Greg”s had.

“Wank me off!” he gasped.

Jez reached down, wrapping his fingers around the younger boy”s throbbing spike. A few strokes were all it took. Chris shuddered from head to toe, his muscles wracked by the wildest spasms he”d ever experienced. As his sphincter muscle attempted to strangle Jez”s cock, his penis jumped into action, jets of boy-juice squirting into the toilet and onto the seat behind.

Jez couldn”t have stopped if he”d wanted to. After a few more thrusts, he slammed in one last time. But this was no ordinary orgasm. He just kept cumming, pumping more and more teen spunk into the twelve-year old”s bottom. It felt as though it might never stop.

Suddenly it was over, leaving Jez so light-headed that he had to hold onto Chris”s thighs just to stay on his feet. As he regained control of his breathing, he carefully withdrew, his cock so sensitive he couldn”t bear to touch it.

“Are you okay?” he whispered.

“Yeah!” Chris purred. “That was super! The best ever! My bum”s a bit sore, but that doesn”t matter.”

“Wow!” Jez responded. “You”re one in a million! I”ve never felt anything like that!”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Michael was fucking Troy”s bum when he heard the gasp from the bathroom next door. It stopped him in his tracks.

“You know what that was?” Troy giggled.

“Yeah!” Michael confirmed.

He knew alright, and it hurt like hell. Paradoxically, he was pleased they”d gone to the bathroom. At least he hadn”t had to watch them. Getting used to the idea that Chris was no longer exclusively his was proving harder than he”d expected. But he wasn”t going to let it show. He immediately got back to the task in hand, pounding Troy”s arse even harder than before.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

When Jez and Chris returned to the bedroom, they found the other two already dressed.

“We”ll see you downstairs,” Michael said, ushering Troy out of the room.

“What are you doing on Sunday afternoon?” Chris asked as he began to get dressed.

“Nothing much,” Jez replied. “Why?”

“I wondered if you might like to come over to my place.”

“Sure, how would I get there?”

“Get the number 27 bus from town. kocaeli anal yapan escort Get off at Langstone Park. I”ll meet you at the bus stop. Would quarter to three be okay?”

“Sure! I”ll see you there!”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Chris waited at the bus stop near Langstone Park. In the distance, a bus appeared from the direction of the town centre. He checked his watch. It was a little after twenty to three. He hoped Jez would be on the approaching bus. If he wasn”t, there”d be a wait of at least ten minutes before the next one arrived. Finally, the bus reached the stop and Jez emerged.

“Hi,” Chris greeted. “Good to see you! Glad you could make it.”

“Good to see you too. Are we going back to yours?”

“Later maybe; I want to show you somewhere else first. It”s not far.”

Chris led the way along the route that he and Michael had followed. After a few minutes, they reached the small clearing.

“So is this your secret den?” Jez asked.

“Yeah, sort of,” Chris said. “I mean, I don”t know how secret it is, but I”ve never had anyone else show up when I”ve been here.”


“Yeah! A couple of weeks ago, I brought Mike here.”

“You mean . . . ?” Jez queried, the light beginning to dawn.

“Of course! It”s ideal. Nobody can see us.”

“I thought we”d just be going to your house.”

“Not much point in that. I”ve got two sisters and a brother, and right now they”re all there, plus Mum and Dad, of course. Come on! Mike and I had a great time.”

“You”re incredible! Mike told me you were shy. You don”t seem shy to me.”

“It depends. It didn”t take me long to know I can trust you. You”re okay.”

“Thanks!” Jez said, giving Chris a slightly embarrassed smile.

Chris stepped in close.

“So are we going to stand here all afternoon talking?” he asked, carefully opening the button at the top of the teenager”s jeans.

“Fuck!” Jez exhaled. “You”ve no idea how hard you get me. We”ll do whatever you want.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

For Michael, the weekend had passed off much as the previous one had done. This time, he”d spoken to Mr Faulkner about Chris. He”d received an unsympathetic response, being told that if it was okay for him to have sex with several different boys, it was okay for Chris too. “What”s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander,” as his form master had put it.

Of course, he knew the man was right, but it didn”t make things any easier. He”d spent months introducing Chris to the pleasures of boy-on-boy sex. He”d barely finished the job when Chris, his special friend, had decided to spread his wings. He didn”t mind the encounter with Greg so much. But now it seemed that Chris preferred being with Jez to being with him. That was hard to take.

And now it was Monday. Chris was due to arrive at any moment, and he needed to get a grip. They”d have sex, just as they always did, but somehow it wouldn”t be the same. How he wished he could turn the clock back a few weeks to when Chris, as far as he could tell, wouldn”t have dreamed of going with anyone else. But things had moved on, and it would do no good to pretend otherwise.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Tuesday morning, and the gang were due to gather again. Michael was not looking forward to it. He pretty much knew what was going to happen. The previous day, Chris had told him that on Sunday afternoon Jez had come over and they”d gone to the woods. It wasn”t that his classmate was trying to rub his nose in it. He wouldn”t do that. He didn”t have a spiteful bone in his body. He was just being open and honest, as they”d agreed. Even so, Michael would have rather he hadn”t been told.

Over the next hour, things worked out much as he”d expected they would. Chris paired up with Jez, and this time they didn”t bother to go to the bathroom. They were going to fuck right there on the bedroom floor.

“Let”s turn round!” Troy whispered excitedly. “I want to watch!”

Michael gritted his teeth. That was the last thing he needed. Normally, he loved to watch boys being fucked, but not on this occasion. It was as though if he didn”t see it, he could pretend it wasn”t happening. As the action unfolded, he looked away, concentrating his efforts on fucking his spunk into Troy”s bottom.

Finally, it was over. As the other boys got dressed, Michael sat disconsolately on his bed, trying to work out how things had developed the way they had. It was all his fault. He”d encouraged Chris to meet Jez and Troy. If he hadn”t, none of this would have happened. Still smarting, he pulled on his clothes and headed down the stairs.

In the lounge, Troy and Chris were sitting on the sofa, Troy clutching the copy of To Kill a Mockingbird that Chris had lent him. They were talking animatedly about books and films. Suddenly, Michael had an idea. Gesturing for Jez to follow him, he led the way into the kitchen.

“Are you okay for Friday?” he asked.

“Sure!” Jez responded. “I wouldn”t miss it.”

“What would you think about this?” Michael said, before quickly outlining his plan.

“Yeah,” Jez agreed. “That”s okay by me. I”ll ask Troy on the way home. I think he”ll love it.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

On Friday morning, Michael and Chris sat in the lounge, chatting about this and that. At quarter past ten, the doorbell rang, signalling the arrival of Jez and Troy. Michael went to answer it. As he stepped inside, Jez took Michael to one side.

“We”re on,” he said quietly. “And you”ve got your wish. I asked Troy who he wanted to fuck him. He said he wanted me to do it.”

“Are you happy with that?” Michael asked.

“Yeah, why not? I haven”t fucked him in a while.”

Michael beamed. They were going to put his plan into action. After the boys had each collected a glass of lemonade from the kitchen, they returned to the lounge. Once again, Troy and Chris sat on the sofa. Michael immediately closed the curtains.

“What are you doing that for?” Chris asked. “It”s not that bright.”

“Oh, we”re staying in here this morning,” Michael told him. “We thought it would make a change.”

“Oh right!” Chris said absently.

“You were in the athletics team, weren”t you?” Troy asked, reclaiming Chris”s attention. “You ran the fifteen hundred.”

“Yeah! So that”s where I”ve seen you. The first time we met, I knew I”d seen you before. I just couldn”t think where it was. So which event did you do?”

“High jump.”

“Right! How high did you jump?”

“My best is five feet four. I did that twice.”

“Wait a minute!” Chris protested. “How tall are you?”

“Five feet two.”

“Wow! So you jumped over a bar that was above your head?”

“Mr Needham says that”s proper high jumping.”

“That”s scary!” Chris said, grinning. “I couldn”t even think about it, let alone do it.”

“You won all your races, didn”t you?” Troy said, looking right into Chris eyes. “You looked really good, sprinting down the home straight. None of the other boys could get near you.”

“Thanks,” Chris said modestly.

“I think you”re very sexy,” Troy whispered, reaching across to stroke the twelve-year old”s thigh.

Chris reciprocated, almost forgetting that the other lads were in the room.

“You”re sexy too,” he said quietly. “Your body”s amazing. I guess that”s the dance training.”

“Yeah, mainly.”

Without a second thought, they began to undress each other. Licking his lips, Michael looked at Jez. Jez smiled back. It was going exactly as they”d hoped. Within a minute or so, the two smaller boys were down to their underwear. Troy reached across, hooking his thumbs into the waistband of Chris”s underpants. Chris raised his bum, allowing the older lad to skin them down his legs. Having kicked them off, he returned the favour.

Wrapping his arm around Chris”s shoulder, Troy drew lad into a sensuous kiss, the fingers of his free hand wrapped around the twelve-year old”s steel-hard penis. For Chris, it was as wonderful as it had been unexpected. He”d never thought about having sex with Troy. It seemed different from doing it with one of the bigger lads, but just as exciting. He snuggled in closer, stroking the teenager”s cock and caressing his balls.

Jez was totally captivated, his eyes glued to the action. Two really cute boys, kissing and fondling each other; it was the hottest thing he”d ever seen. Nodding to Michael, he began to pull off his clothes. Michael followed suit. It was all going to plan. But he wasn”t going to count his chickens. As he”d learned to his cost, Chris could be unpredictable.

Breaking the kiss, Troy snaked around to suck his new friend”s dick. Sucking one that was actually a little smaller than his was a new experience. Straightaway, he realised he could take it right down to the root. There was no chance he”d choke on it, so he could concentrate on giving Chris the best experience possible. Finally, he let him go.

“That was super!” Chris breathed. “I”ll do you now.”

“Would you like to do a sixty-nine?” Troy asked.


“Okay! Let”s get on the rug. It”ll be more comfortable there.”

Almost as though there was no-one else present, they settled down on the rug that was placed in the centre of the room, each of them lying on his left side. Within seconds, they were sucking each other as though they were born to it. To Chris, it felt perfect. He was enjoying every second of it.

Suddenly, Troy”s right leg cocked up. Chris”s eyes widened. Just inches in front of him, Jez”s glistening cock was pushing against Troy”s bum-hole. As he watched, it slowly disappeared inside. A moment later, his own right leg was lifted up. A hard prong probed his anal ring. He knew it had to be Michael”s. There was nobody else there. Within a second, it was advancing into his rectum, grazing his prostate along the way.

“Okay,” Jez said quietly. “You boys keep still. Let me and Mike do the work.”

Immediately, the two bigger lads began to fuck. Chris had never experienced anything like it. Michael”s penis stimulating his prostate, his dick pumping in and out of Troy”s mouth while Troy”s pumped in and out of his, and the sight of Jez”s cock fucking Troy”s bum; it was sensory overload. Within half a minute he was shuddering uncontrollably, his boy-juice spurting into Troy”s mouth. Just seconds later, the other boys” orgasms followed one after another.

Very carefully, Jez and Michael withdrew, allowing Chris and Troy to disentangle themselves.

“Excuse me,” Troy said, getting to his feet. “I need the toilet.”

He hurried awkwardly out of the room. Chris stood up.

“So whose idea was that?” he asked, grinning.

“Mine,” Michael admitted.

“We thought we”d give you a surprise,” Jez added.

“Yeah, it seems like everyone knew about it but me,” Chris said. “Oh, I know why,” he continued, looking pointedly at Michael. “You thought if you asked me, I”d say no.”

“Well, sort of,” Michael said. “But you must have enjoyed it. You came in about twenty seconds or something.”

“Yeah,” Chris said. “The only bad part was that it didn”t last a bit longer.”

“What d”you want, miracles?” Jez demanded, a big smile on his face. “That just beat everything! I couldn”t have lasted any longer. As soon as Troy started cumming, that was it. But you”d do it again?”

“Yeah, I guess I would,” Chris said guardedly. “But I wouldn”t want to do it all the time. I prefer being one-on-one with someone. I don”t know why, I just do.”

“You and Troy seemed to be getting on pretty well,” Michael suggested.

“Oh, yeah!” Chris answered. “He”s really sweet, and very sexy! I like him a lot.”

Michael was relieved more than anything. For once, he”d managed to prise Chris away from Jez. It was a start.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was the following Tuesday before the gang met up again. When Jez and Troy arrived, Michael took Jez to one side, while Troy headed to the lounge to talk to Chris.

“I”ve had a call from Simon Holdsworth,” Michael said excitedly.

“Is he coming over?” Jez asked.

“Yes, on Thursday.”

“So what”s the routine?”

“We”ll meet him at the station, usual time, about ten past eleven,” Michael told him. “We”ll come here first. After lunch, we”ll go to Mr White”s. He”ll pick us up.”

“Sounds good to me.”

“Yeah! He told me he can cum now.”


“I was thinking we could ask Chris to join us for the morning.”

“Sure! Why not? As long as he”s okay about it.”

“Don”t mention it to Troy though. He”d want to come with us to Mr White”s. He can”t. There”d be too many of us.”

“Fair enough,” Jez said, grinning.

They strolled into the lounge. Chris and Troy were sitting in the sofa, animatedly discussing To Kill a Mockingbird.

“It took me ages before I realised Scout was a girl,” Troy said. “I thought she was a boy!”

“I did the same,” Chris answered. “But it made a lot more sense once I”d realised.”

“These two seem to be getting on really well,” Jez whispered, right into Michael”s ear. “Why don”t we let them get to know each other a bit better?”

Michael looked up at him, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah,” Jez continued. “So it”d be you and me. We haven”t done that for ages!”

Michael grinned, nodding his agreement. It wasn”t what he really wanted, but it would keep Chris away from Jez, wouldn”t it?

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Having shown Jez and Troy out, Michael strolled back to the lounge.

“Did Troy ask you to fuck him?” Michael asked.

“Sort of,” Chris answered. “He asked me if I”d like to. I thought I might as well give it a go.”

“So how was it?”

“Okay. I came really fast, like I did with you. I just couldn”t help it. He hadn”t cum. I asked if he”d like to return the izmit yabancı escort favour, but he said no. So I sucked him off. But I”d have rather been with you or Jez.”

“Me or Jez?” Michael queried.

“Yes!” Chris said, looking him right in the eye. “I like both of you, okay?”

“Okay,” Michael conceded, realising it was an argument he couldn”t win. “Actually, I wanted to ask you something. On Thursday, a friend of mine, Simon, is coming to visit. He goes to one of the boarding schools that I”ve been to with Mr Faulkner, but he doesn”t live far away. He”s been here before. He comes on the train. Jez is going to be here. I wondered if you”d like to join us.”

“What”s he like?”

“Really nice! Blond hair, very cute, and very sexy, of course.”

“So is he okay?” Chris probed. “He”s not a stuck-up little snob, is he?”

“Of course not!” Michael retorted. “I wouldn”t have invited him if he was. Jez has met him a couple of times. I don”t think he”d like snobby kids, do you?”

“No, I guess not.”

“We”re meeting him at the station. His train gets in at twenty past eleven. Can you meet us there about ten past?”

“Alright,” Chris agreed. “So are you spending tomorrow over at mine?”

“Yeah, that”s what we said. Is your dad going to teach us to play bridge again?”

“I think so. Okay, I”d better be going. I”ll see you tomorrow.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

September 1960

It was Thursday morning. The three boys were at the railway station, waiting for Simon”s train to arrive. Chris was apprehensive, though he knew he shouldn”t be. Michael wouldn”t have invited anyone who was unpleasant. But that”s how it was. He was always wary when meeting people for the first time.

The train pulled in a couple of minutes late. Thirty seconds later, Simon, dressed in a bright blue short-sleeved shirt and khaki shorts, strolled into the ticket hall.

“Good to see you!” Jez said warmly. “You”re looking well!”

“Thanks,” Simon replied, smiling. “Good to see you too.”

“Simon, this is Chris,” Michael added as they left the station, “my friend from school.”

“Hi Chris! Nice to meet you!” Simon said, giving the dark-haired boy a flash of his killer smile. “You”ve got a wonderful tan! Have you been abroad?”

“No, just down to Cornwall,” Chris replied. “I tan very easily.”

“I wish I did,” Simon said, still grinning. “If I stay out in the sun too long, I end up looking like a lobster.”

“So did you go somewhere?” Chris asked.

“Yeah, we went to Greece for two weeks. You know, it”s really weird. When we”re away on holiday, I”ve got the best dad in the world. He chats to me, explains stuff, all sorts. The rest of the time, he hardly speaks to me. He”s just too busy.”

Chris was impressed, his fears assuaged. Simon wasn”t stuck-up at all. The boy”s easy-going manner had put him completely at ease, and the lad”s lively, sparkling eyes had him totally captivated. It was no surprise that Jez and Michael liked him.

Fifteen minutes later, they were back at the house. After collecting glasses of lemonade from the kitchen, they strolled through to the lounge.

“So you can cum now?” Michael asked.

“Yeah, last week of term,” Simon explained. “Johnstone was fucking me. He started playing with my cock. It just happened.”


“Yeah. As soon as we get back to school, I”ll be able to get it up Southcott”s bum.”

“Couldn”t you have done that anyway?” Jez asked.

“Well, I suppose I could,” Simon responded. “But Mr Smith says we”re not allowed to fuck another boy until we can cum. He says it”s not a proper fuck unless you leave your spunk inside them.”

“So you”re looking forward to it then?” Michael suggested.

“Of course I am!” Simon said, a broad grin on his face. “It shows that I”m growing up, doesn”t it? I mean, I”ll still enjoy taking it, but it”s good to . . . you know, take that next step.”

A few minutes later, with their drinks finished, they headed upstairs.

“Let”s put Chris and Simon together,” Jez whispered to Michael. “See what happens.”

Michael grinned and nodded. They entered the bedroom.

“As you two haven”t met before,” he said, addressing Chris and Simon, “we wondered if you”d like to get to know each other?”

Chris was quite nervous, but with Jez there, it really wasn”t the time for saying no. In any case, he did want to get to know Simon, as Michael had put it. His rock-hard penis wanted it very much. With shoes and socks discarded, he and Simon began to undress each other. Shirts were removed, followed by shorts. Sitting on the bed, Simon pulled down Chris”s underpants.

“Nice cock!” he said, licking his lips. “And those tan lines are incredible! You are so lucky!”

He leaned forwards, his lips closing over his new friend”s penis. For a few seconds, he sucked it eagerly before letting it go. Without a word, they swapped places. A second later, Simon”s underpants were around his ankles. He kicked them off.

Michael”s eyes were out on stalks. The blond boy”s cock was almost four and a half inches long, and noticeably thicker than it had been the last time he”d seen it. Back during the Whitsun half term break, it had been smaller than Chris”s. It was now quite a bit bigger. On a lad who stood only four feet ten, it looked most impressive.

“Bloody hell!” he exclaimed. “Your dick”s really grown!”

“Yeah,” Simon acknowledged. “It just suddenly started. Now I”m wondering when the rest of me”s going to catch up.”

“Maybe you”re going to have a really big one, like that boy Pickford,” Michael suggested.

“Well, at least I won”t be an arsehole like he was,” Simon retorted.

“Anyway, I think Southcott”s going to love it,” Michael continued.

“I hope so,” Simon quipped, grinning. “If I have my way, he”ll be getting plenty of it.”

The two smaller boys immediately turned their attention to each other. They kissed, they fondled, they sucked, the two of them on exactly the same wavelength. Chris was transported to another world. He”d always thought that he wouldn”t enjoy having sex with someone he”d only just met. But here, in this strange world he”d discovered, he was doing exactly that, and it was wonderful. Since the start of the school holiday, he”d had sex with four such boys, of whom Simon was simply the latest. He”d enjoyed it every time. Then an idea occurred to him.

“So who”s Southcott?” he asked.

“Another of the choristers from school,” Simon told him. “He”s a year younger than us. He”s wild! I mean, he”s very clever and he sings beautifully, but he”s always getting in trouble for doing crazy things, like climbing onto the roof and hanging one of the other lad”s underpants from the flagpole. He got caned for that. It just doesn”t bother him.”

“Oh, I see. And you want to fuck him?”

“Yeah, he loves it! Last year, Maitland, the senior chorister, was fucking him, but he”s left now.”

“So would you like to fuck me?” Chris asked.

“Sure, if you”ll let me. Has Mike fucked you then?”

“Yeah, Jez has too.”

“Okay, get on all fours.”

As Chris got into position, Michael retrieved the K-Y and handed it to Simon. After squeezing some onto his fingers, the blond boy took great delight in working it into his new friend”s bum. With the task completed, he returned the tube to Michael.

“Now you can get me ready,” he said, grinning.

Michael readily obliged, smearing the greasy gel over the smaller boy”s penis. Rather nervously, Simon moved in close, guiding his cock onto Chris”s anus. He pushed hard. His dick slipped off its target, sliding harmlessly between the slim boy”s legs. He tried again, this time keeping a firm hold on his cock. After a couple of seconds, it pushed through the lad”s sphincter.

Simon smiled in satisfaction. He”d done it! Finally, he”d got his dick into another boy”s bum. All he had to do now was finish it. Holding Chris around the thighs, he steadily pushed in deeper, amazed and delighted by the tight little sheath that was gripping his penis. He thrust over the boy”s sex-button.

“Ohh!” Chris moaned, his boy-dick twitching with a life of its own.

Moments later, Simon”s stomach was pressed tight against his new friend”s bottom. After a moment”s pause, he began to fuck. This, he soon realised, was the ultimate pleasure. However enjoyable it was to be sucked off, it didn”t compare with fucking a boy”s bum. It didn”t even come close.

The two bigger lads licked their lips, their eyes glued to the action.

“Who do you want to fuck afterwards?” Michael asked, leaning across to Jez.

“Simon, if that”s okay,” Jez responded.

“Sure!” Michel said, grinning.

He was jubilant. He”d be with Chris, exactly as he”d hoped.

On the bed, Simon began gasping for breath.

“Oh fuck!” he squeaked. “I”m going to cum!”

In the next instant, his cock sprang into action, firing his boy-juice into Chris”s rectum. After a few seconds, he pulled out, still overwhelmed by what he”d just done. As he stepped off the bed, Jez took his hand, guiding him to the vacant area in the far corner of the room.

“It looked like you enjoyed that,” he said quietly, as they sat on the floor, their backs against the wall.

“Oh yes!” Simon answered. “That was incredible! I can”t wait to get back to school so I can do it again.”

“Well, it was the wildest thing I”ve ever seen,” Jez whispered. “So are you still okay to take mine?”

“Of course I am,” Simon assured him. “That”s what I came here for. Fucking Chris was just a bonus.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was just before two o”clock when Alex drove towards the Kings Head. As he approached the meeting point, he was pleased to see the three boys waiting for him. The best part about it was that they were there because they wanted to be. It had taken some work, with Taylor in particular, but it had been well worth it. It was all very satisfying, he reflected. He brought the car to a halt, allowing the boys to pile in.

“Good afternoon,” he said, smiling. “Good to see you all.”

With everyone safely onboard, they set off along the road.

“So how did this morning go?” Alex enquired.

“Very well, thank you sir,” Michael responded. “Holdsworth had his first fuck.”

“Really?” Alex queried. “So who was on the receiving end?”

“Newton, sir.”

“Ah! I didn”t know he was going to be there. I thought he didn”t care for these gatherings.”

“He didn”t at first,” Michael explained. “But he”s starting to get used to them.”

“I also thought he was supposed to be rather shy with people he doesn”t know.”

“Oh, he was, for about thirty seconds,” Simon piped up. “I seem to have that effect on people.”

“I suspect the effect you have on a certain part of their anatomy may have something to do with it,” Alex replied, smiling.

“Yes sir,” Simon agreed.

In truth, Alex knew there was more to it than that. Holdsworth”s unassuming manner and relaxed charm would put anyone at their ease, especially a lad like Newton.

“So how did they get together?” he asked.

“Well sir,” Michael explained. “When we got back to mine, Taylor suggested that as Holdsworth and Newton hadn”t met before, it would be good for them to get to know each other.”

“An excellent idea,” Alex said. “It seems they got to know each other rather well.”

“Yes sir,” Michael said.

“The fucking was Newton”s idea,” Simon added. “I”d been telling them how I was looking forward to fucking Southcott”s bum when we got back to school. Well, Newton and I were just really getting to know each other, when he asked if I”d like to do it to him. I wasn”t going to say no, was I?”

“And did it live up to expectations?”

“Oh yes, sir! It was incredible. Beforehand, I was looking forward to doing it with Southcott. Now that I”ve actually done it, I can hardly wait.”

“I see,” Alex said sagely. “So what happened after that?”

“I fucked Newton while Taylor fucked Holdsworth,” Michael told him.

“Well, at least that was what I”d have expected,” Alex responded.

They arrived at the flat. After cold drinks all round, they made their way to the bedroom. Alex didn”t need to spell it out. Taylor had already fucked Holdsworth, so now it would be Whitney”s turn. Afterwards, Taylor would fuck Whitney while he had his way with the delightful Holdsworth.

Michael and Simon immediately began to undress each other, leaving the other two to sit down and watch. After little more than a minute, Michael pulled down the blond lad”s underpants.

“Good God!” Alex exclaimed. “That is quite a transformation. The rest of you looks much the same, but your cock”s had a growth spurt. I”ll look forward to getting my mouth around it a little later.”

“Yes sir,” Simon responded. “As I was telling the others, I”m wondering when the rest of me is going to catch up.”

“Well, I hope it”s not in too much of a hurry,” Alex said, smiling, “I rather like you the way you are.”

Simon grinned but didn”t answer. He understood perfectly. Like Mr Smith and his music master”s other friends, Mr White liked boys who were smooth and boyish. A little pubic hair was acceptable, but nothing more.

More than that, they all seemed to find small boys with large cocks especially alluring. What would happen when the new term began, he wondered. Maybe Southcott would no longer be able to monopolise their attention in the way he had been doing. That could be very interesting!

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Michael sat quietly in the front passenger seat as Mr White drove him towards home. He”d had a wonderful day, one of the best he could remember. He felt more at peace than he had for some time. He knew that Jez would go to Chris”s place on either Saturday or Sunday, while he was otherwise engaged. As long as the weather was dry, as it was forecast to be, they”d have sex in the woods. But it no longer seemed so important. The holidays were almost over. The following Tuesday they”d be back at school and everything would return to normal.

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