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The Human and the Elf

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DISCLAIMER: Like my other story, this one will also have a strong smelly feet theme. If you are turned off by that, do not read this story and leave angry comments.

Now, if you read my previous story you will know that I haven’t updated it in over 2 months. I regret to tell you that I’m unfortunately completely out of ideas. My mistake was that the setting I picked for that story was not very imaginative and open-ended. That is why I have picked a fantasy setting for this story. All characters engaging in sexual activity are above the age of 18.

Anyway, lets do this.


I stoked our campfire, thinking back on the journey we have had to make to get here. The hundreds and hundreds of miles we had travelled on foot, the many bandits we had to fight, all the times we had to camp out in the wilderness for the night. And it was all about to payoff tomorrow. I looked over at my companion, my friend, my lover. She was lounging on her side by the fire, naked except for her boots. She was staring into the fire, probably having the same thoughts as me. The earrings on her long elven ears caught the light of the fire and shined like gemstones. She tore her gaze away from the flame and glanced over to me. Smiling, she said, “How do you feel, now that we are so close?”

“Still can’t believe it might finally happen. It just feels surreal you know, like a dream I will wake up from in an instant.”

“Oh but it is real my love.”

I smiled, leaning over to give her a chaste kiss. She slipped her tongue into my mouth, lightly moaning all the while. I always felt a slight tingle in my pants every time I kissed her, even though I had done it thousands of times by now.

But first let me tell you who we are and what we are doing here, almost a thousand miles away from my home, and God knows how much farther from hers.

My name Jarod Stokeworth, son of Eric Stokeworth. My parents died when I was about 11 in a raider attack on our village. I am now 24 years of age. My beautiful companion is Meredith Amamion, an elven female in her late 300s. She was still very much in her youth, considering elves lived for thousands of years.

Our meeting had occurred in not the most fortunate of circumstances. I had been a 17 year old travelling back to my home village when I encountered a group of raiders. They had a prisoner with them. Normally, I wouldn’t interfered if my life depended on it. After all, I was barely an adult, with non-existent combat skills. But because they were so close to our home village, I quickly alerted the chief of the village guard. Outnumbered ten to one, the raiders were slain quickly and efficiently.

We quickly checked for prisoners, and that’s when I first saw Meredith. She was in the raiders’ caravan, gagged with her hands and feet bound. She had a nasty cut above her right brow, and her eyes desperately looked at our party hoping we would rescue her. We were quick to untie and her and took her into the hospitality of our village. Barring bandits and raider groups, humans and elves always had an amicable relationship.

After she had eaten and rested, she told us how she was captured. A week ago, she had been travelling with 3 other elves. Their party had decided to set up camp in the woods for the night. She went off on her own in the woods to answer nature’s call, which was when she heard the screams of battle and the sounds of swords clashing. She quickly ran back to find their camp destroyed and her companions dead at the hands of the raiders that had snuck up on them. Before she could even pull out her bow or cast any magic, she was hit hard on the back of the head and passed out.

She woke up the next day in the caravan, gagged with her limbs tied together. The raiders were no doubt planning to violate her and had waited till she woke up so she could witness her dignity being stolen. But being tied up did not stop her from using her magic. Each time anyone had tried to touch her, she had blasted them with a fireball. The raiders had eventually given up on being able to rape her, and had left her untouched. But that also meant they stopped giving her food and water. That had been yesterday.

She had decided to accept her fate and starve to death until we had found her. The elder of our village asked her what she planned to do now. She told us that her party had been a merchant group who were on the way back to their elven village after trading with humans. Now that her companions were dead, she had no idea what she wanted to do. She admitted that would not last long in the wilderness by herself.

We had told her that she was welcome to stay in our village as long as she wanted. After everyone had went their separate ways, I had gone to her and introduced myself. I haven’t mentioned this yet, but the first time I saw her, I was absolutely smitten. Meredith has long white lustrous hair that came down to Anadolu Yakası Escort her lower back when. Her skin was a beautiful alabaster white. She was about 5’7, four inches shorter than me. She is extremely curvy, with each of her tits larger than my head. Her soft ass bounces as she walks, her pillowy cheeks jiggling. All of this made her every man’s dream, but as it would turn out, these things weren’t what I would come to love the most about her body.

I had walked up to her and introduced myself. I had suggested that if she couldn’t go back to her village, she should become a part of ours. She had seem intrigued by the suggestion, but once again had said that she could not decide right then. As it would turn out, she did become part of our village. It wasn’t long before her and I became friends. We would go on hunts together and I would learn combat from her. Then came the incident that would change our relationship forever.

It was a few months after I turned 18. We were on a hunt together in the forest. We had encountered boar prints half a mile back and had followed them to a clearing. It was a really hot day. We had spotted the boar and I prepared my bow to take the shot. This time it was turn to kill the prey, and Meredith guided me to make sure I hit it.

“Relax and hold your breath. Keep your hands steady, and aim for the neck.” she whispered to me.

I poised myself and took the shot. It hit the beast right under the chin. It went down whimpering, and I felt a shred of pity for it. “Good job. I knew you could do it.” Meredith said with a smile. Her hair was sticking to her forehead because of the sweat.

We went over to the beast and finished it off with a knife to its neck. With the hunt over, we decided to take a breather and sit on some large rocks in the clearing. Meredith sat and stretched her arms and legs. She started untying her boots. A strong musky odour started wafting towards my nose, no doubt from her bare sweaty feet. Strangely enough, I found I wasn’t repulsed by the smell at all. It smelt kind of erotic in a way. I looked over towards her feet and saw they were absolutely drenched in sweat, with some drops falling to the ground below. Meredith’s toes were painted a bright purple colour. She stretched her feet and rolled them around while sighing softly. I felt a slight hardening in my cock, secretly enjoying Meredith’s strong aroma. She must have noticed me staring, because she looked at me and smiled apologetically.

“I apologize for the smell. its just such a hot day. I can put my boots back on if you want me to.”

“No, its fine. I don’t feel repulsed at all. I actually…kind of like it.” I said sheepishly. “Sorry. That was weird of me.”

Meredith looked at me incredulously for a moment, before smiling mischievously. She put her feet in my lap, and the smell increased by a lot. “Well if you like it, why don’t you massage my poor feet. Unless you changed your mind?”

I smiled at her and shook my head. I put both my hands on her left foot, ready to massage it. Her footsweat made it extremely wet and shiny. I started my pressing both of my thumbs into her sole and slowly dragging them upward. The motion made Meredith sigh in contentment. I repeated it for a while, easing the tension out of her foot, all the while taking greedy sniffs of her stink. I moved onto her toes. They were even slimier than the rest of her feet. I bent each toe downward, popping it. Meredith’s resulting sigh was almost sensual. I stuck my fingers between each of her toes and rubbed back and forth. The gunk between her toes stuck to my fingers when I pulled away. I looked at the gunk, then made eye contact with Meredith and stuck my fingers in my mouth, sucking them clean.

My cock was rock hard at this point, and I saw that Meredith had a hand inside her breeches, rubbing back and forth. I repeated the process with her right foot, once again sucking the gunk from my fingers. “Mm, I love it when you do that. I have never met a man, human or elf, that has loved my feet so much.” she said.

I smiled and brought her left foot up to my nose. I looked at her as I inhaled as hard as I could, filling up my lungs with her musky aroma. She bit her lip and said, “Take out your cock.”

I quickly pulled it out, and Meredith sandwiched it between the soles of her feet. She started pumping my cock up and down, her footsweat making it easy for her feet to slip and glide along my shaft. Up and down she went, while simultaneously rubbing her pussy with one hand. Her soft, clammy soles felt heavenly on my cock.

“You love that, don’t you? You love my disgusting feet moving up and down your cock?” She asked while panting, her face slightly red.

Meredith changed her grip, now placing her left foot between my cock and my stomach while her right foot moved up and down the bottom. Her purple toes moved from my balls to the tip of my cock, over and over. I was close now, about to cum all over her beautiful feet. Meredith, Avrupa Yakası Escort sensing this, stopped and took her feet off my cock.

“Hey, I was really close!”

She smiled. “I know, that’s why I stopped. I want you to finish in my mouth.”

Well I wasn’t about to complain now. She quickly knelt on the ground, and I moved over her. She took my cock in her hand, keeping the other one still inside her breeches. She placed her nose on the very tip of my cock and sniffed loudly.

“Uhh, it stinks.” God, what a perverted elf. She proceeded to move her nose downward, loudly sniffing along the underside of my shaft. She brought her face back up to the tip and started to rub it all over her face. My precum left stains over her cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin.

“Mm, you love it when I rub your cock all over my face, don’t you?”

“Yeah, that’s really hot. I-I won’t last much longer now.”

Meredith stuck out her tongue and slapped my cock over it a few times. “I better get to sucking then.”

She stuck my cock inside her mouth and sucking like her life depended on it. It took all my self restraint to not cum right then. She glided her tongue over my tip again and again, moaning lewdly as she did it. She used her left hand to fondle my balls, massaging them so she could get her prize. I saw that she was rubbing herself even faster now, surely as close as I was. It wasn’t long before I exploded inside her mouth. Meredith expertly swallowed each of my spurts, before pulling out my cock and catching the last of my seed in her left hand. She wasn’t too far behind herself, moaning loudly and achieving her own climax.

Catching my breath, I asked, “What are you going to with that?”, referring to the small pool of cum in her hand. She looked at me teasingly and proceeded to rub the cum over her entire face. I balked at the lewd display, and if I was a greater man I would have been ready to go again. Meredith’s face now had a slight shine, no doubt due to the sweat, precum and semen decorating her face.

“I hope you won’t be angry if I don’t kiss you now.”

She laughed, the sound music to my ears. “I won’t be, don’t worry. Come on, lets start heading back.”

“Do you wanna, uh, wash your face or anything?” I asked, convinced she had done it in the heat of sexual passion.

“No, I like the smell. I will wash when we get back to the village.”

I gulped, even more in love with this lewd elf. I thanked the Gods above for being so lucky, and we headed back. We had sex the same day. Seeing Meredith talking to everyone while wearing my cum was probably the hottest thing I had seen in my 18 years of life. That had been six years ago, and our relationship had blossomed from friendship, to sexual attraction, and finally to undying love. The people in the village knew, it wasn’t as if human-elf relationships were forbidden.

Now as to why we had travelled so far from the village. Well, let me first explain the issue with human-elf relationships. Simply put, human lifespans are mere blips compared to elf lifespans. Most humans die before reaching the age of hundred, while elves live for thousands of years. This meant that even if me and Meredith loved each other will our hearts, bodies and souls, I would die long before she would, barring any unforeseen circumstances. We had gradually come to accept this however, promising to make the most of the time we would have together.

But that all had changed about a year ago, when a trader caravan stopped in our village for a week to do business. Part of the caravan was another human-elf couple. This one was a male elf and a female human. As me and Meredith were in a very similar situation, we started talking to the couple right away. At one point, we mentioned the issue of our lifespans, expressing sorrow at the fact that we couldn’t be together for as long as we wanted. Hearing this, the couple looked at one another as if coming to a decision.

They told us that about a thousand miles westward, there lived an old elven mage that wielded the power to extend a human’s lifespan to match that of an elf’s. The couple told us that they had had the same worries as us regarding their lifespans, and had heard about the mage from another human-elf couple. Due to this, they felt obligated to pass on the information to someone else in need. The couple had gone to this mage, and he had extended the human woman’s lifespan by thousands of years to make it comparable to an elf’s.

When I first heard of this, I could not believe it. How could it be that such a mage existed but only a few people knew about it? Me and Meredith were talking about it after the caravan had left, and I was ready to label the entire thing as a myth. But Meredith thought otherwise.

“It is worth checking out my love. If this mage truly exists, he could guarantee us thousands of years of love. We would not have to experience the pain of losing each other before our time.”

“I know what you are saying, İstanbul Escort but doesn’t it sound too good to be true? I mean, if this mage has existed for a long time, how is it possible only a few people know about him?”

At this, Meredith did look pensive. “Maybe you are right, but I still think it might be worth making sure. I don’t know… something tells me it will be worth it.”

I had eventually caved and we decided to journey to this mage’s supposed abode. And what a journey it had been. On the way we had faced countless bandits, dangerous beasts, and the oppressive heat of the sun. Though the latter often did wonders for Meredith’s feet. They were a few days where they would get almost too smelly, but even then my slight aversion was far outweighed by my immense lust. I would inhale a huge lungful of her stink while I bottomed out in her cunt.

We had continued our journey for several months, until finally about 2 weeks ago we had spotted an old and decrepit-looking tower in the distance through the canopy of the forest. The human-elf couple had mentioned the old mage living in such a tower, and that instant me and Meredith knew our goal was near. We were elated to say the least.

That night when we were about to make love, we decided that from now until our goal of extending my life was accomplished, Meredith would keep her boots on and let her feet marinate in her sweat. She could not clean herself with magic like she had been doing to me and her all the while. The stink of her feet when we finally celebrated after our journey was complete would surely be mind-numbing.

After that day, while my cock would harden every time I glanced towards Meredith’s feet trapped in her leather boots, a part of me was afraid if the smell would have gone too far into the realms of unbearable. I swear, very often while we were walking, I could actually hear Meredith’s feet making obscene sounds as they swam in pools of her footsweat. Nonetheless, I buried my apprehension and decided to listen to my cock, hoping to the Gods that the heat would be unbearable for the next few weeks.

This brings us back to the present, with me stoking our campfire while Meredith lounged by it on her side, naked except for her boots, with 2 weeks worth of sweat and stink on her body. While she had been cleaning me with her magic, she had abstained and kept herself dirty as we had decided. As she sat and looked into the fire, I glanced over her magnificent body. Her alabaster skin shined due to the light of the fire, her luscious mounds moving up and down because of her breathing. Her smooth long legs lay on over the other, extending down to her leather boots. My mouth started watering as I imagined the state of her feet. Surely they would be absolutely drenched in her scent by now.

Meredith caught my gaze and smiled. “I can tell by your face you are having perverted thoughts.”

I returned her smile. “Maybe.”

“I bet you are thinking about my smelly feet, you deviant. Gods, I cannot believe you have made me stay unwashed all these days.”

“Made you? I remember you being extremely enthusiastic about the idea.”

She crawled over towards me. “That was only because I love you so much. Do not doubt the lengths I will go to satisfy your perversions.” She kissed me, shoving her tongue in my mouth. I was now surrounded by her sweaty elven musk. I wrapped my arms around her waist, bringing her as close as possible.

We broke off our kiss and stared into each other’s eyes. “Gods, I stink like a pig now. But this is what you wished, isn’t it? You are a perverted man who wants me to stink like a pig.”

I responded by lifting her arms and shoving my nose into her unwashed armpit. I sniffed for all I was worth, literally snorting Meredith’s slimy elven sweat. I proceeded to stick out my tongue and lap up the excess sweat in her pit, running my tongue all over her silken folds.

Meredith moaned in response to my ministrations, and pulled me out of her pit so she could kiss me. I placed my hands on her soft, big tits and massaged them while we moaned into each other’s mouths. I broke off and placed my mouth on her right nipple, sucking it hard. I repeated the motion on her left nipple, before laying her down and proceeding towards her belly. I ran my tongue all over Meredith’s abs, the salty taste heavenly on my tongue.

“Mm, wow, you really cannot get enough can you?”

I shook my head and dipped my one finger into her sexy navel. I removed my finger, sucking it of all the flavor, before dipping my tongue in. I thoroughly lapped up all the sweat and grime that had accumulated. I proceeded further downwards, kissing my way towards her cunt. Meredith moaned with anticipation when I intentionally avoided her pussy and licked her thighs instead. Before feasting, I placed my nose right between her lips and sniffed hard, the sweet scent of her cunt juice sending an intense tingle down to my cock. I finally stuck out my tongue and started lapping at Meredith’s lips with lust and hunger. I went even further down to her asshole, making sure to suck all the flavor out of her taint.

I looked up at Meredith after my tongue bath. Panting heavily, she said with a flushed face, “With you being this enthusiastic, I will never need to clean myself again.”

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