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The House Christening

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I open the car door for you and take your hand as I fumble with my key ring selecting the key the realtor gave me not an hour before.

“I know you won’t have furniture until tomorrow but I say we christen the house,” you smile at me as I get the door unlocked and we enter.

“What do you have in mind?” I ask.

You unzip the overstuffed bag you’ve kept with you all day, your “mystery bag” you’ve called it when I’ve asked. As the bag opens I see a blanket. A thick and soft one that looks perfect for snuggling. Pulling it out you hand it to me, “Hold this, there’s more.”

A bottle of champagne and two cheap plastic glasses follow. I laugh at your sneakiness and sweetness.

I spread the blanket in front of the fireplace and you put the bottle and glasses down in the middle.

“I’ll be right back, I’ve got my own surprise,” I say before heading out the door. When I come back in our new house I have a fire starter log, wood, and a lighter. “How about you crank the a/c down and I’ll get this going?”

You hop up from pouring the champagne and are back just as I get the log going. “It’s down to 65, if I get cold you’ll have to snuggle with me,” you tell me with a wink. “Now a toast…”

“To friendship, to friends who can be more,” I say.

“And to your new house,” you add.

“And Carrie, thank you for agreeing to come down and help me this weekend,” I say.

We clink plastic before downing our champagne in one gulp.

“That was actually good,” I say surprised.

“No $2 bottle for us. I spent a whole $10!” We laugh and it’s then that you lean over and kiss me. Your lips taste of the champagne we just drank. My hand moves to your hair tangling in it as the kiss deepens. We get lost in the kiss when we hear a thud. We part quickly and notice the bottle of champagne on its side. You right it but not before some spilled out, “I know I’m a good kisser but you’ve already Pendik Escort created a wet spot?” you tease.

I laugh, “Shall we go create a few more?” I pull you to your feet and throw a log on the fire before taking your hand and leading you upstairs.

“Won’t we need the blanket?” you ask as we reach the top.

“We’ll end up back here and use it then,” I smile at you.

There are three bedrooms upstairs and an open room that we’ve already decided will be your author’s corner. I pull you into one of the bedrooms and lean down and kiss you again. My tongue finds yours and pulls it into my mouth. As we kiss and explore I reach up and begin unbuttoning your shirt. You offer no resistance, moaning as I pull it off of you and let my hands graze across your tight nipples visible through your bra. I pull away, “Next room,” I gasp.

“Lead on McDuff.”

Taking your hand again I pull you down the hall to the next bedroom. I lean down and with my right hand I brush the hair away from you neck and then I plant my lips there. I kiss and nip and tease your neck with my tongue. I feel a shiver run down your body as I reach around and unhook your bra. I pull it off your shoulders letting free your heavy breasts. I cup them as I continue to kiss your neck before finally pulling away. “Next room.”

I open the door to the master bedroom and lean down and lift your right breast to my mouth. I slowly kiss and suck your nipple which is already hard before pulling it into my mouth. Your hand goes to the back of my head urging me on. I pull more of your breast into my mouth and slide my hands down your sides to your pants. I get the button undone and pull the zipper down letting the pants fall and pool at your feet. I release your breast and help you step out of your pants. As soon as your feet are free I take your other breast into my mouth gently running my tongue across your nipple teasing Kurtköy Escort it as I did the other.

“One more room to see,” you gasp and taking my cue I pull away and lead you to your new office area. This time I stand behind you and reach around and encircle you with my right arm just below your breasts. My lips go to your neck and I slip my left hand into your panties. You are already damp from our activity as I cup you rubbing gently and softly enjoying the softness I find there. With my foot I widen your legs and slip a finger inside you. I feel you shudder again as I begin to slip my finger in and out enjoying the growing wetness.

“Let’s…oh god…go back…downstairs,” you manage to say breathlessly.

I pull my finger out and pull your panties down your legs letting you step out of them. I rub my finger across your parted lips and turn you around to face me. I kiss you savoring the taste of your wetness on your lips. You push me away, “Downstairs…now,” and this time you grab my hand and practically pull me down the stairs. I feed the fire throwing more of the wood I brought and had stored in the trunk.

“You have me at a distinct disadvantage,” you say as you look me up and down, “now off with your clothes you.”

I laugh before obeying, unbuttoning my shirt and letting it drop before pulling my t-shirt off. I unbutton my jeans and pull them down and step out of them.

Looking down you notice how my boxers are tented and you grin, “I see I had an effect on you too.”

“Absolutely,” I chuckle before pulling my boxers down letting my erection free.

“Looks like you need some help with that,” you tell me before adding, “so lay down for me.”

“Yes, ma’am!” I answer with a laugh.

You kneel down beside me and then lean down and kiss me. “Now my turn,” you say with an evil grin. You break the kiss and start kissing down my body taking my nipples Maltepe Escort into your mouth which makes me gasp and then moan with pleasure.

“Harder,” I beg, and you oblige kissing and biting them one after the other. You reach down and your hand wraps around my erection and you begin stroking me as you keep biting and licking my nipples. I can’t lay still so I reach for you playing with your hair, caressing your nipples but instead of allowing me to explore you move further down my body. You move your hair over your shoulder and then bend down and take me in your mouth. Your tongue swirls around the head as your hand strokes up and down my hardness. You suddenly release me, “I want you inside me. I want your weight on me.”

You lay down and I position myself over you. You open your legs to me and I lay between them kissing you passionately. I pull my lips away from yours, “There’s something I’m dying to do first,” I whisper and this time I kiss down your body kissing your inner thighs as you open your legs even wider to me. My tongue probes you slowly. Exploring all your folds I take my time making love to you with my mouth. Using my fingers I open you and slip my tongue inside you hearing you moan and feeling your hands suddenly gripping my head. In and out I push my tongue before moving back to your clit which I suck on gently as I slip a finger inside you. The combination pushes you over the edge and I feel you as you cum spasming around my finger. I kiss back up your body until I find your lips. I kiss you hard and fully as I position myself and push into you slowly. As we kiss I push deeper and deeper until I’m fully inside you. You move your head away breaking our kiss.

“Cum inside me. Please cum for me,” you cry out.

I increase my movements pulling nearly out before plunging back into you. Again and again we move your hips bucking against mine.

“Oh Carrie. I’m going to cum. I’m going to…” and with a loud groan I release inside you pumping load after load of cum inside you. “Thank you for that,” I whisper.

“You’re welcome and I think we may have just made a much bigger wet spot,” you whisper back and we both crack up laughing.

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