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The Hot Sister-in-law Ch. 02

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Some six months had passed since I had enjoyed a one-time episode with Greta, my wife’s sister. I had pretty much figured it was just that, a one-time episode. Traveling on business, however, I found myself going nearby the home that Greta shared with her husband. I grabbed my cell phone and called their house right after I exited the freeway. I wanted to be polite enough to give a little advance notice, but I didn’t want to give too much time because I knew that Greta would only fuss about fixing herself up. She never liked anyone to see her unless she was at her best. I figured that her obsession with that dated back to her days as a model.

Greta answered on the third ring. I told her that I was in town and thought I’d drop by. She said it would be fine, but her husband was away on another business trip. That was okay. He was a bit of a braggart, and often uninformed about what he was saying. By the time I pulled into her drive, Greta was still on the phone, so I knew that she hadn’t had time to change out of her pajamas.

Greta often joked about how hard her job was. She got out of bed and brushed her teeth. She had one cup of coffee with toast and then went to the bathroom. Then with a second cup of coffee, she climbed the stairs to her office, still in her pajamas, where she answered the phone and conducted her business on the computer.

By the time I rang the bell, Greta had barely got down the stairs. She peeked around the door as if shy and making sure I was the only one there. It always surprised me how she pretended to be shy. I knew that in Germany, she and Anna, my wife, had often visited the beach in the north of Germany where almost everyone, including them, was fully nude.

When Greta closed the door, I could see her fully. Her blonde hair was about shoulder length and hung loosely, brushed but not styled. It was a glamor-sleepy look. Her pajamas were a baby blue, a color that went well with her green eyes, blonde hair, and light skin. The fabric was a soft, thin fleece, and it hung loosely. Her pajamas were tied with a drawstring, and her top fell loosely across her breasts. I knew immediately that she had no bra underneath. Although now into her late 30’s, her breasts were still firm in appearance, and her nipples showed easily through the thin fabric.

“Would you like some coffee?” Greta asked.

I accepted her offer, and she turned to walk to the kitchen. I was sure that she knew that the pajamas clung to her buttocks in a most dramatic fashion. I could every curve of her hips. I could see where her rounded butt cheeks came together, and the fabric draped into the crack as she walked. Each step revealed the movements of her still firm ass, the result of continuing her exercise regimen. If she was wearing panties, it was obvious that they were thongs. I thought of her tight, round buns beneath that thin fleece. I felt an erection begin.

As she walked, I remembered our one encounter some time back. It had never been mentioned by either of us, although I knew that she remembered it, in spite of the drinks she had that night. The reason I remembered was because of how she acted the next morning.

Having already built up a full steam of lust, I sat down in the kitchen. Greta did not get me a cup of coffee. She brought a cup to the table and set it down. When she returned with the carafe, she leaned over to pour it. Two thoughts raced immediately through my mind. I thought that this must be how she served passengers when she was a flight attendant. Then it dawned on me that the pajama top seemed to be buttoned a little less than it was when she answered the door. As she slowly poured my coffee, her pajama top fell forward revealing her right breast all the way down to the nipple. I didn’t even try to appear that I wasn’t looking.

Greta stopped pouring but held her position with the carafe still in her hand. “Have you had enough,” she asked with a smile on her face? I looked at her eyes, so bright and full of life. I looked at her smile. Her lips were a little thin but were very pretty when she smiled and showed a hint of her perfect white teeth.

I looked back down to her still exposed breast and replied, “No, I don’t think so. I think this is just going to get me started.” Her smile got a little wider, and slowly Greta rose up and replaced the carafe. She came over to the table Escort Beylikdüzü and picked up her coffee. Instead of sitting in one of the chairs, she totally surprised me by coming over and straddling my legs. She sat down facing me and pulled her cup to her lips, sipping daintily. Her beautiful breasts were inches from my eyes.

I reached for my cup with my left hand and passed it to my right. As I sipped the coffee, the back of my hand brushed her left breast. I leaned forward enough to adjust the contact so that I was rubbing precisely against the nipple.

“One thing I have learned about you is that you really know how to get the most out of a cup of coffee,” she joked. And she was right. I enjoyed coffee, but I was mixing my enjoyment of coffee with some sexual tease and a little bit of contact. I didn’t know which was hotter, my coffee, the woman in my lap, or me.

I passed my cup to my left hand and replaced it on the table. Then I put both arms around Greta and said, “you serve a great cup of coffee.”

“Do you think it’s as good as that blue drink you got me tipsy with over at your house a few months back,” she asked smiling. She put her cup down and put her arms around my neck. Then she leaned forward and put her chin on top of my head,, leaving my face squarely between her breasts.

As I nuzzled my face between her two breasts, still firm and buoyant, I said, “I didn’t think you’d ever bring that up.” As I said it, slowly moving my nose and mouth from the inside of one breast to the inside of the other, I moved my hands from her back down across her buttocks and pulled them forward to the outside of her legs I caressed her legs all the way down to the knees and then back up. I then moved my hands upward. I had not intended to go inside her pajama top, but the way it hang loose at her waist and was already parted slightly at the bottom, my hands went inside the pajamas

As my hands rose, the top easily gave way and allowed my hands to reach her breasts. I immediately cupped the breasts and began to rub the nipples between my thumbs and my index fingertip. I asked Greta, so which do you think is best, slightly tipsy and uninhibited or alert and feeling every sensation?”

Greta replied, “Gee. I don’t know. I’ve only had sex with you one way, so I really don’t have a means of comparison.” I continued to massage her right nipple with my left hand. I wanted to adjust my pants so that my enlarged penis would have room, but I couldn’t get to my pants because Greta was firmly entrenched on my lap. I reached the right hand up and one by one, unbuttoned her pajama top. Then I leaned forward and took her left nipple into my mouth. As I did, I continued to massage the left nipple and cupped the breast I was sucking and nibbling on with my right hand moving it around beneath and to the outside of her breast.

I then pulled back from Greta’s breast and pulled her face down on mine. We kissed, and it was one of those electric kisses that sends waves of feeling through your whole body, cleansing your mind of all other thoughts, filling your body with passion and desire. I pulled my mouth back for only a moment and looked directly into her eyes. Then I kissed her again. Our lips were slightly parted. I don’t even remember who started the tongue action, but before I knew it, our tongues were darting into each other’s mouth like tiny fish in a pond during a feeding frenzy.

I leaned Greta backward with my arms around her, just above her hips. With her arms still around my neck and shoulders, I rose from the chair. I carried her out of the kitchen and to the bedroom she shared with her husband. As I approached the door, Greta reached down and opened it. I walked inside and went to the left of the bed where I lay her down gently.

I opened her pajama top completely and cupped both breasts. I leaned down with my waist between her legs and stimulated her breasts. Then I rose up without hesitation and took the drawstring in my hands. She offered no resistance as I untied it. As I put my fingers inside the bottoms at the waist, Greta lifted her hips off the bed to make it easier for me to undress her. When the pajamas came down, the flimsiest pair of thongs came down with the pajamas. Her thongs were pure white with tiny light pastel pink hearts around the waistband. They were Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan so fresh I was convinced she had just put them on before I arrived.

I had seen her naked once before, but it was at night in a room with lamplight. Now, it was 10:30 in the morning, and I could see every detail of her body. There were no signs of age anywhere. Her face was still tight. Her breasts were still firm. Although her pubic hair was closely trimmed, there was no sign of thinning. Every inch of her body revealed her German blood. She was the epitome of the perfect German blonde. And now she lay before me, naked and with her knees in the air and her feet sole down on the edge of the bed.

Immediately I put my face between her legs. I began to lick her clit and brought my hands and arms between her calves and her thighs, encircling her thighs. As I continued to lick, I put gentle pressure on her pubic area just above the clitoris. It was only moments before she began to make sounds of pleasure and to thrust her pelvis into my face with force and with rhythm.

Then, her thighs clamped onto the side of my head. She put her hands onto the top of my head, and she held her sweetness up into my mouth and trembled. When the trembling stopped, Greta looked dreamily into my eyes and said, “God that was good. Do anything you want to with me.”

I reached beneath Greta’s hips and pulled her to the edge of the bed. I put her legs onto my shoulders. All this time I had been so busy taking care of Greta, I hadn’t even got my pants off. I loosened my belt and let my pants fall to my ankles. I pushed my shorts down and let them do the same. I stood there trapped in my pants and shorts, unable to walk, but I was ready for what we were both wanting.

I rubbed my aching penis on Greta’s clit. Shuddered again and said, “God, I can’t take any more of that. Put it in. I made several shallow penetrations, making sure that my tool was adequately lubricated with her juices. After four or five partial penetrations, I was fully inserted. I pulled Greta closer to the edge of the bed and began deep thrusts. In spite of the firmness of her natural breasts, they rocked back and forth with each hard thrust. We had established a rhythm, and her beasts were keeping time.

As Greta began to say softly, “Oh, yeah…oh yeah,” my thrusts got harder and deeper. She looked up at me and said, “I know you’re not, but it feels like you’re going half way to my throat.” I replied with a smile and an effort to get even a sixteenth of an inch deeper than what I was already giving her. I kept pulling her hips into me as I thrust, her legs now across my shoulder, and her feet flailing the air. With each thrust, my penis sent her breasts rocking, and the counter motion of my shoulders sent her feet flying.

With her passion, her sounds, and her wetness, I was soon unable to hold back any longer. I pushed myself down onto Greta, bending her legs back and up so that when I unloaded into her willing vagina, I was kissing her lips, and her legs were pushed back almost to her shoulders. I had literally doubled her over as I came inside her.

I pulled back enough to let her get her legs into a more comfortable position but stayed inside her until I began to shrink back to normal. When I finally pulled out, my juices stayed inside her, but her juices clung to my penis like strands of honey that just seem that they’ll never break. Then I looked down at Greta’s body, so beautiful, still with the flush of passion and orgasm and said, “Don’t you dare move.”

I reached down and quickly loosed my shoes and slipped out of my shorts and pants, still hanging onto my ankles. I pulled my shirt and undershirt over my head. Then I got onto the bed and said,”Come here.” Greta repositioned herself onto the bed and lay beside me. I kissed her passionately and rolled over so that I was directly above her. Then, holding her as I rolled back onto my side and back, I pulled her on top of me.

“I’m going to drain in a minute and it’s going to get all over you,” Greta teased as she kissed my lips with butterfly kisses.

“That’s what I want,” I replied. “Just keep kissing me with those electric kisses. So still naked, we kissed repeatedly with her body atop mine and with her body moving on mine and with my hands going from her shoulder blades Beylikdüzü Escort to her buttocks, rubbing and massaging every inch. Suddenly, Greta’s eyes widened, and she advised, “I’ve just drained all over you right above your dick.”

“Good,” I replied. Now, take your hand and rub it all up my stomach.” She complied. “Now, lie back down on me, and let out mingled juices get pushed into the pores of our skin. I don’t want what we just did to wash off with one shower. I want the juices of our passion driven deep enough that we’ll still have part of each other for days. When I said that, Greta lay on top of me, grinding her body into mine with amazing passion. We kissed those electric kisses again.

Then I felt myself getting another erection. I rolled Greta onto her back and got between her legs. I lifted her hips and slid a pillow underneath them. Then I entered her still moist, and somewhat sloppy pussy for the second time. This time we were basically in a missionary position except for the pillow. I pounded away, this time watching no only the breasts rock with each thrust, but I noted that even her blonde hair was bouncing from each thrust as well. She lifted her feet off the bed and put them into the air. Once again, her legs were in the air, and her feet were gyrating wildly each time I pounded her pussy.

It seemed to take forever for me to come the second time. Even though it was slightly cool in the house, beads of sweat formed on my forehead and occasionally trickled off my nose. Greta continued to make the same sounds she did during our earlier session, but her voice became weaker after a while. I could not believe that I had maintained this second erection as long as I did. Finally, I exploded a second time inside Greta. When I pulled out, her sticky lubricant and my cum were both on my penis. I rubbed it onto her closely cropped blond pubic hair and watched it stick together with the liquid.

Greta broke the spell by telling me that she had to go to the bathroom. She went and returned. I was still lying naked on the bed. She walked out of the bathroom still naked herself and said, “I need to clean you up.” With that, she engulfed my penis with her mouth and ran her tongue all over my exhausted tool. After she was satisfied that I had been thoroughly cleaned, she said, “Now, I still want you kiss me, so I’m going to rinse my mouth out and brush my teeth so you’ll feel comfortable kissing me.”

When she came back out, I had slipped my clothes back on, knowing that I had to leave soon. “Aw,” Greta teased. “Did I wear him out?”

I joked back, “No I was just afraid that if we did it again, we’d start a fire.” Greta laughed heartily and came over, kissing me passionately again.

“What HAVE I created,” I teased.

“Well, whatever it is, you’re going to have to keep it fed and satisfied.”

“You are dangerous,” I replied.

“No, dangerous would be if we did it on the porch or while my husband was in the next room,” Greta replied. “Hey, we ought to do it outside next time, just to add some more excitement.”

Truthfully, I wasn’t sure what I had created, but I knew that something had started that would continue a long time. When I left, Greta walked me to the door, still naked. When we kissed goodbye, she reached up and put her tongue into my ear. Although there was minuscule penetration, the act sent a tingling sensation all over me. She opened the door for me and held my hand as I stepped just outside the door. Then, true to her desire to add more excitement, she shocked the daylights out of me by saying, “Wait,” just as I started to let go of her hand. She took one step out onto her front porch, still totally naked and gave me another electric kiss. “Better not be gone long, or I’ll have to come visit my sister soon, and it’ll really get dangerous then.

I’m not quite sure how I made it safely home because my mind certainly wasn’t on driving. Greta scared me a little with her risk taking, but just thinking about her as I drove home gave me another erection, and I knew that it wasn’t over. Just before I got home, my cell phone rang. It was Greta. She said, “I just went into the sun room and sat down on one of the benches. I want you to know that I jumped up as soon as I sat down. You absolutely fucked me sore and wore it out. I’ll be expecting that every time from now on. Oh, and I’m still naked. Bye.” With that the phone clicked, and I missed my exit and had to drive five miles extra to get home.

When I got home, my wife Anna, Greta’s sister, came to me at the door and said, “I’ve got something special for you tonight.” I was exhausted, I found myself so hoping she was talking about dinner.

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