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The Homeless

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Teen (18+)

It would have been the first time for Danika to stay home alone.

She was kinda nervous, but hey, she was 18 now, sort of a big girl.

Her mom ad dad, had been clear “keep the door close and we’ll be back home just tomorrow afternoon”.

A mom’s cousin was in the hospital and she decided to go visit her.

“You have everything you need here at home, so just lock the door, have your dinner and don’t sleep too late” were the last words of mom before leave.

Danika didn’t disobey that much.

Once she was sure that the car left, she just went her room and found the cigarette she used to hide from her parents.

Smoke was one of those things that made her sneak out the child-mode her parents were still used to keep her.

So she lighted one up and sit in front of her laptop to watch some porn.

Mom and dad away, she didn’t have to be careful or scared to get caught.

Time was running fast, without her even noticing. Just the dark outside her room’s window made her decide that was time to prepare herself for the night and have dinner.

Her shower time had been also the time to let her fantasies run with the water. All those porn videos she watched made her pussy wet and let a huge spot on her baby panties.

She took her food out from the fridge and started warm it up.

Outside the windows there was voices, some sort of noise. Someone was complaining against a homeless that was begging for something, but the words weren’t coming in clear, so she went close to the window and looked out.

This man, probably close to 65, was just there asking for a help. Saying he was hungry.

The sari-sari store woman was so harsh to him, just telling him to leave because he was dirty.

Danika felt so pity for the man. He should have been probably old as her grandfather, and the food that mom left home for her was more than enough for the both of them.

She opened the window… “Sir, sir…” she yelled.

The man, dressed for sure with some clothes found somewhere, looked back at her and started walked towards her window.

“Are you hungry?” asked politely Danika.

The guy, without say a word and looking down for the shame, just moved his head to say yes.

She should just have put some food inside a bag and let him leave, but her sense of pityness, made her invite him inside for a warm dish of food.

“Come in sir, there’s some warm food for you here” said Danika.

Yes, the man looked like a homeless, but he wasn’t smelly and he didn’t even look that dirty.

Keeping his head down, the guy entered in Danika’s home and she took him to the kitchen and made him sit at her table, where her food was.

She saw in the eyes of the guy a light that probably was from the happiness to have a warm dish of food after long time of struggles.

Danika took a dish a fork and a spoon and brought it to the guy. Then, bending a little on the table, she started to take the food and put it in his dish too.

She noticed the guy peeking in her basketball tank top.

After taking shower, she didn’t wear bra anymore and the shirt oversize, was letting see her boobs from the armholes.

For a moment she felt so shy, to the point that her cheeks gaziantep escort became reddish and she felt like a warm feeling thru her whole body.

Silently, they finished the food. Danika ate her food and the guy, politely, asked if there was still something to eat.

With the same movement as before, Danika bent over the table and took some other food for the guy.

With her sideview, she noticed once more the guy peeking inside her armhole, and the same warm feeling pervaded her body.

While standing, Danika noticed the guy doing something with his left hand while eating. He was rubbing his dick thru the trousers.

A strange feeling between shame and excitement made Danika dizzy for a moment. In her mind, came back all those porn images and video she watched right before shower.

The guy wasn’t stopping doing it. She was clearly seeing him masturbate while eating and peeking at her that was standing in front of the kitchen sink.

Danika was definitely beautiful. Just a 5″0 girl, but with a perfect body, perky tits and puffy nipples. But, also, Danika had a real naughty mind inside a teenager unripe body.

Growing in a real catholic family, she grew up with strong values and in a very conservative way, but at school, things were way different. She was 15 when she first saw a guy’s dick. Her mother, used to tell her that a woman has to be submissive to her man and those words always had her so confuse, to the point that while high school, her crush of the moment, took advantage of her. She found herself many times kneeling in the boys toilet and with the uniform’s blue skirt all mess of cum. She never thought that was wrong back then. She was just “submissive to her man” as mom taught her, until the end of the year, when the guy went to college and ghosted her.

But now she was 18, standing there with her jeans’ shorts and her basketball tank top, with a man jerking and sit at her table.

She started feel a sense of itchiness between her legs. It was a crazy thought, but an old man excited for her, was fulfilling one of those dreams she had watching porn in her room at night, when mom and dad were sleeping.

The man, noticed her blushing and staring at him.

“Come here. Wanna see?” said the man.

Danika was feeling her legs like shaking and something inside her mind was telling her “this isn’t right”.

He was a homeless. Probably not the cleanest man too. But she was starting to feel horny.

A man was excited for her. Not anymore a schoolmate teenager.

Slowly she walked to the man and she was taking away his dish when he whispered in her ear “touch it. I know you want it”.

He took away the dish from her hand and moved it on his dick.

It was big. Not one of those teeny-weeny schoolmate’s dick.

Holding her arm, the guy started rubbing Danika’s hand all over his hard wood.

Danika, standing beside him, was feeling confused to the point of being on the edge of screaming and telling him to leave, or kneeling down and finally taste a real man.

She didn’t have much time to think about anything.

The guy, moved aside the dishes on the table and with his strong arms sat down Danika over the table.

She didn’t understand what was happening, unless he started unzip her shorts and move it down her legs bringing down her panties too.

“I’m still virgin, I don’t…” started saying with her trembling voice Danika. “Please don’t…” continued, but the guy shushed her putting a finger on her lips.

Danika’s cotton pink panties had a definitely big wet spot on it. The guy, let the shorts fall on the floor and brought the panties close to his face to smell it.

“Hmmm you smell so good baby girl” said putting the panties in his trousers’ pocket.

Danika was sit on the table and looking at him doing that made her more horny and willing for more.

She didn’t have to wait longer.

The guy standing sit in front of her, pushed her down to lay on the table and opened her legs.

Her young virgin pussy was wet and open right in front of him.

She didn’t really know what to expect. She just knew that she didn’t want to get fucked and lose her virginity to a homeless.

An explosion of feelings pervaded Danika’s head, right in the moment he started to lick her down there.

Nobody did that before and she was used just to cautiously finger herself. Men licking pussies, was something she was used to see in the porn videos, and that was her very first time and she was already getting crazy about it.

It was like being inside a hurricane of emotions. A man licking her pussy like she didn’t even know was possible, meanwhile his hands were sneaking under her basketball tank top and play her puffy nipples, that she was feeling getting hard and sore under the touch of those calloused fingers.

Even she just had masturbate under the shower, it didn’t take that long for her to cum. She started moan loudly, and the more she was moaning, the more the guy was licking her faster as he knew she was gonna cum.

She felt like losing herself for a moment. Her pussy started dripping on the man’s lips and a squirt of pee exploded right outside her messing the guys shirt and pants.

“Fuck” yelled the man. “You dirty slut, look what you did”.

Danika was so embarrassed. She didn’t know what to say or do and just stutter “I’m sorry sir. Please let me help you”.

Jumping down the table, she moved like going to the room to find some clothes, but the guy took her arm and stopped her.

“Take off my clothes” he ordered.

Danika, still feeling bad for what happened, started unbutton and remove his shirt. Then opened his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, revealing an hard and venous dick.

The dirty trousers were on the floor and Danika was speechless and staring at the big piece of meat.

“You like it huh. Get down and suck me” said the guy.

Compared to those she was used to see at school, that would have probably been 8 inches bigger. Her hand seemed so small holding it and she was almost worried she wouldn’t have been able to push it in her mouth. But she did.

She was good in giving head. Suck dick was almost her best talent.

She was able to feel the hard dick hitting her throat, but still wasn’t all inside her mouth as much as it was big.

She was a tiny girl, but he was big!

“Hmmm you’re good sucking baby girl” said the guy.

She liked to be called like that from an old man. It was making her excited and, meanwhile her right hand was holding the big cock while sucking, her left fingers were playing again her pussy, that was still wet since before.

“I want more” said the man. “I’m horny. I wanna fuck” continued.

“Sir please. I’m still virgin. I’m dead if my parents will find out I’m not anymore” whispered Danika looking in the eyes of the guy while holding his hard tool right in front of her mouth.

“I’m gonna fuck your ass, so you’ll still be virgin when I’m gone” said him.

Anal sex was something she was used to see in Pornhub. She used to play her ass with her fingers and the biggest thing that ever entered in it was a deodorant, which compared to the guy’s cock was so small. But she never felt pain before and the idea of it, was arousing.

He made her stand and pushed her up to the table top, laying on her back.

Her tiny asshole was wet from her pussy, but the first attempt of going in was a failure. He was really big and her hole was really tight.

There was still the margarine on the table since dinner.

The guy opened and took out some of it. Started to rub his dick and also put some on Danika’s hole and moved his finger in to lubricate it.

The feeling of that big dick entering in her tight hole, was close to the feeling of being wrecked, but stronger was the need and the feelings of wanting more and more that she felt.

The more he was pushing in, the more she was feeling good.

She was getting fucked by a real man, over the kitchen table and that was like living a porn movie and being the main star for her.

She could feel it digging deep inside her every hit. He was playing with her, pushing himself deep and taking his dick out and looking at her eyes that was begging for more.

Danika was feeling her pussy dripping out and down between her ass checks mixed with margarine and the guy precum.

Time felt like stopping and the world too.

The only things keeping Danika stuck to reality, were the hits of the cock inside her, making her feel the bowels move inside her belly.

It took more than 30 minutes before the guy started moaning loudly and say “I’m cumming”.

She felt him like explode inside and she cum too. Again.

His warm cum flooded inside her and he left himself lay over her chest.

Nobody ever made Danika feel that way.

She almost wanted the moment to never end, but the guy slipped his dick out, leaving her laying on the table powerless and dripping.

Danika was breathless and really tired. In the last few hours she had as many orgasms as she usually used to have in days.

Without saying a word, he pulled up his trousers, wore his shirt on, even still wet of Danika’s pee and he left.

It was almost 9am when Danika heard the click of the keys inside the door.

“Danika we are home”. Was the voice of her mother.

“So well cleaned the kitchen and… oh did you eat all the food we left you?” asked the mother.

“Oh no mom. You taught me to be generous and I gave some relief to a homeless” said Danika.

“You didn’t let him come in, right?” asked the father from his room.

“No worries dad, I’m a big girl. I know how to handle these things” answered Danika with a naughty grin on her face.

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