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The Home Depot

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They met at The Home Depot, he in the flooring department, she in the hardware department. It was an ordinary October, warmish days, cool and frosty nights. She started one week before Halloween. He had worked there for a few years. She was standing in aisle 12 when they first laid eyes on each other; her hair was red as fire and she had a large screwdriver in her hand, held firmly by the hilt. She was testing the grip when she looked up to see him watching her. Her big blue eyes went strait to his big brown eyes and they both felt a spark. His hair was white as wood-ash. He made some comment about the large screwdriver, which made her smile. And when she smiled, his heart melted. He expected her to be offended or even get angry. She replied with an even more suggestive comment, and he knew he had met his match. They met every day for a week, at 7:20 am in aisle 12 where all the hand tools were, and had something suggestive to say about whatever tool they happened to be by at the time. Hammers and saws, screwdrivers and mallets, they could all be used in sexual innuendo if you were clever enough. By the end of the week, she wanted to check out his hardware and his tool!

They both had to work the closing shift on Halloween, October 31. Somehow, they got locked in the building, with the internal alarms unarmed. They agreed to play strip hide and seek in the store, she would go first. If she was found in less than ten minutes she would have to remove a piece of clothing, and if it took longer than ten minutes, he would have to remove clothing. He found her in nine minutes and thirty seconds, because she let him. She very seductively removed her shirt, though she still had on her apron. His eyes looked at her hungrily. It was his turn to hide. She found him in five minutes, under the rug table. He laughed and removed his shirt, from under his apron. She pressed herself against him, then slowly pulled his apron back, bent down and licked his nipple. He moaned, which turned her on, and she took his nipple in her mouth and sucked. He grabbed the back of her head and held it against him.

“My turn,” she said as she wiggled out of his grasp.

He found her in three minutes, hiding behind the rug display. As Ümraniye Escort he opened the rack she unsnapped her bra and her breasts tumbled out. His mouth grabbed the right one and his hand the left one, and he sucked as much of her breast into his mouth as he could, flicking the nipple with his tongue. She moaned in pleasure. He kneaded her left breast with his hand, it fit perfectly into his large hand. He rolled the nipple between his thumb and finger, causing the nipple to turn hard under his touch. As he rubber her nipples his fingers became warm, almost hot. She could feel the warmth which turned her on even more. Breathlessly, she wiggled free. “Your turn,” she said. He gave her a seductive wicked grin. He left in no hurry and disappeared, just as some thunder rumbled and the lights flickered. She looked out the door, and saw that the evening had turned stormy. A huge rumble of thunder sounded just as she was thinking it was a perfect night for a storm.

She found him in seven minutes, he was hiding in the cubby hole that the vendors stored all the soda in. He slowly unzipped his pants, her eyes following along. As the zipper reached the end a very loud rumble of thunder startled her, the lights flickered and went out. He laughed. She reached her hand out in the dark to feel for him and landed right on his penis, held taught by his underwear. She slowly rubbed up and down, causing him to adjust and moan. It grew larger and warmer under her touch.

“Your turn,” he said in a deep resonate voice. She reluctantly removed her hand. The emergency lights had come on, so the place was dimly lit, with the occasional flash from lightening. She went around the corner and waited. He found her in 30 seconds, her pants were off in less than 30 seconds. He cupped his hands around her butt, kneading her buttocks. His hands were warm, almost hot. He traced his fingers around the edges of her under ware, and put his lips to her ear. His warm breath in her ear drove her crazy. He nudged her ear with his nose, then playfully bit her neck. A long moan escaped her mouth, coming from deep inside her. His lips were warm and his tongue licked her neck, feeling like pleasant electric shocks on her skin. İstanbul Escort He worked his fingers and hands around to the front of her, along the edge of her underwear. Just as she felt a tremendous rumble of thunder, he slipped his fingers under the edge and into her slit, which was wet and slick. His finger brushed her clitoris and plunged into her vagina, sending a bolt of electricity and pleasure through her. He wiggled his fingers for a few seconds then extracted his fingers into his mouth. He closed his eyes and moaned when he tasted her. She couldn’t stand it and pressed her mouth to his, her tongue hungry for his and the taste of herself in his mouth. They kissed passionately, tongues probing and exploring. They looked like they were consuming each other. When they finally separated they were both out of breath and had a wild look in their eyes. He took her hand and led her to the rug table.

“No more games, I must have you,” he whispered in her ear. She pushed herself against him, grinding in all the right places, as the storm raged on outside. They could hear the loud drone of the rain on the metal roof, and the thunder shake the building every minute or so. The sounds just made her want him even more. He picked her up and sat her on the edge of the rug table, then using his teeth he pulled off her panties. Before she could even help, he plunged his tongue into her crevasse, causing her to spread her legs even further so he could have full access. His tongue was warm, and electric as he sucked on her clit then plunged it again and again into her slit. She could swear he had the tongue of a lizard, it seemed like it filled her up, and was so very warm. He licked and he sucked and he plunged, making her wetness flow. She gripped the rugs with clenched fists as he drove her pleasure higher and higher.

“It is you,” he said with a whisper from between her legs. He worked his way up her belly, to her breasts, to her mouth. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled his mouth to hers so she could taste herself again on his tongue. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him down onto the rugs table on top of her.

“I want you!” she said with a growl.

He put his mouth Anadolu Yakası Escort to her ear. “Is it you?”

“What do you mean?” she asked, a bit confused. He ripped his underwear from his body and plunged his penis into her wet, slick pussy. She moaned loudly with pleasure, and nearly yelled “yes!” As he moved inside her, she felt his penis becoming warmer and warmer. His hands were also getting warmer, and everywhere they touched her they left a red mark, like a hot stone. His whole body was getting warmer. When she looked into his eyes the corneas had turned from brown to reddish brown. His whole body was becoming very warm, almost hot. As he thrust against her she thrust back, wanting him in a way she had never wanted anyone ever. He slid in and out, her juices coating and lubricating perfectly. He was moaning which really turned her on. He brought his lips to her ear, and in between moaning, whispered three words, “Together forever!” Something happened to her mind when she heard this, a million memories flashed by, memories of extreme pleasure, which made her squirm against him even more. His hand felt like fire on her skin, and she thought that she should feel pain but all it did was rouse her passion even higher. He pulled her breast into his mouth, she could feel the heat of his tongue like a hot coal, yet it wasn’t painful, it was pleasure like she had never known, like electricity coursing through her. His trusting became quicker and deeper, the heat between her legs was driving her to orgasm. She felt her climax approaching and dug her fingernails into his back. He moaned loudly with pleasure and knew he was close to orgasm too. She bucked against him in perfect rhythm. His hair started steaming, and finally she understood what he meant.

“Yes, I am the one,” she whispered in his ear, “together forever!”

As they both climaxed the heat of his body reached maximum and he exploded with fire from his cock inside her, but instead of burning her it sent her into ecstasy. She looked at him deeply in the eyes as they moaned together in the release of exquisite pleasure, they both caught on fire, and as they burned they felt the ultimate pleasure consume them. They grasped each other tightly as if to melt into each other, and then they did.

At 5am, November first, a Home Depot associate called his supervisor to report a strange hole, about human sized, burned through the rugs and the rug table. All that was left was a fine coating of ash, the color of his hair.

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