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The Good Guy Ch. 1

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Big Dick

Jessica had her heart broken 2 years ago. She had given it so happily and lovingly and then Jim just broke it. She knew it had broken, she heard the sound it made as it was torn in two. She couldn’t stay at home anymore. Everywhere she went, there were memories of Jim and the times they shared. She explained this to her parents and then packed her things. Her first thought was just to get a map and blindly point her finger. Then she thought she really needed a change, something as far from Cabot’s Corners as she could be. She smiled to herself as she thought of the perfect place.

The move to Las Vegas went smoothly. She found a nice little apartment quickly and got settled, living on her own for the first time. She learned the neighborhood and made some acquaintances. Her dad had a friend who owned a car dealership, and he offered her a good job, working in the front office. Things were looking hopeful for Jessie, if only her broken heart didn’t hurt so incredibly much!

Each day at the dealership, she listened to the other girls talking and giggling. It seemed there was a guy at the car rental building who had everybody’s attention. Except Jessie. She was a good worker, a good office mate. She listened to everyone’s stories and problems and never shared her own. She was dependable and honest and everyone liked her.

Very slowly, she felt herself becoming interested in her surroundings. She felt as if she had just awakened from a long dream. She began to listen to the discussions about the hunk next door. She was sure she would easily recognize him. After all, according to the gushing girls, he was 8 feet tall with a perfect body and a face made in heaven. Exactly the kind of man she avoided!

One day, just before lunch, the usual excitement began. She heard the girls saying he was out there, getting into a convertible, and, god, wasn’t he cute? Jessie moved to the window, expecting to be dazzled. She saw an attractive man with deep blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. She wasn’t dazzled, she was smitten. He looked so incredibly happy, content, sure of himself. She watched him smile as he drove away. Jessie was totally unaware, but the bonds of sadness that had held her captive were released, she finally saw a good reason to be young and female.

He became her new focus. She Kartal Escort quietly listened to the girls, gathering information about him. His name was Erik, he was single, he was incredibly nice. The people in his office liked and respected him. He worked out several days a week. He played golf. He hung out in a club called “DALLIANCE” most weekends.

Jessica became friends with Lucy, from his office. Lucy was full of information about her boss. So Jessie learned that he liked tall, leggy blondes. He enjoyed dancing and having fun. Erik did not drink much. He didn’t smoke. No tattoos marred his body. He worked out, but was not obsessive about a washboard abdomen. And, said Lucy, he was just a really nice guy. He cared about his employees, making them feel special. When Lucy had her second baby, Erik had brought a gift for the new one…and something really wonderful for the pouting older brother. AND convinced the brother that a sister was a good thing to have. Lucy would always be grateful for that!

Every weekend, Jessica found herself at DALLIANCE, listening to music and watching for Erik. Most nights, he was there alone, but he was quickly joined by many friends. There were a few obvious couples, but mostly singles, good looking guys and tall, leggy blondes. When she got home, Jessica looked at herself in the mirror, taking inventory. Lucy said he liked his women on the classy side, elegant and cool. In her reflection, she saw big brown eyes, dark and soft. Her hair was dark brown, shiny and curly. She had a curvy body on a 5 foot frame, nothing tall or leggy here. Or blonde.

The next Friday night, Jessie dressed for Erik. She decided against a bra and wore black satin panties with sheer black pantyhose and black pumps. Her dress was black, a tightly fitted bodice with a full, swirling skirt. The neckline was high in the front and plunging to her waist in back. She might not be tall and leggy, but she felt she looked elegant and very attractive.

She knew Erik usually arrived around 8. She also knew the place was full by 9. Jessica walked in, all alone, at 7:30. There were still places available at the bar, a preferred spot for people watching. She climbed onto a tall stool and ordered a drink. As she sat there, watching the crowd in the mirror, men began Pendik Escort to notice her. Several smiled and nodded to her, but no one approached. She thought perhaps she was too elegant, too cool. As she worried over this, a man approached her. He had a charming smile and offered her his hand, introducing himself as Mark. He sat beside her, making pleasant conversation, laughing at her witticisms. Suddenly, Jessie was aware that Erik was seated at the bar alone. He was watching her in the mirror, seeing how interested Mark was. Jessie sipped her drink and felt her cheeks coloring. Mark invited her to dance and offered her his hand. He assisted her off the stool and walked to the dance floor with her. The music was fast and upbeat and Mark was a wonderful dancer. He whirled her away and back to him, her full skirt swirling around her thighs. They were laughing and enjoying themselves. He kissed her once, playfully, and she didn’t object. They sat out a few dances, talking and learning about each other. Her glass always seemed full of a deliciously sweet drink. Jessie wasn’t even sure there was alcohol in her glass. She sipped through a straw and enjoyed all the attention Mark was giving her. He asked her to dance again. They were a popular couple, and the crowd stood back to watch. When the music became slow, Mark pulled her close to him and placed his hand on her bare back. His fingers moved over her skin, touching all that was exposed and some that wasn’t. He was humming in her ear, and kissing her neck. Something seemed not quite right to Jessica, but she wasn’t sure what it was. Mark was being so nice, so protective. He held her close and called her “Doll”. She pressed herself closer to Mark, fitting into his arms so nicely. They were moving slower and slower until it seemed they weren’t moving at all. Mark’s hands were holding her tightly. He turned her and pulled her back against him, she could feel his erection against her ass. His hands cupped her breasts, and her nipples hardened. The club was filling rapidly.

The dance floor was crowded and no one was paying attention to anyone else. Inhibitions were down, drinking was increasing. The dancing was getting hotter and closer. There were couples removing clothes and getting into nearly obscene positions as they danced together. Göztepe Escort Mark was no longer as gentlemanly. He was rubbing her breasts, pinching her nipples. He was feasting on her neck, kissing and licking, not dancing at all. His hands slid down from her breasts and pressed against her skirt. His hands slid down her skirt, then under it. In a haze, Jessie thought someone should stop, someone should say something. But it felt so good to be held and have a nice man whisper sweet things to her. She noticed that Erik had an interest in them.

Mark began to kiss her very deeply. His hands moved constantly, touching everywhere. At one point, he even bent his head and took both her nipple and dress into his mouth. She looked at Erik, saw him intently watching her, and realized she had his attention now. She moved from Mark and started dancing alone, moving her hips and tossing her head, being as seductive as she knew how. Mark responded quickly. He took her hand and led her to a booth in the secluded back area. He sat in the booth and draped Jessie over his lap, kissing her and touching her. Jessie liked this feeling, the feeling of being important to someone. She wanted to show Erik that short girls were desirable too.

Mark was busily touching all accessible areas. His hand found the button at the back of her dress and opened it, moving her dress off of her shoulders. He was kissing all available skin. He had brought her magic drink with them, the drink that never emptied, and kept offering it to Jessie. He exposed her hard nipples to his view and greedily started to suck them. No one in the crowd seemed to notice, no one but Erik. He was enjoying the show, getting hard watching the girl with her partner. He knew that the girl had been coming to the club for weeks alone.

He doubted if this guy was anyone important to her and he wondered if she was safe. He walked over to the booth and stood there, watching Mark enjoying the lovely breasts of the girl. She seemed to be dazed. Erik made a decision and stepped forward. Mark looked up and seemed for all the world like a weasel. Erik reached down and covered Jessie’s lovely breasts with her dress and picked her up in his arms. Mark considered going after her, but as he watched Erik’s retreating back, he changed his mind.

Erik carried Jessie out to his car and asked her address. She very happily gave him her Cabot’s Corners address. He looked everywhere for her purse, but it was gone. He stood looking at this lovely lost lady and sighed. Then he got into the car and took her to his house.

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