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The Getaway

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I had deliberately kept the car a secret, something to add to the spice of the weekend away we had already planned. That was to ostensibly hit the road in the trusty Mazda, just us, no kids and a whole couple of days away with no one to need anything- just ourselves from each other.

It was a silver Porsche 911, rented (of course), but a random, unexpected opportunity that came up. To me it was a portent of the good couple of days lying ahead for us.

You had dressed to head off in a way that always left me hot and ready to lay my hands upon you…a summery short skirt with floating floral patterns, with your delightfully manicured feet in medium heels. Your firm breasts were nicely encased in a lacy push up just peeping above your skirt.

The skirt swirled around your bare, tanned thighs – the heels highlighted your strong calves. I could only imagine, and barely wait, to uncover what sort of lingerie you had laid over your gorgeous juicy bottom, barely covered and so delightfully framed by the colourful swirl of your summer dress.

So when I hit the garage door opener and there was this sleek, hot silver machine sitting there with its inviting black leather interior, I could see it had pushed your buttons too – running your hands over the curves, grinning at the sheer un-adultered extravagant fun such a machine represented, and all for us – just for once, no need to share!

In a spontaneous act of chivalry I held the door open for you, longingly gazing at how that delightful V of your panties flashed at me as you swung your legs in, and you, knowing this and taking your sweet time as you looked at me, pretending to reach down and adjust the strap on your shoe…

“This is going to be fun” I laughed as I ran around the front and jumped into the tight fitting leather of the driver’s seat, loving the way you were also snuggling your bottom into the warm clasp of the car’s leather grip.

We sat for a couple of companionable moments, relishing the sheer luxury of the machine, its muted stitched upholstery, the scent of new leather, the gleam of carefully polished and positioned chrome throughout.

“Push the button to start us up,” I said, breaking our reverie.

“Which one?” you asked, only half-jokingly, and I guided your index finger to the red “Start” button. You prompted the powerful German engine into life with a throaty burble that promised plenty of power, and lots of uninterrupted miles ahead for us.

We headed south, a wide blue sky ahead, some decent sounds on the stereo (Harmin Karden, of course) and not much traffic to hinder us.

The car felt like an expensive well fitted glove that was only made for two – we settled into a comfortable conversation, two friends, partners and lovers who had little time in the past few months to just “Be”…

A 100km later we pulled over at a roadside fruit stall, the engine ticking in the warm afternoon silence, traffic surprisingly thin.

I gazed at you walking over to the piles of fresh summer fruit, idly thinking how close to a juicy ripe peach your butt looked. Nicely cleaved, two delicious curves, begging to be lightly bitten, moving with a hypnotising swing across the tarmac.

I could feel myself hardening, and you caught that hooded look in my eyes, ’cause yes we DO know each other that well! I knew you were playing it up to me when you just flicked your hips a little more, as you strolled past my driver’s door..

You playfully lent on the window’s edge and grinned…”Hi, you must be doing well, such a nice machine you have here…not much space in the back though,” you teasingly gestured at the tiny rear space.

“Nothing ever said you needed a back seat,” I replied, my hand easing over the edge of the window sill, lightly running over your thigh beneath the pretty dress, enjoying the form and musculature beneath the skimpy fabric, lightly teasing the bare skin I knew lay beneath.

“Better get some cherries, I have plans for them, and that goes beyond eating them, at least on their own anyway,” I joked.

You grabbed a basket, hovering over the summer stone-fruit, carefully picking out the ones that would not bruise so badly over the course of a journey in a high performance German sports car.

As you bent over to pick some out of a low bin, my eyes were riveted to a delightful scene – of your white G string, barely covering the juncture at the top of your thighs, a gossamer thin, lacy promise of future delight.

I quietly opened the door and eased myself out, walking up behind you and gently laid one hand inside your thigh – you jerked up with surprise, a small “ohhh”, and a quick glance around. But no-one much about – a near absent teen at the counter, and old lady across the store floor contemplating a watermelon, no other cars coming into the hot carpark.

“What do you think you are doing mister?”, you murmured as you continued to peruse the produce, turning over plums, peaches and apples, tip toeing for the far fruit Anadolu Yakası Escort tautening up your bottom nicely under my hand.

You continued trying to coolly assess them as I stroked the inside of your thigh, gently pressing myself against your firm round butt cheek as I breathed in the scent of your perfume and nibbled gently at your ear lobe.

“Would you like some help selecting some peaches?” I whispered.

“I think you have found the one you want,” you murmured back, glancing across the quiet store floor, pressing more firmly against my bulging jeans.

I let my fingers stray higher up the inside of your thigh, grazing the soft sheer lining of your panties, encouraged by you pushing your hips down, seeking out their friction against your warmth.

“We have to stop, we will be seen,” you urged.

“I know, and what would people say… but it’s nice to start things off early,” I said.

I glanced around, quickly flicked your skirt up, savouring the delicious vision of your round, ripe bottom, framed by that skimpy G string bisecting your butt cheeks, running my eyes down your calves to those sexy strappy shoes and your painted toenails.

The near nakedness in such a place was a sheer turn on, a reveal of hidden delights no one else gets to share…

“Such delights to explore later,” I murmured, stroking your round butt cheeks lightly then pulling your skirt back down, patting it in place.

“We must stop, places to be, things to do,” you half heartedly reproached me as you grabbed your basket of fruit and walked to the counter.

We hopped back in the car, hit the road, roaring through the kilometres as we entered the heavily forested mid part of the journey.

You pulled a box of cherries from the bag behind you, deep, dark red their skins so firm and taut they begged to be bitten. You plucked one out and bit firmly, deep red juice droplets formed on your lower lip.

“Hey, come here,” – you pulled my head over, planted a kiss on my lips, sharing the stain and the sweetness of the cheery, passing its pulp to me as our hot tongues danced against each other. I eased back on the speed and glanced ahead, savouring the kiss, the cherry and the sensuous slide of your tongue in my mouth gently probing, flicking and rubbing with a life of its own.

“Wooooooh, better keep my mind on the job,” I broke off the kiss, easing the wheel straighter, sitting up and adjusting my hardness through my jeans.

Glancing back over at you, lips stained with cherry juice, you had plucked another ripe one from the box, and you tongued that cherry teasingly, twirling it on the tip of your tongue before lightly biting into its tight skin, another droplet of juice on your lower lip.

You had let your skirt hike up, revealing your bare, warm upper thighs, one foot resting lightly on the glove box, your manicured toes tapping to the stereo – you started gently stroking your inner thigh with one hand, a vague streak of cherry juice drying on your smooth skin.

I casually let my left hand fall from the wheel onto your upper leg, gently massaging the soft flesh of your thigh, stroking the warmth the length from above your knee to the lovely fabric of your G string.

You gave a little sigh and eased the seat back, giving you more room to lift your other leg onto the door handle, reclining the seat as you did, letting both legs open more fully.

Cool air from the air con was blowing your skirt up your thighs as you suckled another cherry between your lips.

I saw it as if you were gently teasing it like a ripe swollen nipple I imagined it to be, and you knew I was glancing at how you sucked it and flicked it with tongue and teeth between watching the road unwind ahead.

My hand strayed upwards, grazing against the flimsy material of your panties. I could feel the warmth radiating from within them, the lips of your pussy outlined enticingly beneath, dampening the material slightly.

For your part you let your hand drop into my lap, tugging insistently at my belt, you popped my semi erect cock out from my jeans…I shimmied up the seat to let you pull them down as the semi swollen head swayed and jiggled with the car’s suspension, hardening with anticipation for whatever else you had planned.

You sucked on your fingers, dousing them in cherry juice, and proceeded to gently wipe it over the head of my cock with two fingers, massaging the sweetness into my swollen head, making the dark purple head even darker, rolling the foreskin back over the thick tumescent swell of my gland, revealing an aching single eye of desire.

I stretched out as much as I could at 100kph in a sports car, my swollen prick jiggling with desire and travel.

You gave me a naughty grin and lowered your lips onto its tip, swirling your tongue around its engorged top, one hand firmly grasping it, alternatively massaging it with your teeth and sucking firmly with your red, swollen lips.

As you Bostancı Escort pumped my harding shaft I could feel my orgasm building, but knew I did not want to shoot my sticky load across the dashboard-simply too much explaining, and too good to waste!

I gently pushed you off and instead lowered my hand into your panties, your pussy already slick and wet with your juices. I ran two fingers along its silken groove, revelling in the hardening of your clitoris that marked your true north, gently teasing that little nub with one finger while sliding the other inside you.

You let out a luxurious moan, opening your legs wider and pushing your hips out. I glanced down to see the swollen lips of your pussy puffed out each side of your panties, now soaked with juice that was dripping, along with the cherry juice onto the high quality leather.

You had popped the straps off your dress and had eased them down, your lacy fine bra barely hiding your erect nipples that you had begun to tweak with thumb and fore finger, your head tossed back, eyes shut and juice stained lips parted.

Just looking at you do that made me stroke you harder, both fingers well inside you, slick mess was quiet, smelling of pines and damp.

The engine’s rumble faded to silence as I pushed the Stop button and I leant over to you, locking my lips on yours, my left hand deep in your pussy again, the other bracing myself against the seat.

We ate each others’s lips, gently nibbling like they were the cherries, tongues swirling against each other, sucking each other’s tongues outside our mouths, teasing the tips, sliding our tongues into one another’s mouths like small clits, biting and stroking with our teeth.

As I gently massaged your pussy, your own hand was rubbing my hard, rigid shaft only strokes from coming in a steaming mess over the car’s cockpit.

I knew I had to move, or erupt too soon.

I hobbled out of the driver’s seat, my jeans halfway down my butt, thick cock jerking comically with its purple mushroomed head pulsing.

I moved around the front of the car to your door and pulled you up to your feet.

We mashed our lips together again as we leant against the door frame and I popped my cock inside your panties, their slight elastic holding it against your damp pussy lips as you ground yourself against me. The single eye of my captive cock looked unblinkingly up at us as the flesh of my foreskin rolled back in time with your grinding motion.

My hands were full of your luscious butt cheeks, gripping the soft warm flesh I massaged one cheek in each hand, feeling your goosebumps of desire on the surface.

I lead you around to the warm bonnet and I sat on it, legs apart, my big cock in my hands, begging you to suck it, and you only too keen to oblige.

You slid much of its length into your mouth, swirling your tongue over the tip then stroking the entire shaft with your teeth, a rough-smooth massage of pleasure that nearly tipped me over. But you know me well and firmly grip the base of my pulsing cock, just catching the first spasm before it reverberates into a full blown orgasm.

I look down and you had put me between your firm breasts, saliva and cherry juice mix with my cock in your cleavage as you gently tit fuck me, smiling like a pleasure demon as you do.

That first spasm had pushed some pre-come from the tip – you swirled it around absently, then licked its salty presence away, smiling lasciviously as you did.

“Yummy, I’d like some more of this,” you whisper.

“Your turn before it’s too late I think,” I hoarsely muttered.

I kicked my jeans off entirely and stood, relishing the naked sensation of warm summer air on my cock, and the scent of sweat and desire within our forest glade.

I eased you down onto the warm bonnet, your legs spread, red juice from the cherries light on your bare thighs, your dress hiked well up above your hips, pulled down from above you reach around and unclip your bra, popping your delectable breasts out, the nipples swollen like pebbles.

You draw your breasts together. “Why don’t you start here?” you ask, and I needed no convincing.

Greedily I suckle each nipple, clasping each breast in one hand I lock my lips onto you, massaging your nipples with my teeth, the same way you did to my cock moments earlier.

Your eyes are closed and you have arched your back to thrust your breasts upwards to me.

Small moans escape you as I suckle like a hungry child relishing the sensation of your nipples hardening in my mouth, tweaking then with my teeth and fingers of one hand whilst the other has dropped to your pussy, stroking its moistness through your skimpy panties. You lean right back onto the warm steel of the bonnet and lift your legs up, letting me peel off your panties, as I clumsily navigate them over your heels.

“Oh fuck me now, it’s been too long, I am fucked if I want to wait any longer,” you implore me, your dirty command needing Erenköy Escort no interpretation.

You spread your strong thighs and I grab the base of my throbbing cock, the head sliding slickly against and ultimately into your welcoming pussy.

You have gripped the edge of the bonnet and I hoist your heel-clad feet up by the ankles, sliding into my favourite position with your strong legs pressed against my belly, my cock deep, deep inside you and your ripe bottom firmly against the warm steel surface.

“Fuck me, go deep and hard,” you order and I oblige. But after six slick thrusts and I feel that familiar sense of tidal rush.

“I don’t want to come yet, not yet, still more to do,” I mutter and slide out, your juices dripping off the tip.

I drop to my knees and encase my face in your delicious pussy. Its juices turned my face into a glazed donut, dripping and sweet. I suckle on your clitoris, now a pronounced knob of pleasure poking out from your swollen lips.

I nibble and graze upon it as you hold my head there, commanding me to stay in place and make you come. I run the bridge of my nose up and down your lips, thrusting my tongue well into you, a mini cock that flits and swirls inside you with a life of its own, you groan at me not to stop.

But then you stand up and turn around, your dress a rumpled mid-riff top now, your tits hanging down against the bonnet. You thrust your bottom in the air, its round ripeness contrasting against the silver bonnet of the Porsche.

You turn around and smile.

“You can’t leave this alone, so do what you want with me baby.”

“Ohhh,” is all I can offer this visionary feast as I shuffle forward and press my swollen red shaft into the delicious valley of your ass.

With each warm cheek rubbing against my shaft, I press each around it, rubbing my cock up and down that soft valley, a second avenue of pleasure for me to pursue.

Reaching forward I grab your lovely breasts, one in each hand and keep thrusting as you push back, so pleasing, so smooth, so Goddamn goooood!

So much so I feel a twinge.

But you reach back, always experienced and knowing me well, grabbing the base of my cock, just as a spurt of cum lands on your butt.

I gently rub it in and lean down to lick it up, letting my lips stray to that delicious cleave of your bottom, I breath in your desirous scent and let my tongue casually trace a path from the top, over your little button of a butt hole, swirling around relishing the naughtiness, the sheer “dirtiness” of the action, and your shiver of pleasure in response.

I have no desire to enter you here with my big cock, but do gently massage my swollen head against the rose bud of your butthole, feeling it twitch and caress my hard cock head.

I return with my lips, swirling my tongue, I reach for a cherry and gently bite into it, letting the juice drip over the rosebud of your butt hole, and the tip of my tongue gently lick it up and around, tantalising you with gentle strokes around your pussy lips with my hand.

Moaning you reach back, peeling your butt cheek back to give my mouth better access. You are leaning well down on the bonnet as I crouch on the ground, gazing up into your fantastic ass, pussy lips swollen, wet, wide and welcoming.

I push my face hard against your butt, mashing into the wonderful soft warm naked flesh, a delicious prison where I was luxuriating in the gentle smother of your butt cheeks against my face.

I clutch a cheek in each hand and grind my mouth up and down your pleasure valley, thrusting my hot wanton tongue deep in you as you push back from the bonnet, driving it even deeper.

Our union was accompanied by each of us emitting low animal moans and grunts. Lost in our mutual pleasure in the forest we were revelling in each other, far from the needs of others and prying demands, it was more than a primal connection despite the primal setting and we let the pleasure wash over us between two people who knew each other, and each other’s bodies so well.

“I want to see your face as you make me come,” you murmured, and rolled over on the bonnet with my tongue barely losing connection with your pussy.

As you lay splayed on the bonnet heaving with wantonness I eased two fingers inside your slickness, gently probing for your far from mythical “g” spot. I know where to find it inside you having occasionally found it before.

It is a soft mound I gently pleasure with a beckoning motion of my fingers – a gentle gesture for you to come, to have an intense bursting orgasm, here on a warm bonnet of a Porsche in the open air of a forest, your legs splayed well apart, your pussy being massaged and sucked, your husband with one hand on his enormous cock stroking himself as he strokes you to your pleasing climax – all imbued with the scent of pine and our own desire for each other.

I feel you starting to climax, your “g” spot is swelling and ripe, the thrust of your hips is becoming more focused, more assertive as I suck hard on your clit and keep pulsing my fingers inside you.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, here I go, I am coming, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t you DARE stop,” you cry, your voice sounding even more urgent in the silence of the forest.

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