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The Forgotten Island Ch. 01

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David was a scientist who had been sent to collect data about pollution levels in the Pacific Ocean. He was 2 days into his 4 day expedition when the weather began to take a turn for the worse.

The small ship he was on rocked violently in the wind, the growing waves swaying the boat from side to side as the heavens opened and the lightning began to strike the sea. He was trying to get below deck to the radio to send out a distress signal when the boat capsized and he was hit on the head by debris and everything went black.

Kayaweto, known as Kaya by the other girls, was walking along the white sand beach when she saw a strange outline in the sand up ahead. She slowly walked up to what she discovered to be a strange looking person laying in the sand. She poked it in the back with the blunt handle of her spear. The creature stirred slightly and opened its eyes.

David woke up on the beach to find something poking into his back. He looked up to see what it was and couldn’t believe his eyes. Stood before him was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

She was a beautiful blonde with piercing blue eyes, with hair that flowed down to her mid back. She was of average height and had a slim body. Having only a few days before turned 18 she was the youngest girl on the island, however the oldest was not more than a couple years older. She was completely naked except for her loincloth, the skimpy garment consisted of a thin piece of cord tied around her hips with two loose rectangles of cloth hanging from the front and back to cover her most intimate of areas.

“Where am I?” David asked rubbing his eyes in disbelief.

“Hiawatha.” Replied the girl.


“Hiawatha, that is what we call this island.” She said squatting down to get a better look at him, her loincloth hanging loosely in front of her sex.

She looked him up and down, he was wearing strange clothes and many of them. He looked much like the girls from the tribe but different somehow. There was a wound on the back of his head which she poked with her finger.

David screamed in pain. “Owww! Stop that.”

“You need help, come with me.” She said helping him onto his feet. “I will take you to the village.”

She lead him up the beach to the edge of the jungle where there was a small dirt path through the foliage. Kaya was incredibly agile her long slim legs easily navigating the obstacles, her bare feet never slipping. Her loincloth would sway from side to side as she walked, perilously close to exposing her, but never quite moving far enough. Her supple young breasts bounced and swayed.

After a short walk they arrived at a circular clearing in the jungle around the clearing was a ring of small wooden huts with straw roofs. In the centre of the clearing was a stone lined fire pit that contained the ashes of last nights bonfire.

As David’s eyes scanned around the village he saw that the village was entirely populated by young females all wearing the same sort of loincloth as the girl from the beach.

She lead him to a hut on the far side of the village and gestured for him to go inside. He ducked under the doorway and stepped into the darkened room. After his eyes had adjusted he looked around the hut was almost bare except for a sleeping roll on the floor.

“Please lay here.” She said softly. “Someone is coming to help.”

“Thank you, my name is David by the way.”

“Kaya, now please be still.”

The flap covering the door to the hut opened and in stepped a young girl with dark hair and pale skin. she was wearing the same tribal outfit as the rest of the girls. However she had patterns painted on her skin Tuzla Escort in red and blue, he would later learn that these were sacred markings.

“The priestess.” Kaya said pointing at the girl who had just entered.

The priestess examined David’s head, and wrapped it with a bandage. She then handed him a bowl with a deep red liquid in it and spoke in a language he did not understand.

“Drink.” Said Kaya.

He took a long drink from the bowl, the mixture was made of berries he guessed by the sweetish taste. As soon as he had swallowed he felt his eyes growing heavy and collapsed into a deep sleep.

David awoke to find Kaya kneeling next to him gently wiping his head with a damp cloth.

“How long was I asleep for?” He asked

“Three days.”

He was lying on the sleeping roll underneath a blanket. All his clothes had been removed.

“What happened to my clothes?”

“We took them to be washed. You are different to anyone I have seen.”

“Different, how?”

“You have an extra body part.” She said motioning towards his crotch “I have never seen one before.”

“It’s my penis. Surely you know what it is?”

“There is a story the priestess tells of a seed giver with such a thing, but there has not been a seed giver in many years.”

“What is a seed giver?”

“The seed giver is sacred, he fertilises the village girls. I have told the priestess, she is coming to confirm if you are what i suspect.”

The priestess entered the tent and spoke briefly to Kaya and then pointed to David. Kaya knelt over David and pulled the blanket off him. He lay there completely nude his long thick cock hung flaccid between his legs his large testicles his scrotum.

The priestess stood there in shock and stared at his large soft member. Hurriedly giving instructions to Kaya she ran out of the hut.

“Whats happening?” David asked, pulling the blankets back over himself.

“There is much to prepare.” She said and ran off after the priestess.

David spent the rest of the day sleeping. Kaya came and woke him later that evening.

“David, I’ve come to get you ready for this evening.”

“What’s happening this evening?”

“We celebrate the arrival of the seed giver, here put this on.” She said handing him a loincloth of his own.

He tied the cord around his waist, the loose fabric hanging freely in front of his large cock, hardly covering his long thick penis. Kaya took him by the hand and led him outside. The sky was a vibrant orange colour as the sun began its slow decent below the horizon. The air was warm and still.

Kaya led him towards a large wooden platform on top of which was a single chair. As they walked David’s eyes noticed all of the young, half naked girls gathering in front of the platform.

As instructed David sat down on the chair and faced the crowd of innocent young beauties. His legs were slightly apart, the front of his loincloth resting between his bare muscular legs, the outline of his cock was clearly visible.

Kaya knelt down next to his chair and watched silently as the priestess walked out of the crowd, her hips swaying seductively. David could not stop staring as her lithe body walked his way. She was carrying a bowl and spoke.

“You must drink.” Said Kaya translating. “It will make you strong for this evening.”

David took the bowl and drank the liquid. As soon as he finished the last drop he felt a change come over himself. He felt a warm tingling in his loins.

As he watched the priestess untied the knot in the waistband of her loincloth and let it fall away. She stood before him completely Gebze Escort naked. He felt his cock begin inflating as he let his eyes drink in the view before him.

Her pussy was bald and tight and already glistened with cum. Her perky tits stood firmly as her hard nipples pointed at him. She knelt down and spread her legs, David smelt her aroused pussy wafting towards him further exciting him.

He was completely taken aback as he watched this young girl strip and spread her legs . She began rubbing her hands all over her body pinching her nipples. David shifted uneasily as he felt himself growing yet more aroused. His hard cock shifted beneath his loincloth as he watched the priestess’ hands slowly sliding down her body towards her wet sex.

Her fingers slipped easily into her radiating pussy, her fingers coated in her warm juices. Her clit tingled as she pushed her fingers into her tight love hole.

Kaya felt her pussy grow warm and wet as she watched the priestess pleasures herself. Out of the corner of her eye she saw David’s loincloth moving as his cock twitched, she felt her nipples harden for him.

The priestess was close to orgasm, her breathing was heavy and she gasped with pleasure. Her cum was flowing readily down her legs as she worker her tight snatch. She felt the first wave of pleasure roll over her as she tensed up. She bit her lip and screamed as her toes curled with orgasmic pleasure. Cum gushed out of her pussy in a river flowing into a puddle on the floor.

After recovering from her climax the priestess, still naked, walked over to David and spoke.

“Please stand.” Said Kaya.

David stood up, his erection pushing his loincloth into a tent. Kaya couldn’t help but stare at his manhood.

The priestess reached down and coated her fingers from the puddle of her cum, and dipped them into a bowl of blue powder, mixing the two into a cum paint. Gently tracing her fingers over his semi naked body she painted designs on him much like the ones she had on herself.

David felt the warm cum being painted on his body, the smell reaching his nostrils. His thick cock was aching to be relieved. He was in heaven, everywhere he looked were young girls with large breasts and little clothing, the smell of damp pussy filled the air.

After she had finished painting him the priestess told him to sit down, Kaya translated and he sat down in the chair, his large cock pointing upright. She spoke again, David looked to Kaya for her translation.

“She says you must choose a girl to lay with.” Said Kaya gesturing to the villagers. “You may have any girl when you choose, but your first becomes your pleasure slave”

“I like the sound of that.” Said David, his mind already made up.

“Who do you choose?”

Without a moments hesitation David replied. “You.”


“Yes you.”

“But what about Mimala, she is the most beautiful girl in the village.” She said pointing at a tall leggy blonde with a large pair of tits.

“She is gorgeous but I want you.”

“I’m honoured.” Said Kaya kneeling in front of him, untying his loincloth.

His large 9 inch cock was stood to attention, his head throbbing.

“Are we not going to the hut?” He asked shocked about being naked in front of so many people.

“The girls will watch us, the first time is sacred.”

“All of them?” He asked nervously


Kaya slowly lent forward and licked his testicles. His heavy balls bobbed up and down as she teased him. He leaned back and closed his eyes, enjoying the sensations more than he ever had before. The potion he had drunk had taken full Aydınlı Escort effect.

Kaya sucked and teased his heavy balls as he moaned. Some of the villagers had taken their loincloths off while they watched. A drop of precum oozed from his slit, she licked his head with her tongue tasting his salty goodness.

She untied her loincloth and threw it to one side her smooth cunt was dripping wet. She opened her mouth and gently wrapped her soft red lips around the tip of his raging hardon. David gasped audibly as her warm wet mouth soothed his aching cock.

She eased her lips up and down his cock, taking him deeper and deeper until she could feel his bulging head at the back of her throat. As she slipped up and down his shaft, her tongue swirled around his knob.

David was in heaven as he was orally pleasured by Kaya. He watched as the young girls before him teased each others naked bodies, writhing in pleasure on the floor. He felt his cock against the back of Kaya’s throat. He let out a loud grunt as he felt his shaft slowly slip into Kaya’s throat as she swallowed his meaty rod.

As he looked up he caught Mimala’s gaze, she was lying naked her fingers teasing the folds of her pussy as she watched David fuck Kaya’s throat. She licked her lips as she watched him grunting in delight.

Kaya eased herself off his giant cock and lay down, her slim young legs opened wide inviting him to penetrate her Virgin slit. David knelt between her legs and began gently rubbing his mushroom headed prick on her moist whole, smearing her juice all over himself.

“Take me David.” She purred.

He pushed in feeling her tight Virgin slit stretching around him. He eased in gently until he felt her hymen blocking his path. Kaya buried her face in his shoulder and whimpered as he penetrated her deeply. He slipped his cock in up to his balls and let it rest inside her. Kaya breathed deeply whilst her cunt grew accustomed to his girth.

As David slowly began sliding in and out of her tight fuckhole a small amount of blood dripped off his cock. Her tight hole sucked him in and squeezed his cock. Kaya squeeled with delight as he took her on the floor whilst everyone watched them.

David leaned in and kissed her, their tongues sliding in and out of each other’s mouths exploring every inch of eachother. David could feel Kaya’s sweet juices soaking his balls as they slapped against her. Her soft breasts bounced back and forth as he pumped into her oozing sex.

David’s long rod was on fire as he fucked his new slave with growing urgency. His balls felt like they were going to burst if he didn’t cum soon. The potion he had drunk was making him produce more cum than would be ordinarily possible.

David looked up from Kaya’s beautiful eyes and saw the other girls were pleasuring themselves as they watched. The priestess was sat on a young girl’s face as she rubbed her nipples. The whole Forrest reeked of cum, the air was filled with the soft wet sound of pussies being fingered.

This was all too much for David, he tensed up and groaned, grabbing Kaya’s tit. He stopped fucking and his thick cock twitched as jet after jet of white cum filled Kaya’s cunt. He had never shot a load this big before in his life, he had filled her and yet it was still gushing from his cock.

Kaya crawled from beneath him and wrapped her beautiful lips around him swallowing big mouthfuls of his seed until she could swallow no more. He pointed his rod at her cute face and painted it with jizz until it dripped down onto her tits.

Ever the faithful slave Kaya began cleaning her new master with her tongue savouring every drop of his sticky cum. She sucked his drained balls into her mouth as he sighed with delight and cleaned them.

David was spent, he picked up his cum covered slave and carried her to the hut. The two of them lay naked together and gently drifted off to sleep.

To Be Continued

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