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                                                 THE FIRST NIGHT


`The First Night” is a sequel to `The Audition”, though both are complete, stand-alone stories of the imagination. It is intended to be homo-erotic and hopefully will prove to be for the reader even though there are no explicit sexual scenes.

As the subject matter is of a sexual nature, readers must be warned of this and advised not to read if they are not supposed, or permitted for any reason to contemplate matters of a sexual nature.



A black-haired, blue-eyed boy and a ginger-haired, green-eyed one, viewed each other contemplatively. They”d met several hours before, knew each other”s names and hadn”t taken an instant dislike to one another, but now it was time to be serious.

Both had secrets and both had the same problem – what to do about their secrets?

They had to share the room they were now in, a study bedroom, for who knew how long, and the practical impossibility of keeping their secrets secret could not be ignored.

“No point in pissing about,” the ginger, who”s name was Declan, and despite his ginger hair and name, there wasn”t a hint of the Emerald Isle in his voice, sighed resignedly, “What we gonna do about wanking?”

Black-haired Louis, sitting on one of the two single beds in much the same manner as he”d sat on a black box a few weeks previously, idly and gently swinging one leg, studied a blank wall.

“Won”t be able to pretend we don”t, will we?” he said, stating the obvious.

“Not a chance, and I”m not keen on the thought of having to go to the bathroom every time I need one. Apart from anything else, I like to wank in bed.”

“Definitely,” Louis agreed, “Wanks need to be enjoyed, not rushed.”

“Cool,” Declan grinned with relief before sucking in air and nervously biting his lower lip and deciding to take the plunge, “I really like wanking.”

“On your own?” Louis couldn”t help it, the words just popped out.

Declan stared at slender, almost skinny, Louis, decided that his question had not been delivered in a suspicious or antagonistic way, and grinned, “Up till now.”

“Yeah, me too,” Louis agreed. He could have said more, quite a bit more, had said a lot more when he did that audition, but that was different, it was acting so it could have all been made up, but it wouldn”t be made up if he said it now and he had only just met Declan and wasn”t brave enough to reveal any of his secrets. Yet, anyway.

Declan was made of sterner stuff and he stared at the boy sitting on the bed opposite him, took another deep breath, screwed his courage to the sticking place and risked his life.

“Got a secret,” he said resolutely, “Been bothering about what to do about it, having to share a room, like, but as we”re not gonna be pretending we don”t wank, might as well tell you now so you don”t freak out when you catch me doing it.”

“Doing what?” Louis was instantly interested as this secret obviously had something to do with wanking, and wanking, as it is with most boys of fourteen, was a favourite hobby.

“Promise you won”t freak out?” Declan hesitated, his courage in danger of not sticking.

“Promise,” Louis confirmed, eager to hear what sounded as though it may be a dirty secret.

“Always eat me spunk when I shoot,” Declan managed, just above a whisper.

“You what? You don”t!” a delightedly horrified Louis gasped.


“Oh, wow! That is so dirty!” Louis enthused. “What”s it taste like?”

“Like spunk, I spose,” Declan mused, encouraged by Louis” interest, “Only ever tasted me own so don”t know if everyone”s tastes the same.”

“Would you?”

“Would I what?”

“You know. Eat someone else”s?”

“Spose. Like if I were sucking a cock an” it spunked while I were sucking it, spose I”d have to.”

“Would you? Suck someone”s cock?”

“Would you?”

“Be only fair if he”d been sucking mine, I spose,” Louis admitted.

“Exactly,” Declan agreed. “So that”s my dirty secret. Well, one of them anyway.”

“I got one as well,” Louis felt brave enough now to make a confession.

“Cock one?” Declan asked hopefully.


“Wicked. Tell.”

“I shave.”

“You don”t! Down there? Oh, wow!”

“Spose I had to say sometime cos no way you”d not see anyway. Can”t go to bed with me jeans on, can I.”

“Could have kept your pants on,” Declan pointed out one possible escape route.

“Couldn”t.” Louis shrugged, “Don”t wear none.”

“No knickers?” a thrilled Decal enquired.

“None. Never.”

“Oh fuck!” Declan groaned, başakşehir escort “Shaved pubes and no knickers! Am I gonna be getting an eyeful of you going to bed, or what!”

“An” I”m gonna be staring at you when you wank tonight,” Louis sniggered.

“Going to be fun sharing with you,” Declan declared, “Loads of dirty talk.”

“Loads,” Louis confirmed, and promptly took the opportunity for some more dirty talk. “What you think of when you wank?”

“Probably be your shaved cock tonight,” Declan grinned. “You?”

“What ginger pubes look like and you eating your spunk,” Louis sniggered, “But what about, like, normal wanks?”

“Normal wanks?”

“Yeah. You know, the ones you”ve had up till now.”

“We telling the whole truth, now, or leaving bits out?”

“The lot”d be best, I reckon,” Louis said, “We leave bits out then we gotta keep remembering what it was we didn”t say.”

“True,” Declan agreed, “But there could be things we don”t want everyone to know about.”

“Bound to be. Already are. I ain”t too keen on everyone knowing I shave, and I don”t spose you want it broadcast you eat your spunk.”

“Nah, deffo not!”

“So our dirty secrets stay in here,” Louis suggested, “I know all yours and you know all mine. That way we can enjoy our wanks.”

“Yeah. An” I do like wanking.”

“Me too.”

“Right. So. Normal wanks.”


“And you”ll say about yours?”


`Think about cocks, mostly, I spose. Don”t mean I”m gay, though,” Declan hastened to add.

“Never thought you was. Just like cocks.”


“An” you can”t be gay just cos you wank, can you, cos that”d mean everyone is gay.”

“Spose it would,” Louis agreed, “Anyone who says they never wanked is lying.”


“An” it”s perfectly natural you should think about cock when you wank cos, well, what you wanking if it ain”t a cock?”

“Just didn”t want you to think I”m gay just cos I like wanking, that” all.”

“Don”t worry about it. Wouldn”t make no difference to me if you were.”

“Wouldn”t? Why? You gay?”

“Don”t think so. Do wank about Toby Miles, but don”t think that means I”m gay.”

“Who”s he?”

“Kid what goes to the school I were at. Fucking gorgeous! Thought about his cock loads when I wanked.”

“Nice cock?”

“Dunno. Never seen it. Thought about Sandra Mills tits sometimes as well, but never seen them either.”

“Tits are okay,” Declan agreed, “But minge don”t do a lot for me.”

“Me neither. Praps you got to be a bit older before you starts fancying minge.”

“Yeah, probably. I mean, cock looks nice, don”t it, but minge, well, ain”t nothing to look at is there?”

“Not all cocks look nice.”

“Oh no! Cut ones are awful!”

“Imagine having one of them and having to wank it twice a day,” Louis shuddered at the thought.

“Don”t bear thinking about,” Declan agreed.

“Mine”s got quite a long skin. Is a bit tight, though.”

“Nice,” Declan complimented, “Mine peels easy, but I don”t peel it when I wank.”

“Hold mine so skin just comes back far enough to show the eye.”

“Me too. Like watching the spunk shoot out.”

“Before you eat it.”

“Yeah,” Declan grinned, “Do it with me legs in the air sometimes, aim it at me mouth.”

“Dirty sod,” Louis sniggered.

“Am,” Declan confirmed.

“So why you so bothered about being gay?”


“Hey, cool it,” Louis urged, “Wasn”t saying you are. Just that you got a super dirty mind, like me, so course you”re gonna be thinking about cock lots and ways of having fun with it. Same as me shaving cos I thought it it”d be sexy. Add something extra to me wanks.”

“Oh. Sorry,” Declan muttered.

“Actually,” Louis went into thoughtful mode, “I spose when I”m wanking about Toby, I”m having a gay wank, aren”t I? Then when it”s Sandra”s tits I”m thinking of, it”s a straight wank. But they”re both just wanks, really.”

“Never though of it like that,” Declan considered this new aspect of teenage masturbation philosophy, “Like having gay wanks and straight wanks.”

“Could take it further than that,” Louis explored his idea, “Like if I”m having a wank about Toby, it ain”t just a gay wank, it”s me being gay when I have that wank. Cos it”s me wanking a cock and wishing it were some other boy”s cock. But it don”t mean I”m gay, cos me next wank is about me wishing it were a girl with decent tits on me cock, wanking it for me, so when I wanks wishing that, then I”m straight, not gay.”

“Yeah, spose that”s right,” Declan agreed.

halkalı escort “I spose that could be true if it weren”t wanking, but real,”
 Louis suggested, “Be gay if I were wanking a boy and straight if I were being wanked by a girl. Still be me, though, not a gay me or a straight me, just me.”

“Which you think you”d rather do?” Declan dared to ask.

“Fuck knows,” Louis shrugged, “Ain”t done either for real, so honestly don”t know.”

“Spose that”s the only way to find out, really,” Declan sighed. “Be dead scared of doing it with a boy, though.”

“Think I”d be more scared of doing it with a girl,” Louis thought out loud, “I got a cock an” I knows what makes it feel good. Wouldn”t have the faintest idea where to start with a girl. Gotta be more to it than just feeling her tits.”

“More to it than just wanking a boy”s cock an” all,” Declan muttered.

“Lots more,” Louis nodded, and suddenly grinned wickedly, “You up for talking really dirty?”

“Thought we were.”

“Yeah, but even more dirty.”

“Like what?”

“Like what boys could do together. I mean, we both seen loads of porn, ain”t we? So how much of what we”ve seen would we do, an” what”d turn us right off.”

“Just with boys?”

“Yeah. No girl stuff, just boys.”

“Spose one of us says he”d do something and the other thinks that”s well gross an” he must be gay if he wants to do that?”

“So what?”

“So we gotta share a room together, dumbo.”

“An” if one of us thinks the other is gay, we might not want to?”


“Bother you if you thought I was gay?”


“Bother you if I thought you was gay?”

“Yeah, probably.”


“Cos I”d think you was thinking I were after yer bum.”

“Might like it if you were.”

“You might?”

“Why not? Means you”d fancy me, an” I don”t think anyone”s fancied me before.”

“Not saying I fancy you.”

“Didn”t say you do. Just won”t mind if you do.”

“Oh. That”s alright, then.”

“Honest. Won”t mind if you do.”

“Yeah. Well. Okay.”

“So you fancy some really dirty chat?”

“Might as well. Be a laugh.”

“Wicked. Okay. So we both got to imagine we”re in bed with a boy. Forget all the crap about that being gay, we”re talking about fun with our cocks. Okay?”

“Okay. Sort of an improvisation, sort of thing?”

“Yeah, impro exercise.That way we can say whatever comes into our mind cos we”re just sort of acting.”

“Yeah, be easier that way.”

 “Well, don”t know about you, but I wants to get as much skin contact as possible, but bit scared of doing it in case I likes it. But I wants to like it. Know what I mean?”

“Yeah. Want to feel my hard cock pressing against him and his against me, but praps all he wants to do is have a wank.”

“You hard, then?”

“Fucking rock solid!”

“Me too. Want to feel his cock.”

“Stick a hand down between us and grab it.”

“Feels amazing. Much better than feeling me own.”

Both boys had their eyes closed now, partly so they didn”t have to look at each other, and partly to permit their imaginations free range.

“First one I ever felt. Love it.”

“Me too. Love his hand on mine as well.”

“All hard and silky soft.”

“Feel it throbbing.”

“Mine is.”

“Get brave and push into him. Feels magic.”

“Think he wants to kiss me.”

“You gonna let him?”

“Dunno. Do boys kiss?”

“Do in porn.”

“Yeah. Bit gay, though.”

“And being in bed with a boy and holding each other”s cocks is total straight? Do what you want to do.”



“Never snogged before.”

“Me neither. Gonna give it a try, though.”

“You are?”

“Deffo. Might like it.”

“Proper snog?”

“Yeah. Mouth open and tongue stuff.”

“What”s it like?”

“Fucking hot! Got me balls all churning around. You should try it.”

“Oh, fuck, yes! Want more!”

“Get me tongue as far down his throat as I can.”

“Want his cock.”

“You got it.”

“In me mouth.”

“Ah. I wanna feel all of him. Specially his legs.”

“Yeah. His hands is all over me now.”

“Squeezing me bum cheeks. Like they was tits.”

“Think they better than tits.”

“You do?”

“Yeah. Dunno why, but I do.”

“Probably cos it”s a boy you in bed with.”

“Might be.”

“Boys don”t have tits.”

“Do. He”s kissing and nibbling mine now.”

“Your tits?”

“Yeah. Weird. Never feel nothing when I squeeze them meself, but sending sorta shocks all through me when he does it.”

“Been reading too much şirinevler escort porn.”

“Could be. Wanna find out if it”s real, though.”

“Know what you mean.”

“Want his cock in my mouth. Want to get as much in as I can, all of it if it ain”t too big. Want to slide my lips up and down it, find if it”s all soft, silky and hard like it is in my hand. Want to peek my tongue inside his foreskin, lick the tip”

“You”ll get a mouthful if you do all that.”

“Want a mouthful. Want to taste and eat his spunk.”

“Not sure. Will if he eats mine. Play fair, like.”

“Think he wants to lick my bumhole. Should I let him, or is that too gay?”

“Think it”s a bit late to worry about that now. Let him lick mine if he wants. Porn boys seem to love it.”

“You lick his?”

“Think so. If I get worked up enough.”

“Cock is so good.”

“Want one in you?”

“Up me bum?”


“Rather have him spunk in me mouth.”

“Bum you later?”

“Lot later.”

“Want to know he liked me before I let him bum me. Don”t want to be a casual fuck.”

“How about a casual suck?”

“A just for fun one, you mean?”


“Could live with that. If it was a boy.”

“Is a boy, isn”t it?”

“Yeah. Mean boy not a bloke. Same rules for me cock as for me bum with a bloke. Got to know he likes me first.”

“Oh, yeah. See what you mean. But you would, with a bloke, if he liked you?”

“Think so.”

“Be gay, though, doing it with a bloke.”

“So what? Don”t care so long as I likes it.”

“I would. With a bloke.”

“You would?”

“Long as he were fit, like.”

“Not all fat and hairy.”


“Rather do it with a boy, though.”

“Any boy?”

“Not fat and hairy, and deffo not cut.”

“Wouldn”t have to be, like, a boyfriend?”

“Have to be if he were gonna bum me, but just a boy if it”s for cock fun.”

“I ain”t fat an” hairy. And I know for a fact I”ve got a foreskin.”

“An” I”m skinny and shaved and I got a tight one.”

Almost simultaneously, the boys opened their eyes and stared at each other.

“What we gonna do about the beds?” Declan asked, “Shove them together?”

“Probably be better to leave them as they are and just use one,” Louis said. “That way, cos there won”t be much room, we”ll have to make body contact and if our bodies make contact then I”m going to want to cuddle.”

“If we cuddle, I”m gonna go for your cock.”

“If you get at my cock I don”t think I”ll be able to resist wanting to kiss.”

“Proper, open-mouthed, tongue action snog?”

“Yeah, “fraid so.”

“You do that and I”m gonna go down on your cock.”

“My cock goes in your mouth, it stays there till it spunks.”

“So, everything we talked about?”

“Maybe not any bum stuff yet. Is the first night.”

“And things get better after first night nerves.”

“Always do.”

“You nervous?”

“Scared stiff.”

“I”m more like scared hard.”

“Yeah. Hard and scared cos I”m hard.”

“Me too.”

“Hard cos I think I really want cock. Scared cos I think I really want cock.”

“Scared cos I know I won”t be able to not try to suck you.”

“Scared cos I might like getting sucked.”

“Scared of you spunking in my mouth cos I know I want it and terrified I”m gonna love it.”

“Scared cos it ain”t a wank dream. It”s real.”

“Scared I might really be gay.”

“Yeah. I know.”

“You too?”

“Sort of, but not really. More like I”ll like it too much not to bother about being straight.”

Declan stared down at his feet, too deep into confession now to have any hope of retreat.

“You be okay sharing with a gay kid, Lou? Like, I mean gay, gay? Not just do gay stuff for fun gay, but total want your cock all the time gay?”

Louis gave that careful consideration. It wasn”t an improvisation now, not something they could later pretend to each other and themselves was just made-up play acting. This was real.

“Honest, Dec,” Louis stared at his finger nails, “This goes down and I ain”t gonna want to have to wank again all year. Guess I”ve wanked too many times thinking about Toby not to have some idea what I want.”

“Toby weren”t a ginger,” Declan grinned self-consciously, “Lots don”t go for gingers.”

“Can”t wait to see your ginger pubes,” Louis grinned, but not self-consciously.

“And your shaved ones.”

“We gonna go for this?”

“Think that was `Beginners” call.

“Definitely beginners, that”s for sure.”

“House lights down?”

“Stage lights up.” Declan pulled off his shirt.

“Break a leg,” Louis said as he stood to undress.

“And you,” Declan responded, stripped and lifted the bed cover.


Okay, I know nothing happened, but you”ve got an imagination, haven”t you?







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