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The First Meeting

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I hear the knock on my door. I open it with a great deal of anticipation. You are standing there on the front porch glancing back at the street as though anticipating whether to retrace your steps. I know you must be as anxious as I am. We have corresponded for a year by email but never meet in real life before. I get a quick glance at your back before you quickly turn and smile at me. What a lovely smile. You are even more beautiful than I imagines. You hair glistens in the early evening sunlight, and your eyes sparkle to accentuate the smile. I smile back and say ‘Hi, ‘. Not too original but I’m a bit tongue-tied. I glance at the dress you have on and admire how it adheres to your body. I motion for you to enter and you step inside still a little hesitant, as is to be expected. We have gotten to know about each other via email, our families, our kids, our wishes and hopes, our likes and dislikes. We are both new to this. Both of us are happily married and dedicated to our spouses, this is simply an experiment, a first meeting to get acquainted in person, to talk and share with each other. Even though we have had cybersex on line, it is understood that this is just a time to talk, at least that was what we had told each other.

When Sue, my wife, had announced that she was going to visit her mother for a week more than two weeks ago I had emailed you and asked if you could make an excuse to get away for a couple of days. You had written back that you could and I suggested that we meet at my house since there was no complication with kids since mine are grown. You said that would be fine with you and we set a date and time. I have been dreaming about this moment since then. I feel like a teen on my first date.

I have spent the day getting things ready, some finger food, chilled wine, soft music, candles, and even some incense. Even though this is a get acquainted meeting I have my hopes that things might progress further. I take your hand and note a slight sweat in your palm, and offer to show you through the house. I take your elbow and steer you down the hall and we quickly take a look in each of the bedrooms, including the master bedroom and bath. You mention that you need to use the bathroom so I tell you to come on out to the living room when you’re done. I go on out and pour a couple of glasses of wine and light some of the candles while waiting.

You come out and glance around, and inhale the scent of the candles. ‘Nice décor’, you say, ‘I like a southwestern décor myself.’

‘Thank you, Sue and I have been working on this for several years, picking up pieces that we like,’ I say.

‘How was your trip?’ You had driven about two hundred miles and I’m sure you were somewhat tired. ‘How about a glass of wine to unwind?’ I say as I hand you the glass.

You smile and say ‘thanks, I could use that’, İstanbul Escort and take a sip.

‘Here have a seat’ as I motion to the couch. I take a seat in a chair across the coffee table from you. ‘Take off your shoes and relax.’

‘I think I will,’ you say as you slip them off and I look at your well-manicured toenails as you stretch your feet and wiggle your toes. You roll your head and I can tell that your neck is stiff from driving. I arise and move around behind the couch and say, ‘here, let me massage your neck’, as I reach down and begin to gently rub your shoulders. You are wearing a sundress with two straps, so I am touching your bare skin. It feels so soft and pliable, I look down and notice you closing your eyes as I rub and gently pinch your shoulders and neck. I can’t help but look down your dress front and see the swell of your breasts and your cleavage. I continue to rub and massage for the next 9 or 10 minutes as you begin to relax and unwind. I am so tempted to slide my hand down into your dress and massage your small firm breasts as I rub the front of your shoulders. I slide my hand further down your chest and you moan, but don’t stop me. I can’t control my desire and slide my hands down the front of your dress. You again make no attempt to stop me and I feel the nub of your nipple, obviously somewhat stimulated from my massage action. I know then that you as well as I hoped that this visit might become more than just a visit. I bend over and kiss the top of your head. I smell the shampoo you used that morning. You put your head back and look back at me with those dark brown eyes and I move around a little so I can kiss you on the mouth. I move my lips to yours.

I pull away and say ‘I guess we both had more hopes about what might happen tonight’.

‘Yes, I guess I just wanted to make sure you weren’t some sort of nut case before I acquiesced, but I can tell from your home that you are a stable person’. ‘I’ve never done this before, and really don’t know how to act.’

‘That makes two of us,’ I say. ‘Let’s just sit close and talk a little more and enjoy the anticipation,’ I say, as I sit down beside her. We chat and talk warmly for a while, looking into each others eyes, devouring each others face and bodies with our eyes. I can feel the tension building over the next few minutes. Finally I can control myself no longer and put my hand on your knee. I begin to move it up your leg slowly. Your smile tells me that you won’t object, and I move my lips to yours and begin to kiss you passionately, as my hand continues up to the warm area between your legs. You can imagine my surprise when I discover that you have not panties on underneath. I pull away from our kiss and say ‘you don’t have any panties on’.

You smile and say ‘no, I took them off and put them in my purse when I was Anadolu Yakası Escort in the bathroom a little earlier, in hopes that something like this might happen.’

I say, ‘well, why don’t we do this right?’, as I reach up and slide your dress straps off your shoulder and reach around behind you and unzip the dress enough to pull it down off your breasts, exposing those lovely globes with their large nipples. I continue to pull the dress down. You lean back and help me push it over your shapely hips and I pull it on down off of your legs. You are wearing absolutely nothing underneath and that though alone is enough to make my penis stiffen. You reach up and unbuckle my belt, unfasten my pants, and unzip my fly. I take over from there and am quickly as naked as you, with my 7″ cock semi-rigid now. I pull you up off the couch and take you in my arms. I feel the warmth of your body pressing against mine. I feel your breasts pressing against my chest, and I bend my head and begin another long passionate kiss. I can feel my shaft stiffen against your belly. I press my maleness against you stimulating it even more. I know that this first time will be quick. We are both again like kids on our first date. As if we are experiencing sex for the first time again.

You pull away and knell down in front of me. You take my now rigid cock in your hand and move you lips to it and kiss the head. You circle the head with your tongue and then take the entire head into your mouth. I close my eyes and enjoy the warmth of your mouth around my shaft. I open them again and look down and watch you move your lips up and down my throbbing shaft. I move my hands to your shoulders and massage the softly as you continue to stimulate my manhood. I feel the build up and beginning of my ejaculation. I tell you that I’m going to cum but you continue to manipulate my shaft, and I can not hold it any longer, as I shoot my cum into your mouth you continue to stoke me and I am in sheer ecstasy. You swallow my cum and lick me clean. I can’t believe that I’ve found you. My wife of thirty years has never let me cum in her mouth. You are a jewel.

‘I’m sorry I came so quickly,’ I say.

You smile and reply, ‘I thought we might as well get the first one out of the way so we can both enjoy the rest of the night.’

I smile back.

‘We might as well get comfortable,’ I say, as I lead you into the bedroom and throw back the covers. We stretch out on the bed and snuggle into each other’s arms. We spend the next hours, just laying there, holding each other, gently kissing and our hands softly exploring each other’s bodies. Candles flicker in the background and soft music emanates from the speakers. I’m amazed, but within an hour I can feel my erection building again. You feel it also and we both smile at each other. ‘Not bad for Üsküdar Escort a fifty year old man,’ I say.

‘Not bad for a twenty year old man,’ you say smiling.

Now it’s my turn to treat you. I continue to kiss you and move my lips up and down your body. My fingertips gently and softly graze your skin in all the right places. I stay away from your nipples and genitals as I build you toward your peak. I circle your breasts and run my hands down your stomach to your pubic area and on to your thighs. I massage your lovely feet and run my hands up and down your legs. It is my intent to tease and torment you until you are ready for some direct stimulation. I feel the tension building in you. I move my hand down between your legs and gently spread your vaginal lips. I feel the warm fluids on the lips and know that my stimulations have had the desired effect. I very gently move my middle finger into your well-lubricated love canal. I feel you stiffen and know that you are building toward climax. I move my finger to the front of your womanhood and gently feel for your clitoris. I feel the tiny nub and very gently move my finger around it, every now and then flicking it ever so softly. As my finger manipulates your clit, I move my lips to your nipples and begin to suck and flick them. I can feel your body stiffening and arching. A few more minutes of stimulation and I can feel you raise the center of your body off the bed and shudder, climax. As the shudder dies down you collapse on the bed hot and exhausted. I pull back and simply let you lay there for a few minutes recouping. Now I’m ready to bring you to climax with my penis. I assume you are multi orgasmic and I stroke my penis, bringing it to erection. I move between your legs and move my cock to your female lips. I push the head of my penis into your female folds and feel you stiffen again. I push further, all the way into you and feel the warm moistness of your pussy surrounding my shaft. I move back and forth, in and out, as I ever so gently again begin to manipulate your clit with my finger. Slowly gently at first as you begin to ascend to your second climax. I can tell from your moaning and arching of your body and I pull my finger away from your clit and begin to move my cock in and out of you faster, building toward my climax in the hope that we might cum together. I slide back and forth inside of you and I feel you again let out a loud cry as you lift your body and shudder once more. This is enough to bring me to climax as well, just witnessing the sheer pleasure on your face as it is contorted in ecstasy. I cum into you, shooting a load that again surprise me. You shudder as I push into you and you feel my shaft throb violently in you.

We both collapse on the bed exhausted from our efforts. After a few moments of cooling off we move together to caress and snuggle some more.

‘That was fantastic,’ you say.

I have to agree. ‘That is the most excited I’ve been in years. That was fantastic.’

‘We aren’t done yet,’ I say as I reach down to the corner of the bed and pull up a restraint and tie it to your wrist.

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