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The Festival Pt. 01

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In my second year of college, I drove down to a three day outdoor music festival with a few of my friends. It was the kind of festival where you “camp” in a field next to 100,000 other people and look at half-naked girls and do all the drugs you can find. The festival lineup skewed pretty heavily towards “hippie,” but there were a few hip hop and electronic acts I liked peppered in with all the jam bands, and I was sure it would be a good time no matter who was playing.

I was prepared for the eight hour drive to get there, but did not anticipate waiting another ten hours in line at the highway exit just to get inside the festival gate. By the time we set up our camp, I was pretty exhausted from not having slept for 24 hours. Still, we cracked open the last of our cold beers (having finished most in the car) and headed out in search of music.

As day turned to night, I started getting bored with most of the bands I was seeing with my friends, and decided to venture out on my own to see what was happening at the DJ tent. I was feeling pretty good after several beers and a joint or two, and the deep house beats pumping from the tent sounded more in line with my energy.

I settled on a less crowded area at the side of the stage near the speakers where a group of really hot raver girls were dancing. While the ravers of the past used to dress in baggy jeans and hoodies, the trend at the time, especially for outdoor events, was basically nudity. This group of about eight girls were all wearing fluorescent bikinis (some with daisy dukes, some without) and various accessories like native headbands with feathers or fake glasses, all with some type of glowstick-based jewelry around their necks and arms.

I danced behind the girls for awhile, trying to not be too obvious about staring at their butts. My favorite from the group was a shorter Asian girl, but they were all very do-able.

I lit a big joint I had with eskort bakırköy me, and before long a couple of the girls came to talk to me. A very pretty tall (well taller than the rest) blonde asked me if she could smoke some of the joint. She took a couple puffs and then passed it to the Asian.

“Do you want some molly?” the Asian asked me.

I hadn’t ever done ecstasy before, but figured this was the perfect time to try it. She opened a capsule and poured some powder onto the back of my hand and told me to lick it up. She then poured the rest on my hand and licked it off me before going back to dance with her group.

I hung out with these girls for awhile, dancing and laughing, but as the drug kicked in I suddenly had the urge to move about, working my way through the crowd, talking to strangers and just basically having the time of my life. I found myself doing cocaine with some guy and his girlfriend in the beer line, I ended up talking some other guy out of a bad mushroom trip near the bathrooms, bummed cigarettes from basically everybody, and made friends everywhere I went. Not realizing how much time was passing, I eventually went back near the speaker to look for my raver girls, but they were nowhere to be found.

I sat in a portable toilet for awhile, trying unsuccessfully to take a shit, then decided to head back to camp to tell my friends how much fun I was having. I smoked another joint completely by myself as I wandered around the park, looking for my campsite in a sea of thousands of identical tents.

When I finally did find camp, I was pretty surprised to see that nobody was even back yet. I crawled into my tent and took off my clothes, suddenly realizing how tired my body was. I really could have used some sleep. My brain, however, had other ideas.

Head still racing, I sat in my tent for what seemed like hours, smoking bowl after bowl of pretty good eskort ataköy weed, waiting for the molly to wear off, but still very much enjoying its presence. I considered heading out again, hearing a faraway bassline that sounded fun to dance to. Maybe I’d bump into the raver girls again?

Suddenly my tent zipper opened a few inches, startling me, and a female voice softly asked, “Can I smoke with you?”

Before I could answer, the door was zipped all the way open, and that perfect little Asian raver I was briefly hanging out with earlier came crawling into my tent, still wearing only a bikini.

“Oh my god it’s you!” she said. “Are you having as much trouble trying to sleep as I am?”

“Yeah but it feels really good just sitting here and smoking. Let me pack it for you.”

We passed the bowl back and forth a few times, talking freely about a number of topics-music, drugs, college, sex, life. It was pure coincidence and just my luck that her tent was nearby and she smelled my weed. She asked if she could hug me, and did so. Her warm soft body pressed against mine, slightly sticky from the day of sweat, but still feeling amazing. The skin on skin contact was euphoric. We kissed, and she undid her bikini top, exposing her perfect little breasts. I touched and squeezed them and the texture was unreal.

“I am so horny right now, but I’m on my period,” she said bluntly, “so don’t try to finger me.”

I did want to finger her, but I settled for rubbing my hands all over the small of her back, her smooth legs, and her perfect little butt.

“Take these off,” she said while rubbing my genitals through my boxer briefs.

I slid them off and she went in for a close look, seemingly impressed with my size. She stroked it with her hands, and with her arms. She rubbed it against her chest and face.

“I want it to touch every part of me. It feels so good.”

She then escort starting licking and sucking on my balls a little bit. The sensation was almost too much. She slowly licked all the way up my shaft to the tip, then spit some saliva onto the head of my dick.

“Mmmm I love this dick,” she moaned. “I’m going to suck you off okay?”

Before I could answer (not as if there was any doubt I would say yes) she skillfully wrapped her mouth around me and slid my entire cock into her throat and parked it there for several seconds. I wasn’t sure I had ever been deep throated, but this was definitely deep. She went even a little bit further, and started to gag a little before pulling back and then started completely fucking my dick with her head. She was insanely talented. If I wasn’t on drugs I probably wouldn’t last more than a few seconds with this type of treatment. But in this situation it was several minutes before I felt ready to explode.

“I think I’m going to come,” I warned.

She deep throated me once more, this time without a gag, then came up for a breath.

“Oh yes please come,” she said, while gently slapping herself in the cheek with my penis. “I want it all in my mouth so I can swallow it. Or you can come on my face if you want.”

I kind of did want to give her a facial because I don’t often get the opportunity, but the sensation of her mouth was so extremely blissful that I opted to have her swallow me instead. I saw fireworks in my head as I erupted deep inside her throat. The orgasm was certainly intense, amplified by the drug, and seemed to last for minutes. She continued to suck me dry as blast after blast squirted out into her warm wet mouth. She gladly gulped down all of my sperm and continued sucking me until long after I was soft again, making sure I was completely dry when done.

“Thank you for letting me smoke with you,” she said as she cuddled up next to me on top of my sleeping bag. We held each other, gently stroking each other’s skin in the soft morning light as I finally felt the MDMA’s grip loosening on my brain, realizing that I could now soundly sleep.

At the break of dawn, I sank into a deep but temporary coma.

To Be Continued…

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