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If you’ve read my other stories, you’ll know that I am in a loveless, sexless marriage, and that I get as much as I can on the side. Strangers, people I work with, my friends, my wife’s friends…basically if she has an amazing ass, a delectable pair of legs, or some sumptuous breasts, I’m interested.

This tale is when I went the extra mile…with my mother in law.

I married my wife when I was 30, and she was 23. I’m now 35, and Marilyn, my mother in law is 46.

She is everything that my wife is not, body wise.

My wife is short, and gaining weight by the second. My mother in law has been keeping her body lean, tight. She is as tall as I am at 6′. My mother in law is retired, if you can believe it. She got a considerable settlement when her husband was killed in a car accident. She owns a fairly large piece of land about 15 minutes from us, where she enjoys gardening and being outside as much as possible. She has long, beautiful legs and has a penchant for wearing fuck me boots, even though she doesn’t even know how sexy she looks in them.

Marilyn is extremely religious; my wife gets that from her. They go to church together every weekend with our children; I am typically involved in a performance or out of town, so I rarely attend.

While I never really impress my wife with my singing and acting, Marilyn comes to every production I am in, no matter where it is. She is consistently telling me how talented I am, and she often tells me that I look great. It wasn’t until after our first encounter that I realized that she never tells me how good I look when my wife is around.

We were staying over at her house for a few weeks while some work was being done on our house. Never being one to get something for free, I insisted on doing all the chores around the house that she would normally do, including mowing their 40 acres. I was coming back towards her house when I looked over in the garden and saw Marilyn wearing short shorts and on all fours. I was witnessing her shorts ride up quite a bit, so a slight bit of ass cheek was peeking out. I slowed down to admire the view. Good lord, would she be fun from behind. She had just a little bit of a “donk,” and long muscular legs, with a deep bronze tan.

I daydreamed about it for the rest of the day. After we put our kids to bed, I went out into the family room to have a beer. My wife hated that habit (and most of my other ones), and retired to bed. Marilyn came out with a glass of wine and asked if I minded that she watched some shows she had recorded. I told her it was her house, and that I was going to go to bed as soon as I finished my beer.

I was glancing at facebook on my phone and looked up while she was paging through her recorded shows. I thought I caught a glance of a movie titled “Behind my daughter’s back,” and I googled it. It was a movie about a woman in love with her daughter’s husband. I went back to my facebook scrolling and decided to test the waters.

I got up from the couch and made a sound of pain, and grabbed my neck. Marilyn quickly asked if I was all right. I told her that I would be fine; it was just an old weightlifting injury that acts up from time to time. She told me to have my wife give me a massage, and I said that my wife avoids touching me at all costs.

“I thought that may be the case,” she said, grimacing. “She always was incredibly prim. Like her father.”

“And you?” I asked.

“I have my moments,” she said, smiling. “Well, get over here,” she said, pointing to the ground in front of her recliner.

“That’s ok, Marilyn. You’re already doing us such a favor by letting us stay. I’ll just take some ibuprofen and…”

“Sit your butt down. I mean it.” She demanded.

“My butt?” I smirked. “Yes ma’am.”

She asked me where it hurt, and I told her it was the neck and shoulder on the right side. She began massaging me, tenderly at first, but then expertly as she really got into it.

“You’re really muscular,” she said. “I don’t know why my daughter doesn’t want to touch you. Her loss is my gain, I guess.”

She knew she shouldn’t have said that almost immediately, and apologized.

I said “It’s our gain, Marilyn.”

She didn’t know how to respond, so instead she continued to work on my shoulder. After she was satisfied that I was better, she worked on the rest of my back and shoulders. She really knew how to apply just the right amount of pressure to work out knots. Her long fingers deftly relieved most of the stress I was carrying at that moment. I imagined what they’d look like wrapped around my cock, guiding my member to her mouth, her sandy colored hair falling onto my stomach as she swallowed me as far as she could.

I was starting to get a semi chub thinking about it, which was somewhat intentional. A backrub wasn’t going to get me hard, but I also wanted her to see the outline of my rod. I wanted to give her some good dreams; I wanted her to imagine it inside her and just how far I would reach.

When illegal bahis I was sufficiently at half mast, I gently tapped her fingers and thanked her before getting up, turning around and saying good night. She could not miss my tool. There was no way. I was hoping she thought that it was her backrub that got me there, even though it was the thought of owning my mother in law that got the job done.

She said goodnight, and I went to bed…my own room. I wasn’t about to sleep with my wife, for fucks sake. Now I wanted to save up some cum for my mother in law.

The next morning, my wife took the kids out to the pool to play. I told her that I was going to help her mother in law organize her basement. I found Marilyn downstairs, again in short shorts and a form-fitting tank. She was up on a step stool putting things into some bins, and I came up behind her, quietly.

“Need a hand?” I asked.

She jumped with fright, and I had to grab her to steady her.

“My goodness, Tom, did you scare me.” She said.

“You ok?” I asked, a hand on each of her hips. “You look fine.”

“I’ll be fine,” she said, putting a hand on her heart. I helped her down off the stool, never moving my hands from her hips until she was down and right next to me.

“I’m at your command, my lady,” I said, grabbing her hand and giving it the slightest of kisses, electrifying her. “Tell me what to do. Anything. And I’ll do it. I’m a hard worker.”

She was flustered, and told me that she could use my help loading bins up on the highest racking units in the back corner of her basement. She knew which ones she wanted where, so I was handing them up to her and she was placing them where she wanted. There were only about 15 or so, and so it was quick work. I felt one that was a little off balance, and I had saved it for last. I made sure when I handed the last tote to her that it would throw her off balance on top of the stool, and it worked like a charm. This time I had to catch her as she dropped the tote and spun down into my arms. I caught her standing up, with her arms around my neck, and my hands cupping her ass. We stayed like that for a few moments longer than would have been acceptable.

She began separating from me and I asked her “How long has it been, Marilyn?”

She looked horrified at the question.

“You’re so incredibly beautiful and you haven’t felt a man’s touch in… 10 years?”

“I should go,” she said, and began walking away. I grabbed her hand and spun her back to me, our lips inches away from each other, my hands grabbing her waist and holding her.

“I don’t think you want to go anywhere.” I held her there for about 30 seconds. I didn’t try to kiss her, but our hot breath was mixing as our lips were so close and our eyes were locked on each other. Her breathing quickened, and she started to lean in to kiss me. I backed away, prolonging her tension. She looked at me, confused, and then began to think better of the situation. I grabbed the back of her had and stuck my tongue deep into her mouth. She sucked it, devoured it, placed her hands on my back and tried to crush her pelvis into mine. We kissed deeply and soon her hands found her way to my cock. I would get to see her hands in action.

She pulled down my athletic shorts, and her long fingers wrapped around my cock. “Oh my GOD,” she said as she slowly started to jack me off. I turned her around and she switched hands, as I placed her on my right hip and stuck my finger down her shorts. Her underwear was already a swamp. She kept her pubic hair more trimmed that I had expected; a very short layer had been buzzed recently, perhaps even this morning. Had she been expecting this? Hoping?

I played with her nub as she moaned and stroked my cock. After a few moments I plunged a finger inside her, causing her moans to get louder. After she came, I withdrew my finger and put it by her mouth. I wanted to see how turned on she was. She sucked it without hesitation, moaning the whole time. I turned her and gently guided her to her knees. She looked at my cock and then up at me, and made her choice incredibly quickly. She gave head like she had been dreaming about. She had imagined this moment with me for some time. I could tell. She alternated with deep and slow with shallow and fast, taking some time to massage my balls and mix in some head licks. She sucked on one ball, then the other. She began deftly stroking my length while sucking on the head.

“Do you want to swallow my cum, Marilyn?” I asked, holding her hair back behind her gorgeous face.

“mmmmmmmmhmmmmmmmmmm,” was her response, more moan than anything. I felt my balls tense, and I unloaded into her mouth. She didn’t waste one drop. She licked me clean and stroked me for a few moments while staring up at me. I helped her up, and began to pull down her shorts. Unfortunately, we heard the patio door slide open, and my daughter began yelling “Grandma, Daddy, come outside!”

I pulled her in for a quick kiss, and whispered into her ear illegal bahis siteleri “I’m going to fuck you so hard to make up for the last 10 years. I’m going to make you cum for hours.” I nibbled her ears and brought up my right hand to grab her ample breast. I began tweaking the nipple. “You’re going to beg me to never stop fucking you. You’re going to belong to me.”

She moaned in agreement and we parted as we heard the storage room door open. My daughter grabbed Marilyn’s hand and led her outside. I followed shortly after with my computer and a beer. I sat down poolside and began searching online. Soon I found exactly what I was looking for.

“Honey,” I said, “Princesses on Ice is in town tomorrow. Your mom said that she could really use my help getting some stuff done around the house. Would you want to take the kids?”

Marilyn added “It would be nice to get some things done uninterrupted.”

My wife said “Sorry, Mom. I know we’re a burden. If you think it will help to get us out of the house for the day, we can go.”

I purchased the tickets, and began planning out the day of sex that had just been laid out before me.

I suggested that my wife take the kids back to school shopping first, and that they should leave around 9am. I helped get everyone ready, made breakfast for everyone, and took my shower as they ate. When I saw that they were down the driveway and had turned onto the road, I could feel that Marilyn was standing behind me. I turned and looked at her. In three quick steps I closed the gap and began kissing her hard and deep. We moaned into each other’s mouths and I quickly lifted her shirt off and deftly undid her bra. I kissed down her neck and began licking and sucking on her breasts, her head thrown back with desire and glorious release. I held her strong in my arms as I sucked. I could feel the heat coming from her pussy, through her shorts and as I soon discovered, a thong.

I pulled both off and turned her around, bending her over, resting her arms on the couch. She did whatever my hands guided her to do. I kicked open her legs and began rubbing her clit and exploring her entrance. She was so ready, but I was not ready to give her my dick just yet. I turned her and easily lifted her, and set her ass high on the back of the couch, letting her legs fall to one side and her head fall to the other. She spread her legs for me and I dove in with my tongue. There are times when a little build up is the right play, but she had been building up for days. I devoured her honeypot and she began saying things like “Oh, god, yes!” and “Yeah, lick my pussy!”

I began fingering her, and brought her to a quick orgasm. She pulled herself up on my shoulders and begged me to give her my dick. I asked her why. She told me that she needed it.

“Need it more than my wife? Your daughter?” I asked.

“Fuck my daughter. Give me that cock.” She said, staring lasers into my eyes. I led her over to the table and laid her back on it, putting her legs up over my shoulders, and I entered her achingly slowly. She kept trying to urge my cock further into her, but I had complete control. When I finally had impaled her to the hilt, I held her there and began massaging her clit with my thumb, and playing with her tits with my other hand. I withdrew just as slowly, and I watched her eyes roll back into her head. I did that to her a few times, filling her more than she had ever been, and then making her feel emptier than she thought she could be.

Then I began speeding up, but not too much. I wanted to power her through several orgasms before I came the first time. Then I’d power her through twice as many orgasms.

Her second orgasm didn’t take too long to arrive; she began yelling out “Oh, God, I’m cumming” after perhaps five minutes of a slower pace. When I sensed it was at it’s peak, I picked up the pace and began slamming into her, driving her orgasm to new heights, before slowing down to let her catch her breath. I leaned over and sucked on her tits, nibbled and pinched her nipples as she was shaking. I kissed down her stomach and explored her long, incredible legs with my lips and tongue.

When her orgasm had subsided, I helped her from the table and brought her to her bedroom. I went down on my back and invited her to climb on board. She guided the tip of my cock into her pussy and sat down forcefully, again throwing her head back, with a delightful little scream. She just sat there like that for quite some time, and slowly began grinding our pelvises back and forth. She began to moan and told me that I had the most amazing dick she’d ever felt. She loved the way it curved up to hit all the right spots, and that it filled her even more than her favorite toy.

I was learning things about this woman that I would have never thought possible. She had sex toys?

“Do you fuck yourself with your toy and think about me?” I asked, and her eyes locked onto mine.

“Every time,” she moaned. She then leaned over and began kissing me while canlı bahis siteleri riding me. I grabbed her ample ass and squeezed, pulling her ass cheeks and legs slightly apart. I was hitting a new spot now, as evidenced by her soft moans into my mouth. I moved my hands, one to the small of her back, and one onto her right hip, and I began urging her movements to pick up the pace. I then took that hand and brought it up to behind her head, forcing our kisses to be as deep as possible. She hadn’t expected this, and she began a deep orgasm that gained power as I began smacking her ass. She broke the kiss so she could yell “OH, FUCK YES!” repeatedly, after every slap. “NEVER STOP FUCKING ME!”

I still had yet to cum, and I thought I’d try to get her at least once more before doing so. I led her into the bathroom and started the shower. I let her go in first and stepped in behind her. I cupped her breasts from behind and nuzzled my cock into her ass cheeks. I kissed the nape of her neck and her shoulders as the warm water cascaded over us. I began cleaning her. I washed her hair, and she washed mine. We took time to kiss passionately before we scrubbed the sex off of us. When I knew I was completely ok to start again without finishing soon, I lifted her into my arms, and lowered her onto my rod. She had her legs over my elbows and was leaning against the back of the shower, holding on to the soap dish and the top of the sliding door. I began fucking her in earnest now. Using gravity and my weight training to my advantage. We stared at each other as I relentlessly pounded her pussy. She began screaming long and loudly, “oooooohhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuck!” I was going to cum and soon.

“I’m going to cum, Marilyn. I want you to swallow it again.”

“Oh, God, yes,” she exclaimed, and I let her down. She quickly got on her knees and sucked me off. When I was close, I took control and began jerking my cock into her open, waiting mouth. I got some on her cheek, but when I was done, she wiped it over into her mouth and sucked her fingers clean, before cleaning me off.

“I taste really good on your cock,” she said, looking up at me with a grin.

“You want some more?” I asked. She nodded yes. She then stood up and bent over. I shoved my softening member inside her, and held it there for a few minutes. I took the time to look over my latest conquest. She had to be the sexiest 46 year old I had ever met. She had the body of a 25 year old.

I pulled out and we went back to her bed. She took her time sucking on my cock, bringing it back to full power. She stared at me while she sucked, working my balls and even making me fuck her tits. Not that I complained. They were gorgeous. No tan lines. How did my wife turn out like this with a mother like that?

I had wanted to fuck her doggystyle, and I wanted to do it now, after I had come once already, so that it would last for a while. I wanted to watch as the faint jiggle of her ass cheeks occurred every time I plunged into her. I wanted to have some animalistic fucking the likes of which she had never even heard of, let alone experienced, so I did just that. I entered her and told her that I was going to get a little rough. She said “mmmmm…Please do,” and I began pure fucking her. It was so hard, so fast. Her amazing figure was bred for this. She had just enough cushion back there to give it all I had, but not too much so that it took away from her allure. How many orgasms she had, I don’t know. I don’t think she does either. It could have been one massive, 30 minute one, I don’t know. But I was relentless. I fucked her like that until I came hard inside her.

We had no energy to do anything but lie there, gasping for air and giggling at the ecstasy we both shared. We lightly kissed and explored each other with light touches for an hour or so. We fed each other lunch and let it settle. When I thought she was ready, I led her outside, and we entered the pool. We embraced towards the deep end and began kissing. She jumped up and wrapped her legs around my back, and I walked us over to the side of the pool. She held on and I began fucking her nice and slowly. I stopped after a little while and I began sucking her breasts again, they looked so appetizing there in the cool water. She held my head close and reached down to stroke me.

“We’re going to do this a lot, right?” She asked.

“Every chance we get,” I replied.

I lifted her out of the pool and began a nice, slow, teasing pussy eating session that got her close to what would be her final orgasm of the day, and to finish it off, I brought her back into the pool and fucked her until she came.

I asked her if she wanted to go out to dinner. She got dressed up and I did the same. On the way to dinner she gave me the best road head I’ve ever had, because the restaurant was an hour away and that’s almost as long as it took. But she didn’t care. She had found a cock that was going to service her whenever she wanted. She had dreamed about me, and now I would fantasize about her. Now I think about Marilyn every time I’m forced to fulfill my marital “obligation.” I think about that tight pussy, the long legs, the great breasts, and the insatiable appetite. I think about those things and I cum really hard into my wife.

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