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The Devil and Mrs. Lane

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“Wow that’s a nice costume you got babe.” Kelly said posing in front of the mirror of the local shop. She was dressed as a cat girl complete with ear and tail. “You got someone special coming over?”

Vanessa shook her head. “Just wanted to get made up, it’s nice to look sexy every now and again. Junior is going out to a party with his friends but I’ve decided to leave the light on for Trick-or-Treaters anyway. Maybe some delicious single Dad will come buy and I’ll be able to convince him to come by later for some of my tricks and treats?” She waggled her eye brows suggestively.

“You naughty minx. Well I wish you the best. That witch costume will definitely turn some heads. How old is Junior this year?”

“He turned eighteen just over six months. . .you can’t be.” Vanessa asked lacing up the shiny black knee high heeled boots. She already had the black bustier and frilly black skirt on completing what the young man out front had ensured her was a sexy witch. She felt more like the Devil’s Prostitute in the outfit. Which was exactly what she was aiming for!

“Not your son silly. I mean he’s grown into being quite the young man and the only thing keeping this cougars claws out of him is I have a husband and you’d never forgive him, but I bet you he has some friends who’d love a piece of Milf Pie.” Kelly turned pushing her ass up like a cat in heat. “That’s been all the rage with young men lately and let me tell you Vanessa. You got what they are looking for!”

“Do I really?” She stood up and did a twirl. She was forty three but most people would have guessed she was in her thirties. She had a little sag in her more than handful sized breasts but judging by the shows her son watched apparently what older ladies lacked in perkiness they were expected to make up for in volume and that she had done. With a narrow waist born of lots of Taebo and still mostly pert bottom from the same program gave her a figure that she was proud of. Even if it didn’t quite compare to the girls her son brought home.

“Of course you do. Don’t tell me you’ve never caught them staring.” Vanessa couldn’t exactly deny that she’d noticed her son’s friends occasionally checking her out. She’d originally thought that it was just run of the mill kid crush stuff but now that Kelly brought it up Mike did like to hug her. And Jason was always trying to get her to join them in the pool.

“Okay maybe a few times. Vanessa replied.

“Well maybe you should drop him off.”


“No, play the cool mom. You know he’s going to be drinking so you don’t want him to have his car. Someone can drive him home or you’ll come pick him up or he can spend the night but he’s not getting a DUI.” Kelly grinned. “Then embarrass the fuck out of him by walking him to the door. I’m sure the kids parents are out so it’ll just be his friends. I’m sure he’ll get over the embarrassment sooner or later.”


Several hours later.

“Mom, I’m not going to be drinking.” Junior insisted. He was trying to both look his mom in the eye and awkwardly look away from his mother at the same time. “So you can just let me drive, it’ll be fine. I promise.”

“Now, now Son, it’s not an option. If you want to go to this party you’re not going to be driving and that’s final. I know how these parties are. I was young once too you know?” Vanessa insisted placing one hand on a well formed hip and putting her booted foot down.

Junior stood staring at her for a moment then finally submitted. “Fine, you can drop me off. I’ll probably have someone drop me off so it’s no big.”

When they arrived in front of the party it was already in full swing. Partially because Junior was the kind of guy who liked to make a late entrance and partially because Vanessa had decided that she could get him a consolation prize and bought him and his friends a bottle of vodka. He’d put up the kind of opposition expected from a young man who didn’t want to seem too eager about drinking. Then he’d shown the kind of knowledge about liquor that had him ‘accidentally’ choosing Grey Goose and Belvedere maltepe escort before Vanessa told him not to push it and he settled on Smirnoff with a grin.

Vanessa stopped the car when they got to the house climbing out of the car. “What are you doing Mom? I thought we agreed, you were just dropping me off.”

“I’m just gonna go talk to his parents before I leave, make sure I know who I’m leaving my son with.” Vanessa insisted. “Now you can make a scene about this. . .”

Junior deflated. His mother had easily won this battle. Maybe if he’d argued that someone could come pick him up back at the house but now everybody was here and nobody was going to leave to pick him up. “Fine. But I think they’re out for the evening.”

“We’ll just check.” Vanessa said walking past her son.

It had been years since she’d had as many eyes on her as she did right then. Vanessa could literally feel the eyes of teens moving over her flesh. It was a pleasant feeling, even her husband didn’t look at her like this very often, not that she was usually dressed in something so flattering around the house.

She knocked on the door and a mummy answered the door. “Well hello. The party is already started. Come on in!”

Vanessa was tempted let him pull her into the house where a young man wearing a long red cape and huge angular glasses descended the stairs. “Welcome to my Halloween Party and who the hell do you think you ar-” He cut himself off mid sentence. “Mrs. Lane, hi. Junior isn’t here yet.” He made a quick slicing motion across his neck.

“Relax I was just looking for your parents. I know what goes on at these parties.” She thrust out her hip while she spoke.

“They’re not in right now. If you’d like the number?” He offered.

While they spoke Junior made his way into the house trying his absolute best to be invisible. He might have managed it if his mother hadn’t spun on her heels and walked right over to him. “Okay, well if you need a ride give me a call. Since you’re father’s out I’ll be all alone tonight.” Then she walked past him and out the door.

“All alone?” A horny red devil repeated when she passed him on the stairs.

“I wasn’t talking to you, you naughty boy.” She replied with a wink and walked past him. He was watching, in particular her swaying hips. She almost turned right then and grabbed him by the collar but somehow Vanessa managed to return to her car and drive home.

Vanessa spent the night passing out candy to boys and girls, appreciating the strares from fathers and boys too old to still be out collecting free candy. It wasn’t the worst way to spend a night. Especially since despite what she’d told her son she was enjoying a box of wine.

Just like she did every year she shut off the lights at ten preparing to head back to her room and get to sleep early just in case her son did need a ride. She’d only made it half way up the stairs when there came a knock at the door.

“Whatever.” She said intending to ignore it and walking up the stairs. Then it came again louder with two rings of the bell. “We’re out of candy!” She shouted. “Now it was full on banging. She might have ignored it but if the dog next door woke up she’d be up half the night. And so would two other houses so she came back down and opened the door.

“Still all alone?” The Devil said with a smile.

Vanessa hadn’t gotten a good look at him earlier. He had really stunning reddish brown eyes and a build like a runner. Just how she liked them. “Still alone. What’s you’re name?”

“You don’t recognize me? I’m Gabriel Parker, but since I’m the Devil and you’re a witch I think Master is more appropriate don’t you?” Gabriel Parker was one of her son’s on again off again friends. They’d been more off than on in high school. Something about football guys and wrestling guys that Vanessa had pretended to listen to and glossed over.

“Okay Master. Would you please come in?” Vanessa asked stepping aside. It seemed significant somehow that he had actually stood outside the house until she invited pendik escort him in even though she wasn’t really in the way at all. It didn’t matter though. That tiny act of submission made her pussy tingle.

When Gabriel stepped into the house his presence was overwhelming. The way he carried himself, the way he smelled and most of all the way that he was staring at her. Like she was his prey and he intended to devour her body and soul. “Can I get you a glass of something, Master?”

It looked like he enjoyed hearing it as much as she enjoyed saying it. “Yes, you can get me a glass of whiskey and one for yourself.” She didn’t normally drink whiskey but her Master told her to and with what she hoped he had in mind she wasn’t going to refuse something so small. She got down a pair of glasses and poured them both drinks handing one to him.


“Is there anything else I can get you?” Vanessa asked with a saucy smile.

“Kneel.” Gabriel commanded.

The way he said it didn’t leave any room for discussion. Vanessa sank to her knees looking up at her neighbor, Gabriel, and smiled. “Is this how you wanted me my dark master?”

“No. I wanted you naked.” He said with a devious grin. Vanessa reached up grabbing the bring of her hat. “No, leave the hat and boots you little bitch.”

“That’s witch.” She corrected him slowly unlacing her bustier and finally letting it fall to the floor. Next she unzipped her skirt. She wriggled out of them and then sank back down putting her hands back behind her back. “Now what should I do my Master?”

Gabriel tugged hit red spandex down just enough to free himself. His cock bobbed free only inches from her face. Vanessa stared at it intimidated by it and its size. Sure she’d seen the bulge forming in his pants while they danced. Vanessa had felt it grinding against her pert rump later when they’d been grinding. Neither experience quite measured up to seeing the thing, with its cherry red bulbous head threatening her. The tip was listening with pre-cum. “Do I really need to tell you what you should do?”

He really didn’t need to tell her at all and she shook her head leaning in closer. She inhaled his scent then slowly extended her tongue taking the quickest taste. He was salty and delicious. All on their own Vanessa’s lips parted and wrapped around the thick head of Gabriel’s cock swirling her tongue all around it. The entire time she never took her bright blue eyes away from his maroon. . .no brown gaze.

“That’s a good bitch. Take it deeper.” Gabriel commanded.

Vanessa’s eyes narrowed slightly at the insult, then she felt a sudden warmth between her thighs. It hit her so hard that it actually hurt her gut for a moment like a sudden cramp. Was it what he said? She questioned. She knew that she would obey him without question sliding his cock into her mouth. She slid forward until she felt it tickling the back of her throat. Vanessa tried to plead with him but she knew as soon as his crimson clad hands came down to grip her skull that it was in vain.

His hands were hot, not warm but hot almost unpleasant and they were clamped down tight around her he head. Vanessa couldn’t even think about the thick cock forcing its way down her throat because of the hot digits singing her scalp Soon the combination sensations had her mewling. Her eyes were slowly gliding shut-

“Don’t close your eyes bitch. I want to see you while you suck.” The cherry. . .no coffee eyed man snarled. She wasn’t even the least bit offended this time. Vanessa was so wet now she could feel it coating the insides of her thighs.

Vanessa was amazed to find her nose crushed against his pubic bone. She could feel his thick cock growing thicker in her throat. At first she felt triumphant, she’d never managed to take a man all the way to the back of her throat like that, then she realized she couldn’t breath around that thing and he was looking down at her with a twisted smiled. Vanessa waited knowing he would let her up. When he didn’t and her lungs started to burn and she brought kaynarca escort her hands up to pound against his meaty thighs and he still held her in place. The world was starting to darken for Vanessa and the only think she could see were vermillion burning like little coals into her soul. Just before those too fade away he yanked her off his cock and let her collapse to the floor.

“Oh God!” Vanessa moaned. She’d never realized just how delicious oxygen was until she felt it filling her lungs and the world coming rushing back with it. He only had the toe of his shoe pressed between her thighs and just a tiny bit of pressure combined pushed her into her first orgasm wriggling beneath him. Vanessa wasn’t sure how long she’d been lying like that, but when she totally regained her wits had almost bored smiled.

“Welcome back bitch.”

“Yes Master.” She whispered fluttering her eyes up at him. “Am I done?”

“Of course not. But you’ve done well, you can pick which hole I’ll use next.” He grinned.

Vanessa’s legs were still numb and her arms didn’t quite work. She rolled over onto her stomach propping her hips up beneath her and pushing her ass into the air. She knew when a man asked her to choose he really just wanted one answer. She gripped her buttocks and pried them open looking over her shoulders at him. “Please my Master, fuck my ass.”

“That’s a good bitch.” Gabriel said kneeling behind her. To her surprise when he gripped his hips his cock was pressed against her sopping wet slit not her ass. He dug his fingers into the pliable flesh there and yanked her sinking his hard flesh into her. Like the rest of his skin it was hot and it felt great like it was radiating inside her. As bit as he’d felt in her mouth, he felt even bigger in her cunt stretching her around him.

As soon as the strength returned to Vanessa’s legs she started thrusting back against him. Slowly at first because she didn’t trust herself not to topple over, then faster and faster till the wet slaps of her buttocks against his hips started echoing through the room. Then harder still till her backside started to redden from the repeated collisions.

The head of Gabriel’s cock was battering violently against her womb and Vanessa coaxed him on. He wouldn’t have stopped even if she’d begged him at that point, he was too close. She could feel the thick head of Gabriel’s cock pulsing and expanding every time he rammed against her cervix and she knew what it meant when a man’s pace picked up like that, and lost it’s rhythm like that. He was going to come soon.

So was she. Vanessa grit her teeth, she didn’t rust herself to make a sound. If she made a sound, any sound at all the neighbors would hear her. She was afraid she’d make herself bleed she bit down so hard. Even after all that she still heard her screams reverberating around her own skull when she came. Vanessa’s entire body convulsed and that sent him into his own spasm that flooded her womb with his scalding hot semen. He buried the full length of his dick in her that time and the strength in her legs failed leaving her flat on the floor with him on top of her. Occasionally he’d twitch a bit but then he finally rolled off her.

Vanessa remained like that for a few seconds more enjoying the near euphoric high she was still riding. She seemed to be aware of every inch of her body, especially when his now cooling semen started too ooze back out of her and pool beneath her. She could hardly believe how much of it there must have been. It just kept sliming its way out of her freshly fucked hole.

“Okay, now am I done Master?” Vanessa asked jokingly. She couldn’t have gone for anymore if she’d wanted.

When she looked up at him he’d grown almost a foot standing on cloven hooves. She was certain now what his eyes were blood red and staring down into her very soul. The soft cloth horns were twisted in shiny black horns and a tail with a spaded tail whipped back and forth behind him. Vanessa let loose a blood curdling scream and tried to run. Before she could move a skeletal hand reached up from the floor wrapping around her ankle dragging her down into the floor. More reached up grabbing her wrists, her breasts, her still wet thighs, her throat and her hair.

“No. No you are not. In fact we’re just beginning!” The last sounds she heard, on Earth, were of the Devil laughing.

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