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The Deal Ch. 33

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A Change of Seasons


The Deal’s Who’s Who:


Diana Hughes – mother of Matthew Hughes, widow of the late David Hughes, started the Deal

Matthew Hughes- Diana’s son, boyfriend of Cindy Morgan

Cindy Morgan – Matt’s girlfriend, lives with the Hughes


Craig Lynn – Matt’s best friend, son of Jeff and Susan Lynn, brother to Cindy Lynn

Susan Lynn – Diana’s best friend, wife of Jeff and mother of Craig and Cindy Lynn

Jeff Lynn – Husband of Susan and father of Craig and Cindy Lynn


Chip Hamilton – close friend to Matt and Craig

Kim Hamilton – close friend of Diana’s, wife of Adam, mother of Chip

Adam Hamilton – husband of Kim and father of Craig


Lacey Brock – neighbor and former old friend of Diana, Susan and Kim.

Jenny Clark – friend of Craig Lynn, going to same college as Craig

Steven DeForest – Former Biology teacher for Matt, Craig and Chip, interested in Diana Hughes

Gwen Hollister – brunette haired sister to Stephanie, new neighbors of the Hughes and owners of Dreamland adult store

Stephanie Hollister – blonde haired sister to Gwen, new neighbors of the Hughes and owners of Dreamland adult store.



Diana and Matt where enjoying a quiet Friday breakfast before heading off to work and school as Cindy slept in her room.

Diana caught Matt’s eyes. “Do you know what I just realized?”

Matt shook his head, “What?”

“My son graduates in a week. I need to get in touch with Sue and Kim so we can have that graduation party for you boys.”

Matt laughed, “Well you have been kind of busy. It’s hard managing a life while having a girlfriend.”

Diana blushed.

Matt grinned, “And here we all thought we knew what you looked like when you glow. Boy, were we wrong. You’ve gone supernova or something.”

“Oh, stop,” Diana laughed.

“Seriously mom, I’m so happy for you.”

Diana ducked her head. “Honestly, this feels every bit as wonderful as when I was with your dad.”

“I’m glad. Cindy and I have been stopping by Dreamland when we get a chance and have gotten to know Gwen better. She really is something special. We are so happy for you.”

Diana laughed, “Yeah, Gwen told me that you’ve been checking her out more. That was very sweet of you both. I’m glad you both like her. I really think she’s the one I’m going to spend the rest of my life with.”

“You two going to get married?”

“I don’t know. Maybe? We haven’t really talked about it beyond that we both want a happily ever after together.”

Di continued, “But that’s a whole lifetime away while right now we have your graduation and party.”

Matt smiled, “Okay, but let’s talk about how we’ll do this party. Craig wants to do something with his girlfriend and family, and they definitely don’t see things the same way we do, and Chip has a chance to head over to Philadelphia for a great catch up academic program right after he graduates. I’m perfectly fine with celebrating with just Cindy, you and Gwen.”

“Can we include Sue and Jeff as well as Kim and Adam if they are available?”

“Of course, we’re really all one big happy family.”

“One thing, if we use the back yard we might want to check with the Gibsons first as they can see over the fence pretty easily.”

Diana looked at her grinning son with a look.

It turned out the Gibsons were out of town for the week visiting their children.

“I’ll get it,” Cindy yelled as the doorbell rang.

Diana, Gwen and Sue Lynn all looked up from reclining on the chaise lounges next to each other on the grass. All three were completely nude except for sunglasses.

A nude Cindy ran through the house. Standing behind the door, she opened it ajar slightly to peek around the door. She pulled it open wide as she bust into a smile, “Chip! I didn’t think you could make it. Hi Kim. Hey Adam.”

Cindy hugged all three Hamiltons.

Cindy hooked her arm through Chip’s and led them all through the house into the kitchen to the backdoor.

“Matt! Chip is here” Cindy called.

Matt looked up from where he was standing with Jeff Lynn by the two large silver grills which had steaks, sausage and fish grilling on them. Jeff was nude except for a green apron, his tight, bare ass on display to the enjoyment of the women, even Gwen.

Matt came forward and hugged his close friend. Chip returned it before stepping back to look at his nude best friend, “I don’t think I’ve ever been hugged by you naked before.

Matt and Cindy laughed. Then with a gleam in her eyes Cindy stepped forward to wrap her arms around Chip hugging him tightly pressing her nude body into him.

She reached down and felt the bulge in his pants, “It seems you don’t mind when I hug you without any clothes on.”

They all laughed. Cindy leaned forward to kiss the blushing man on his cheek.

“Kim, Adam, Chip? Would you like anything to drink? We have beer, wine, and soda.”

Cindy went over to the coolers by the chaise lounges to get Kim’s wine illegal bahis and Chip and Adam’s beer.

Kim reached over to tug on her son’s shirt as her other hand unsnapped her jeans, “Come on boys, we definitely need to get into proper party attire.”

Soon the Hamiltons were naked like everybody else.

Kim joined the other girls while Matt, Chip and Cindy played Frisbee while Adam joined Jeff at the grills.

After Kim had properly oiled her body up like the other tanning women, the four watched the others play Frisbee.

Gwen looked at the other women, “I’m pretty sure the boys are deliberately making Cindy stretch for her catches.”

The four watched and then laughed as Cindy indeed had to jump for a catch, causing her full breasts to wobble as she grabbed the Frisbee.

Diana replied, “Yep, not that I’m complaining.”

Sue retorted with a throaty chuckle, “With that figure, I don’t blame them.”

Diana yelled out, “You know Cindy, I think it would be an even bigger treat for the boys if you had your chain on.”

“Yes, please,” responded both Matt and Chip.

Cindy stopped and looked down at her breasts as she panted from the exertion. She looked at Diana with a grin and ran into the house.

Kim and Sue looked at Diana, “Chain?”

Gwen smirked, “Just wait.”

In a moment Sue and Kim hooted and howled as Cindy ran back out to return to the game, her nipples clamped tight with the long silver chain dangling between them.

“Wow,” responded Sue.

Gwen gave a chuckle, “Should I mention that Diana looks gorgeous wearing hers too.”

Diana swatted her arm, “Oh hush you; you are so biased” as Kim with a gleam in her eye answered, “Oooooo do tell.”

Jeff saved Diana with his yell “Food’s ready.”

Soon the nine were seated at two red picnic tables with separate red benches enjoying all the salads and grilled food laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Occasionally, Kim, Sue, Diana or Cindy would reach a hand under the table to tug on a surprised graduate.

Sue looked around the table, “I don’t know about you but I think it’s time dessert.”

With that she sunk under the table as the rest laughed. Diana, Cindy and Kim all grinned at each other then slid down under the table as well. For the next several minutes Chip, Matt, Jeff, Adam and even Gwen would jump and then moan with glazed eyes every so often.

Eventually the four flushed women crawled back up from under the table. They grabbed napkins to wipe their sticky faces before taking a deep drink of their wine.

Cindy looked at Kim with wonder, “How do you take all of Adam like that, I can never get it all.”

Kim chuckled, “Years and years of practice my young apprentice. Besides you did quite an impressive job with Chip just now. He certainly takes after his father.”

Gwen ducked her head under the table before looking back up at Cindy and Kim, “I’ll say.”

All the women burst into laughter.

After some more relaxing Diana, Cindy, Kim, Sue and Gwen got up and cleared away the food while the men moved the picnic tables and cleaned the grills.

Soon the women came back outside. Diana, Cindy and Gwen each were holding big, comforters which they spread out on the ground together. Kim and Sue placed bowls filled with condoms down on the blankets as well as bottles of lube. Diana was now wearing her clamps and chain along with Cindy.

The five nude women sprawled out on the comforters in the middle of the yard, and looked at the men.

“Well? Too stuffed from all that food to play?” Sue asked the grinning men.

Chip looked around the fence, “What about the neighbors?”

Diana laughed and pointed to her right, “You forget, the house over there is for sale and vacant. Nobody lives behind me, it’s all forest, and the Gibsons are away. We have plenty of privacy for anything you wonderful graduates have in mind.”

Matt slid over to his mother and Cindy, while Chip joined them as Adam and Jeff joined Sue and Kim smiled and shifted over next to Gwen.

Kim looked at the smiling Gwen, “Hiya,” she said before jumping on the laughing woman.

Matt looked at his excited girlfriend, “I love you so much.”

Sue looked at Adam and Jeff as they sat on either side of her, “Oh lucky me. I guess I get to kiss the cooks.”

She leaned down to swallow Adam’s stiffening flesh as she ran her hand over Jeff’s cock.

Diana laughed and got up on her hands and knees in front of her son watching behind her as he reached for a bottle of lube.

“Ooohhhh,” Diana said. “I think I know where that cock is going.”

Matt just grinned and poured some lube on Diana’s backside.

Cindy laughed and quickly got on her hands and knees facing Diana just inches away with Chip behind her.

Matt tossed the bottle of lube to Chip, “Here, catch.”

Chip caught the bottle and squeezed some lube on his cock and then on Cindy’s lower spine and ass.

Cindy and Diana looked at each other then gave long groans as Matt and Chip sank their cocks into their back passages. The two women illegal bahis siteleri leaned forward to kiss deeply as the men behind them grabbed their hips and pushed and pulled.

Sue looked up from her husband’s cock while she was gliding her hand up and down Adam’s. “Fuck that is sooooo hot.”

Kim and Gwen looked up from each other’s sexes.

Gwen moaned, “I love how their chains are swaying with the rhythm of the boys.”

Kim just grinned and dropped her head back into Gwen but not before rubbing one of her fingers back and forth in Gwen’s folds. As she started to lick again her finger crept along down until she rubbed it around Gwen’s smaller opening. Kim slowly pushed the finger in as Gwen groaned.

After the finger was completely in, Gwen moaned, “Oh two can play at that game.”

Cindy looked over as Sue pushed her husband down so she could straddle him, impaling herself on his stiff, upright flesh. Adam waited a moment before shifting behind them to press himself into her from behind.

Cindy noticed the green of the grass the bright sun adding a shine to the yard. She shook as she realized she was naked in the middle of the backyard with a cock in her ass with seven other people engaged in various sexual activities around her.

Diana noticed the wild look in Cindy’s face, “You okay baby?”

Cindy looked at Diana’s face just a couple of inches from her, “I’m getting fucked in my ass outside for the whole world to see in broad daylight. OH MY FUCKING GOD!”

She screamed as the orgasm ripped through her body. Chip held tight. The massive vibrations in her body caused Chip to gasp and spasm deep in her bowls.

Diana started laughing, the shakes causing Matt to lose control and also cum in her mother’s ass. As Diana felt his eruption her laughter turned to moans as she came as well.

After a moment the four collapsed down on the quilts as Kim and Gwen came apart after both erupted over each other’s faces and tongues.

The six watched as Sue, Adam and Jeff rocked their way to their own orgasms.

After all had relaxed, Diana looked at Cindy’s flushed face as she was still looking around the yard.

Diana chuckled, “I remember the first time we all got together outside just like this.”

Sue laughed as well, “It took us forever to get Kim naked; she couldn’t stop looking around waiting to see someone looking.”

“Shut up, I’m naked now aren’t I,” Kim responded to everyone’s laughter.

Diana nodded her head, “It wasn’t long before we were all enclosing our yards with solid, tall fences for complete privacy.”

Sue laughed, “Our parties were outside as much as inside after that.”

Cindy rubbed her stomach, “My butterflies are going crazy. This is so insane. I’m outside in the middle of the yard completely nude having sex. Oh my fucking God”

She shook then looked around at everybody and the yard again. She was still trembling with excitement.

Gwen got a big smirk on her face and rolled over to Diana, grabbing her by the chain hanging between her breasts and tugging her moaning toward Kim. Once they were together, Gwen signaled to Sue to join them. Soon the four women had their heads together occasionally to look up at the men or Cindy before giggling.

“What?” Cindy asked.

Diana chuckled, “You’ll find out. Come here boys.”

Matt, Chip, Adam and Jeff crawled over to Diana as Gwen and Sue went over to each bring two chaise lounges over onto the quilts.

“What are you guys doing?” Cindy asked nervously.

Kim joined Cindy rubbing her back.

“Oh, you’ll see, my young apprentice. You just remember what I taught you.”

Cindy looked at the smirking woman completely lost as to what she meant.

She watched as Matt came back over reaching into the bowl to grab a condom. He carefully opened and rolled the latex down his hard flesh.

As soon as he was completely covered he grabbed the startled girl and swung her over onto him as he lay prone. Instinctively she reached between them to bring his cock into her, sinking down on his flesh. She saw Adam pick up the bottle of lube and squirt a liberal amount onto his stiffening flesh. He started to walk behind her as Matt pulled her down to him.

She wailed a groan as she felt Adam sink his long cock into the hole widened minutes before by his son.

The three started to rock back and forth at the hips.

She noticed a motion and looked up to see Chip and Jeff standing on either side of Matt’s head, their cocks hard and waving right in front of her face.

She gasped, “All four of you?”

“Outside, in the middle of the yard, in broad daylight, for the whole world to see, especially us,” Gwen called.

Cindy turned her head to see the four nude, smiling women laying in the chaise lounges just a couple of feet from her with their hands in each of their moist folds watching and enjoying the sight of her nude with the four nude men.

“OH MY GOD!” she screamed. She grabbed Chip and Jeff with her hands pulling them toward her mouth, feeling Jeff reach down to grab her chain canlı bahis siteleri and pull it from her breasts, bringing an ache to her nipples that matched the one from Adam in her ass.

She looked around the yard again as she inhaled Chip before looking at the clapping women.

She lost her mind and exploded.


Diana parked her car in the manager spot at the bank. She locked her car and headed to the front doors for another Monday at work. She unlocked the door to the bank, walked in and went to press the security code but stopped when she saw it was already deactivated. She was reaching for her phone to call the security company when she noticed Mr. Bennet, one of the bank’s chief executive officers, standing near her office door.

“Mr. Bennet?” Diana asked stepping forward.

The grim faced man opened his hand and fanned it out toward her office, “Please Mrs. Hughes, come in, we need to talk.”

Diana walked past him into her office and turned the lights on before sitting at her desk watching as the older man sat across the desk from her.

“Mrs. Hughes, I’m afraid I have some bad news,” he began.

“Are we merging with another bank?”

Bennet started then jerked his head no, “No, I’m afraid it’s about you.”

Diana looked at him wide eyed, “I’m afraid I don’t understand?”

Bennet took a deep breath, “Fifth National Bank is going into a different direction and your services are no longer required.”

“WHAT?” Diana gasped. “I don’t understand. I’ve worked here my entire life. My reviews are great. I’ve always been promoted. I’ve never had a single complaint. I don’t understand.”

“It is a board decision based on the future of the bank. I am not at liberty to say more except, you are terminated effective immediately. You will receive your pay for four weeks through the end of this month and a pay-out for your vacation balance.”

“You’re firing me?” Diana could not believe what she was hearing. “Why? What have I done?”

Bennet got up and walked out into the lobby before coming back with a cardboard box.

“Please use this to take all your personal belongings, and I will need to take your keys now.”

“Mr. Bennet. I’ve devoted my entire life to this bank. This has always been my job that I believe I have done very well. Please tell me what this is about?”

“Your keys, please Mrs. Hughes.”

Soon Diana was putting in the back seat the cardboard box filled with items she had added to her office over the years, amazed she could fit it all in one little box.

She sat in her driver’s seat and was about to cinch her seatbelt when she suddenly burst out crying and pounded her fists on the steering wheel.

She had no idea what to do. She wiped her hand across her face, smearing her tears across her cheek. She drove out of the parking lot and was soon pulling into the familiar Hollister driveway. Leaving her car door open she ran to the door pounding on it until a bleary eyed Stephanie opened it.

“Di, what’s wrong? You’re crying?” Steph gasped.

Diana pushed past the surprised woman, “Where’s Gwen? I need to see her. I need her.”

Gwen belting a sash to her robe came out the hall to stand stunned at the sight of the hysterical Diana.

Diana burst into a wail of tears as she ran into Gwen’s open arms.

“Gwen, the bank,” Diana hiccupped. “The bank, they just fired me.”

“WHAT?” both Hollisters roared.

Gwen held her sobbing girlfriend tight just letting her cry.

Stephanie came over and ran her hand softly along the back of the heaving woman.

Soon Diana calmed down and let the two sisters lead her over to the couch where they all sat.

“Sweetheart,” Gwen started, “why did they fire you?”

Diana looked at Gwen, “That’s just it. He wouldn’t tell me. Just that they were going in a new direction and I wasn’t a part of it.”

Gwen shook her head, “That’s doesn’t make any sense.”

“I kept asking but he wouldn’t tell me.” Diana kept sobbing. “He just kept asking me for my keys and to leave. I’m so confused. This doesn’t make any sense.”

“Diana,” Stephanie asked softly, “Does the bank know about you and Gwen?”

Diana shook her head, tears flying from her face. “What difference does that make?”

Gwen gasped, “You don’t think…”

Stephanie shook her head sadly, “It wouldn’t be the first time by a long shot.”

Diana looked at the two women confused, “What are you talking about?”

Stephanie put her hand on Diana’s shoulder, “Sweetheart, it can be a very homophobic world out there. People get fired and even lose their homes all the time just because of whom they love.”

“That’s ridiculous; this is 2012 not the stone age.” Diana shook her head.

Gwen pulled her love into an embrace, “We don’t know why this just happened. But Steph could be right. It does happen.”

“Don’t you remember just last week when we were out for dinner and that fussy old woman got all huffy and nasty because of us?”

“Mrs. Wilson? But she is always nasty to everybody.”

“But she was nasty because we were two women in love. It does happen.”

“That’s Mrs. Wilson. Not a big corporate bank. This doesn’t make any sense.”

Diana pulled her tighter into the embrace and nestled her head into Gwen’s soft, robe covered chest.

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