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The Deal Ch. 06

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Big Dicks

“It’s Diana Hughes risen from the grave!” came the exclamation across the food court.

Diana spun to see a table of three women frantically waving. Diana smiled and strolled over to sit in the last open chair dropping her bags next to her.

Three voices assailed her simultaneously.

“You’re tan in the middle of February?”

“How can you still dress like that?”

“My God, you’re positively glowing.”

“Uh, hi to you guys too,” Di snagged a slice of pizza from the open box on the table.

“Seriously, why do you look so incredible?” Susan’s eyes were wide open as they scanned down Diana.

“Well, I’m taking Matt to Jamaica on Spring break for a final year fling, so I’ve been hitting the tanning salon.”

“Okay that explains the color, but what about the killer figure. Look at us, gravity has not been nearly as kind to us. It’s not fair,” Kim whined.

“You know me, I’ve always been a freak about what I’m eating,” Di stopped to look at the half eaten greasy slice in her hand. “Usually. Plus I seem to be playing a lot of Wii with Matt lately. Besides which, look who is talking, none of us are even remotely near fifty yet. You all still have great figures.”

“Oh, no. You can fool these two but not me. I’ve been divorced too long. I know that glow. You’re getting some action. Give the details girl.” Lacey pointed a finger at Diana.

Diana held her hands up. “Seriously, no way. Just quality time with Matt and excitement over five days of fun in the sun. You know me, I hate the snow.”

The three friends looked at each deciding if they were going to buy her story.

“Come on guys. I don’t even know the name of a single bachelor out there.”

“Anonymous sex can be the best kind,” Lacey laughed.

“Which is why you’ve been divorced longer than we’ve been married,” Kim shot back.

“See, your lives are much more interesting than mine,” Diana shot in.

“You don’t see any of us going to Jamaica any time soon,” Lacey was not ready to give up yet.

“Sure, with my son,” Diana pointed out, “in separate rooms I might add, just in case you have that perverted a mind.”

“Well, sure. It would be awkward to kick out your own son if you scored some gorgeous beach hunk,” Susan laughed.

“Gravity hasn’t been THAT kind,” Di retorted.

“You don’t see any of us wearing that tight a coat or jeans; what color paint are those pants anyways?” Kim still couldn’t get over Di’s figure.

“Hey Deb’s pants are always a little small. You know that.”

“Girl, none of us have been able to fit in Deb’s stuff for at least five years.”

“Yeah, right. I don’t buy that for a minute. Speaking of buy, I need to get home to try on these suits in private so I can be horrified at what gravity has done and return them quickly.”

“Why don’t you model them for Matt and give him a preview of the fun.” Lacey’s eyes were lit with a mischievous glint.

“What, and scare the poor boy from the beach? No thanks.” Diana got up grabbing her bags.

“Di, it has been great seeing you. Why don’t you rejoin the living and come out with us next Friday to Flynn’s for a girls’ night.” Susan smiled at her old friend.

“Sure, why not. Let me check and make sure Matt doesn’t have anything going on and I’ll be there.” Diana turned and left grinning at the conversation that started even before she was out of earshot.

Later a nude Diana was contemplating giving Matt a modeling show after all as a test of the new suits when she heard a knock at the door. Grabbing her dressing gown she headed to the door.

“Gee Sue; long time no see.” Diana stepped back to let her shivering friend in the house.

Sue stomped her feet and rubbed her arms. “It’s ten below and you’re barely dressed?”

“Trying on suits, remember?”

“What if Matt finishes his homework early with Craig and comes home early and catches you?”

“It’s not like he won’t see more on the beach next month.”

“Good point.”

“Come on in the kitchen and I’ll make us some coffee”

As the smell of coffee started to fill the room Diana turned and sat next to her old friend.

“So what brings you to my door in ten illegal bahis below weather while our sons are at your place probably eating you out of house and home?”

“You and Dave were our best friends. I know you too well even after all these years. Suddenly, you and Matt have changed too much. What gives?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Oh come on. Lacey was right; you are positively glowing.”

“Tanning salon and Jamaica; it does wonderful things to a sun bunny.”

“Alright, I know when I am not getting anywhere with you. Anyways, I’ve been meaning to thank you for the study pushing Matt has been doing on Craig. His grades are improving drastically. I could never get him to crack a book and now he and Matt are getting together practically every other day to study. How did you do it?”

“Oh just the ‘your whole future is ahead of you’ speech.”

“Bull shit. It didn’t work on Craig; it wouldn’t work on Matt.”

“Somehow I just connected with him and the spark lit.”

“Okay, whatever, again with the secrets. I’m just so happy to see you today alive again. I’ve missed the crazy Di from the old days. When David died so did you. What brought you back after all these years?”

“I didn’t die; I just focused on being a mom to help me get over losing David.”

“You became a whole new dead person. You remember what you used to be like. Don’t forget, I was usually a part of one of the other couples in all our crazy sexcapades.”

“Life and years seemed to get in the way. Look, don’t complain, I’ll be there Friday to show you I’m still alive.”

“Mom, I’m home.” Matt called from the hall.

“In here with Craig’s mom, sweetie.” Diana called out.

In tromped a snow covered teenager. “Hey mom, can we stay in Jamaica until all the snow’s gone. Hey, Mrs. Lynn.”

“Hey Matt.”

“Tempting, Matt, tempting. Do you think we could find jobs and colleges there?”

“I’ll fire up the Internet and get on that.”

“Kidding, Matt, just kidding.”

But the boy took off like a shot towards his room.

Diana caught the strange look on Susan’s face. “What?”

“If Craig walked in and found me in just a small robe his eyes would hit the floor and he would lose the ability to speak, but he would hang around as long as possible to enjoy the show. And you’ve got a much better body than me. Matt wasn’t even fazed. What gives Di?”

‘You exaggerate my dear suspicious one. This isn’t that short and I often wear it. Everything’s covered. Again, he’ll see more in Jamaica. Besides need I remind you yet again that you are still quite gorgeous yourself?”

“Pshaw. Hey, aren’t there topless beaches?”

“He won’t see that much!”

“You are keeping something from me. You are coming back to life. Don’t shut me out again, please.”

“Again, suspicious exaggerations.”

Susan just stared at her friend over the lip of her coffee cup.

Soon the coffee was finished along with the twenty questions and an unsatisfied Susan left to feed her family. Diana waved as her friend walked away.

Matt walked in just as the phone rang.

“What’s up with Mrs. Lynn, Mom?”

“Apparently I’m glowing.”


Diana picked up the phone, “Hello?”

“Di, it’s Kim. It was so great to see you today.”

“Yeah, just like old times.” Diana rolled her eyes and watched as her son looked up and down at her robe raising an eyebrow. She cradled the phone on her shoulder, stuck her tongue out at Matt and unbelted the robe and pulled it off tossing it to the couch revealing her naked body to her beaming son.

“I’m so glad you’ll join us Friday. But I want to run an idea past you.”


“Chip is driving us crazy to do something special for him like you’re taking Matt to Jamaica. We just can’t get time off from work. If we pay all his expenses could Chip join you guys?”

Diana watched as Matt left the room quickly.

“I think Chip would be great company for Matt. I don’t see any problem with that. I’ll email you all the plane and hotel information tonight.”

Diana finished up her conversation and hung up as Matt came back carrying his white dress shirt and illegal bahis siteleri his new digital camera.

“What’s wrong with your shirt?”

“If I order pizza for dinner would you go for a modeling session so I could try out my new camera?”

“I just had pizza; how about Chinese instead. But I still don’t get the shirt.”

“It’s for the pictures. Chinese is okay if you pay for it wearing only the shirt.”

“Excuse me?”

“Come on; it’s freezing out. Give the poor delivery guy a little thrill.”

“How come you never tried negotiating your grades? It could have saved me a lot of trouble buster.”

“Hey you ‘wheeled and dealed’ first, I’m just learning from the best.”

“Flattery will only get you so far mister.”

“I can dream, can’t I? So how about it?”

“With the shirt buttoned – deal”

“With the bottom three buttons only – deal.”

Diana looked at the shirt. “I lean over and the girls will come popping out.”

“Don’t lean – it makes you the master of your own destiny.”

“Oh please; ‘master of my own destiny’ that was truly pathetic. Tell you what, last three buttons only unless the delivery person is a girl then you pay for it in just your boxers.”

“Two buttons only and deal.”

“Two buttons only but the next time a delivery is by a girl you’re giving her a thrill.”

“Boxers on but if the next person is a guy instead than you pay with no buttons.”

“That’s pushing it. Alright mister push the limits. No buttons if next delivery is by a male but my little friend needs to be pushing out the boxers for the girl, and you take me out to a nice dinner the next night.”


“I wouldn’t smile so much if I were you. Your dad once got me to pay for pizza in just a short towel which I had to “accidently” lose before handing the boy the money for a lot less than you just finagled.”

Diana turned from the groaning boy to find the order menu.

After the order was placed, Diana held out her hand for the shirt. “So what devious plan do you have for me this time?”

“Nothing so devious. I think you would look so hot around the kitchen in just the unbuttoned shirt.”

“I’m impressed; that’s not bad. Okay, let me take a shower first. Ah, before you protest we have plenty of time before the food comes. Trust me; I want to be there if it is a girl.”

A quick shower later and a wet haired Diana walked to Matt’s room putting both hands on either side of the door frame pushing one leg out causing the shirt to spread open baring her entire body with the shirt hanging down on either side, “Ta-da.”

Matt quickly grabbed the camera from his desk and snapped the picture.

“Oh God, this is going to be better than I thought.”

“Why thank you young sir.” Diana beamed at her glazed eyed son. She twirled around causing the shirt to swirl up revealing the bottom of her ass.

“Do women take a special course on how to successfully drive men crazy?”

“Nah, it’s a God-given natural talent embedded in the chromosome.” Diana grabbed the bottom edges of the shirt and flipped it up pushing her now completely revealed ass out at her son. “Wiggle, wiggle.”

She smirked at the sound of the click. God, she hoped it was a guy delivering the food; the buzz in her chest was driving her crazy.

Mother and son walked into the kitchen.

“Well, Mr. Photographer, how would you like me?”

“How about you sit in the chair, cross your legs with your hands on your knee to start.”

Diana walked over and sat as Matt requested. The shirt split open showing the space between her breasts down to her belly button before her folded legs hid the rest from view.


“How about moving behind the table with your hands spread out on the table leaning forward.”

When Diana got up the shirt flew open revealing her left breast entirely before closing back over it.

Damn, thought Matt, I got to catch that next time.

Diana stepped behind the table and spread her hands; the shirt opened but again covered her breasts while the table hid what was below her belly button.


“Now can you stand by the stove holding canlı bahis siteleri a spatula over your shoulder with the shirt pulled down off the shoulder and you looking at me.”

Diana walked over to the stove grabbing a spatula from the container of utensils. When she was in front of the stove she tugged the shirt down off her shoulder revealing the skin of her shoulder blade and her upper arm. She looked over her shoulder at Matt smirking.


“Could you put down the spatula and drop your arms to the stove with the shirt pulled down to your arms revealing your whole back.

Diana spread her legs a little and pulled the other side off her shoulder and let the shirt fall to her elbows baring her entire back to the base of her spine, her ass still completely covered.


“Now could you…” Matt was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell.

Diana turned, her entire front exposed as the shirt hung around her arms. Matt watched as the area above her breasts flushed red. Matt and Diana stared at each other.

Matt quickly brought the camera up to snap a picture before the doorbell rang again.

Matt and Diana scampered through the living room to the front door.

While Diana stood behind the door Matt pushed it open slightly and peered through the peephole.

“Yes! It’s a guy!” He hissed excitedly pumping his fist.

Diana smirked back and pulled the shirt up and reached to button the last two buttons.

“Get your money, Mr. Lucky.”

Matt stepped back and reached into his pocket for his wallet as he watched his mother step around to open the door wide, the shirt gaped in the front baring the inner slopes of her breasts but covering everything else.

“I’m sorry; I just got out of the shower.”

“Nnn nnno pproblem, ma’am,” Matt heard through the door. A grin split across Matt’s entire face.

Matt heard the storm door open and his mother stepped forward to grab the food. When he heard the gasp he knew something must have been revealed.

Diana stepped back and turned handing the food to her son. Her face was flushed with excitement. They looked deeply into each other’s eyes. Matt gave her the money. Diana held her gaze with her son and smirked as her hand reached down and yanked the shirt open popping the two buttons off the shirt sending them flying across the room.

A sultry voice whispered “I’ll fix your shirt later.” She turned letting the shirt billow open as she opened the door with the money outstretched. “Here you go.”

“Holy shit!”

Diana stepped back. She smiled and waved as the shirt swirled open around her, “Thanks and have a great night.” And she shut the door. She turned and pressed her back into the door. The shirt moved up and down with the motion of her heaving breasts. She looked at Matt.

“Now I’m glowing.”


“Never mind; follow me.”

Diana walked with a purposeful stride back into the kitchen. She walked over to the counter and jumped up to sit on it. She reached over for the spatula spreading her legs wide.

“Matt. I am sooooo worked up right now.”

The spatula handle only lightly touched the folds between her legs which triggered her entire body to spasm violently. The spatula flew out of her hands onto the floor bouncing. She brought her hands up to run through her hair as her body shook and shook.

“Oh my Gooooooooooooood.”

She sat there quaking until her body came to a slow stillness.

Slowly, she slid off the counter to stand shakily leaning against it. She looked up at Matt. Sweat was spread across her whole body. She pushed forward and wrapped her arms around her son. The shirt opened wide, her bare breasts pushed into his chest as she hugged him close. Diana buried her head into his shoulder.

“That was one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had in my life. Did you film any of it?”

“Film? Shit!”

Diana gave a sultry chuckle into his shoulder. “That’s okay. So where are we ordering from tomorrow?”


As always -thank you so much for reading. Please feel free to leave a comment or email me and check back as I do respond to every comment/email. While you are waiting for the next chapter in the continuing adventures of the Hughes family please check out a great Literotica writer by the name of PeterTowers, He has a fun series which references the Deal called “Following on a Strange Request.” – LF

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